Erin grabbed Aki's arms and twirled him around. The child laughed loudly as he flew through the air. Erin danced to the loud music. The twins were having a lot of fun with her. They all began to sing along.

Two-week vacation Costa Rica see amorica

Young ladies oh, eureka! So many there to score-ica

Cruise the ocean bars with some similar type fellows

Little Latin lovelies drinking gin and Mello Yellos

They screamed out the lyrics. Erin was happy that Aki and Miki didn't have a clue what the singer was talking about.

Please get me a towel

Mr. Tangerine Speedo

You're all over town

Tangerine la la la la la la la la El cha cha cha El cha cha cha

Erin grabbed Miki in her other hand and twirled the small child around with Aki.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do

I'll be as gentle on you as tearless baby shampoo

Back to my bungalow with flesh tone kimonos

Ah, come a little closer feel the "Sting" of my "Bono", no no, no no

Erin sweatdropped when the singer said that last line. It was a VERY good thing that they kids didn't know what the singer was talking about, otherwise she would get an earful from Juuhachi Gou.

The talk of the town

Mr. Tangerine Speedo

How you get around

In your tangerine la la la la la la la la

Erin laughed out loud with the kids as they al twirled around. She had tried to teach them how to swing dance, but they quickly got distracted with twirling around.

Little Latin lovelies will love to drink gin

And Mello Yello in my bungalow

Lovin' me

Tangerine la la la la la la la la

All the French girls go "Zut alour, no no no no, zut alour, no no"

Coming at the target, you're as straight as Magellan

If you've got a secret weapon, well you're as sure as hell ain't telling

Cause your mouth made an offer that the bodies cannot veto

No woman can resist a man who looks good in a speedo

Erin put the children down and began to swing dance again. She grabbed Aki and Miki and did the butterfly with each of them in turn, trying not to fall over when she had to arc her back, in one part of the move where they spun, so that she could reach the short things. Fuckin' get me a towel

Mr. Tangerine Speedo

You're all over town

Tangerine la la la la la la la la

Talk of the town

Mr. Tangerine Speedo

How you get around

In your tangerine la la la la la la la la

The kids put everything they had into the dance now that the song was almost over. They had already listened to it three times in a row, and Erin had told them that this was the last time before they switched to another song. She loved this song too. Tangerine Speedo by Caviar was probably one of her favorite songs.

Little Latin lovelies will love to drink gin

And Mello Yello in my bungalow

La la la la la la la la

La la la la la la la la

La la la la la la la la

Zut alour, no, zut alour, no no, zut alour, no no no no no...

Erin picked up both of the children in either arm and threw them up into the air on the last cord of the song. She caught them with little difficulty and dropped down onto the couch with them still in her arms. Erin waited to start the next song until she could catch her breath. The children, on the other hand, seemed to have endless reserves of energy. A thought struck her.

"Hey guys, let's take a break, okay? So we can-" she was cut off by the whining of the kids.

"Noooooo! I don't wanna stop Erin!"

Erin held up a finger at them. "Let me finish," she scolded lightly, knowing very well that she had intended for them to interrupt her so that she could surprise them. "I was going to say, let's take a break so we can make some pudding. How does that sound?" Erin looked at them, a large smile on her face.

The kids' eyes widened as they looked at each other then turned back to Erin. They jumped up and screamed. "YAAAAYYYY!!!!!"

Erin turned around and looked back at them. "Race ya to the kitchen!" They all smiled and ran as fast as they could towards the kitchen. Erin turned a corner sharply, in the lead, and let out a yelp when her sock covered feet met tile when she was trying to make a sharp turn at high speeds. Erin slid across the kitchen, trying desperately to keep her balance. A loud thud was heard as she tripped over one chair and landed in another with her legs draped over its arm. The kids ran into the kitchen just in time to see her trip over the chair.

She was sprawled out over the chair, a dazed look on her face. Erin looked at the kids as they covered their mouths, trying not to let a giggle. Erin busted out into her own laughter, silently giving the twins permission to laugh. Erin stood slowly, careful not to fall over again, and walked over to one of the cupboards. She opened it and searched around until her eyes landed upon a box of instant pudding. Erin gathered what they would need to make it and began to mix the powder with the correct amount of milk.

She looked over at Miki and Aki's faces, they were watching the pudding intently as she stirred it. Erin allowed a short laugh to escape her lips. These kids were cute. Usually she didn't take to children so easily, but these ones didn't have attitudes. Erin could get used to the dbz world. Erin thought while she stirred the pudding. Why was Mirai here? Did his mom die? No, probably not. Maybe he was here to help with something, but nothing was currently going on. Oh well, she would ask him the next time she saw him. Erin walked over to the fridge and placed the sweet delight inside, waiting for it to solidify.

Erin turned back to Aki and Miki, who had disappointed looks on their faces. She smiled at them. "Don't worry, it should be done in about five minutes."

Their faces lit up again as they went running around the house. Those kids really had far too much energy. Erin decided that she would wait in the kitchen and just let them run around the house for awhile. Erin leaned up against the kitchen table and sighed. Babysitting was a lot of work, but she enjoyed it when the kids were still small enough to goof off with her. They worst child you could baby sit would be a twelve year old boy. They were the worst because they thought that they were God's gift to the world.

Erin waited patiently, barely moving a muscle. She began to tap her foot lightly, humming a tune to herself. Then she heard something. Erin froze. That noise wasn't made by one of the twins. She didn't know how they would make that noise. It sounded like somebody sweeping gravel across a dirt road with a push broom in short bursts. A sort of grinding along with a swishing. The noise was short, but happened about five times. Erin still didn't move. What the hell was that noise?

She decided to check on the kids. Maybe they were making that noise and she just didn't realize it. Erin walked back into the living room and looked around for them. They were sitting in front of the television, flipping through the channels. Erin's eyes narrowed as she heard the noise again. The twins definitely hadn't made the noise, and it wasn't coming from the tv.

Erin looked more closely at them. They didn't even seem to hear the noise. "Hey, Miki, Aki, did you guys hear that weird noise?"

They turned to her. "What noise?" Miki asked.

"It sounded kind of like a weird grinding noise."

"I didn't hear anything," Miki said again.

Erin turned to Aki. "What about you?" He shook his head no.

There was the noise again. It was then that Erin noticed it. It wasn't really a noise. She could hear it inside her head. Now she knew that a man was close. But what kind of man would be thinking about a noise like THAT? Suddenly a thought dawned on Erin. Was Trunks playing a trick on her?

He knew that she would be able to hear it inside her head and was probably trying to freak her out. The noise seemed to be coming from the kitchen the strongest, so Erin walked towards it. She stepped inside and smiled. She heard the noise again. "Very funny, Trunks."

She heard it again. "You can stop it now Trunks. I already know that it's you." Erin walked further into the kitchen. The noise seemed to get louder as she walked closer to the window. Erin could hear the noise coming from the window that was behind her. She smiled to herself. Trunks was right outside the window. Or who ever it was playing this prank was right outside the window. Erin turned around quickly, expecting to see somebody there.

The smile dropped from her face when her eyes met nothing but a view of outside. Erin walked closer to the window. She could hear the noise right there. It was RIGHT outside the window. Erin stopped directly in front of the window, her face only an inch away from the glass. The noise changed, it got more intense and had a higher pitch mixed in with the grinding. Erin's face contorted into fear as she saw two streams of steam on the window. Steam streams that were made when somebody breathed directly onto a window.

Erin jumped back from the window, never tearing her eyes away from it. The streams slowly disappeared. Then new ones were formed. Something was breathing on the window, but she couldn't see anything. She couldn't sense a ki either. She had learned the basics of sensing ki and there was none. Erin heard something move outside the window. She remained where she was, frozen by fear. The thing was moving around the house. 'Dear God,' she thought, 'It's looking for a way in."

Erin's eyes darted to the door. The unlocked door. She couldn't move. She could tell that whatever was there was close to the door. Probably only ten feet away from it, but she couldn't move.

"Erin?" came a small voice. Her head snapped around to see Aki standing in the doorway. "Erin?" he said again. "What's wrong?"

Erin ignored his question and turned her head towards the door again. Aki had snapped her out of her terror long enough that she could think. Erin used all of her strength to push off against the floor and run as fast as she could towards the door. She was only five feet away from it. She could see its breath on the glass above the door. Erin looked at the handle as she ran towards it.

The handle twitched, as though something had touched it lightly. Erin ran faster. The handle began to turn. Erin reached the door just as the handle turned all the way down. All somebody had to do now was push on the door to open it. Erin grabbed the handle and jerked it back up. Something pushed down on it again while she was holding it. When the handle didn't move it pushed down harder and slammed itself into the door. Erin braced the door and reached her free hand up to lock it. She flipped the metal bolt and jumped away from the door.

Erin watched the door as the thing continued to slam itself into it. What the hell was out there? She could still hear the noises from it inside her head. Was it human?

"Erin?!" a small voice asked desperately. She could tell that the owner of the voice was on the verge of crying. Erin turned around to look at Aki who, she could tell, was terrified.

Erin ran towards him and picked him up without slowing down, running into the living room with him in her arms. She though quickly about all of the entrances into the house. She locked the door in the living room and ran over to pick Miki up off the ground. After she had grabbed the girl she began to make her way upstairs, going into every room and locking all of the windows. Erin was in one of the spare bedrooms when she heard the sound of breaking glass. She froze, both children in her arms. Erin turned her head slowly to the staircase. She could hear something moving inside the house.

Erin turned and bolted into one of the rooms, shutting the door behind her and locking it. Erin set one of the kids down as she looked for an escape route from the room if the need arose. The child clung tightly to her pants. Erin looked around the room. The only thing was a window. She ran over to it and opened it, looking down. There was no way out of this room unless she was able to jump a good thirty feet without getting hurt.

Erin shut the window and turned towards the door. She could hear the thing right outside the door. How did it know where she was?! Maybe it could smell her. Erin looked over to a small vanity and picked up a bottle of perfume. If it could smell her then this would muddle its senses a bit. Erin put the other child down and walked over to the door, motioning for them to stay there. Erin shut her eyes tightly and bent over, placing her hand next to the crack under the door. Erin sprayed out the contents of the bottle and waited.

There wasn't a sound. The smell change hadn't effected the creature. She was going to panic in about two seconds if she didn't find a way to lose the thing. She tried to calm herself down. She couldn't panic, not when she had to take care of two four year olds. Another thought struck her. Maybe it could hear them. It most certainly wasn't following them by sight, otherwise it wouldn't have known that she was in the room behind a closed door. Erin thought quickly about how to get it to follow another noise. She remembered a game that she had played with the twins earlier.

Quickly reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a small suction cup dart gun. Erin turned and motioned for the children to be quiet. They seemed to get the idea as she walked up to door again, this time putting the dart gun under the crack. She noticed that the noises the thing made changed whenever she got closer to it. Maybe it COULD hear her approach.

Erin put the nozzle under the door and fired it off, hearing a pop as the thing hit the wall. The creature didn't move. Erin froze. How in the hell did it know where they were? Erin though about all of the possibilities.

She jumped when the thing banged itself against the door. The kids yelped in fear. Erin looked around the room again, searching for an escape. Then Erin looked up. She remembered that this was not only a house, but an actual office building as well. There was ventilation. Erin ran over to the bed and stood on it. She didn't even have to tell the twins to follow her. They were up on the bed with her in an instant.

The thing banged against the door again, this time harder. The door was going to give any second. Erin reached up and hit one of the ceiling tiles, causing it to become dislodged, so that she could pull it out. Erin dropped the thing to the floor and grabbed Miki, shoving her up inside the thing. After Miki was safely inside the ventilation Erin grabbed Aki and shoved up behind Miki. Erin jumped up and grabbed the inside of the ventilation, hauling herself up into it as fast as she could.

Just as her last leg was pulled up inside she heard the door give. The children screamed when they heard the door crash to the floor.

"Hey guys, it's okay, just try to calm down," Erin tried to sooth them, despite her own terror. She guessed that the twins could tell how afraid she was, but she tried not to show it. "Okay guys," she continued," just keep on crawling forward, I will tell you to take right or left. Okay?"

The children nodded and crawled forward. Erin let out a yelp as the ventilation shaft shook. The kids began to scream. "Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." They continued crawling forward until the shaft shook violently and fell to the ground. Erin rolled out of the wreckage, checking to make sure that Miki and Aki were following her. They were in what appeared to be Bulma's bedroom. Erin quickly ran over to them bed, knocking out another tile, and shoved the kids back up into the ventilation. Erin looked around, making sure that the thing wasn't there yet, not that she could see it.

Her eyes fell upon a cell phone laying on a desk. Erin ran over and grabbed in, hopping back up onto the bed and up into the ventilation. "Hurry guys. Go as fast as you can." The kids crawled as quickly as they could in the small space. It wasn't long before they felt the massive thuds in the shaft again. The kids cried out again, they were beyond terrified. Erin stopped and sat down in the shaft. The kids stopped and looked at her questioningly.

Erin reached into her pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. She turned on the cell phone and dialed the number quickly. She could hear the creature. It was a ways away from them. It didn't seem to be entering the room that they were above. It was in another room. Erin guessed that it was trying to tear down the ventilation again. Erin listened to the phone ring. "Come on! Pick up!" she screamed into the cell phone.

There was another loud thud on the shaft. It was shaking more, which meant that it would give way any second. Erin's heart leapt when she heard someone pick up on the other line.

"Hello?" Trunks voice asked.

"Trunks! THERE'S SOMETHING IN-" Erin was cut off as another thud shook the entire shaft, and this time it fell. Erin screamed loudly, hearing her own screamed echoed by the two kids'. Erin fell to the ground and rolled away from the shaft, which had fallen through the ceiling. She looked at the kids and seeing that they were okay, looked for the phone.

"NO!" she cried, crawling over to the crushed object. She began to cry. She didn't know what was going on and their only hope was just crushed beneath the heavy ventilation shaft.

Trunks turned away from the conversation that he was having with Videl and Gohan when his phone rang. He wondered what Erin wanted, since she was the only one that would be calling him at the moment. He answered it.


"Trunks! THERE'S SOMETHING IN-" Trunks heard Erin's voice cut off as there was a loud thud and then a crashing noise. He heard her scream. He could also hear two children screaming in the background. Their screams were not ones of rough house or play, but ones of terror. Trunks's eyes widened.

Gohan and Videl turned to him. "What's wrong?" Gohan asked.

Trunks stood. "Something's wrong with Erin and the kids!" Everyone in the room turned to him. Juuhachi Gou and Krillin also stood.

"What is it?!" Krillin asked. "What happened to our kids?!!"

"I don't know! Erin said there's something in, and then I heard a loud crash and them screaming."

Vegeta turned to them. "There's something in?" he asked. He got a thoughtful look on his face. "There's something in the house," he said, a very serious expression on his face. Everyone's eyes got wide when he finished Erin's sentence. Everyone was out the door in a heartbeat and took off into the air.

Erin scrambled to her feet and grabbed the kids. She had no idea where the thing was, and didn't really want to know. She ran down the hallway, searching for a room that they could hide in. She didn't know how this thing could fine them. Echo location? No, it wasn't that either, it wouldn't have known where she was through the walls if that was the case. Erin heard it. It was right behind them. Erin ran faster. The thing was going faster now too. Erin screamed out as she fell a sharp pain in her back and something warm trickling down it. With speed borne of terror and a new shot of adrenaline, she ran into one of the rooms and slammed the door behind her, locking it.

She knew that the lock and door would never hold, but at least it would buy her some time. Erin looked around. What was this room? It had computers and numerous electronics scattered around the entire thing. It looked like one giant computer. Erin noticed that there was a space against the wall behind a computer on the ground that someone could hide behind. Erin put them down and told them to hide behind it. There was only room for them.

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine. I said I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

The kids looked at her for a moment then ran behind the computer and hid. Erin stood in the middle of the room, hoping that there would be somewhere that she could hide. There was none. Erin stood in the center of the room and sighed, completely defeated. She reached a hand tenderly up to her back. There were four deep gashes in it, all of them oozing blood. She was bleeding profusely and had nowhere to hide.

Maybe if the thing had her it would be satisfied. She stood there, in front of the door, waiting for the thing to break it down. Sure enough she heard the thuds and the door begin to splinter. She waited there, her head bowed, ready for death. The door fell to the floor. Erin looked up. Just as she though, she could see nothing there, but she could hear it. She was surprised when it didn't attack her. It just stayed at the doorway.

The sounds it made changed. They sounded..........confused? Erin stared in its direction, wondering why on earth it would be confused. She was in plain sight, in the middle of a lab. If it could find her behind doors why couldn't it see her now. How did it know where she was before?


Erin sat in her biology class, bored nearly to tears. The teacher kept on droning on about sharks.

"Sharks can tell when you're in the water even if they can't see you. Every body gives off electricity. The sharks can sense that electricity."


Erin's eyes widened. She never thought that biology class would help her. The thing could sense their bodily electricity, and she was standing in the middle of a lab. A lab full of electrical things. It had computers and things that she didn't even know what they were in there. There were things plugged into every outlet available. The thing couldn't see them now. They could hide in this room.

But how long would the creature wait there? There was no place for them to get food or water in here, no place for them to go to the bathroom. Erin listened as the thing moved away from the doorway and down the hall. She could hear it running. She heard a crashing sound. It sounded like breaking glass. Erin jumped at the sound. She froze. It was quiet now. She didn't hear that weird grinding noise anymore. The kids peered at her from behind the computer.

Miki and Aki let out a cry. Erin turned around quickly, wondering if they were okay. They were both staring at her, neither appearing to be in any immediate danger. Erin calmed down a bit.

"Why did you guys do that? I thought you were hurt."

"We're not, but you are!"

Erin had temporarily forgotten about the throbbing in her back. She had been to concentrated on the creature to notice the wound much. Now that all of her focus was on it, she was reminded of exactly how much it hurt. Erin tried to calm her ragged breathing. Blood had run down her back, soaking her shirt, and running down her legs, forming a pool of it on the ground. Her vision blurred. Erin reached a hand up to her back, now able to examine the wound more thoroughly. She almost passed out when she felt her spine, with her back slashed open. It was deep enough that she could actually feel the bone of her spine.

Erin fell to her knees and winced at the pain it caused her back. Something wasn't right about the cuts. She knew they were bleeding quite a bit, but not enough to make her feel as weak as she did already. Erin ignored the weird feeling inside her head and stood up again when she heard another noise. The front door was being pounded on. She heard the door fly open, ripped completely from its hinges, and hit a wall. She motioned for the kids to hide again behind the computer.

She prepared herself for another encounter with the thing. After had thought it was all over. Oh well, at least she would save Miki and Aki's life through giving her own. Erin stopped when she heard voices. The voices of Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan, Videl, Juuhachi Gou, and Krillin.

"Erin! ERIN?!" she heard them all calling. Erin sighed with relief and raised her voice, calling out to them.

"I'm in the lab!" she screamed it as loud as she could. She heard a few gasps as the others were, no doubt, seeing the ventilation that had crashed through the roof. Erin heard the footsteps running towards her. Erin saw Juuhachi Gou appear in the doorway first. Erin watched as her eyes swept the room frantically, looking for her children. Miki and Aki ran out of their hiding place and over to their mother, who still stood in the doorway. She bent down and hugged them tightly, picking them up. Everyone else appeared in the doorway, looking relieved that the twins were okay, then casting their questioning gaze over to Erin.

"What happened?" Trunks asked, stepping forward.

Erin tried to clear the quickly thickening haze from her mind. "I'm not sure," she said finally, trying to blink the blurriness out of her eyes. "We were making pudding and I heard something." Erin stopped, taking a moment to breath, trying to ignore the pain in her back. For some reason it had begun to burn fiercely, as though she had poured salt into it. "It was weird. I heard it in my head, the way I do with your thoughts." Erin stopped. Why couldn't she hear the guy's thoughts anymore?

She didn't care to take the energy to think about that. "It was a weird sound, like gravel being pushed with a broom, but when I got close I could hear a high pitched noise mixed in with it. And I.....I....." Erin stopped again, her vision becoming more blurry. She swallowed and forced her mind to clear again. "It broke in somehow, through one of the windows I think. I grabbed the twins and ran. I tried to lock all of the doors before it came in. I hid in a room, but it knew where I was. I tried spraying perfume to mess up its senses, but that's not how it was following us. It wasn't following us by sound either. It could sense our bodily electricity...." Erin was having trouble speaking. It seemed that everyone now noticed this too.

"What is wrong, woman?" Vegeta asked, stepping into the room.

Erin didn't want to worry them, she was sure that she would be fine. "It's nothing, I'm fine." Vegeta walked up to her and turned her around. Everyone's eyes widened when they saw her blood soaked shirt. Vegeta lifted her shirt up carefully so that he could see her back. Everyone could see her spine. Eyes followed the trail of blood running down her back to the large pool of it on the ground.

Vegeta looked more closely at the wound. It seemed that on the edges of the actual cuts it was turning black. "What did this?" he asked.

"I don't know. I couldn't see the thing. It was invisible. I could only hear it."

Erin felt her vision blur, but this time she didn't have the energy to try to clear it, she simply let the darkness take her.

Vegeta caught the girl as she went limp in his arms. Trunks ran forward and grabbed Erin from Vegeta.

"Follow me," Vegeta said, leading Trunks to one of the rooms with healing facilities. Everyone left Trunks and Vegeta to take care of the girl, since most of them didn't know what to do to help her.

Trunks set her down on her stomach on a metal table. Vegeta grabbed a syringe and filled it with a clear liquid. He seemed to be in deep concentration.

"What's wrong with her? She lost a lot of blood, but not that much."

"It appears that whatever cut her had poison on it."

Trunks's eyes widened.

"What kind of poison?"

"I'm not sure. It looks to be an unnatural poison, but not synthetic." Trunks wondered how Vegeta knew so much about poison. Seeming to read his mind, Vegeta answered.

"I've been around that woman too long."

Trunks guessed that he meant Bulma. "Get over here and help me!" Vegeta yelled. "If this isn't treated she will most likely die within a couple of hours."

Trunks ran over to Erin's side. "What do I do?"

"You need to try to bring her back to consciousness."

Trunks tried to think of something that would wake her up. He leaned down towards her ear and spoke. "Erin. Get up."

That didn't seem to work much. A though struck him. She passed out because she had no energy, he simply had to give her some of his. Trunks focused hi ki and sent some toward her. He wasn't sure how much he would need, so he sent her quite a bit.

It seemed that he gave her a bit too much as she jumped up on the table, her eyes wide. It was as though someone had just given her a shot full of adrenaline.

Erin jumped up as a sudden surge of energy moved through her body. She wasn't sure where it came from, but it felt foreign to her body. Erin looked around frantically only to be met with the eyes of Vegeta and Trunks. Now she remembered what happened. As realization dawned on her face, Vegeta spoke to her.

"Yes, that's right, now sit down so that we can tend to your wounds!" he sounded slightly annoyed at her sudden energy. Erin sat down on the cold table and looked at Vegeta. He was holding a syringe. Her eyes widened as she shook her head from side to side.

" shots for me. I'll be just fine...."

Vegeta scowled at her. "You just endured and attack that could have cost you your life, and deep wounds to your back, I'm sure that you can handle a shot you twit. All you have to do is get the shot then go into the regeneration tank, after that you'll be fine."

Erin shook her head again. Vegeta looked at her. "Fine. Do you feel strange at all. Something different from the cuts?" Vegeta asked, his arms crossed. Erin nodded.

"That would be the poison from those cuts on your back. If I don't give you the shot you will most likely be dead within the hour. But it doesn't matter to me. Don't take the shot." Vegeta left the syringe on the metal table and walked out of the room, no doubt to get something to eat. Erin looked down at the syringe with trepidation. She looked to her left, noticing Trunks for the first time. He smiled at her and picked up the syringe.

"Don't worry, it won't hurt."

Erin closed her eyes and waited for him to finish. It was over in a second and she sighed with relief. The cool liquid now running through her veins seemed to ease some of her pain immediately.

"Now you need to get undressed and get into the regen tank." Trunks turned around politely, waiting for her to undress. Erin reached an arm up to pulled her shredded shirt off and sucked in a sharp breath in pain. Great, just great. She wasn't going to be able to get her shirt and pants off.

"Trunks?" she said sheepishly.


"I, um, I can't get my clothes off...."

Trunks turned around and looked at her blushing face. He smiled at her. "I'll help you." Erin blushed a deeper shade of crimson and he pulled her shirt carefully over her head. Erin unbuttoned her own pants and sat on the table while he helped to pull them off of her. She was now in her bra and underwear. Now they both blushed.

"I'll, um close my eyes and take them off," he said sheepishly. Erin smiled, glad that she wasn't the only one embarrassed. Trunks closed his eyes and reached around her back, unhooking her bra and sliding it off. He blushed an almost tomato red even though his eyes were closed. Erin was able to slide her own underwear off. Trunks walked in front of her, her hand held in his, as he led her to the tank.

Erin stepped inside and waited while Trunks pushed some buttons, turning the thing on. She slid the mask down over her face and waited for the container to close and fill up with liquid. It was almost cool being in one of the things while she was conscious, that was, after she got over the claustrophobia of the whole situation. As the tank filled she felt sleep tugging at the back of her mind. She gave into it quickly, letting her pain fade away along with her consciousness.