"Ugh, this place is a mess." Vanilla sighed, looking around at all the trash scattered around the island. "But then again, what did I expect from two mobian teenagers and two kids?"

It had been two weeks since Sonic and his friends had returned from Angel Island, and Cream and Vanilla were settling down to life on this small tropical paradise. Amazed with how peaceful and Idyllic the place looked, Cram had cutely named it Bygone Island. She and Tails would often play ball on the beach, or sometimes she would have tea parties with Amy Rose, who was happy to have something like a little sister. But for Vanilla, it was kind of depressing that there were no other middle-aged adults to talk to (Though the way Mobians age, Vanilla did not look middle-aged: she would get a gray hair for centuries.) So without much else to do at the moment, Vanilla decided it was as good a time as any to do some chores.

"Hey, everybody!" sonic called out, holding up a volleyball on the beach. "Check this out!"

The blue blur threw the ball rapidly running back and forth, and hitting the ball on both sides of the net. The other three were on either side of the net, cheering him on.

"Yaaay, Sonic!" Cream squealed, jumping up and down. You can do it!"

"This is amazing!" Amy Rose laughed. "Sonic actually scored a point over himself!"

"I bet Sonic's going to win." Tails said smugly. "I don't know why, but I have a really good feeling about it!"

With a sigh, Vanilla turned back to go into each hut to collect the laundry. First, she went into Tail's house. There were scientific tools and gadgets scattered everywhere, along with technical manuals scattered all over his workbench.

"Wow, it looks like even child geniuses can be slobs." The rabbit laughed, while trying to tidy up a bit.

Tail's bed showed very little usage, a sign of how little he slept. After collecting all of Tail's socks and gloves, Vanilla moved on to the next hut.

Amy Rose's place was a little more tidy, and wasn't as unkept as Tails's hut had been. The whole place was painted in pink, with posters with fairies and stuffed unicorns lining the shelf. She had a bookshelf of titles about the paranormal (cryptids, aliens, ghosts, and psychic phenomena), as well as a table filled with tarot cards, I-ching wands, rune stones, and a crystal ball. The whole hut screamed of an extremely girly mystic, who was exactly the same age as Sonic, but with a far more hyper personality.

"Hmmm, I'll have to ask Amy to give me a palm reading later." Vanilla mused, before emptying the pink hedgehog's clothes hamper, and moving on to the next hut.

Knuckle's hut was the cleanest, but that was because it was barely lived in. The hot-tempered echidna was mostly a loner, and spent most of his time back on Angel island, his tribe's homeland. Still, the room was with echidna tribal masks, spears and artwork. There was also some exercise equipment scattered around the room, which the echidna spent most of his time on while he was here.

"I wonder what he spends more time doing... exercising, hunting on the island, or giving speeches about echidna honor." Vanilla laughed to herself.

After getting the echidna's socks and gloves, Vanilla headed over to Sonic's house. The place was the worst one yet, with stuff scattered everywhere; video games, magazines, comic books, a stereo cassette player and cassettes of several rock bands, and other things a young adult on earth would posses. Digging through the piles of mess, Vanilla noticed something... unusual.

"Hello... what's this?" She asked curiously. Looking at Sonic's unmade bed, she noticed another mobian-sized indent on the mattress beside where Sonic slept, and she found a pink quill on one of the pillows. Vanilla seemed confused for a moment... until her eyes went wide with a scandalized realization.

"OH!" Vanilla blushed a deep crimson, covering her mouth with her hand, and running out of Sonic's house. "W-well... I guess they are teenagers, after all."

Vanilla took what laundry she had managed to gather, and took it over to the group's community building, where the island's washer and dryer were located. As she the rabbit loaded up the washing machine, she thought about how her plans to study earth;s culture had, so far, gone awry. The G.U.N. agents Sonic had told her about had not yet come to the island, and Amy had told her they were not allowed to leave the island (unless they ring portaled to one of the other worlds). She had hoped to get out and explore more of the world, but it seemed like the humans just weren't ready for the concept of aliens that resembled intelligent talking animals yet.

"Maybe Cream and I should have gone to planet wisp, to study those cute little aliens." Vanilla sighed, turning on the machine, and taking the empty clothes baskets back to her and Cream's hut. "Or maybe we should head to planet Sol, I've heard Princess Blaze is very welcoming to scholars and thinkers who visit her world..."

Vanilla sat the empty basket down at her door, and gazed out across the beach towards her daughter. Little Cream was adjusting well to life here on the island, and liked having so many friends she could play with. Sonic and Amy insisted they noticed Cream had developed an innocent childish crush on Tails, but Vanilla seriously doubted it. Cream and Tails were both far too young and innocent for that sort of thing, especially how Tails always seemed to regard romance as 'icky stuff'. Maybe in a couple of years they might notice each other, but for now-

At that moment, a ring portal opened up on the beach, and all the mobians on the island went running towards it. Curious, Vanilla lifted her skirts, and came waling over to see who had come to visit.

"That's strange." Sonic noted. "Knuckles isn't set to visit until next week, and who else on mobius knows where we are?"

"It can't be Knuckles, he would use a star post warp, not a ring portal." Tails replied thoughtfully. "Who on earth could this be?"

At that moment, a yellow female mobian cat jumped through the portal, striking a cutesy pose. She was wearing a red-and black dress, with frilly white trimming, and a red headband with an elaborate lace pattern, as well. While Vanilla, Sonic and Tails stared at the new arrival in confusion, Cream and Amy's eyes lit up with stars.

"OH MY GOSH! IT'S HER! IT'S HER!" Both girls squealed, trying to control themselves, and failing. "I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S HERE!"

"Look out, planet earth! Mobius's premiere fashionista has arrived!" The female cat winked at all of them. "And now, Honey the cat is gonna make this planet look beautiful!"

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