Chapter 3 - Jack Sparrow Makes His Mark

Riku reclined against the same tree that Sora had not all to long ago. He needed out - seeing Sora and Kairi like that… He just couldn't take it. Breathing in the smell of the damp area, his eyes fell a bit, sleep trying to cover him. Resisting, for the most part, he blinked wearily at the water, watching as it rippled and bent in the wind. His thoughts were far from the powers that were brewing. He was after all - a little off on his tuning with the matters. He leaned his head back, looking up into the branches of the tree, trying to debate what to do. Before he had much of a chance though - something seemed to glint in the brushes. Back stiffened as he heard a loud protest from a bush.

"What the 'ell are ya doin'? Yer supposed ta be watchin' the ship!"

"Aye? Well - fuck you too, Jack. I didn't come here to be treated like that." There was a bit of rustling as the two male voices fought.

"Gimme me hat back now, matey."

"Are you sure, -Captain- Jack Spar-"

There were a few muffled cries as Riku stood up, moving towards the bushes cautiously. There before him lay an odd scene: A pirate looking man, with black hair, and shiny boots lay atop a boy - appearing to be a little older than Riku. The boy was dark blonde, small in frame, though the creases on his face showed his age and experience. A tattered old hat lay between them, and as Riku watched on, the pirate lunged for it, beating the boy by seconds.

"Excuse me…" Mumbled Riku, coughing slightly. When he got no reaction, he yelled it a little louder. "Excuse me!"

They turned, looking at him. The boy was glaring, though the pirate was smiling. Riku took in his odd look. Nothing like Hook and his crew. The dreads, the clothing, heavy eye make up. Made him look pretty odd. Though in the pirate's smile lay cunning skill.

"Well, lookie here, mate. We've got us a native lad!" The pirate exclaimed, bowing with flourish. "Name's Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow."

The younger man grumbled, brushing off his jacket, still glaring at the pirate. "Christopher Robin, Chris, if you don't mind."

Riku's brow raised faintly. Christopher Robin? He could've sworn he'd heard that name somewhere… Shrugging it off his mind, he nodded to each of them. "Riku."

Jack watched with interest, eyes showing his apparent glee at this. Swaying a bit as he started - "Well, ya see mate, we're just a tryin' to find this… Sora boy. We might 'ave a deal with the lad."

Riku blinked. What could they want with -his- Sora? Glaring slightly, he shrugged. "I might know him."

Chris just stared at the ground, brushing himself off. After the silence though, he looked to Jack. "Well - show him the goods."

The pirate rolled his eyes, pulling out a bag of gold and jangling it. "Perhaps this would convince ya - and remind ya where it is that this lad calls home."

Riku looked at the bag of gold in slight disgust. "I have no need for that. Tell me what you wish of him, and I'll make my decision."

Jack started to say something in reply, the scowl in his features evident it would most likely be insulting. Chris's hand raised to smack Jack before he could start. Aloof tones flowed from the teen's mouth. "Well, you see, after the last war… Let's just say word got around about the winning team. So, me and Jackie boy here decided to pick a side, as we'd stayed fairly neutral last time around. So, after a skip, hop, and toss, we decided to wander on over here. So, here we are, planning to put our loyalty in this, Sora guy." He stopped, looking to Jack. "Isn't that right?"

"Oh yes." He started, teeth a little bit clenched. This Chris guy was really annoying after a while. Though he did come in handy sometimes. Other times though… Seriously, who stops at the zoo to -talk- to the bears? He shook his head, watching the other. "So, is that good enough for you, your highness?"

Slippery snakes. That was the first thought that came to mind as Riku heard their story. How much of it might be true, he wasn't sure, but he knew that when the time came, they'd take the winner's side - rather than their acquaintances. "I suppose. Come on then. You can meet him." He felt his spine tingle slightly at the thought of them near Sora… He still had an image of Sora as a piece of glass - beautiful and fragile. Though he knew this was not true. Not after that fight… And the door. He shuddered slightly as he walked along, sliding through the ground's growth with practiced ease. The castle was in view now…

King Mickey was pacing. He hadn't left his room since he'd arrived through the door with Riku and Kairi. Why? He was thinking - and even for a mouse, thinking included quiet. Eyes closed as he leaned against the stiff back of his chair. He had many notes on the desk before him, stamped with his seal.

He didn't know what was happening. How could he? He left - and behind him was a hole. Darkness was seeping into the land again. He could feel it in his bones. Not that he feared it exactly - he was just wary. He knew with Donald, Goofy, and Sora around, this world was fine. But what about the others? With his coming out of that door - he left a tear in the space continuum. That tear had spanned to a hole, a rather large one. From it spawned many different breeds of the darkness. Some were pure - but some was almost a gray, matter that had no feeling to it, a fight between ease and comfort, and wary intuition.

Grabbing the letters, he shuffled them off to one side of his desk. Laying his head down, he listened to the rat-tat-tatting of his crown as it fell off his head, sliding down to meet the wood.

The door was weak. It was shifting. Today began the race against time. Against the darkness that spawned once again. No longer did it rest in myth. It had been dreamt of - and now had taken on a form. Along with the powers that had been thought of. It fit someone's desire… The race was on. Sora -had- to beat that person to it… Or all was lost again.

The door to Crystal Hearts had returned.

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