- I'm highly impressed by your moral quality, SWAT Kats.

- Feral?!

Astonished, they turned to the commander approaching them with a settled face.

- I was wondering if you were going to appropriate the equipment of Dark Kat.

- I told you they won't.

Callie Briggs with some oil splashes on her clothes went off behind the tank with two Enforcer soldiers. The heroes stood as punch-drunk.

- You're alive?

- But how?

Callie smiled guiltily:

- Well, after the militarist protests I told commander Feral about a sudden psychosis in the city hall that I and mayor Manx suffered. Since we both were at the park we revealed we had the same repeating unreasonable thoughts. Moreover, the commander saw a suspicious car with an antenna running away and two bodies in the lean.

- They were bint with your missiles, gentlemen. - Feral interfered. - That meant that, first, that you found the way to resist the influence somehow. And second, you were on the city's side and the Enforcers could trust you. This time. - In his final words, he tried to take a stern look.

To this moment the SWAT Kats revealed from shock that Feral was lauding them.

- Take him away into the most protected separated cell. - Feral told the gunmen.

- The war isn't over, you worms. - Dark Kat solemnly said his brief closing speech and went without compulsion. - At least, I know how precious you are for these masquerade amateurs, miss Briggs. - He threw a chilling look on the Deputy Mayor and she felt a desire to hide behind the SWAT Kats' backs but resisted.

As the convoy was reaching the gate, Razor noticed:

- Are they informed there is a bunch of Dark Kat' henchmen?

- They are neutralized. - Feral responded.

The gate slammed.

- As my wire-free communication was not working we put two and two together and realized there was some kind of thought transmitting machine. Because of this, we made quickly improvised micro silencers.

- You were going the same path as we did. - T-Bone replied. - But we used the gadgets these two gunmen had on their outfit.

All four kats were adding missing puzzles to each other's general view of the story. This detective was nearly over.

- Finally, we saw on a street camera that miss Briggs was kidnapped by a Kommando-Kat and understood who was the leading violinist in this play.

- Or even villaininist. - miss Briggs worked a joke.

- While he was arrogantly preparing to meet you, my best soldiers equipped with silencers surrounded the building and removed its guards. Finally, one of them got access to the satellite. To avoid suspicion, we had to give Miss Briggs' command once again to walk on the beam... Let's go to that remoted room. You will see the system yourselves.

The company was crossing the workshop and continued the discussion.

- I put an air-cushion myself in the tank so that miss Briggs fell softly and didn't hurt. I gave her the silencer and the rest was done by you.

- Wow. - That was the only thing Razor said.

In a cluttered storage room, they saw a portative laptop connected to a little antenna with a bunch of wires and a large TV-screen. Obviously, everything was turned off.

- Any questions? I would like to finish my first and the last report to you, SWAT Kats.

T-Bone asked:

- Do you mean, Feral, you complimented us in live broadcast yourself and not because of the influence?

Silence hangs over a second. Feral quickly found out what to say, though the SWAT Kats were smiling like a brewer's horse.

- I just wanted to seem convincing. Don't get too excited.

Melt into tears miss Briggs put a period in this scene.

- You all saved my life. I am ower of each kat who is here now.

After doing their job both as mechanics and heroes, Jake and Chance were watching one of the numerous episodes of the Scaredy-Kat. The plot was always the same, but the bigger kat was laughing heartily. Eating chips, Jake was occasionally stealing glances at him and feeling some homely pleasure. He was happy with his life exactly as it was. The daily routine was not a problem since they had the opportunity to stretch their bones and they were together. Two closest friends with a common secret and uncommon lifepath.

Jake stood up and said to drowsy Chance:

- I'll be right back.

He went out to contemplate the last rays of the sunset. He was touching for such things though trying not to show it. He exhaled:

- Ah, what a peaceful evening.