Something Of His Own

By Moxy

Chapter 12

Special Delivery

The road to victory was long and arduous. Hours were spent in planning. Harry spent every free moment between graduation and the graduation party (where he quite possibly imbibed too much cheer) to paint. It was the painting that would end the war and when the end came no one would look at it and think it was Harry Potter's greatest work. It was in fact, the ugliest thing anyone had ever seen. But of course, no one, not even the Dark Lord's most loyal supporters could say he was pretty.

Severus looked at the painting with an artist's eye and visibly cringed. Harry looked unrepentant about his complete perversion of the arts.

"It's not meant to be good, just effective." Harry said with an air of authority that Severus had never had the opportunity to witness before.

"The question is, how do we get it into Voldemort's hands?"

Severus tore his gaze away from the monstrosity before him, "That's not a problem, I know the perfect person."

Draco Malfoy was in the library, a place where only the bravest of souls would go the morning after the graduation party. He did not consider himself brave, nor suicidal but he did consider himself in love, and thusly sought out the object of his affection, one oblivious Hermione Granger.

She was currently reading a book on relationships. This disturbed Draco greatly, thinking perhaps she was attempting to find a way to get back together with the Weasel, but he tried to ignore it. Instead he concentrated on her hair, the column of her throat, the delicate angle at which her neck met her shoulder, and so on until he was lost in complete lustful delirium. So lost was he that he did not notice the arrival of his Head of House.

Severus watched Draco watching the Granger girl for a long moment. The poor lad had it bad. It was unfortunate for the boy that he had such obvious good taste in women. His father would never approve.

"Mr. Malfoy, could I have a word with you?"

Draco jumped in his seat, disturbed from his daydreaming.


Severus sighed, "Follow me please."

Draco left the library under silent protest, casting Hermione one last look before the door shut behind him.

Harry was waiting in Severus' office, scribbling away in his sketchbook. He was drawing a picture of Padfoot, his tail wagging enthusiastically; tongue lolling out of his mouth and eyes bright with happiness. He would always miss the man, every moment of his life, but it was in moments like this where Harry imagined the words of wisdom, comfort or humor that Sirius would have offered. And it was times like this that Harry realized how little he actually knew his father's best friend. 'What would he have said if he were here?'

He had just finished the sketch and was writing out the title when Severus arrived with Draco.

"Potter." Draco said in a rather reserved manner. Harry thought he might not be sure how to address his newly made friend… nervous perhaps.

Harry decided to put his former rivals mind to rest, "Hey-a Draco."

The smile that appeared on the blonds face was enough to answer that question. They were friends-new friends but friend's none-the-less.

Both men sat before Harry took the initiative and turned toward Draco.

"We have a plan to capture Voldemort but we need some help."

Draco looked from Harry to Severus questioningly.

"This is actually Mr. Potter's plan, but it is quite ingenious, despite the fact a Gryffindor thought of it."

Draco smiled as did Harry.

"Didn't I tell you that the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin?"

Both Slytherin's blanched, "It'll be a cold day in Hades before I believe that Po…Harry."

Harry shrugged, "The truth hurts."

Severus shook himself out of the image of Harry in Slytherin robes and turned back to the issue at hand.

"Does your father trust you enough to except a 'gift'?"

Draco looked confused and a little worried, "He does not know that my loyalties lie elsewhere, if that's what you mean."

Harry smiled, "Excellent." He rubbed his hands together in a perfect imitation of Severus.

Severus rolled his eyes in mock annoyance and pulled Harry's painting out from behind his desk. It was now wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.

"We need you to owl this to your father."

"What is it?"

"A painting," said Severus.

"A trap," said Harry

"Alright, which one is it?" Draco asked looking annoyed.

"Both." They answered at the same time.

Harry was the one to explain. "I painted this," he gestured toward the painting with one hand, "using a magical artistic technique that traps an imagined image within the canvas. Combined with your common everyday locking spell and a few powerful wards, whoever gets sucked into the painting will not be able to get out."

Draco looked slightly shocked.

Harry shook his head. "Once Voldemort touches the painting he will be sucked into the canvas, thus completing the spell. He will be unable to leave…ever."

"What if he doesn't touch it?"

Harry shrugged, "He will when he sees what it is a painting of."

Severus grimaced.

Draco was about to ask what the painting was of but was interrupted by a series of very loud squeals.

Severus rushed out the door and into his classroom where he burst out laughing. Harry and Draco followed. What they saw stopped them in their tracks and they too began to laugh.

Crabbe and Goyle had each been lashed to a table; their feet were bare, a feather tickling both their feet as they tried to wiggle out of the robes that bound them. A very loud voice echoing through the room kept repeating, "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!"

Goyle saw they had company and yelled for help. The voice got louder, "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!"

Harry was practically rolling on the floor in hysterics but managed to get out between gasps of laughter, "Say it! Say it!"

Draco turned to Harry.

"Say what?"

"Who their daddy is!"

Severus was still laughing and had collapsed into a chair.

Crabbe and Goyle looked desperately at each other for a moment before yelling out simultaneously, "LONGBOTTOM! LONGBOTTOM IS OUR DADDY!"

The feather dropped to the tabletops and the ropes disappeared as the voice got its last words in, "AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!"

Draco was now rolling on the floor, tears pouring down his face. "I had no idea he had it in him!"

Crabbe and Goyle were panting for breath.

Harry had no idea that Neville would actually go through with his plans. He'd been planning his revenge for the last six-month's. There was a list a page long and Harry knew for a fact that Severus was number one on that list, closely followed by Draco.

Neville was walking a little taller the next time Harry saw him. In fact, he looked like a new man. In Harry's personal opinion no one had ever given Neville enough credit. He was clumsy and forgetful at times, but he was never ever stupid.

Hermione had been reading a book by that Relationship Witch, Sabrina Stevens, for the last three days. Harry really wondered if she was that desperate for advice. Ron had told him about their conversation in the owlry, after he started talking to Harry again that is.

Harry had to remind him of the conversation they had the day before Ron actually got up the nerve to ask Hermione out in their sixth year.

"You're my best friend Ron, but if you hurt 'Mione I will hang you upside down in the owlry and let the owls use you as a perch."

Ron laughed, "If I ever hurt 'Mione I give you permission to hang me in the owlry, gag me and leave me there."

It had seemed so unlikely at the time. It really was a pity that Harry had to keep his word and subject the owls to Ron's screaming hysterics. He was sure Ron had put them off their deliveries for a week.

Lucius Malfoy was lots of things, intelligent, articulate and educated being a few of his better qualities. He was also vain, masochistic and power hungry so when he received a shrunken parcel from his son and heir, with an attached note that read, "Father, I do believe He will be pleased," Lucius did not spare one moment in contemplation as to the contents. He simply slipped it into his robe pocket and apperated away.

A/N: I know it's not long but I'm hoping you'll forgive me since it's been over a year since I posted a chapter. I promise to finish the story and there's only a couple of chapters to go so it's getting there. Sorry if this chapter is rough, it hasn't been beta'd and I'm out of practice.