Who doesn't need a little smut in these troubled times? I revisited my favorite boys for this one shot. I hope you all enjoy it. Please let me know if you liked it/hated it. I also take requests!


AU Breaking Dawn. Bella dies in childbirth, but Jacob still imprints on the baby, forcing Jacob and Edward to remain together. Jacob helps Edward raise Renesmee, while also helping Edward through his mourning. After three years, Edward has developed feelings for the wolf, and finally, he can take no more and confronts the wolf about it.

First Time

"Jacob, I don't think I can live like this anymore. It's been three years since Bella passed. You imprinted on my daughter and she's growing up fast. Soon, she'll be mature and you'll be together, but I can't watch it happen. I have feelings for you that I can't explain, and it would hurt too much to watch you fall in love with her. You two will have to leave me here."

Jacob's brow furrowed. "Leave you here? Alone?"

"Naturally." Edward looked away, his gaze settling anywhere but on Jacob's.

"Edward, no. Why do you always find new ways to torture yourself." Jacob sighed and walked slowly toward the vampire. "Why didn't you bring this up years ago? It would have saved us a lot of yearning," he said with a laugh.

Edward raised his head at that, confusion clear in his eyes. Jacob could see the sliver of hope they held as well. "I did imprint on her, yes. But as a parental figure only. After Bella died, it seemed obvious what the purpose of the imprint was. For Renesmee to have two balanced parents. And that's what we are. She needs a you and she needs a me. She is my daughter, a girl I raised with you and your family from the day she was born. I can't see her any other way."

Relief flashed over Edward's face briefly before he looked at Jacob speculatively. "So, you don't love her?"

"I couldn't even imagine would be like incest. No, Edward, I don't love her like that. I love you."

"Me?" Shock mixed with relief and hope.

Jacob grinned, nodding. "I do. I couldn't imagine being apart from you now. I love you, Edward."

The vampire stepped forward then, capturing the wolf's lips with his. Fire and ice shot through them like bolts of electricity. Every part of Jacob tingled as their lips moved together, and then suddenly he was against the wall. Edward had moved so fast, the wolf hardly noticed. The century old teenager pressed his body against the younger, but physically older, boy. Jacob's body felt like it was alight with a cold flame, and he pushed back against Edward, needing more contact. Their hands roamed as they rubbed the evidence of their arousal together, both hard like steel, one silken, one solid. They both moaned in pleasure and sought each other's mouths. They kissed feverishly as their hips moved, seeking as much friction as possible, their excitement mounting.

Then Edward opened his trousers and shoved them down quickly, taking his cock out of his underwear and stroking it firmly. It was quite possibly the hottest thing Jacob had ever seen, and he bit his lip as blood surged to his cock. Edward smirked and stroked himself some more, closing his eyes and making a low mewling noise. Jacob thought he might come just from hearing that sound come out of Edward, and he wanted to make the boy moan. Edward moaned when the thought crossed Jacob's mind and Jacob couldn't take it any more. He shoved his sweats down just enough and grabbed his straining cock, groaning deeply as his hand relieved some of the pressure. Edward had set a rhythm for himself and Jacob matched it, his eyes on Edward's cock, the head disappearing into his white fist before reappearing again, pink and inviting. He knew Edward was watching Jacob stroking his cock as well and wondered if Edward was as excited by it as he was.

"God, yes…" Edward struggled to get the words out, his need to come mounting before Jacob's eyes. This only increased Jacob's desire, and he took his hand off his cock, nudging Edward's hand away too. Edward's confusion only lasted a moment before Jacob grasped their cocks together in his large hand and stroked. Edward cried out as he watched their cocks emerging through the tight circle of Jacob's thumb and fingers almost too much to bear, the pink and carmel heads rubbing together, aided by the glistening wetness of both of them. The sight, combined with the hot, rigid length of his partner searing against his cool erection, was too much to handle, and the vampire could only hold on for a few pumps before his cock erupted, come spurting out as Edward moaned loudly, throwing his head back in abandon.

Edward's sexy moans and the feel of his cock pumping against his own sent Jacob over the edge and his come joined Edward's on their shirts and hands. Their breathing was ragged as they came down, and Edward leaned forward and clutched Jacob to him, burying his face against Jacob's neck. Jacob slid down the wall and sat on the floor, pulling Edward down with him, and once they were settled, he nuzzled his face against Edward's gloriously tousled red hair, inhaling his scent. They hugged each other closely as they recovered, but didn't stop holding each other even after the lusty haze had worn off.

They stayed that way for a while until Edward broke the silence, his cool breath fanning over Jacob's neck. "That was incredible. I've… I've never done that."

Jacob stroked his fingers down Edward's back. "Me either."

Edward sighed, his cool breath tickling Jacob;s skin. "I'm glad." Jacob just chuckled, so Edward pushed away enough to look at Jacob's face and continued. "I'm glad that we can experience these things together." He ducked his head, like he was embarrassed.

Jacob smiled widely, bringing a hand up to Edward's cheek and cupping it. "Me too," he said as he drew Edward closer and captured his lips in a searing kiss. "I want to do so many things to you." He kissed him again, thinking about Edward naked beneath him, licking, sucking, fucking. Edward gasped and moaned against Jacob's lips, then deepened the kiss, moving to sit astride Jacob's lap, his cock starting to fill again. "Shit, Edward," Jacob groaned, though he was not unhappy about this turn of events. "That was fast."

Edward smiled ruefully, still bashful. "Well, I am seventeen."

Jacob laughed and pulled Edward's body closer, happy to oblige and let his eternal teenager hump him until he reached his second orgasm.