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Chapter 1

"Dean! Damnit! You can't go out there hunting alone," Sam yelled as he limped after him, not able to keep up because of the cane he was using. He had been hurt in their last hunt and they had gone to Bobby's so Sam could rest and heal.

"It's fine, I've hunted plenty of times alone Sammy. Besides, you're in no shape to go. Hell, you can't walk without a cane right now. Guess I need to start calling you Gimp," he chuckled at his joke. "We've been tracking this werewolf for months and I'm not letting this new lead go cold," Dean told his brother.

"Bobby, talk some sense into my hardheaded brother, or better yet, knock him in the head with a two by four and maybe knock some sense into him."

"Don't think it would do any good Sam. You know if your brother has got his mind set on something; there's no stopping him. No matter how much of an idjit move it is."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Bobby," Dean grunted rolling his eyes. He was checking his weapon's bag to be sure he didn't need to restock before heading out. A hunter had called him with a lead on a case they had picked up several months ago and had not been able to finish. The werewolf had gotten away several times before they could take it down. He wasn't going to let this new lead go without checking it out.

"Any time dumbass," Bobby sneered at him. He knew it was no use arguing with Dean when he had it in his head ,he was doing the right thing.

"Will you at least call me and let me know what's going on or text me," Sam begged when he saw there was no changing his brother's mind.

"Don't be such a mother hen, Sammy," Dean huffed slightly annoyed with his little brother. He looked up when Sam didn't say anything and saw him flash that damn puppy dog look at him and caved. "Fine, I'll keep in touch."

"Thanks bro," Sam whispered, hanging his head and smiling shyly, knowing he played the only card that would make Dean come around. It worked every time and he wasn't above using it when he needed to.

"I'm heading for Colorado, I'll call when I get there and get a room," Dean told Sam as he gathered his bags and headed to the Impala, opening the trunk to put his bags inside. He gave a final wave to Sam and Bobby before cranking his Baby and heading out.

"Is he going to be okay Bobby?" Sam asked watching his brother drive away not knowing that Fate was going to throw a wrench into their lives, and he wouldn't be seeing his older brother again for over two months.

"I hope so son, I hope so…" Bobby mumbled softly patting Sam on the back before turning to go inside leaving Sam standing on the porch.

Sam moved to sit in the swing at the end of the porch, not wanting to go inside yet and wanting to get off his sore leg. He propped his cane against the railing as his body deflated. He gently began to rock the swing with his good leg as his mind went back to the hunt he had gotten hurt on. It would have been much worse if Dean hadn't knocked him out of the way and took out the vampire that had him down about to bite him.

Dean was always stepping in to save him, but he wondered if Dean needed saving one day, who was going to do it. What if he wasn't around during that time when he should have been? Sam's mood swung really low and depression reared its ugly face as he kicked himself for letting Dean go off alone. He knew he was a great hunter, but even the greatest could end up dead. He pulled his cell out and pulled up his brother's number, his finger hovering over the call button, but couldn't make himself do it.

With a heavy heart and troubled mind, Sam got up and limped back inside to find Bobby and talk to him. Maybe he could ease his mind some or lend him a car to go after his dumb ass brother. He could always depend on Bobby to be the calming factor between them, even when they were young. He kept them in line, but also gave them the sense of worth and stability. He was their anchor that kept them grounded and that beacon of light that always guided them home.


Dean didn't like leaving Sam behind, as he gazed in the rearview mirror seeing him standing on the porch with a forlorn look on his face. He knew he would be safe with Bobby and could rest and geek out while he healed. They had been separated before, but for different reasons, some their own doing and others created by outside forces. They had not had an easy life growing up, and Dean was ever protective of his younger brother and still was.

He settled down and pulled the directions up in his head deciding to drive straight through to Gunnison, Colorado even if it was over a thirteen hour drive. If he had to, he'd stop somewhere and grab an hour or two of sleep along the way. He was determined not to let this lead go cold. He didn't know when they would pick the trail up again or how many more innocents would die if he didn't stop this monster.

He turned on the radio and found a station to his liking to fill the silence of the car. Dean couldn't help glancing occasionally to the empty passenger seat beside him, feeling like he had left a part of himself behind. It always felt wrong when they were apart, but he wasn't risking Sammy's life on a hunt when he was healing from injuries. Dean wouldn't have his head in the game worrying about him and that was the start for disaster. You had to be fully focused and have no distractions if you wanted to walk away from a hunt. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel along with the beat of the music letting the miles roll behind him. It was him and his Baby, heading for their next hunt.

Dean had to stop twice for gas, restroom and snack breaks, before he pulled in the outskirts of Gunnison, Colorado. It was late, so he stopped at a motel and got a room for the night to get some rest before starting on the lead another hunter had called him about. He corrected himself when asking for a double and changed it to a single room since he was alone. He took his key for the room and moved the car to the back of the office building. Dean got out and grabbed his bags before going to the door to let himself in. He paused in the doorway for a moment after flipping on the lights and looked it over. It was smaller than he was used to, but it was only him. He shrugged thinking it would do. It was clean and didn't smell, so that was good for him.

He dropped his bags in a chair and dug around for some sleep pants and his bathroom bag, before heading for the open bathroom door. He did his routine and dropped his clothes on his duffle before going to the bed to pull the covers back. Dean turned off the lights and climbed into the bed, settling down as he willed his mind to stop driving. He took some slow breaths and tuned out the noises he wasn't used to hearing. He wiggled around and turned on his side as he let the darkness sweep him away on a cloud of nothingness.


After finding a parking spot in front of the sheriff's department, Dean got out of the Impala and adjusted his tie as he walked toward the doors. He pushed it open and stepped inside letting his eyes adjust to the different lightning. He stepped to the counter and to the deputy sitting behind it.

"May I help you?" the deputy asked sizing Dean up.

"FBI, Agent Nash, if I could speak with your sheriff please," Dean told him flipping his badge out for a moment for him to see.

"If you'll wait for a moment," the deputy answered picking up his phone and punching a couple of buttons. He turned away and spoke quietly for a moment and listened before hanging up. "Agent, if you'll have a seat over there, the sheriff will be out shortly."

"Thank you, Deputy." Dean glanced behind him seeing the plastic chairs sitting against the wall. He moved to take a seat and wait. When his cell beeped, he had a message, Dean pulled it out and checked it to see it was from Sam. He read it and typed an answer back before putting it away. His brother could be a pain in the ass when he went into protective little brother mode.

It wasn't long before a tall man, around mid-thirties, stepped from a door behind the deputy. He spoke to the deputy and turned to look at Dean for a moment before stepping toward him.

"Hello Agent, I'm Sheriff Davis. How can I help the FBI?"

"Can we talk somewhere in private?"

"Sure, follow me back to my office."

Dean did as he was told and followed the sheriff through the door and into a squad room and on to an office sitting to the back of the large area. He took a seat and waited for the sheriff to get comfortable before talking.

"My partner and I have been tracking a serial killer for several months trying to catch him. The leads have led me here to your town. You have had several murders in the past week that, how should I put this, have got you stumped. You're probably thinking a wild animal killed them," Dean spouted as he watched the sheriff's expression change and grow wary.

"And where is this partner of yours?"

"He was injured on our last case and is resting up. If I could get a copy of your reports on the two victims and see the bodies will be very helpful."

"So, you've seen killings like this before?"

"Yes, the killer is working his way across the country and this may be my chance to stop him."

"Anything we can do to help we will. But you have to keep us in the loop if you find any additional evidence."

"I can do that."

"I'll have someone making you copies of the files and you can see the bodies at the morgue in the hospital basement."

"Any help will be appreciated Sheriff."

"Don't you think it would be a good idea to have backup with you? If this person is this dangerous, it wouldn't hurt to have a few more guns by your side."

"If it looks like I need the backup, I'll call in another agent. So, where is the hospital from here?"

"Take a right out of the parking lot, go through three lights and turn left. You'll see the signs for it."

"Thanks," Dean replied getting up.

"I'll show you back to the front. The files should be ready in a few minutes for you."

"That's fine," Dean said getting up and waiting for the sheriff to show him out.

"Don't forget, you need to contact us if you find any new clues."

"I will," Dean told him, the lie flowing off his lips.

This was his hunt and he wasn't involving the locals in it. They didn't have a clue how to deal with this kind of threat and he didn't want anyone else getting hurt.