A New Steven Universe Future

By Dolores the Dip

Chapter 1: Telling the Gems

It had been a few years since a sixteen-year-old Steven Quartz Universe had decided to go explore the 'thirty-nine' states and see where he should settle down. He had finally settled down in a cozy little cottage somewhere close to a beach. Charming shells decorated the light brown sand and, to Steven, it felt like home; but not entirely. The first thing to do was decorate. Nothing too out there, at the moment.

A few chairs and tables in the kitchen, alongside a fridge. A couple stacks of books and a coffee table in the living room, with a few pictures that Blue Pearl had given him to make the cottage look more 'home-like' and a TV with a VCR player. In his bedroom, he decided to unpack some pictures, an alarm clock and a few other things from his old room. The bathroom just needed a shower curtain, medications, towels, toothpastes, toothbrushes and the other necessities.

Steven chuckled as he finished decorating the bathroom, memories of Peridot living in the bathroom after he got her out of her bubble played out in his mind. He smiled and made a mental note: if the Crystal Gems came to visit, everything would have to be perfect. He had no clue what 'perfect' meant, but he did know he had a lot to make everyone at home such as Camp Pining Hearts tapes for Lapis and Peridot and lots of food for Amethyst.

Over the years, Steven had furnished the cottage and had finally felt settled in. And therapy sessions had been going good for him, so that was a plus. Another plus was when he and Connie began living in the same cottage. Lion had joined them in the cottage too, as Steven expected.

And the Crystal Gems did visit when they could, although somethings stayed the same. One of them was when Steven caught Pearl watching him sleep. That wouldn't have been too creepy if Steven and Connie weren't sharing a bed. Amethyst was still laid back and was usually found sleeping soundly somewhere or eating Steven's homemade Cookie Cats. Peridot called dibs to check out the bathroom and began to explore it, commenting on every little detail she came across. Lapis just sat by the shore and watched the tide, smiling. Usually, Peridot joined her. Bismuth had a lot of fun finding new materials to make swords and shields out of-although sea shell swords didn't last too long.

By the time Steven was twenty-five and a half, he felt as if things were changing for the better. It wasn't until one visit to Beach City to surprise the Gems and his dad changed his life forever. Despite Connie getting sick earlier that morning, she just couldn't miss going back to Beach City for a visit. Steven understood that, but when they went to greet Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis and Peridot; they got a surprise that nearly gave them heart attacks.

Everyone was catching up over cookies and milk (Pearl didn't want any though and stuck with one of Steven's homemade Cookie Cats). Steven explained everything that was going on until explaining something incredible. "So, Garnet, remember when you said you planned 363 versions of my wedding?" he asked.

"I sure do, and congratulations, Steven." A happy Garnet explained calmly. "You're gonna be a great husband to Connie and an even great father for your children."

Connie instantly blushed as Steven and Pearl gasped. "CHILDREN?!" both Steven and Pearl asked in unison.

"No future vision, Garnet. It scares the guy." Amethyst groaned.

"Where is this 'children'?" Peridot asked. "I can't wait to meet this children and teach it everything Lapis and I know about meep morps and Camp Pining Hearts and-"

"Not for a few years, Peridot." Steven chuckled, thinking Garnet was just pulling a joke on him. Garnet smirked, knowing something he didn't. She was right.

"Actually, Steven…" Connie began, holding his right hand with her left hand. Her right hand rested on her tummy. "You're gonna be a dad."

Steven's eyes widened as he smiled. A husband and a dad? Could this year get any better?

"This means there's gonna be a baby in the house and-oh what if something happens to it?" Pearl asked, beginning to think of worst case scenarios and flashing them on her gem.

"Don't worry, Pearl. Everything's gonna be alright." Steven promised, thinking of baby names in his head.

"Congrats, Schu-ball." Greg praised his son. "If you ever need advice, don't be scared to ask your old man for help."

"Steven, Connie, I have already thought of 199 names for your babies." Garnet explained.

"Alright, G! You're on top of things." Amethyst praised. Everyone froze for a second, though. Something new sunk in.