Erin walked through the front door and slammed her backpack on the ground. "Today SUCKED!" she screamed. Her math teacher had gone all psychotic again after Erin had picked up her stapler. The teacher seemed to have a fetish with that particular object, she had even gone so far as to glue tacks to the bottom of it so that if you picked it up you would be stabbed! Erin sighed. School truly was torture of the worst kind. What kind of cruel sadistic person invented that?! You had to go for about seven hours a day to a place with ugly carpets, bad lighting, and people who seemed to have permanent wedgies, and you didn't even get paid!


She sweatdropped. Her stomach had decided to let her know that, once again, she was hungry. Walking into the kitchen, she immediately went to the refridgerator and looked inside. Nothing. She kicked it. "Stupid fridge!" She kicked it a little too hard and immediately jumped back, hopping on one foot, and cradling the other while rubbing it to soothe the pain.

Oh well. A perfectly HORRIBLE end to a perfectly HORRIBLE day. She would have to wait until tomorrow for food since her parents were on a short vacation without her. She punched the fridge once more out of anger and sighed.


She looked towards the fridge. What was that noise? Then she noticed it, the bowling pin effect was going on. It wobbled back and forth, each time going further and further, then it seemed to stop. Sighing with relief she turned around to walk away.


Erin turned around just in time to see the fridge topple over to land directly on top of her.

Slowly Erin became aware of her surroundings. First she was aware of her sense of feeling. Her head HURT! She groaned, today was not her day. Then she was aware of a breeze; now why would there be a breeze when she was inside her house? Then she remembered what had happened. She bolted upright and then immediately regretted the move, it sent a sharp, blinding pain throughout her entire body. Shutting her eyes tightly she put her head in her hands and waited for the pain to subside. About thirty seconds later she opened her eyes and just about peed her pants. She was on top of a roof, a very TALL roof.


Erin flattened her body to the roof and clung to what little she could for dear life. She was going to die, she just knew it. She was going to fall off and die some horrible death, and then she would be in the newspapers. They would probably think she committed suicide and there would be a whole article entitled, 'Teenager leaps to her death while parents are on vacation'. She could see it all now.

She tried to look at her surrounding and figure out whose roof she was on. Had she been kidnapped while she was unconscious? But who would put her on top of a roof? And more importantly, why didn't the fridge kill her? Why did it fall in the first place? It had stopped rocking, and then for no reason at all, just fell! Too many questions that she didn't want to think about until AFTER she was off the roof.

She looked up and saw a football. Well, she might as well alert the owner of the building that she was up there so that they could help her down. Reaching out she tried to grab a hold of it, but it was just inches out of her reach. She sighed. GREAT! Just GREAT! She was actually going to have to move to grab it. Erin closed her eyes tightly and tried to control her breathing, it wasn't working. She opened her eyes again and slowly inched forward. It was a good thing she was wearing jeans today and not some god- awful skirt or something of the sort. Reaching out, she was just barely able to touch it with the tips of her fingers. Flicking her fingers so that it rolled towards her, she finally had the football.

She grabbed it tightly and peered over the edge of the roof. It was a looooong way down. She chucked it towards a window, causing it to break though it, and waited. Then she heard yelling. It was coming from a man who did NOT sound too happy.


Uh oh. It sounded like she hit somebody. Then the front door slammed open and she saw a short man with tall, spiky black hair come stomping out. She was a dead woman. She squeaked when her turned towards the roof and froze.

"DID YOU THROW THAT?!" he screamed once again.

"Um, sorry, I didn't mean to hit you, you see I just-" she was cut off by a large ki blast coming straight towards her head. Now she knew where she was. And now that she had a better look, who that man was. It was the one and only, prince of the Saijins. Oh yes, she was going to die. She just hit Vegeta with a football.

"VEGETA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" came a loud female voice. Erin recognized it immediately as Bulma.

'Thank Kami! I might not die now.' She thought.

"THIS BAKA THREW A FOOTBALL AT ME!" Vegeta yelled at his wife. It was then that Bulma looked up at the roof.

"Oh, hello there. Um, what are you doing on our roof??" Bulma asked.

"Well you see, it's kinda a long story."

"Oh, well you can tell us after you get down from there. Just jump, Vegeta here will catch you."

Erin paled. There was no way in HELL that she was going to trust Vegeta to catch her. "No that's alright, heh heh," She laughed nervously.

"What's wrong?" Bulma asked, she was a bit worried. This girl could be some psycho, or maybe she was hurt and wasn't able to jump.

"Well, I trust Vegeta about as far as I can throw him," she stated matter- of-factly.


That one was close. She had dodged that ki blast, but just barely. It singed her hair!

"VEGETA! DON'T DO THAT!!!!" Bulma yelled at him again. He just ignored her and crossed his arms, that evil smirk appearing on his face. "Well, hold on then. I'll get someone else to catch you."

"No, I don't wanna-" too late. Bulma already left to go get somebody. She sighed, still clinging onto the roof for dear life. She eyed Vegeta nervously as he walked back into the house, no doubt to either eat or train. Bulma came back a couple of seconds later with a man who looked to be about nineteen years old. It was.....HIM.

"Trunks?!" she screeched, nearly passing out. He turned to her sharply.

"How did you know my name?" he asked her suspiciously.

"Um, heh heh. Bulma told me she was going to get you?" she said, even though it sounded more like a question.

"I did? Hmm, that's strange. I don't remember telling you that. I don't remember telling you my name either.

"Yeah, strange. Hehe." 'Oh great stupid! Just make them even MORE suspicious!' she mentally chided herself.

"Yeah, well anyways, here Trunks will catch you. Go ahead and jump."

"Um, no thanks. I don't really feel like jumping off of a roof today."

"What? You don't trust Trunks?"

"No it's not's just that..well...I'm afraid of heights," Erin blushed.

"Oh, it's okay, Trunks will catch you, you have nothing to worry about!" Bulma said.

Trunks decided to join. "Yeah come on, I promise I won't drop you!"

"No." there was no way in hell.

"Please?" he tried. She thought for a moment, getting a very, uh, thoughtful look on her face.

"Let me think...NO!"

"Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you!" This didn't sound like chibi at all. Could it be? No, of course not. But maybe...was this.....MIRAI?!

"Are you Mirai or chibi?" woops, wasn't supposed to say that!

"How did you know about that?"

"I'll explain later, just answer me. You're Mirai aren't you?!" she was going into giddy teenager mode at the thought.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Oh, you just don't act like chibi!" Both Bulma and Trunks were giving her very odd looks. Woops again! It just kind of slipped!

"Well, I have some questions for you. But first, get down here." Trunks held out his arms for her to jump into.


"Fine then, I'll fly up there and get you!"

"NO!!! Don't do that!" too late. He blasted off the ground and was floating level with the roof before she could blink. Her eyes darted around wildly as she looked for an escape route. Seeing as how she was about three stories up though, there was none. Then something caught her eye. A satellite dish. With speed born of desperation she jumped to it and wrapped her arms and legs around it, clinging for dear life. He looked at her impatiently and flew over to the satellite dish, then began to try to pry her off. For such a little thing boy did she have a good grip!

He grabbed her waist and pulled. Then he pulled harder. The whole dish was bending over but she still hadn't budged an inch. He sighed and decided to try again, this time pulling a lot harder than before.


The whole satellite dish popped off the roof as she let go and plopped back down onto it.

"Okay, now come on." Trunks said a little more forcefully, as though talking to a child.

"Hey! I'm not a kid anymore! For your information I am eighteen years old!!"

While she was distracted he grabbed for her. She caught this and went to dive for the satellite dish, which was no longer there. Instead her hands were met with exposed wires. Uh oh. Too late to stop, she already had too much momentum. She landed, arms outstretched, right on top of the exposed wires.


"AAAAHHHHH!" she screamed as she was zapped by it. Then darkness claimed her.

Slowly her senses resurfaced again. What was with so much pain today? At least that weird dream was over! Although she couldn't say that she would mind living in the DBZ world too much. She yawned and sat up, slowly opening her eyes. They were met by a pair of blues eyes that definitely didn't belong to anybody SHE knew.

"AAAAHHHH!" she screamed once again. Her voice was becoming hoarse from all of this yelling!

"AAAAAHHHH!" the voice screamed while jumping back in surprise.

Erin breathed hard and clutched at her heart. "Don't DO that!" she said, sounding exasperated. Then se took a good look at the person. She groaned. Oh, god. She wasn't dreaming. There, sitting beside her, was the man of her dreams, Mirai Trunks.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. What happened?"

"Well, you decided to jump for the satellite dish, which had been ripped out, and instead you grabbed some wires."

"Oh yeah. Hehe, no wonder I have a buzz!"

"What a weird girl!"

"Hey you don't need to say it right in front of me!"

"What? I didn't say anything!"

"Yeah whatever."

"OOOOKAY. I think maybe she was zapped for a little too long. She really IS strange." Trunks "said".

"HEY! I'M RIGHT HERE YOU KNOW! You're not very nice insulting me right infront of my face!"

He gave her an odd look. She stared right back at him.

"Great now she's hearing things!"

Erin blanched. She just heard that, but his lips didn't move. Wait a second, she had seen a movie like this! The guy was able to hear what women were thinking! She thought she was going to pass out.

"Hey are you okay? You look pale all of the sudden!"

She tried to find her voice. "Heh heh, I can hear what you're thinking!" and with that, she passed out.