She's been abandoned, again! Bella Swan gets everything in the sudden divorce from her husband of only a few days, Edward Cullen. When she gets brought home, she sinks into a deep depression. Forcing herself to feel alive, she meets a mysterious man outside her house. Will she learn to love him or will she run away before she gets hurts again.

Disclaimer: All original Twilight settings, plots and characters are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer. Some quotes from the series and motion pictures might be used. This version/Fanfiction is for entertainment purposes only and is the work of the author.

Still Human

Bella woke with a start, the sun was shining over her head. She was on a beach, off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. She was on Isle Esme; the morning after she had almost lost her virginity to her husband. She sat up looking around for Edward, but he was nowhere to be found. She stood and staggered her way to the house just yards away. She wasn't completely nude, she had on a bikini; and must've fallen asleep in the sand.

Frustrated with herself and covered in sweat, Bella made her way into the bathroom and filled the large tub. She scrubbed her body and hair; trying to remove the sand she found in places that sand should not be.

Finally after rinsing, she wrapped herself in a soft plush towel. She made her way to the sink and quickly brushed her teeth. After putting her hair in a ponytail, she noticed the bruises that were plastered across her delicate skin. The contrast in color was very obvious. She had wanted him to hold her tight last night and he was happy to oblige. They shared kisses but nothing else. She had been too exhausted for anything else. But it didn't matter anymore, she wouldn't be able to explain these away. She dressed in a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt.

She set out to find her husband. Looking around, she noticed that his luggage was no longer sitting on the bench at the foot of the bed next to her own. She frowned and walked through the house calling out for him. He was nowhere in sight. Bella walked down to the dock, a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, that was only confirmed by her worst fear. The boat was gone.

She didn't understand what was happening to her. Did he leave her again? Was this how her life was going to be? Was this a habbit of his that she needed to prepare for? Bella collapsed, crying out. She stayed there even after her tears had ran dry. She was alone. Again.

The sun was blaring down on her, her skin turning a shade of pink. She exhumed her crying. How was she going to get the hell off this island?

Charlie was grumbling about grandkids and being too young to be a grandfather; when a light knock on the door sounded. He grunted making his way to the front door, swinging it open. No one was outside. Before slamming the door he happened to glance down. There, sitting in the center of his greeting mat, was an envelop with his name in perfect script.

He picked it up. It was heavy for being the size it was. He opened it. Inside were four round trip tickets to Rio de Janeiro, a boat ferry for two boats to Isle Esme, and futher paperwork for Bella. Folded neatly behind everything was a note addressed to him. He pulled it out and read it.

Dear Chief Swan,

I'm writing to apologize for the way things had to happened. I had to do it this way, I'm no good for her. You and I both know that. She's stubborn and she's going to heal from this. She's going to need you and Jacob Black. She's on Isle Esme. Bellow are instructions. The tickets are for you and Jacob and two guests of your choosing. Tell Bella there wasn't another way.

Sincerely Edward

Charlie stood red faced with anger. His daughter was stranded on an island, and her husband couldn't even tell him to his face. Charlie marched in to the kitchen and dialed his good friend Billy Black. He wasn't surprised when Sam Uley answered the phone.

"Black residence, this is Sam." Sam's voice was formal.

"Sam, it's Charlie. I need to speak to Billy. It's about Bella," Charlie gritted out between clenched teeth. He was fuming.

"Chief Swan, he's not in at the moment. He's run to the store. I can take a message." Sam had a bad feeling about this. He looked over at Paul and Jared. Jared sat in the recliner with his imprint Kim while Paul sat next to Rachel. Rachel wasn't his imprint and they weren't in a relationship, what he wanted she couldn't give but it wouldn't deter him from trying. Both wolves looked up at the mention of Isabella Swan. Their interest was piqued, as they immediately assumed they knew what was happening. She had been changed and Charlie just got the news.

"Tell Billy that I know he knows where Jake is. I need him to help me bring home Bella. He left her stranded on a damn island!" Charlie was shouting now.

Sam exchanged a look of shock between his pack brothers. This was not what they expected to hear.

"Are you sure Chief Swan? How can you be so sure of this?" Sam couldn't think clearly anymore. They had seemed perfectly happy when they left.

"He left an envelope of crap on my door step with instructions. I don't know how the hell they got a passport and driver's license for Jacob but it's here. Everything is ready to go. The ticket is open ended and there's no flight number or time. Look, I'm on my way. I'll see you in a few minutes." Charlie didn't wait for a reply as he gathered the envelope and headed to his cruiser. He pulled in just as Billy and Embry were pulling up.

"Hey Charlie. Come inside, let's talk." Billy spoke casually as Embry placed him in his chair.

Charlie was still fuming over the contents of the envelope. It was large and very thick. He didn't go through everything out of respect for his daughter. Embry stiffened when Charlie waved it around, the smell of vampire premating the envelope. It was definitely from the Cullens, the thing reeked of them.

Embry rolled Billy into his house, Charlie following close behind. Sam, Paul, and Jared stiffened when Charlie waved the envelope in their direction. Sam stepped in and took it from Charlie. He took everything out. There was a lot of paperwork in regards to an annulment or a divorce with a note for Bella to pick. There was a pouch with keys to two different vehicles, two vehicle titles and insurance. There was account information and credit cards. There was three sealed envelopes, one addressed to Bella and one addressed to Sam and one for Jacob. According to the paperwork Bella was set up for life. Jacob was set up for life. Hell they set up an account for the whole pack. There was passports and drivers licenses for the whole pack. It was honestly creepy, yet he didn't know what to do. Sam would have to discuss this with Emily.

"I don't know why that bastard thinks he can buy me for leaving her stranded but he better hope I never get my hands on him," Charlie threatened.

Sam stood gathering the items intended for Bella and her father and placed them back in the envelope. He handed it back with a grimace. Paul, Embry and Jared stood around the table, each with a confused expression on their faces. In the center was a pile of credit cards, and new drivers licenses for the pack.

"Well, I don't like the idea of any of this, but we'll keep it for emergencies," Billy declared.

"How much do you think it is?" Paul and Jared asked in unison.

"It's about half a million per young man. Bella got the house in Forks and her vehicles. Plus well over double the whole of each young man that money was given to," Charlie choked.

"So, Bella is a millionaire and doesn't even know it?" Jared said. "Awesome!"

Paul slapped him in the back of the head. As much as he couldn't stand the the leech lover she did have something to do with this whole mess. Guess he could ease up on her some.

After all she was still human, and he couldn't hate her if she was human.