Thirteen men were driven in panel vans, hooded and bound, through the Mojave Desert just as the sun was setting in the horizon, turning the blue sky into a blood red before darkness swept across the land.

There was no doubt about what was waiting for the Vipers MC and Cadena when they stopped.

When they finally did, the hoods came off, and they were all put on their knees.

Then they waited.

One hour later, lights appeared from the distance.

Blinded by the lights, all they heard was the roar of motorcycles coming, and then stopping in front of them.

Then came the cocking of Russian made AK-47s.

The last thing that went through Cadena's mind as they opened fire on them was cursing Devante Cano.

Upon returning to Bakersfield, Cricket took Coyote to her apartment, and they wasted no time fucking until sleep overtook them.

Several hours later, a knock on the door woke them up.

Glock in hand, and wearing an oversized shirt, Cricket made her way to the door.

She was surprised to to see Chayo and Mariposa, alongside two SAMVEN members.

"Is Coyote in?" asked the first Son.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Same reason we're here," Mariposa answered.

She opened the door and let them all in. Seeing the bags of food and coffee, she went to get to Coyote, only to find that he was already up and getting his pants on.

"You heard them?" Cricket asked.

He nodded as he buckled his belt, and pulled on a tank top.

"Let's see what they want." Coyote said, handing Cricket her kutte while taking his own in hand.

Walking back out to the main room, Coyote and Cricket joined their brothers and sisters.
"Something happen while I was away, Rota?" Coyote asked as they sat across from them.

Rota shook his head, "We were told to give you something."

"We were told the same, Cricket," Chayo said.

Mariposa and the other SAMVEN Son, Zeta, reached into their kuttes and pulled something out.

"Sometimes...this life is more than riding around and getting shit done," Rota started, nodding to Chayo.

"Sometimes, we're asked to do things very few people can," She finished.

Mariposa placed the Garras Afiladas patch on the table, while Zeta placed the Men of Mayhem patch next to it.

The room turned quiet as the two new patches realized what it meant.

"This life isn't an easy one," Mariposa added, "Not for any of us."

Rota stood up, and said, "We'll see you in a few weeks, Coyote."

Chayo and Mariposa waited for the two SAMVEN Sons to leave before turning their attention back to Coyote and Cricket. "Enjoy the rest of the day. Tomorrow, it's back to business as usual." Mariposa said as she and Chayo embraced Cricket. Chayo whispered, "Make sure you got plenty of Trojans if he's staying longer than a day."


Rollie Thurman looked over the transfer request and looked down the full table at the member.

"You sure about this?" He asked, "You've done very well for yourself here."

Coyote nodded.

"I've given it a lot of thought. And I am sure about this."

Vegas had been good to him. But he wanted to be closer to his girlfriend. And it'd be nice not to have to cross state lines every time he wanted to see her.

"A lot of crews have thought about poaching you. Especially after the Midnight Molotov."

He recalled how the nursery had been firebombed several times, and the last time Cricket had barely escaped.

Which in turn had led to him blowing up an Aryan meth lab with the cook still in it.

"I'm aware."

"So you're sure about your choice?" asked James Brando, SAMVEN's new VP.

Coyote nodded without hesitation.

Thurman asked, "All in favor of Coyote's transfer?"

It was slow, but unanimous.

"It's settled then. Happy trails, Coyote."

The End

A/n: Even when no one reviewed it, I remained resolved to see the story through to the end. My sincerest thanks go to TellatrixForever for helping me write this story.