Digimon Fanfic Hope of Darkness by Haru Glory

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Chapter 1: Summer Vacation

beep, beep, beep

The alarm clock on T.K.'s bedside table rang again and again until Patamon woke up and pressed the button triggering the Alarm clock to stop beeping. It has already been three long years since he and Takeru, as well as the other younger digidestineds and their partner digimons defeated their last enemy, Malo Myotismon. And at last it was the beginning of T.K and the others' summer vacation,

" Which means we can go on adventures like before." Patamon thought,

He was still dreaming of the adventures that his human friend, Hikari and Gatomon, Davis and Veemon, Ken and Wormon, Yolei and Hawkmon as well as Cody and Armadillomon can have in their very long and many spare time when he looked over at Takeru.

" I guess it's okay to let him sleep some more" Patamon muttered, " It is his vacation."

Then it suddenly hit the little light brown digimon. There's an outing that the whole younger generation of digidestineds plan together and if T.K. won't wake up soon he and his partner will be left behind!

"T.K." The digimon called out shaking the still sleeping T.K several times.

After several attempts, Patamon became desperate and irritated.

" I don't have a choice T.K.", the digimon said, " so please WAKE UP!!!"

With that Patamon jumped up and landed directly on T.K's belly causing the poor sleeping young lad to wake up with a loud shout.

" Patamon?! What did you do that for?" T.K. asked after being shook wide- awake thanks to Patamon.

" We're going to be late for the outing if we don't hurry up!" Patamon answered flying around the room.

"Outing? What outing?" The still sleepy human asked.

"OUR outing?" Patamon exclaimed, " You know, the outing that you, KARI and the rest of the DIGIDESTINEDS planned for today?" the digimon continued emphasizing the words Kari and Digidestineds knowing that T.K would surely be wide awake after hearing just about anything about Kari.

Patamon has been with T.K. since their first meeting at the digital world, which was several years ago so he practically knows T.K as if they were together since T.K. was still a baby. Patamon has noticed that T.K. has feelings for the young lady and the feeling of this being true was clarified when T.K. accidentally let it slip while talking with Yolei and him. And just as Patamon has predicted the youth shot wide awake as if splashed by an icy cold bucket of water.

" What?! The Outing is today?!" T.K. exclaimed then began to run around the room getting ready in a rush.

"Why the rush T.K., your friends would surely wait for you before they start the fun" Patamon spoke surprised at how fast T.K. can work.

" I promised Kari we'd meet at the buss stop!" T.K. answered, " I don't want to ruin my reputation with her!"

" It figures," The flying digimon replied, " Either that or you won't get more cool points out from her, right?"

" Patamon, this isn't the time for that!" T.K. exclaimed while half blushing, " Hurry up and help me will you?"

Several minutes later, T.K. and Patamon shot out of the house after making sure that they have all they could possibly need at the beach and after leaving a note to his brother, Matt.

Meanwhile at the Buss stop.

" That's a switch." Gatomon spoke while looking from right to left for any sign of Patamon or his partner T.K., " I can't believe that T.K. would actually let you wait here."

" Oh, c'mon Gatomon." Kari defended while doing the exact thing that her partner is doing, " I'm sure that he has a great explanation for this." Then Kari paused for a while.

" T.K what's taking you so long?" she thought. "You're never late for something like this."

Two minutes later, T.K and Patamon was spotted by the cat digimon running or in Patamon's case hanging for dear life on T.K.'s hat.

" I'm sorry I'm late!" T.K. bellowed. " I.uh." T.K continued trying to think for a good explanation.

" Save the explanations later, T.K." Kari smiled, " For now we have an outing to go to."

T.K. has always admired Kari's smile so when she smiled her immortal smile, T.K. felt himself staring at Kari. Patamon noticed this so the light brown digimon cough several times to bring T.K back to reality.

" Good thing she didn't noticed you." Patamon whispered when they were already inside the bus that will take them towards the beach resort that they all agreed to 'visit'.

Several hours later, T.K. and Kari with their partners and backpacks arrived at the Victoria Beach Resort.

"Finally." Yolei shouted at once when she saw that the whole group was complete.

"Nice to see you too Yolei." Kari said while trying to hide some giggle from her friend and ally.

" What took you so long T.K.?" Cody managed to say while trying to catch Upamon, Armadillomon's In-Training form.

" Huh? Oh.that.I..uh." T.K. muttered trying to find a good answer.

" Yeah, T.P." Davis bellowed, " Hey there Kari!"

"Not again." T.K. and Kari both sighed. Davis has always had a crush on Kari.

This made Kari and T.K. very much annoyed. It was fine by T.K. since he could see that Kari wasn't showing any affection to Davis, but since he and Kari were always seen together, Davis has labelled him and anyone who gets too close on Kari as his 'rival'. Kari was annoyed because for the fact that Davis always likes to act cool, calls her his 'girlfriend' and act obnoxious.

"Huh? Where's Ken?" Kari noticed while trying to evade several questions from Davis.

" Oh, Ken" Yolei replied, " He's near the cabin trying to cook some barbeque."

" Ken? Cook?" T.K. sounded surprised. " I didn't know he could cook."

" Finally you spoke without stuttering!" Cody exclaimed. With that comment T.K. blushed a little causing everyone to laugh including him.

With that, they began to head to where Ken and wormmon were. While on the way, Yolei move closer to Kari and they began to talk.

" So, Kari." Yolei began, " Why were you two late? You didn't."

Kari blushed before answering, " Yolei! Of course not!" Then she straightened her face, " We're not THAT close."

Yolei just smiled, " So.why were you late?"

" its T.K.'s faults ask him. That is if he can answer you without the uh and ummms." Kari replied sighing.

"Maybe that's what I should do." Yolei said.

" You'll ask him?" Kari sounded surprised, she has already known Yolei for more than four years but she never thought that she could have guts to ask a guy about something that he doesn't seem willing to answer.

" Of course. that is if you won't." Yolei replied as if daring Kari to do it.

But before Kari could answer, Davis has caught up with their walking phase.

" SO Kari!" Davis said

"Hi, Davis." Kari sighed.

Behind the trio, Cody and T.K. were walking in their own phase when T.K. saw that Davis was trying to pull some moves on Kari again.

" Davis." T.K. thought.

Cody who was a quick observer, noticed that T.K. has one of his frustrated face on him. As far as Cody knows, T.K. only looks like that when there's an evil digimon trying to take over the real world and the digital world or whenever Davis tries something funny on Kari.

"It's the second one." Cody thought, " I'm sure of it."

" Hey T.K." Cody said facing T.K. " You're not jealous of Davis are you?" Cody asked.

" Jealous? Me? With Davis?" T.K. wondered, " Why should I and with what?"

" His courage and guts?" Cody answered casually.

" Don't be ridiculous." T.K. defended.

" You can't lie to me, T.K." Cody answered back making sure that no one could hear them, "I've known you long enough T.K."

T.K sighed, " Yeah. maybe your right." T.K. answered, " Just a little bit though."

After a couple of minutes, the gang finally arrived at the cabin where Ken and Wormmon were busy preparing for lunch.

" Hey there Ken!" T.K. and Kari greeted.

" Oh, hi there T.K, Kari. What took you guys so long?" Ken asked like the others before him.

" A little problem I encountered back home." T.K. answered at once.

" Well, I hope you fixed it." Kari said looking worried.

" Of course I had. right Patamon?" T.K. answered. The digimon on top of his head nodded in agreement.

" So what are we going to do now?" T.K continued.

" Why don't both of you put your stuff inside first? Our rooms at the right, Kari" Yolei replied, "While the guys room are at the left, T.K." she continued.

" Thanks." The two replied.

To be continued...

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