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Chapter 1


Regally dressed in her Senatorial splendor, Padme Amidala Skywalker said her goodbyes to her husband, his Jedi Master and her 9 month old twin children.

I'll miss you Beloved," she murmured softly in Anakin's ear, headless of the squirming infant he held precariously in his arms. "But I won't be long, four days, a week at the most,"

"But Padme', Angel," Anakin whispered softly back until she cut him off with a tender kiss.

"You'll be fine." She assured him. "All of you! Isn't that right Master Kenobi?"  Padme' cast the leery Jedi Master a disarming smile. "Surly a few days with a pair of infants will prove to be a welcome break from the usual light saber wielding missions?" 

Obi-Wan smiled back warily, and then grimacing as the infant he was holding began to administer a few hearty kicks to his stomach. "Of course Padme'," he managed as he tried to reposition the squalling mass into a less painful position.

Suddenly, the Port Master gave his last call and Padme' reluctantly gave her children and husband one last kiss before dashing up the entrance ramp. She turned and blew kisses to her waiting family as Anakin unsuccessfully tried to get his son to wave "bye bye' to his mother. Luke was far more interested in sucking on his father's Padawan braid than anything outside of his immediate sphere of influence. Indeed, Anakin seemed far more distressed at Padme''s departure than either of the twins, at the moment.

Leia began happily pounding on Obi-Wan's face with one chubby fist....

"Anakin... *bump* why did I *bump* let you *bump* talk me into this?" Leia, tired of the game tried a new tactic and grabbed a handful of Obi-Wan's beard, causing the normally stoic Jedi Master to grimace in pain.

"Four days Master," Anakin replied, trying to sound more confident then he felt. "Padme' does it all the time, the children, the Senate, How hard can it be?"

As if cued by an invisible hand, both twins began crying lustily.

"How hard indeed?" thought Obi-Wan. "How hard indeed,"