The Net: Nightmare on the Highway: Epilogue

Several weeks later, early one Monday morning Angela went into work covered in a beautiful tan and a smile on her face.

"Wow. You look great," Walter commented from behind the desk in the music store. "How was the honey moon?"

"Honestly, Walter, as much as I love my job, I don't want to be here."

Jacob came in seconds later after parking the car.

"Hey Walter. Just thought I'd come say hi. I've got class in a bit so I can't stay long."

Walter nodded. "Oh. Angela, before I forget USA Network called while you were out."

"USA Network?" Angela asked as she went into the back room to her desk. The other two followed her.

"Yeah, you know that little known TV station that plays mostly syndications and reruns?"

"Oh, yeah. What'd they want?"

She sat down at her desk and perused the papers that had accumulated while she was gone. Jacob sat on the corner of her desk while Walter stood in the doorway.

"They want to make a show about your fight with the Praetorians."

"What?" She stopped and looked up at him before turning to Jacob who was also staring at her, the scenes from the hotel television rolling in both their minds.

"Yeah, they want to have Brooke Langton play your character and Eric Szmanda play you, Jacob."

They looked back at Walter.

"Brooke...Langton? Who's that?"

"You know, that woman on Melrose Place? She kinda looks like you too. Just a bit."

"Oh her."

"I've never even heard of this Eric dude. Why couldn't they pick someone like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio?"

Angela gave him a punch in the arm and laughed.

"Well, if they call back, tell them no."

"Aww, Angel, why not?" Jacob asked. "Hun, you could be famous!"

"Yeah, well, I'm tired of all that craziness in my life. Right now, I just want to do my job and enjoy what's left of my life with my husband without the craziness of being famous."


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