An Unlikely Teamup
Starring Terry x f!Byleth

Disclaimer: I don't own Smash Bros. I just own a copy of the game and the DLC.

Dedicated to my husband. Thanks for all the Spirit board and Multiman co-op (and the versus) battles with these two.


Terry Bogard had not been around the world of Smash for very long. One sunny day down in Southtown, he was helping his son, Rock, with his training. Suddenly, the two of them had been completely engulfed in this bright yellow stream of light. From what he could piece together, it wasn't just those two, either. It was… everyone. Everyone. The guys they were fighting against out on the street, and even his two Fatal Fury teammates that were fighting some goons close by: his brother, Andy, and their mutual best friend, Joe. He couldn't remember what happened between the light taking them and his waking up to a punch to the face via a mustachioed plumber's white-gloved hand.

The folks that found him were all quite the colorful bunch. The plumber, he was short with huge eyes, like some weird cartoon character. Oh, and he'd never seen a bipedal fox in person before, let alone one that could talk, but the guy seemed all right. There were some guys he'd spoken to that understood what kung-fu and karate were. One of them wore nothing but a gi and spoke with a thick Japanese accent, which reminded him a lot of his brother. But he also met characters that just seemed like they were from beyond his imagination - sentient puffballs, one with a cape and a few without, and some dog paired up with a duck? What was up with that?! How did that even... Terry had no idea what to make of this robot he found spinning tops, too. He was sad to see little kids being dragged into this desperate situation, but he was surprised to see just how well they fought against the enemies they encountered. And, let it not be left out that there were plenty of beautiful babes, too. Hot damn. He had seen some lovely ladies back in the King of Fighters tournaments, but here he met every type of girl from frilly princesses to a literal goddess. A goddess!? He couldn't be fooled by their beautiful appearances, either. These ladies were just as viable in combat as they were fabulous. When he sat with this growing army of collected characters from across the multiverse, he was really taken aback. He didn't know anyone here, but they were welcoming, at least. They were united in the cause to save their worlds, and the folks that lived in them, no matter what. All in it together. Even if it was bigger than fighting off the violent gangs in South Town, he understood that camaraderie.

Terry had been listening to these two guys in gis talk, but not trying to interrupt their conversation. They were extremely well-built. He knew the type. They were martial artists, just like he was.

"I haven't seen anyone else from our tournament..."

"...or our world. Do you think anyone here's ever even heard of Japan?"

Terry stared into the campfire all three of them had been huddled around, tipping the bill of his cap up. "My brother trained in koppuken and ninjutsu in Japan," he answered that bleak inquiry, not even knowing if they were looking for an answer.

One of the martial artists, wearing a red gi, turned in his direction. "You do look as if you could be from our world. Your name was…?"

"Terry. Terry Bogard."

"Sounds American."

"Yeah. And who're you?"

"I'm Ken Masters, and this here's my old partner, Ryu! We're kinda like brothers. Might as well be, anyway!"

The one wear a white gi responded much more quietly, almost with a scoff. "We aren't that close. We just had the same master, that's all."

"That's nice, that you found someone you know..." Terry kept gazing into the fire. Seeing it in the open like this always reminded him of Andy's gi. The passionate fire in all of Andy's actions, not just his fighting. Though he always acted stoic on the outside, he knew the kind of person his brother was. He really missed Andy, far more than he thought he did knowing he was training on the other side of the world. It was further than just being on the other side of the world now. It was probably further than Terry could really conceptualize.

"I found another wanderer!" came a cry from a young man with blue hair clad in medieval armor, carrying a sword in one hand, having come back to camp.

One of the princesses stood up, fixing the metal decorations on her dress before saying, "Then we must move! Now!"

Terry picked himself up, as everyone else was doing the same. He didn't have any belongings, so he didn't have to worry about forgetting anything. He threw some dust over the campfire to make sure it was out properly. Seemed like everyone else was in the same exact situation. All they had on them was the clothes on their backs and the weapons in their hands.

Ryu's question was more like a grunt. "Did you recognize them, Marth?"

"No, I didn't."

"You've been at this a long time, and you don't recognize them?"

Marth motioned towards Terry. "None of us knew this gentleman, either."

"Not sure if that word fits me, but I'll take the compliment nonetheless," Terry nodded. "I hate to say it, but the fact that you don't recognize him gives me a little hope. It's... kinda lonely being in this strange situation with no one you know. I can't help but hope that we find my brother... or my son."

"That's terrible," Peach said. "Last thing we want is children running about in this place, lost and lonesome."

"I mean, he can fight. He's a strong kid. But. If I'm feeling like this in this kind of a situation, you can only imagine the horrible thoughts might be goin' around in a kid's head, y'know?"

"Mmm," Corrin agreed. "I'm a parent, too. I can only hope I find my Kana. Your son, his name is?"


"Let's hope that if they're together, they can stand back to back in a fight."

"Your kid fights, too?"

"We are from a world fraught with war. Yes, we've had to teach the dear how to defend themselves, and... the other children that can't fight yet..."

"Oh man," Terry gave Corrin a manly pat on the back. "You don't have to worry. Rock isn't the type to let anyone that can't fight just take punishment. He will risk himself if he has to. I keep telling him to assess the situation better, but it's his nature. He can't help himself."

"Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your children is to let them learn for themselves, huh?" Corrin said. "It is a challenge, watching them grow up."

"Does your son fight just as recklessly as you do?" a lady asked, though Terry couldn't tell exactly where she was in the group.

"Lucina," another man scolded her.

"But, Father..."

"Hey! I'm not entirely reckless!" Terry said. "Only a little. Maybe."

"Are you married?"

Oh, now that made him blush. "Naw. There... is this lady back home, though. She just. She's amazing, and hot damn, can she kick my ass. I've been wanting to get closer to her, but..." He waved his hand a bit to motion at all of existence. "There's this multiverse crisis going on, so. You know. That'll have to wait."

They all marched together. Marth led them to a beautiful place. It was almost palacial. A market out front of a huge door that led into what must have been some sort of religious cathedral. "This... this is where I saw her."

"Her?" a few Smashers asked.

"Hair of dark green. Darker than even Lady Palutena's."

"But far less graceful," Palutena said, striking a lovely pose. Pit only cheered for her.

Terry surveyed the collapsing landscape around him and the rest of the group. He spun around a few times, looking for this mystery woman. Wind speed around them picked up before he noticed a pair of dots in the distance the same color of red as his vest. He squinted to see if he could make it out better, only to see those piercingly red dots blink. They were eyes! "Hey, guys-"

One dirty blonde swordsman was snatched up by something long that also brought this stunning woman with dark green hair in black leather straight into the group. Most Smashers diverted out of the way, but cries of "Link!" echoed around them.

One of the lovely princess cried out, "Is that a hookshot?!"

A much taller man with brown skin picked her up by the belt of her dress and dodged a lightning-fast arrow aimed directly at her.

"I didn't need your help, Ganondorf."

"Princess, now is not the time for you to be obstinant. We may be enemies in Hyrule, but in this situation it is essential we survive to return to it. Please remember this," Ganondorf grunted before he put her back down on her pretty little feet.

The Hungry Wolf of Southtown picked up his fists defensively, not sure how to handle this force. So, she had a distant weapon, huh. Reminded him a lot of Whip at first glance, though he didn't remember Whip being able to cause explosions the moment she grabbed onto her opponent... Either way, when the woman had taken out several Smashers around him, she set her sights on him. His blue eyes met with hers for a brief moment before he found himself with a face full of high heel. A kick blew him back onto the ground, and she darted around at the other Smashers.

"Hey!" Ryu reached to Terry, snatching him up by the hand and helping him to his feet.

"Thanks, man!"

Terry watched her movements closely, trying to figure out how he was going to time a Power Gyser with her moving so quickly. These Smashers weren't just normal street fighters like the brawlers back home. They had crazy abilities that he had a hard time wrapping his head around. He had to stop for a moment to feel the motion of everyone on the battlefield. No one landed a blow on him - except for this lady with eyes glowing redder than the Orochi clan he helped defeat years ago. Perhaps they didn't make much of his powers, since he didn't have magic or special weaponry. Perhaps this is why instead of meeting the business end of that blade made of... w-was that made of bones?! He shook his head to gather his composure. Anyway, he thought, I'm guessing the reason I didn't up skewered on that sword is because she doesn't think much of me. Everyone else around here is armed to the teeth! ...or they have so much magical ability they don't need to carry weapons.

She stopped again, and Terry noticed that he was the only one left standing. Somehow. Ah, shit. He expected to find that sword impaled him through his stomach within a few seconds. She held up the sword and seemed like she was ready to attack.

"I have to ask," he began. "Are you okay?"

The mysterious woman didn't react. Her glowing red eyes were still set right on him.

"I'm taking your lack of an answer to mean that you are," Terry said quietly. "I'm sorry, but-"

He struck the ground with as much force as he could manage, sending out a Power Wave quicker than she could dodge it. The next time he set one out, she easily managed to let it slide across the battlefield without it hitting her. A few more, and as she dodged them, she grew closer.

"Hey, new guy, careful of that sword!" a voice screamed out from the downed Smashers. Terry had no idea who was talking to him. "If she yanks you with it, she'll plant you with some kind of explosive!"

"All right, which means..." He knew it was best not to let her get within range, then. He didn't think he'd be able to hit her with his Rising Tackle or Crackshoot. He was better with his fists than with his legs. She weaved past a few of the fighters on the ground to zoom at him full force, and he reared back his right hand. Before she could swing the sword and turn it back into a whip, he threw his entire strength into one blow.


Terry felt something hit his hand, though he didn't know what it was at first. A bright flash of light and he found himself with his hat in his hand, holding it by the bill, with a wink. The battle was over and he struck a victory pose. He turned for a moment, noticing the woman he just fought lying on the ground, her sword just barely out of her reach. "Oh..." he breathed out, wondering if this is what it was like when he first woke up. "Hey, Miss. Are you. Are you okay?" Her lovely aquamarine eyes opened and she looked up at him as if she was relieved to see him. He reached down to her and helped her up, and she immediately hugged around him. He blushed brightly, his cheeks almost blending in with his ripped jacket. "Y-you... you're welcome?"

"Dimitri, I'm so glad to see you... After. After everything..."

"Uh, sorry? You got the wrong guy, lady. Name's Terry Bogard, and-"

She stepped back and gasped. "Oh, oh no. Forgive me, I didn't mean to confuse you for-"

"Your boyfriend?"

Her retort was so sharp, the brawler thought he had actually been stabbed by a metaphorical sword. " precious student."

"The way you sounded there, I'd be inclined to say you shouldn't be anywhere near a school if you have those sorts of feelings for your student, ma'am," Terry said, taking a moment to really look at her. She was beautiful, even if her hair seemed as if it had never been brushed a day in her life. And clad in black leather from her shoulders down to her boots. "I mean. I wouldn't want some faculty making heart eyes at my son while he's in school."

She silently turned from him, and other Smashers had recovered from the battle. They began to surround her to introduce themselves.

Terry crossed his arms as he listened to all the conversation going on around him.

"So, what is your name, miss?" Marth asked.

"My name is Byleth. I hail from the land of Fodlan, where I'm a professor at the Garreg Mach Monastery's Officer Academy," came her reply.

"Wait. Fodlan? That sounds familiar," Robin said, reaching into the pockets of her robe to fetch one of her many tomes. "I swear I've heard of that before."

"So she's one of us, then?" Corrin asked.

"Yeah!" Robin said, holding up the book to show the map of Fodlan. "You're also connected to the Fire Emblem, huh?"

"The Crest of Flames?" Byleth wondered aloud. "Is this of which you speak?"

"I've heard it called that," Robin answered. "It's wonderful to meet yet another from our world."

"Even if I do not know you all, I must say you do not seem unfamiliar," Byleth said. "I must thank you for the warm welcome."

Terry nodded, happy to know that she wasn't completely alone in the world. Like he was. She had someone that at least understood the world she came from. That was great. He started to head off in the direction that Ryu and Ken were going when he noticed that Byleth was looking right at him. "Oh. Am I in your way?"

"No. I must apologize again for believing you to be my Dimitri."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'm just glad that now I don't have to raise a fist at you."

She nodded. "I wouldn't want to hurt you, either, Mr. Bogard."

"I'm beggin' ya, please just call me Terry!"

"Very well then. Terry."

"Here's to you. Ms. Byleth." He tipped his hat in her direction.

"Come now. Even my students call my professor. But, you may just call me by my name. No titles needed."

"I'll do that from now on."

As they parted, they looked back at each other for a moment. Other Smashers that were familiar with Byleth's homeworld were pulling her in their direction, and she wasn't going to just sit there with someone like him forever.

"Yo!" Ken and Ryu came running up to Terry when Byleth was involved in another conversation. "I saw your moves... those look pretty familiar. I'm pretty sure I've seen that last one you've done before, what was it again?"

"My Burning Knuckle?"

"Yeah," Ken nodded. "I've totally seen that before. We've fought before!"

"How? ...Aren't we from different worlds?"

"I'm not so sure about that anymore," Ryu said quietly. "Do you remember Capcom vs SNK?"

Terry thought about it for a moment. "Yeah, I fought in something like that before..." Then he gasped. "Wait - you're THAT Ryu and Ken?!"

"Are there any others?" Ken asked, flipping back his blonde hair.

"Put the ego away," Ryu scolded him.

"Even still! You guys are total legends!" Terry said excitedly. "I can't believe I didn't recognize you the first time."

"I don't really do much to make myself that distinct, and where I come from, my name is rather common." Ryu shrugged. "Anyone could overlook me. Please, think nothing of it."

As he had a nice long talk with the other martial artists among the Smashers, Terry could see Byleth surrounded by those who hailed from her world. She was welcomed by every single one of them, and every now and then, he saw her crack a smile. She didn't have a lot of reactions to what they were saying, but it was clear that she was a good listener and knew how to be encouraging to everyone. Those were good qualities in a teacher.

"We're going to have to split up to cover more ground," one of the Smashers said in the crowd. "Look for more of us that could be... possessed."

Lucina stood between her mother, Robin, and her father, Chrom. "We'll go together, since we're a family! Team Awakening, move out!"

"...even if we team up, please don't give us a team name without at least consulting us first..." Chrom groaned.

"Oh, it's not the bad," Robin shrugged. "Come on, Lord Husband. We should see if more of us have arrived here. We still need to find Morgan, and the rest of the Shepards."

"I suppose..."

The Smashers were teaming up, and some duos were incredibly iconic. Mario teamed up with his brother, Luigi. Link and Zelda stood arm in arm for a moment. Marth and Roy were more than used to being a team, so there was no reason to break that up now. Terry noticed that Ryu and Ken were among the first to be paired off.

"...hey, Byleth," he said without thinking about it. "You think you might like... to team up with me, maybe?"

"Sure," she agreed, stepping over to him. "I hope you're able to keep up."

"Excuse me, but I just kicked your ass?"

She nodded. "Yes. You did. Still. I hope you're able to keep up."