Hey guys! Welcome back. So, let me say this real quick: This is essentially a prequel story, and I hope to have it done quickly. Not that I don't care about it, but I have an OC that I really, really like and I would just love to see her come to fruition. It will also just be a LOT better than this one. I Feel like I'm subconsciously not really trying for it, that I'm just rushing it. Anyways, back to the actual story

Lars wasn't exactly happy Steven burst through his head late into the night, and he was very suspicious of the fact that he needed to contact the Off colors immediately. Of course, Lars obliged, he had to. Steven brought him back to life. Name one other person who could do that. The Off Colors showed by the morning, and Steven was on his way, leaving Lars to call a very confused Sadie.

Steven remembered the ship. It was nice to be on it again. Fluorite spoke gently, with a smile on her face. "Steven, what brings you here? It's been a while since we've last talked. Hows Connie?". Steven's pink aura glew brighter, yet his physical form stayed put. "She's doing fine! And I'm here because I need to go to homeworld.". Rhodonite spoke next, "What do you need to go to homeworld for? And don't you have a warp pad?". Steven simply nodded. :We do, but I figured this way would be less public and more of a surprise then a giant beam of light thrusting through the air". The Rutile twins nodded, sharing the same thoughts as the boy. And with that, they were off, laughing and reminiscing. The only one not enjoying Stevens company, was Padparadscha, who had began trying to find somewhere to hide.

It didn't take long to reach homeworld, and only took a few seconds for Steven to hurry off after jumping from the still moving vessel. The warp pad was to his left, and as expected, no one. No gems, no banners, no diamonds. Whenever he showed up via warp, they seemed to appear out of nowhere. As he began to take his walk to the Gem temple, he felt something growing inside of him. Fear. Would they accept his plan? Would they allow him to head it all? He didn't know. It didn't matter anyways. It was going to happen whether they wanted it not.

The walk to the palace wasn't anything special, just special precautions so he wouldn't be seen. He was quiet the whole way. Past the pillars, past the wall gems, hell, even past Spinel. He just needed to make it to her. To White.

(Line cut)

The door opened suddenly to Stevens' surprise. As he stepped it, he felt it. The immense power overwhelming him. He took steps forward as he heard her voice. "Steven? What a wonderful surprise! Are you back to talk?". She sat down, patting Steven to stay beside her. Steven donned a smile, and shook his head. "No, I just need your help with something. I have a plan to help people and I just figured that you were the right person to turn to". White smiled brightly, standing up rapidly. "Im happy to help! What do you need?"

"Well, I have a plan". White nodded. "Basically, i've come to the realization that I've finished helping around my town. There's nothing I could do. They don't need me anymore". Stevens' voice started to crack, and his smile started to fade. "And I dont have the time in my natural life span to go around Earth fixing every problem. There's so many people that need help, all across the universe. And I want to make sure they're alright. No more pollution, no more dehydration, no more starvation."

White butt in, confused. "What do you suggest we do?". Steven looked up, the smile back on his face. "I want to reinstate the diamond authority. But rather than prioritizing Gem life over everything, I want everyone to be equal. I want everything to be alright. What better way to fix things than to do a widespread fleet of combat and healing gems who would take down problematic governments and take care of the people"

White, nodded, then smiled, then giggled. "Oh Steven, you humans and your jokes. Even if this wasn't a joke, I couldn't allow you to do that. There would be mass rebellions, casualties on all sides. People need the freedom to do what they want-".

Steven cut her off, starting to get angry. "But freedom just allows them to get hurt! They need order, they need someone to tell them what to do!". Whites eyes opened slightly, taking a step back to reassess everything the boy said. "This, this isn't a joke, is it? I can't let you do that Steven". It only took a second for the chain to be manifested. "I wasn't asking"