A Digimon Fanfic by Haru Glory


You guys might be wondering what's up with this special chapter, well, it's to celebrate my finishing the fanfic in a one year and a couple of months (or weeks), Anywayz, like I've said before on the previous chapters, I will be posting the pic and the info on the C.P girls next. So well here it is...

Oh, by the way, you can see the pic on the same site (my briefcase on yahoo) that I posted my C.P guys pics. If you forgot it,

I've decided not to post the info and the info about the pics on separate chapters so well, here's the info about the C.P girls...ENJOY!

Name: Alice Gordon

Age: 18

Protects: Crest of Knowledge

Alice is a spunky young woman, who, like I've said before in the fic, hates surprises. She may not look like it, but she has a lot of stored knowledge inside that brain of hers. She may seem though and cold at times, but it was only to hide whatever weaknesses she's got.

Secret Info: Alice has a little crush on Joe

Name: Freeda Locrestte

Age: 17

Protects: Crest of Courage

Freeda was the first protector-turned-enemy that T.K and the gang faced on my fanfic. She's polite but don't get on the wrong side of her or she'll use her special ability to morph (that's right) into a very powerful creature depending on her mood. When she turned into the hideous looking monster on the fic, that was, as all of you know because of the power of darkness that was inside her. She's Misato's girl.

Name: Mary Riece Shikuja

Age: 16

Protects: Crest of Sincerity

Riece is as everyone knows, Jen's sister. She's the most powerful crest protector after Kenya and Tempest because of her uncontrollable power that could destroy a single city in one blow. Only her brother can control her endless power. Innocent, Sweet and kind-hearted as she is, she was still lured into the side of darkness. Don't get her mad though, or you'll be seeing the worst parts of your life in an unending dream...unless she wants to stop you seeing them herself, there is no way out.

Name: Reika Asagiri

Age: 17

Protects: Crest of Love

Reika is one of the few main C.Ps in my story. She is, as everyone knows, Kenya's girlfriend. She has a sweet and caring personality, and you can say that during their adventures on the Digital World, she was and still is the Sora of the group. Although she has these personalities, she could not help but blame herself for Tempest's decision to join forces with Chaos Lord (see fic for more details ). Apart from Kenya, she is the only crest protector who knows and feels that Tempest could still come back to their side.


And that is the end of the C.P info. Like I've said before, watch out for the sequel 'cuz these gals and the guys are out to search for friends. Sorry again if the pics, messy, I really don't fancy drawing women, I can draw them only in SD form (Super Deformed). Anyways, feel free to still review about this and hope to see ya all on the sequel. Ja ne!