Embry' Point of View

I had left La Push. I left after the battle with the Italian vampires and the Cullen's. I was more than willing to defend the Cullen's and Jake's imprint, Nessie; but I was done taking orders. I was done being a disposable solider in another's war. I was done living at home with my mother and the stream of men that would stay and take advantage of her. One by one since I was small, they would come in and abuse her. They would abuse me as well. Once I changed into a werewolf, the majority of that stopped since I looked more intimidating. I was pure muscle and angry with the men so slowly they started to not show up. My mother blamed me and turned harder to drugs. I was the source of her unhappiness and so I left.

Jake and the guys ordered me to stay and live with them. That worked for a while until they saw how unhappy I was being forced against my will to stay. I was unhappy seeing all the guys with their imprints. I was done searching for clues about my father as well. Seeing Billy and Old Quill reminded me that I was a bastard that neither of them would claim. Why stay if I wasn't wanted? Why stay if there was nothing holding me back?

I would still keep in contact with the pack and was more than willing to return if something ever were to happen. It was just I wanted a life outside the pack, to become my own without the ties that held me. I had nothing to gain at La Push and nothing to lose by leaving. I got a job at a bar in California; it was easy because the werewolf gene upped my body so I got objectified and got the job as eye candy. I didn't use this to my advantage though. The women here were beautiful but they just weren't what I wanted.

I was serving when I smelled it. The smell of chemicals and deception. I saw this guy slip a drug into a drink before offering it to the girl. She shook her head no and he kept pushing while trying to keep up some charm.

"Leave." I growled glaring at him. The girl locked eyes with me silently thanking me. That's when I realized how gorgeous she was. She had a tint of brown to her skin and strong features on her face. She had this beautiful black hair which had slight curls to it. Her body wasn't like the girl's in California all skinny. She was fit like she was built strong but had curve for days but a tiny waist. She was defiantly not from California and she reminded me of home.

"Excuse me?" He spouted angry as hell at me. I leaned over the counter towering over him. She rolled her eyes at me but I continued to want to help her.

"Leave and don't come back. She isn't into you so just take the hint." I repeated my jaw flexing. The guy tried to make himself look bigger but was failing.

"You can't make me leave. And I was just buying her a drink." He said defensively. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the drink from his hand.

"That's so bizarre because when I make drinks here they don't usually come with date rape drugs asshole! Unless you want to prove me wrong and drink it yourself? Or we can get the cops involved?" I spat at him shoving the drink in his face. The girl looked calm as the guy stormed out. I poured out the drink and we just looked at each other for several minutes.

"So are you going to ask me what I am drinking?" She laughed siting down at the bar. I smiled and then proceeded to ask.

"A vodka sprite please. Also, I knew he drugged the drink." She pointed out.

"Oh really?" I asked making her drink and ignoring everyone else as my coworker did their drink orders.

"Yeah, believe it or not I am used to creeps like that trying to get with me." She smiled rolling her eyes sarcastically. I handed her the drink and laughed earning a smile from her.

"Must be because you are so beautiful." I blurted out completely embarrassed. She laughed and in that moment I wanted to die. I wish I could have just melted into the

"I think it's more I look ethnic as hell and some creeps see that as a conquest if they can fuck me. You probably understand what its like." She motioned to my body.

"I don't get what you mean." I played back earning a sultry smile from her.

"Hey I am native American. I know when I am talking to one." She grinned at me winking. Damn I almost got a hard on from that wink.

"Actually my mom is white. Dad ditched before I was born so I guess he must have been Native American." I shrugged. She looked me up and down.

"Well, I guess half native is better than none. I am Sarah." She smiled offering me her hand.

"Nice fake name Sarah." I smiled taking her hand. She blushed.

"Hey a girl has got to be careful doesn't she? After all that guy did just try to drug me?" She pointed out.

"You mean the guy I saved you from?" I smirked refilling her drink. She downed it in one swallow and it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

"I mean, I had it under control." She grinned at me flirting back.

"I think the least you can do is buy me a drink sometime." I winked at her.

"Oh is that so?" She said raising an eyebrow. I shrugged pretending to pout.

"What if I wanted to pay you back another way?" She whispered leaning in so I could here. My eyes darkened and I nodded.

"When do you get off?" She whispered playing with my hand. In that moment I didn't give a fuck about anything other than her.

"Now." I growled in her ear. She looked shocked and grinned.

"Hey Embry get back to work!" My boss called over. I hopped over the bar to her side.

"I quit!" I yelled back before taking her hand and leading her away from the bar.