Title: Crystal Hearts

Setting: King Mickey's place.

Time, according to the game: After it's beaten…

Characters included: Sora, Kairi, Riku, & many others.

Ratings: Unknown for now about the couplings, but will update ^^ Rating for safety.

Crystal Hearts

Sora quickly gritted his teeth, tears threatening, pricking at his eyes already. The bright blue eyes had dulled, to a more cloudy color. In the cave he'd been stuck. The cave, he'd found, was a good place to think. Yet the sudden slide down the slope had left him stranded, heel twisted under a log. He had gone down that slope many times, yet this time, his footing was wrong, and now, he believed it would cost him his life. He had told neither Kairi nor Riku of the cave. He wanted it to himself, that was as what he thought of it as. The cave's entrance was located just off the shore. A couple of steps one way, and a climb up the rock wall. The tide didn't reach it, so Sora figured he was safe. And even then, the cavern was so large, he figured the water would disperse, even out to something manageable if it ever got to that point. Though, the wind was seeping, the cold piercing his light summer clothing as the eve descended.

The pain had caught him off guard. He hadn't expected it, and in his struggles, had only worsened the pain. It was like a white hot flash. He was surprised he hadn't fainted. Though at this point he rather wished he had. Then he wouldn't have to wait here quietly for death. He had called out for help, his voice carrying, but probably not making it. No one came into the cove area this late. The tide was unpredictable at this time, and you couldn't see a sneaker wave coming in this dark.

Sora sighed, his eyes closing, though the glazed look never left his eyes. Again he made the fetal attempt to move, his leg sending pain yet again. He yelped, but continued trying to move it. He couldn't just sit here and wait for his demise. The pain intensified ten-fold and caused tears to finally break the barrier, skimming down his cheeks. "Somebody please help me!" He called, knowing it was useless, but that point making it worth it more. "Anybody?" His throat was raw, and his neck was starting to hurt from the angle he was at.

He could hear the steady beat of the waves, and couldn't help but cry harder. Wouldn't anyone hear him? No, they wouldn't. Because in dreams, no one heard you. And for the third time that week, Sora woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. His shorts were soaked with perspiration. Many times he had dreamed of the cave. The willow swayed above him gently. Again, he had fallen asleep before the pond.

Shaking his head, he closed his eyes, hands clutching the grass under his hands. He was so scared of that dream. The cave, the pain. It felt so real. It reminded him of his other dreams. The ones that led him to the Heartless. The ones that made him think, remember, move away from his home of the Destiny Islands. Closing his eyes, he could still see Kairi. He small frame smiling so brightly in the summer sun. Shaking his head, he looked out across the still water. The moonlight shone on the crystalline looking water. Pluto had led them to a door just weeks before. Yet the door was locked. Nothing could open it. Not even the Keyblade. Even that felt wrong now. It felt empty. Like the power he had possessed with it had left, vacated when he had closed the door with the King.

Maybe it was him. Maybe there was a new Keyblade wielder out in the world, waiting for their door to open, to save the universe. Or perhaps it was him…? Could he do that again? The Seven Princesses of Heart… He had done it, with Goofy and Donald, yet he didn't know if he could do it again. He was 15 now, and only about 3 weeks had passed… Sora wished he could tell Kairi Happy Birthday. Hers was coming up soon… But she'd have Tidus and Selphie on the island. At least. He wondered if she missed him. If she remembered him at all. He couldn't forget her. He wouldn't be able to in any way. Nor would he forget Riku… If only he'd done something to help him. Seen the signs earlier…

Sleep coming again, he leaned his head back, thought racing in his mind. Maybe it was for the best. Mickey had Riku, after all. Yet… Something was brewing… And it's not always a good thing.

"Kairi! Wake up! We need to get down to the shore." Kairi's mother yelled up the stairs. She nodded off, standing up ruggedly. She was 15 tomorrow. Not that she really cared. Nothing mattered anymore. There wasn't a soul around to wake up to. No Sora, no Riku. No one. Tidus had been lost in his boat, and Selphie had just melted away. She had told Kairi it was like the way the tide wore at the rocks. It was slow. So slow you didn't notice until you were almost gone.

That's what Kairi felt. Like she was slowly being washed away from reality. Silently, still contemplating, she looked into the mirror. To anyone who knew her before, they wouldn't recognize her most likely. Her bright sky blue eyes had dulled. Almost permanently it seemed. Bags had slowly built up under her eyes. Nails had been chewed away, as she lay, late into the night, thinking of what she did wrong. What she did to deserve this punishment. Of getting up everyday to see the light that hurt.

Sure, she was always with him, but he wasn't with her. It seemed he never was, not that she realized anyways. Something inside of her stirred whenever she thought of Sora, holding the Keyblade so regally across his shoulders. The feeling made her queasy, like she was on a roller coaster, spinning on the loop, over and over. She just sat though, watching herself in the mirror. Her hands moved automatically, shifting the hair from her face, into a bun. A few strands always hung down though, no matter what she did.

Grabbing her pack, she ventured out into the sunlight. She didn't feel like eating. That feeling was still in the pit of her stomach, and eating, she feared would worsen it. Kairi's pack was slung over her shoulder, the comforting weight a familiarity now. She continued down the beach, not bothering to wait for her mother.

Her mother had changed too. She yelled a lot more, cooked less, and slept more. When she wasn't doing those, she went down to collect things to sell at the market on the other side of the island.

Kairi's feet splashed in the incoming tide. Her eyes traced the horizon, hands moving to feel the necklace she had found. The necklace was her one treasured item. She had taken it from Sora's room, before his parents had left. They hadn't wanted to stay on the island, so they had left. No one knew where, so most just presumed they were dead.

A storm was brewing; even she could see that. The dark cloud loomed further on in the distance, threatening to bring rain. The gold ring on the chain sparkled, dancing in the light, glistening. Her fingers rounded on the smooth surface, the feeling in the pit of her stomach worsening. That storm. It wasn't a normal storm. Something was wrong.

She didn't know why, she just took off. Kairi splashed through the waterfall, running into the Secret Place, barely missing the ledge with her head, and tracking her way in. Her sprint was cut short as she noticed an odd light radiating from the door. The door had never opened. No matter how she banged on it, kicked, yelled, or screamed, it stayed steady, mocking her almost.

But now, it was glowing. Glitter began to sift from the frame, between the cracks. The light became lighter, more like a lavender. She wasn't so afraid now, yet her hesitant steps showed to any who watched how scared she really was. A picture of Sora framed on the door, though through it shined Riku, steadily building. They were one, a person with the qualities of both.

Her hand reached out. She wanted to touch it, make sure it was real. Her hand stopped short though, and with deep puffs of breath, she took another step forward, hands resting by her side. She could feel him. She could feel Sora. His thoughts flooded her, his pain, worries, senses. Everything. This door had connected them, and she wasn't about to leave it. Her breathing quickened, and as the door opened, she gasped, thunder rolling, the black clouds swallowing the island.

Sora yelped, jumping up. Why was the feeling so strong suddenly? He had felt like she was so close. Like he could reach out, hold her, make sure she was there. Tears pricked at his eyes. This had happened, but never so strong. Goofy looked up down at Sora.

"Err, Sora? Donald's been a lookin' fer ya." He wrung his hands behind his back, feet tapping quietly. Everyone could tell the adolescent was unhappy. They could see it in his eyes, and for that, Goofy took part of the blame. He missed the King, and even the others they'd met on the way. He shook his head, shrugging as he looked at the younger boy. He turned, walking off, and sighed, shaking his head still.

Sora shivered involuntarily. Kairi… Riku… They were both so near to him, he could feel them, a small ache in his heart. Deftly, he stood. He couldn't be preoccupied now. He needed to see what Donald wanted.

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