I didn't enjoy writing my first Kenshin story so I decided to make another much better than the rest.

There's a reason this is rated R okay the language in this fic is… very explicit, and also for sexual situations so if you are not 17 or a mature person then don't read this.  (You guys know I don't care I just thought it would be funny to put this up so who cares.)

I don't own Kenshin or any other characters I put in here… Vash, Kikyou, Miroku, Miagi, Kogi, and so forth.  If you don't know whom a certain character is just tell me (In a review) and I'll e-mail you back telling you.

So here it is the best story I think I've ever written.  Mwahahaha… feeling evil although I have no reason why.


       A Tale of Two sides                                 Ch.1

(I just wanna tell ya'll this I was watching the news and this guy (copying a stunt from Jackass.)  Jump from a five-story building and into a pool he broke both his legs and his ankle.  If you guys ever try any of these stunts I would slap you if you made it.  @_@ That what you will look like when I'm done.  Okay then on with the story.)

"Hey Kenshin… Wait up man!"

        Kenshin stopped in his tracks and turned to face the caller.  It was his best friend Vash. (He He.)

"Hurry up or we'll be late for school I can't afford another d-hall I'll miss seeing…"

"The girl of your dreams…" Vash finished for him.

"Yea man… Faye… Man she's amazing…"

"You along with the rest of the student body who has a dick."

"Yea. Yea. I know but she's going out with that Kouga guy right… and rumor has it she's gonna break up with him any day now.  And if I time every thing right she'll come to me to cry on its PERFECT!"  Proclaimed the ambitious teenager.

"I can't wait to see ya fuck up It's gonna be fucking hilarious!"  Stated Vash bluntly.

"Well what about you and that Sakura girl?"

"Uhh… I'll get her don't worry."

"For some reason I don't believe you."  Said Kenshin.

        Vash rolled his eyes.

*Ring * heard the boys as they were in the main hall of Lamar High School.

"Oh shit. We got one minute till were late to 1st period."

        Since the boys had the same 1st period they both sprinted up the Math hall stairs and down the stairs were they saw others like them running to class.

*Ring * went the second bell the boys were both just outside Mr.Kogi's class.  He opened the door for them to enter heeding them both a warning.

"Next time I won't be so lenient."

"Yes Ma'am…" said Vash.

        The class begun to giggle, the teacher turned around to face him.

"Unless you prefer to go now!"

        Vash mumbled an apology.

"Sorry… sir."

        And they went to their seats.  Kenshin sat behind him, and began writing something on a piece of paper he passed it to Vash.

        Think your funny do ya!  I really don't feel like d-hall do you remember the stink bomb incident last week I got blamed I'm still paying off your d-hall's.  Do you remember?

        Vash began scratching something down in reply.

Oh… that was so funny but okay try to be less funny got it Commander No Fun!

He passed the note back to Kenshin smiling to himself.  Kenshin read the note and then crumpled it up, rolling his eyes.

        Just as he was doing this the door to the classroom opened it was Kenshin's Vice Principal (VP).

"Excuse me… Mr. Kogi I need a student to barrow as an escort to a new student."

"Oh yes Ms. Hiroshima.  Lets see uhh… you (Mr. Kogi pointed at the student he chose.)  Mr. Himora. (Spelt is as best I could.) You go with her."

        Kenshin stood up and walked to the door with a displeased look on his face.

'Fuck' he thought to himself.

"Come this way she's been trying to find room 121 all mourning and I thought that you could help.   Well not specifically you.  Your class just happened to be close by.  And you're a good kid.  Who knows maybe you guys will be friends."

"Maybe."  Mumbled the pouting boy.

        The two rounded the corner and Kenshin saw the new student.

'A girl.'

        She was beautiful (From the back which Kenshin could only see.) She had typical black hair, which brought out her slender figure and pale features.  Kenshin smiled to himself. 

"Mr. Himora this is Miss Kikyou Miagi.  She just transferred here from a school in Okinawa.  And I'm sure she will appreciate you taking her around the campus."

        And with that the VP left.  Kikyou smiled evilly to herself.  She immediately wrapped her arm around his. 

"Now, what your first name Mr. Himora."

        And she gave him another evil smile.  Kenshin squinted his eyes in disbelief at her.

"What makes you think I'm gonna tell you."  He said rudely.

        Kikyou's nails dug into his flesh.

"Hey!!!"  He said ruffley.

        Quickly pulling his arm away from her.

"What a bitch." He mumbled.

"I'm taking you to your class and then you can find someone else to take advantage of."

        With that he dragged her down the stairs and into the main hall.

"This is the Main Hall."

        Then dragged her to the Production Hall and stopped in front of the door numbered 121.

"Here's your class!"

        Then he let go of her and stomped back to his class.  Leaving Kikyou to her thoughts.

*Humph *

"What a jerk… but … he will be mine!"


        So what do you guys think.  The language will be the same through out so don't even start with me about it.  If you noticed I have lots of Characters from different shows so that means lots of action.  I'm not sure if I want anyone else to show up hey if you guys could make some suggestions that would be great and I will only choose the person you ask me to use if I know who your talking about.


P.S. Kauru will make her entrance soon don't worry.