While You Were Out


Happy Endings

25 years later

Anakin and Padmé stood hand in hand, glowing with pride and happiness.

Leia, who had left the Jedi Order at the age of 16, had proven herself a force in the Republic Senate. Utilizing her skills as a Jedi and a politician, she was already considered a strong contender for the position of Majority Leader in the next election.

Bale Skywalker Brith stood with her husband Poulin. A Jedi who had dedicated himself to teaching, much as his mentor Anakin had done before.

Master Obi-Wan Kenobi stood next to Lon Erian, who was cutting the braid of his newly knighted Padawan.

Yoda, who had retired from the Jedi Council many years before had been asked to preside.

"Bestow upon you the rank of Jedi Knight, the council does Luke Skywalker." said the old Master with just a hint of a smile. Luke bowed to his Masters, and then to his family, and a wide grin broke through his stoic features.

Padmé began wiping her eyes as Anakin squeezed her hand and the rest of the assembled beings burst into a round of applause as Luke embraced his Master. Suddenly, Bale cried out and all eyes turned to see her put her free hand to her swollen belly.

"Are you all right?" eight voices echoed trough the chamber as Poulin pulled her close.

Bale smiled, and her face seemed to light up the whole room. "Yes... it's just that... "


"The baby just kicked me for the first time..."