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If the fall from the sky hadn't kill him, the landing certainly tried. 'Syaoran' quickly picked himself up off the ground, catching the desert princess in the nick of time. His knees buckling under her weight for a brief second causing him to stumble.

A thud followed by an angry growl could be heard as Kurogane landed somewhere behind him. It was quickly followed by a screech when Fai landed right on top of him.

Helping the princess down, the amber eyed teen turned toward the other two in their group to see if they were alright. 'Syaoran' opened his mouth but quickly closed it when the princess hurried over towards the other to. Trying not to feel left out, the teen looked around. His eyes widened when he recognized a familiar penguin shaped slide, covered in tinsel and various decoration.

'It must be Christmas.' thought 'Syaoran' as he looked around some more.

The monkey bars that had been here when he was little were gone, replaced by a kid's club house made of plastic. The swing set had been painted recently, his initials gone from the bottom right pole.

His heart gave a painful lurch before dropping into his stomach. He grabbed his necklace, pulling it from his shirt to calm himself down. Toying with the little charm attached, 'Syaoran' examined his surroundings. They could have landed at any point in time.

"Well!" Fai exclaimed as he brushed his pants off. "Looks like we are in a safe world!"

His fake smile was plastered on his face and 'Syaoran' hated it. Hated how they tried to act like everything was alright. Hated how they put on masks to hid their pain. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

Pressing his lips, he kept his words to himself. This guilt that weighted him down was his own to bare. No one else.

"Great…" Mumbled Kurogane as he tried to knock Mokona off his head with little success. "Do we have any money for this world?" He glanced over towards 'Syaoran' to see if he had any injuries.

"We would have to find someone to ask, Kurogane." Fai pipped up.

"Fucking hell…"

"I guess we can always find a hotel and ask." Princess Sakura pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "If not, maybe they can exchange the money we do have."

"That's a great idea, Sakura-chan." Again with the fake smile. "Let's go."

The vampire held his hand out for the princess, as if to escort her to a royal ball. Kurogane followed behind them, grumbling to himself. Mokona was on his head briefly before hopping over to 'Syaoran'.

"Syaoran-kun is awfully quiet!" She announced to the group.

'Syaoran' sputtered as the group turned around to face him. Pressing his lips, he tried to look as small as possible. It wasn't hard with two of the group possessing giant DNA.

"Got any ideas, kid?" Kurogane grumbled as he raised an eyebrow towards 'Syaoran'.

"Well…" He hesitated for a brief moment.

A moment too long it would seem as Fai turned around and walked towards a different area. The ninja glanced towards him again before following the other two, mumbling under his breath and shooting a glare towards them. Drawing his shoulders to his ears, 'Syaoran' followed after the group.

There was a possibility that he was wrong about this world. He would just have to wait and see.

Heirs and Guardians

As it would turn out, they didn't have any currency on them that would be tradable in this world.

"What should we do now?" Sakura questioned quietly as she looked around at the buildings.

"We could always work for a place to stay." Kurogane offered as he looked around the area.

"That may not work here."

The group turned towards 'Syaoran'. He tried his best not to fidget under their looks. Fai and Sakura with their aloft glaze and Kurogane with his normal glare. There was a touch of warmth in his eyes. The ninja just had a hard time expressing his emotions.

"This world is similar to the one that I grew up in." 'Syaoran' looked towards a restaurant, gesturing towards the workers. "They have employees who are paid by the hour to do their jobs. Cleaning, taking out the trash and things like that."

"So it's similar to Oto." Kurogane complained.


"So we will just have to find a job." Fai was looking around the area, his face in a neutral expression for once. "I don't suppose we could just walk up to anyone and ask for a job." His tone showed his frustration.

'Syaoran' bowed his head, looking at his feet. He bit the inside of his cheek before shaking his head.

Fai let out an exasperated sigh. "I guess it can't be helped then."

'Syaoran' tried not to let the annoyed tone bother him. He wish- no, he couldn't make anymore wishes. His last had destroyed his family and possibly the families of those currently with him.

"You know!" came a voice from his left, causing him to jump. From the cursing of Kurogane, he was caught off guard as well. "Jobs used to be held by animals. It was only in recent years that people started to actually work for a living. Before that, rabbits used to wash the dishes and cats would serve the customers."

'Syaoran' looked towards his left to see a man about the age of thirty-three with dark black hair and a smile that didn't seem to go away. Another woman about the same age let out a long suffering sigh, as if this was something normal.

"I'm sorry…" Fai looked at a loss of words.

"It's true. The animals would even be paid for the work and labor. However, their wages would be high compared to today's working class!" The man nodded his head as if everything he was saying made sense. "The humans eventually decided that they didn't want to pay someone such a price and-"

"That's enough of you." The woman hit him in the back of the head, cutting his next sentence off. "I'm so sorry about my husband. He normally behaves better than this."

"It's…. fine, I guess." Fai seemed to be reeling from the abrupt topic change.

"Say, Chiharu! This boy sure looks like Li-kun."

"Would you stop changing topics!?" Chiharu looked like she was about to his her husband before looking where he was pointing. "You're right…."

'Syaoran' tried not to fidget as he looked between the two of them. They seem vaguely familiar but he couldn't place why. Had the others met their counterparts in another world?

"Ah!" The sudden exclamation caused the group to jump. "You're Kinomoto's son, right?"

"I'm sorry…" 'Syaoran' trailed off for a brief moment. "Kinomoto?"

"He wouldn't know his mother by that last name, Takashi." Chiharu stepped forward but not enough to crowd him. "Sakura-chan? Is she your mother?"


"You don't sound too sure."

"Shut it, Yamazaki."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Excuse me!" Fai raised his hand as if waiting for a teacher to call upon him. "I'm confused! You know Syaoran-kun?"

Chiharu turned towards their group, frowning at how far away they were from 'Syaoran'. "As a matter of fact, I do. Who are all of you?"

"My name is Fai D. Flowright, this is Kurogane-san and Sakura-chan. We are traveling with Syaoran-kun at the current moment." He plastered a fake smile onto his face that 'Syaoran' wanted to go away.

"Um…" Chiharu gave one last glance at Fai before turning back towards 'Syaoran'. "Is Okaa-san okay?"

"She was last time I saw her." Chiharu blinked slightly in surprise. "Giving her brother a run for his money with wit and sarcasm. How about we walk you all home?"

"It's fine." 'Syaoran' shook his head. "I remember the way there."

The group parted ways from the married couple, 'Syaoran' waving by to his mother's childhood friends.

"This is your world?" Kurogane asked as he came to walk next to him. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"...I wasn't certain." The teen fidgeted with the necklace again before putting in back into his shirt. "I didn't want to say anything about shelter and be wrong."

Kurogane just hummed as the two behind them held a conversation. Kurogane was soon dragged into by Fai. No one seemed to include 'Syaoran' into the conversation. He pressed his lips and kept walking forward.

"It's a nice town." Fai pipped up, obviously trying to find something to say.

"It's the best." 'Syaoran' gave a soft smile as a familiar yellow house came into view. "Do you see the yellow house?" He pointed in the general direction for the others to look at. "That's the house I grew up in. Hopefully we can get a place to stay there."

"That would be lovely." Princess Sakura smiled slight towards Fai before giving a sheepish grin at 'Syaoran'.

Walking up the stairs, 'Syaoran' hesitated before pressing the intercom button.

"Yes?" came an annoyed voice from the other end of the intercom system.

"Ummm… Is Kinomoto Sakura available?"

"Depends on who's asking." The voice was familiar and took 'Syaoran' a moment to place it.

"Her son. Your nephew."


All of a sudden the front door was thrown open and a tall figure hurried out of the door. 'Syaoran' grinned in relief when Touya Kinomoto was standing their gawking at him.

"You little brat! Where have you been?"

Touya pulled the gate open, allowing the group to come into the house to get out of the cold. 'Syaoran' could hear the clanking of dishes from the kitchen. Touya did a double take at the princess, who was staring openly at him. Neither commented though.

"I'm positive Kaa-chan told you." Syaoran pulled off his jacket and stepped out his shoes in one fluid movement.

"She did. However, she didn't tell me when you would be leaving." Touya groused as he took everyone's jackets. "I came home one day and you were gone. Just like him."

"Who's at the door, Onii-san?" came a voice from the kitchen, cutting 'Syaoran's' reply off.

Touya pressed his finger to his lip before calling out. "Eriol's here!"

A groan could be heard as someone place a plate down rather loudly. "You better be joking. Last time he was here…."

A lady with golden brown hair and bright green eyes walked out of the kitchen, her voice trailing off when she realized who was standing in the doorway. Her hands flew to her mouth as tears flowed down her cheeks. 'Syaoran' did his best to keep his emotions in check.

Sakura Kinomoto hurried over towards him, pulling her son into a tight hug. After a brief moment, she released him, keeping her hand on his face the whole time. Her eyes searched his before her face crumbled.

"Oh, you poor thing." She ran her hand through his hair, as if to reassure herself that he was actually there.

A cough could be heard from behind them, Touya placing his hand over his mouth to muffle the sound.

"Right!" his mother started to look around at the others. "Where are my manners?"

"Out the door when you were two." replied Touya as he walked passed them.

"Shut it, Onii-san." called Sakura hotly as she glared towards her brother.

'Syaoran' chuckled at his families antics before turning towards his companions. Fai was shifting awkwardly, his hands not staying in one place. His eyes kept darting towards his mother before looking over at him. Kurogane, having gotten over the initial shock, looked bored out of his mind while Mokona was dancing on his head. Princess Sakura looked thoughtful as she glanced between mother and son.

"Everyone. This is Sakura Kinomoto. She's my mother." 'Syaoran' turned towards his mother. "Kaa-chan, this is Kurogane" he gestured towards the ninja who grunted, "Fai D. Flowright" the wizard-vampire bowed his head, " and Princess Sakura of the Kingdom of Clow." The princess gave a curtsy, mumbling a greeting.

"These are your traveling companions?" There was a sharp tone to her voice, one that 'Syaoran' wasn't sure about.

"It's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Kinomoto." Fai gave an extravagant bow, his fake smile plastered on his face.

"Miss actually. I'm not married." Her voice sounded as if it were made of steel.

Kurogane raised an eyebrow but didn't comment on the tone. 'Syaoran's' mother pressed her lips before turning towards her son.

"I've just finished dinner. Would you mind setting the table? Otou-san will not be joining us due to his dig. Seven people should be fine." It would seem that she had counted Mokona. "I want to talk to you companions for a moment."

'Syaoran' bit his lip as he tried to gauge his mother's reaction. He glanced towards the group before Kurogane spoke up.

"Go ahead, kid. We'll join you as soon as we are done. Take the manju with you."

Giving them one last glance, he walked into the kitchen after Mokona had jumped on his head. He just hoped that his mother wouldn't be too hard on them.

Heirs and Guardians

Sakura Kinomoto waited until her son was in the kitchen before glaring towards the group.

"I don't want to hear any excuses, comment or interruptions until I am finished. Is that clear?" She waited for them all to nod before continuing. "Good. I don't care what you have experience on your journey. I have seen brief flashes through dreams. However, what happened has nothing to do with my son. Don't you dare take it out on him. He isn't the one who left you all, hurt you all nor is he the one who journeyed to different worlds.

"However, he is the one that will help you without you even asking. My son has been through more hardships than you could ever imagine. More than you all combound. Don't-" she snapped at Fai in a hushed whisper as he opened his mouth to speak. "interrupt me! I have seen you all on more than one occasion ignore him or act hostile with him. Let me tell you all something right now. That boy in there," she gestured towards the kitchen where plates and silverware could be heard. Mokona would occasionally pipe in with a comment. "has been held captive by a mad man for SEVEN years. He has nothing to do with that man's plans.

"You," she jabbed her finger at Fai. "should know that very well. I'm not going to spill your secrets. Those are for you to tell. However, while you are all in my home, you will treat my son with respect. Do you understand me?"

The silence that followed was deafening. Kurogane raised an eyebrow before turning towards the other two. Fai looked pale, his hands clenched into fists at his side. Princess Sakura looked upset, her eyes watering before dropping her head down.

"That was a bit harsh." Touya had come down the stairs.

"I don't care." Sakura folder her arms over her chest, glaring towards the group. "They have no reason for being hostile towards Tsubasa. At least Kurogane-san has been civil with him this whole time."

"Tsubasa?" Kurogane raised an eyebrow.

"My son's name. I'm sure you all know him as 'Syaoran'. That was his father's name."

"Smart, kid." Kurogane grunted as he glance towards the kitchen.

"Now," Sakura begain in a calmer manner. "You can all stay in my house while you are all here. But you will have to apologies to my son and explain to him why you all have been acting cold. I know the reason but he doesn't."

"You're treating him like a child." Fai spoke up, his voice brittle with anger.

"He may as well be." Sakura's gaze didn't waver. "He was seven years old when Fei Wong captured him. He is fourteen now. I'm not sure how that is in your world but here, he is still considered a child."

Kurogane pushed off the wall and headed towards the kitchen. Sakura let him go, knowing that he had taken her words to heart. He wasn't the one she was angry at.

"I will leave you two to think. Don't take too long." Sakura brushed off her shirt. "I may sound harsh but you don't know the effect your actions will have on the future. If this had continued, everyone would have been heart broken."

With that, Sakura Kinomoto headed towards the kitchen, allowing the two remaining members to think about their actions.

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