Kanda was pacing around outside the infirmary. He'd been kicked out, not allowed to see her as her condition worsened.

Suddenly Lenalee exited.

"So you were unaware of her condition?" Lenalee asked.

"That's right." Kanda said. "What is her condition exactly?"

"She has a weak constitution." Lenalee said. "The truth is, she claims to know the cause, but refuses to tell me, so I cannot cure her. Although I want so badly to be of some help to the lady priestess."

"You know Kuri?" Kanda asked, surprised.

Lenalee nodded. "She saved me once. A Noah was attacking me. I-I think she lost her temper."

"What? What did she do?" Kanda asked.

Lenalee smiled darkly. "They say he never awoke from his coma. The Priestess can be truly vicious when she is angry. She regretted it after, but she had trapped him in his Inner Heart, and told me that he would not escape until he banished the darkness their on his own."

Kanda opened his mouth to ask more questions, but Allen and Lavi rushed in.

"Lenalee! How is the Priestess?" Allen asked.

"Allen. Lavi." Lenalee addressed them. "You should have stayed at home. This is just a mild episode. What would the priestess say if she knew you stormed in here like this."

"She'd probably scold us." Lavi laughed. "Please don't tell her, Lenalee."

"She can't actually expect us to—" Allen stopped, finally realizing Kanda was there.

He whirled and grabbed Kanda by his shirt and held him there. "YOU! You put her in this state! Give me one good reason not to destroy y—"

There was a whir, the sound of wind passing through a weapon, and a sword flew, embedding itself into Allen's shirt where he held Kanda, and pinning his arm to the wall so he could no longer harm the exorcist.

Kuri stood in the doorway, her hands peculiarly placed as if she was holding a bow. Had she fired the katana like an arrow? What strength would be needed to do such a thing?

"Lenalee, Allen and Lavi." Kuri said. "What have I said about bothering me when I'm sleeping?"

She stood there with a mischievous glint in her eye and a reckless smile, and Kanda was happy to see that she was alright.


I have a weird habit.

When I meet someone I often befriend them, and then they become family.

Allen and I met at a circus when he was younger and he had preformed for me. I protected him from someone who was beating him and he had been protective of me ever since.

I met Lavi in the library and we bonded over literature.

So when Lenalee was in danger, my little family rallied to her rescue. My meager power was just enough to save her; though I lost my temper somewhere along the way.

After relating all of this to Kanda, he sat in silence.

"Kuri." Kanda said. "You should be more careful. You could have died and it would by my f—"

I put a finger to his lips. "No. All I wanted was to live and be treated like a regular person. You gave me that. Thank you Yu."

I kissed him, and he held me, kissing me back.