Pokémon Trainer Hero

Chapter 1: Visitor from a Different World

Today of all days Izuku Midoryia was feeling a plethora of different emotions all at once; excitement, joy, stress, fear, anxiety. Now you may be wondering why he is feeling this way? Well today is the day that he and the rest of his class are able to use their quirks in an all-out mock villain versus mock hero exercise, so he was excited. He also got paired up with a very pretty girl called Ochako Uraraka, so he was happy. This was also the first time he would be actually using his quirk which he knew from the get-go was extremely unstable and possibly damaging or fatal to his body, so he was stressed. He and Uraraka were also paired up against two people with extremely powerful and versatile quirks that each had much skill in using, so he was anxious. However one of those opponents just so happened to be his ex childhood friend and bully, Bakugou Katsuki. And judging by the look on his face he was out for blood, so yeah, he was shitting his pants!

Izuku tried to cool his nerves as he and Uraraka crept around the building where the fake weapon was being guarded, even attempted to make a plane with Uraraka in order to secure victory. Ultimately it came down to Izuku distracting Bakugou, knowing he would come after him, while Uraraka snuck around and tried to secure the weapon from Iida. And things happened just as planned; Bakugou charged in head first through the whole building while hunting for Izuku like a savage. Izuku faced Katsuki head on while Uraraka made her way up the building.

The two teens were in a stand-off with Izuku visibly injured from several of Katskui's explosions. They were about to attack one another when something strange stopped them in their tracks. An unusual portal appeared out from the ceiling, and it's presence alone was enough to stop the superpowered teens from their scuffle.

The portal generated a strange aura while emitting an otherworldly sound, it was a luminescent gray with white spider web like design that appeared to never endingly suck itself in. After staring at the strange portal for a solid minute, it began to fluctuate and screams could be heard coming from within it.

Several seconds passed as the screaming only got louder and a shape could be seen forming closer to the portals opening. Another moment passed and a screaming object hurled through the portal and crashed among the rubble around the building! Stones were flung all over the place and a huge dust cloud exploded far enough to make the two teens cover their eyes. Meanwhile the portal behind them immediately closed after spitting out its passenger.

After a few moments of letting the dust clear to see what had burst through into their mock exams, a small groan could be heard from the dust and rubble.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ohhhhhhh! My head.", came a voice clearly in pain.

Another second later and a silhouette broke the dust cloud and unearthed stones around itself. After a few minutes of watching the silhouette stubble and pick itself up from the ground, it finally came into the open to reveal a persson, a regular human person.

"What hit me?", the person asked while holding their head. The person rubbed their head and back while saying, "That's the last time I let Hau convince me to have a Malasad eating contest with Nebby."

Once the person walked closer to the awestruck teens they could now make their description. It was a tall, slender, yet medium built guy with tan skin, he looked a bit older than Izuku and Katskui, with medium length yet thick purple hair on top and black hair coming at his back and sides, yellow eyes, and a weird fashion sense. He wore a white and purple headband with black trim and a weird symbol on it that looked like two half circle lines covering a circle, the headband also separated his purple and balck hair making it look like a weird hat. He wore a white muscle shirt and open purple hoodie with weird red eye marks on the hood. Black and purple shorts with white and purple shoes. Around his waist was a belt made of a comglamerate of different sized bags, some of which had evil little faces with the mouth being the zipper.

After shaking himself off from the dust and getting back his calibrations, the older teen finally noticed the other younger teens standing in front of him in dumbstruck slience. He looked around at his surroundings and back at the teens a few times to make sure he wasn't imagining this.

After a minute he side mouthed to the air and said, "I don't think we're in Alola any more Nebby.", after a moment of no response from the air, the teen looked to his side and said, "Nebby?"

That's when a look of panic exploded across his face and he began to shout into the open, "Nebby?! Nebby! Where are you!?"

As the teen shouted around for this 'Nebby' person, the other two teens were finally coming out of their shock and starting to put together what happened, so did their personalities.

Bakugou was the first to snap out of his trance and shouted, "Hey! Purple fucker!"

The teen turned to Bakugou, looked around and pointed to himself with a confused face. "Yes you, I'm talking to you! Who the hell else is wearing purple! Don't look down on me!"

Izuku did want to point out that the size difference between the two were extremely great, in fact the older teen towered over Bakugou by at least 5 inches, but decided to keep quite knowing full well what he'd do.

The guy put his hands up defensively and exclaimed, "Whoah whoah woah woah! Let's just calm down for a second there!", he took a deep breath and stated, "Okay look, I don't know who you guys are or where I even am right now, but I can clearly speak for both parties when I say that we are all clearly freaked out over what just happened. So why don't we just take a deep breath, calm down, and try to figure this out without going crazy."

"I second that thought.", Izuku finally became vocal. "Kacchan, we don't know what's going on right now or who this guy is, but let's be reasonable, end the fight here and try to figure this out. He's at least trying to be civ-."

"Are you saying I'm not civilized!", Bakugu snapped at Izuku while letting out small explosions.

Izuku freaked out while backing away and exclaimed nervously, "N-No! You just alway rush into things and don't-!"

"Shut the hell up shitty nerd!", he snapped at Izuku again!

Meanwhile the older teen was back far away from the two teens, nearly in a corner, in a weird defensive and shocked animated stance, with an expression like he just said some form of high sacrilege! The other two teens noticed this and turned their attention to him. He stood there for a good minute before finally speaking in a fearful tone.

"You-You have moves, l-like a Pokemon. That's impossible, your human! Unless…", he trailed off with a horrified expression. "Did Team Plasma, Team Rocket, and the Aether Foundation join forces to make a human pokemon cross! What is this world coming to! Does their insanity know no bounds!", he began to rant!

Izuku was more than confused at this point about whatever he was talking about. Who was Team Rock, Plasma, and the Aether Foundation? What's a Pokemon? Who's Nebby? What are 'moves'? Bakugou, however, was not at all confused or asking any questions similar. Instead he was even more pissed off after getting more crazy info and being ignored! A vein bulge in his head as his anger rises to new levels! First his fight with Deku was interrupted by this purple dude who comes out of a magic worm hole, hes thrown completly off his Mojo, and now purple fucker and stupid Deku are trying to stop the fight, his fight, and purple fucker was only spewing out more nonse while calling him a Poke-whatever!

'Screw this! I wanted to blast shit up, so I'm gonna do it!', Bakugou thought to himself while using his explosions to rocket towards him.

"Fuck this! I'll blast you to hell first and ask questions later!", he yelled with a vicious look in his eyes!

"Kacchan stop!", Izuku cried as he tried to halt Bakugou!

"AH! MERCY!", the teen cried while covering his body in defense!

Bakugou was only a few feet away from the older teen, and ready to blow him up with a powerful blast! His smile curved into a wicked grin, his body flared with excitement, and his arms trembled with the rush of power rising to his fingertips! Just before he could ignite his quirk to the older teens face, a small round object bounced from his belt and in front of the attack. Bakugou flinched for a moment at seeing the circular object, until it exploded in a flash of bright blue light! Bakugou winched at the blinding burning sensation in his eyes and then felt something collide with his body with such great force that it flung him clear across the room and crashed into the opposite far wall!

Izuku also winched from the bright light, heard and saw Bakugou's body fly across the room and slma into a wall! when his eyes readjusted he saw the most amazingly terrifying thing he'd ever seen!

The older teen waited for his face to get caved in by Bakugou, but when nothing happened but the sound of something slamming into a wall with great force he dared to look out from his arm shield. He saw that the flying teen was gone, and a set of red scales wrapped around his body. He heard a great triumph roar and followed the sound up to a creature that he smiled with relief and joy at.

"Gyarados!", He squealed with joy at the huge creature?

'Gyarados? Is that what he called this thing!', Izuku squeaked with fear in his head!

The creature standing in front of them and at the defense of the older teen was nothing he'd seen before! Well actually he had once before when he was younger, his mother would tell him scary stories about powerful serpentine-like dragons with untold power! And this thing matched their descriptions perfectly!

It was like something that came straight out of science fiction! A huge serpentine-like monster with armored red scales and a yellow under belly, angry red eyes, with a huge mouth filled with fangs, two long whiskers and ear fins with a three pointed crest on its head. Three pointed fins on its back, two near where its head met it's neck, and the last near the end of it's long body where it had a tail fin like a fish.

Izuku couldn't tell if it's crest made it look mad or it was just always looking mad, but this Gyarados thing sure did not look pleased! And seeing it made Izuku keep his eyes trained on it, frozen in place as he swallowed dryly!

The older teen was not the not scared of the giant dragon fish, instead he looked over joyed. "Boy am I glad to see you buddy!", He exclaimed excitedly to the animal.

Gyarados leaned down letting out a low yet friendly sounding grumble and brought it's face close to the older teen who petted it under its chin.

"You save me in the nick of time, again.", The older teen stated embarrassed.

Gyarados made a sound in it's throat that could've been equal to laughter, as if teasing him.

At this time, Bakugou pulled himself from the wall and fell to the floor with a splat! He picked himself up on shaky legs and heavy breath and stared down the older teen, only to be thrown off guard by the giant red Sea serpent cooler around him.

"The fuck is that!?", He shouted loud enough for everyone to hear!

All heads turned to Bakugou as Gyarados turned back to the teen and defensively coiled around the older teen as it let out a powerful and bone chilling roar in warning! Bakugou let out a small growl and stared down the giant animal, only making it even more angry!

Izuku knew there was no seeking reason with Bakugou at this point, he knew he'd try to attack despite the danger plainly involved. So he opptre to hide behind a pillar and wait things out or intervene if things got too out of hand.

The older teen, who was looking much more confident, stated to Bakugou, "Listen here you hybrid or whatever you are! I don't know who or what you are, but you had better stop attacking if you know what's good for you. You can't win!"

Bakugou snarled at this declaration and set off more explosions in his hands! "Shut the hell up! Don't you fucking tell me what to do you pruple fuck! I'll kill that shitty fish and then you!", Bakugou shouted at him!

Gyarados roared again as the older teen replied calmly, "Then you leave me no choice.", He took out a small round device from his belt and pointed it at Bakugou.

It was spherical and colored half red and half white, it had a black line going around it separating the colors with a white button in the center.

"I'll just have to battle and then catch you to quell that vicious temper of yours.", He stated bodly.

"Don't you make fun of meeeeeee!", Bakugou roared as he shot towards the teen!

The older teen struck a confident pose with his hand shot out in the front and exclaimed to his beast, "You ready Gyarados!"

Gyarados roared in acknowledgment!

"Great, then let's size him up with a Dragon Pulse!", He shouted!

Gyarados then closed its mouth and when it opened back up it shot out a multicolored beam that took a dragon-like shape that soared towards Bakugou! Bakugou used his explosions to curve around the beam and continued closing the distance between them!

"You're fast, but I have the type advantage! Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!", He commanded the fish Dragon!

Gyarados then shot out a power stream of water from its mouth like a cannon! The blast was much wider and faster than Dragon Pulse and Bakugou had to halt his attack and dodge the blast by blasting himself in the opposite direction!

"Lets see how you fare with a rapid fire attack. Gyarados keeps using Hydro Pump!", He shouted towards the animal.

Gyarados obeyed and continued shooting multitudes of Hydro Pumps at Bakugou! Bakugou could just barely keep out of range and out pace each attack, each of which packed massive speed and power behind them! So much so that the ground broke apart, pillars were cut in half, and gaping holes were made all over reducing concrete to mud and stones.

Izuku was stunned by this site! Not only was this thing unnatural, but it also had multiple quirks; First an energy attack and now a water attack! What was this thing? He was also having a hard time keeping out of the firing line or just to find decent cover. Everytime he would hide a blast of water or some other attack would destroy his defense and would have to flee for his life to not get ripped apart!

Eventually Gyarados got tired from spitting up water and had to take a breather. Bakugou saw his chances and rocketed towards the monster in mere seconds. He closed the distance and let off a few powerful explosions right into the fishes face! Gyarados roared in pain from the attack and inches back from the blast!

"Gyarados, are you okay!?", The older teen called the fish. Gyarados shook itself off and roared again. The older teen smiled and said, "Good to hear!"

When Bakugou set off his last explosions on Gyarados face, he used the momentum to push himself into the air. He then propelled himself down with another, ready to pepper the giant fish again.

"Here he comes!", the older teen called attention to Bakugou. "Use Thunder!"

Gyarados head crest began to produce electricity and shot a bolt into the air. It curved back down and right into Bakugou's flight path! Bakugou got lucky and managed to use another explosion to propel himself back! The attack missed and made the ground underneath explode!

"Hyper Beam!", Cried the older teen, as Gyarados shot out a yellowish white beam of energy from its mouth!

This time the attack hit Bakugou and sent him flying back! He skidded across the floor after the beam dissipated and quickly brought himself back to his feet with a feral snarl! Gyarados hissed back and kept it's defensive stance around it's master.

"Geez this thing is tough! How much HP does it have?", the older teen asked himself.

Bakugou then raised up one of his gauntlets and pointed it at the teen and his pet.

"What's it doing?", The teen asked himself.

Bakugou snickered and stated, "This time I'll blow both of you to hell."

"Uh-oh.", The teen pales in fear.

"Now Die!", Bakugou yells as he pulls the pin and shoots off a deadly explosion!

The older teens screamed in fear seeing as there was nowhere to escape from the blast! But Gyarados had another idea and quickly wrapped it's long body around it's master to shield him from the attack! The blast quickly engulfed Gyarados's body in a plum of fire and debris within a blink! The dust cleared and Gyaradoses chared red body emerged from the smoke. The giant fish unraveled from around its master and flopped on the ground with a defeated groan. The older teen opened his eyes and saw that he was completely fine, along with the downed Gyarados.

He freaked out, running to the fishes head and holding it he begged, "No no no! Come on buddy, you have to get up! Please! That pokemon is still on the loose and-WHA!"

Bakugou emerged from the smoke and collapsing building with a snide smile on his face as he stared down the older teen with one visible yes and caused him to scream with terror. This sight made Bakugou lick his lips in anticipation as he slowly walked up to the teen and his downed animal.

"Arceus Arceus Arceus Arceus Arceus Arceus!", the teen cursed as he began to shuffle wildly through his belt pouches!

Bakugou then went into a full sprint ready to blast and teen, and the teen began to panicked while failing to back away due to Gyarados's body trapping him in! He looked back at the fallen form of his pet, then back to Bakugou who was still charging him with only a few feet to close the gap! He jumped in front of the fish face with arms wide open to shield the fish from the explosion, closed his eyes, and braced himself!

"DIE!", Bakugou shouted as he jumped into the air with a large explosion!

However, instead of being hit with an explosion straight to the face, Bakugou was the one hit with a finned tail straight to the side of his body that sent him flying into the nearest wall! The teen opened his eyes and saw Bakugou jammed into the wall with an angry glare on his face, Gyarados's tail laying out in front of him, and Gyarados starting to pick himself back up. Gyarados lifted its body up and let out a triumphant war cry!

The older teens eyes glittered with hope and joy at seeing the giant fish while exclaiming, "Gyarados, you're okay! I knew you could tough it out! You're not one of my best for nothing."

Gyarados lifted its head down to its master and allowed the older team to pet the fish under its chin and behind its finned ears with a growling purr. Meanwhile Bakugou had pulled himself away from the wall and was looking even more pissed off than before. He lost off a few explosions and an angry scream showing that he hadn't given up yet. The older teen and Gyarados look back towards the angry fuming younger teen and tense up seeing as he was still not down.

"Even after all that it's still kicking? What level is this thing anyway?", The older teen complained.

The two people and giant animals stare down each other for several tenths seconds as the older teen whispers to his pet, "Gyarados I have an idea but I need you to trust me."

Gyarados seemed to understand its master and appeared to nod its head.

The teen smiled and pointed his arm at Bakugou he commanded, "Then get ready to battle!", Gyarados roared with gusto.

Bakugo charged at the teen and his pet as the older teen commanded the fish to tank the attack. Gyarados obeyed and stood perfectly still, allowing Bakugou to charge forward and land a few powerful attacks on the fishes face! Thick black smoke covered the giant animal's face as a painful screech was heard from inside the cloud. Bakugou smiled at hearing the roar knowing he had done a significant amount of damage on the creature.

The older team grinned seeing Bakugou's ego flare up like he planned, he took advantage and shot his arm out towards him he commanded, "Now Gyarados use Hydro Pump one last time!"

Suddenly a large stream of water bursts out from the clouds and nails Bakugou head on! Bakugo was thrown back for a good several feet before he was able to push himself out of the Torrance power and landed on his feet soaking wet. Bakugo growled at this and putting up his other gauntlet he aimed to fire it one last time at the creature. But the older team expected this and waited until Bakugou pulled the pin.

"Quickly Gyarados, get rid of that explosion with Hyper Beam!", The only team commanded the dragonfish.

Gyarados then let out the pale yellowish energy beam and shot it into the center of the explosion! The two forces collide with such great force that they cancelled each other out in an explosion of smoke! Bakugou covered his eyes and tried to gain better footing from the force of the explosions exerting from both sides. But he was quickly outmaneuver when Gyarados burst through the smoke with an angry expression and pounced on Bakugou!

Gyarados then quickly wrapped its body around Bakugou like a snake, and held him in a restraining squeeze. Bakugou tried to break free but to no avail as he simply flopped his head around like a fish out of water. So Instead he changed to swearing and threats.

"Let me the hell go you ugly seafood platter! I'll turn you into sashimi and blast that purple fucker into next week!", He cursed them both!

The older teen smiled and said, "Then let's finish this. Gyarados, finish it off with Thunder!"

Gyarados's head crest generated electricity and shot a bolt in the air which rolled down where Bakugou was held in it's coils. Bakugou looked up with a stunned expression and marveled at the lighting in fear! The attack shot down and landed directly on Bakugou who's screams were drowned out by the intense power!

Gyarados let go of Bakugou's, letting his body slump into the ground and moved away as the older teen threw the round half colored device at Bakugou. The device flew through the air and bounced right off Bakugou's head. It then popped open and a red beam enveloped the younger teens body. It seemed to be similar to electricity as well since it began to shock and cause Bakugou to convulse even further.

The device fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

The older teen looked at this in confusion and said, "What? It-it didn't work? But it's a Pokemon, he should've been caught! Unless...since it's part human it can't be caught!", He then looked out into the distance like his brain was buffering until he snapped back exclaiming while throwing his arms in front, "Then how the hell were Aether, Rocket, and Plasma going to control that thing if they couldn't catch it!?"

Then the older teens eyes caught someone hiding behind one of the few remaining pillars was a set of fearful green eyes. The teen turned towards the eyes as Gyarados stood at the ready, half cooler around it's master. But the older teen put a hand up, signalling the fish to stand down, and it did. Seeing that he wasn't going to attack, Izuku poked his head out a little more.

The older teen took up an awkward and coy demeanor while looking to the ground in a sweat drop. Seeing this, Izuku decided to just come out from his hiding spot, but still kept his eyes on the giant red dragon fish.

The older teen rubbed his head while laughing nervously and apologized, "He he he. Sorry you had to see me get like that. I get pretty intense when I battle, especially with new or hard ones. Hope I didn't scare you...too much."

Izuku also gave a nervous laugh and replied, "He he he. Yeah."

"I guess we should...talk now? To...clear the air on things?", The older teen asked.

"Y-Yeah, talk! That's what I wanted to do, um uh….", Izuku trailed off not knowing the teens name.

The older teen blushed in embarrassment and quickly introduced himself, "Garfield! But everyone always calls me Gar, or Gar-Gar, or Gengar. You can call me whatever."

"Izuku Midoriya. Nice meeting you.", Izuku introduced himself back with a slight bow.

An awkward silence filled the area as the two teens couldn't think of how to carry their conversation from here.

"So uhhhhhhh….nice…giant, fish, dragon, thing.", Izuku tried to break the ice.

The older teen pepped up a bit and replied, "Oh, um, thanks! He's a Gyarados, and one of my oldest companions. He's helped me through a lot of battles, I owe much of my success to him.", He said while petting Gyarados's scales.

The teen then turned to Bakugou's still body and motioned to him he asked, "Sooooooooo, what's up with this Pokemon? Where'd he come from?"

Izuku looked at him weirdly as he replied, "Kacchan isn't a Pokemon. And what's a Pokemon?"

The older teen looked back at him weirdly and stated, "Your kidding right? You have to be kidding. This-!", he exclaimed while waving at Bakugou. "Can't be anything but a Pokemon! H-He was flying around a-and shooting f-fire from hi-his hands. And he took a direct blast from Hyper Beam! I've been hit by Hyper Beam, and let me tell ya, it's not fun! Also how could you ask 'what's a pokemon' when there's literally one right next to me!?"

Izuku blinked at the teen and replied, "That's Kacchans quirk. He can produce explosions from his hands, and also he definity human."

"What's a quirk?", Gar asked back.

"I think we should really start explaining some things to one another.", Izuku offered.

"Yeah, I think so too.", Gar agreed with a sigh.

A Few Hours Later in a Meeting Hall.

Gar now sat around a table surrounded by several heroes all of which were asking and answering each other's question about what in the world is going on?! The Mock exercise was cancelled and all students were sent back to their homeroom until things were sorted out, apart from Bakugou who was sent to Recovery Girl for his extreme injuries. After some time of debate and questions, the group finally settled down and tried to compile everything they learned about each other in simplest form.

"So let me try and see if I understand this clearly; there are no Pokemon in this world, and all Pokemon are called animals, and they don't have any moves, but instead the humans are the pokemon and have moves you call 'quirks', and work as superheroes like in comic books? That is crazy!", Gar exclaimed while sitting back in his seat with a flop.

"Yes, and let me see if I understand this clearly; in your world your animals are called Pokemon, these Pokemon have quirks, and all of them have multiple or interchangeable quirks, but people don't, and you use pokemon for fighting while keeping them in these Pokeball things? That's even crazier.", Aizawa explained back nonchalantly.

Gar immediately sat up straight and exclaimed, "You're telling me! I've been to some strange alternate dimensions before, but this place beats em all!"

"So you've done this sort of thing before?", Midnight asked.

Gar nodded and replied, "Oh yeah, loads of times. But like I said I've neer seen a place like this! Something...must've happened during the trip?", he theories while tapping his chin.

"How exactly did you get here? You say you're quirkless yet you're able to travel between dimensions?", Present Mic asked.

"Well technically I'm not the one who does the traveling, Nebby does.", Gar confirmed.

"Who's Nebby?", All Might inquired.

"He's a legendary Ultra Beast that can evolve. He was kept hostage by a crazed woman who was obsessed with gaining knowledge of other Ultra Beasts. I went to another Dimension with the Crazed woman's daughter, after Nebby evolved, and fought her as she merged with another Ultra Beats and beat her in a battle in the Ultra Beasts home Dimension.", Gar explained to the heroes.

All the heroes sitting around the table stares and blinks multiple times at the young man with confused expressions, trying to make sense of what he just said, as if he had just grown a third head.

Realizing his explanation he blushed embarrassed and rubbing his head he said, "I uh, realize now that there is a lot to unpack in that. But for the sake of simplicity, let's just say he's a really powerful pokemon that travels between dimensions."

"Wow.", Present Mic whistles.

"Wow indeed.", Gar confirmed.

"So did you come here on purpose when you and 'Nebby' were traveling?", Midnight asked.

Gar took a sharp breath and putting up both hands under his chin he explained, "Well actually...that's a story all on its own. You see, I was in Glara and after I had held my title as Champion for the umpthenth time, I set out to do other things; fill the Pokedex, complete my curry dex, catch every pokemon in Galar, EV and IV breeding, and get all forms and flavors of Alcrimie. But then I got bored again and decided to go traveling to visit some old friends. First I traveled to Alola and met my old friend Hau where-.", Gar was then cut off by Aizawa who butted in saying, "Could you just skip to the part where you got to our world."

Gar sweat dropped in embarrassment, "Oh right, sorry. Anyway, Hau said that he could out eat any man or pokemon in a Malasad eating contest, and he was right. So he decided to test his skills against something that wasn't a man or Pokemon, and wanted to compete against Nebby. Who is, but actually isn't, a Pokemon. It's kind of weird, anyway, I don't know how he convinced me but I agreed, and then the two started to eat while I was sitting on Nebby's back as to keep him calm incase things went south. And well, things did go south, and real quick too. I shouldn't have let Nebby eat bitter Malasada, cause then he started to go wild from the taste! He started to randomly open Ultra Wormhole Portals all over the place and jumped into one, going at a speed I've never seen him go before! He booted me off and I got sucked outside the Ultra Stream and into a weird Worm Hole I've never seen before. And now I'm here.", he explained nonchalantly.

All the heroes were silent as they digested this information and tried to make some sense of it. As most of it was really a lot of things they never heard of before! That and the fact it sounded so absurd.

Suddenly the door opened and a new voice chimed into the silence saying, "Well that does sound like quite the adventure and conundrum you got yourself into young man."

All heads swiveled to the door and saw the hyper intelligent animal thing, Principle Nezu standing in the doorway. Finally coming to the meeting after having to take care of some other urgent business.

Nezu straightened his tie and introduced himself saying, "Hello there, I am-."

Before he could continue, Gar shot up from his seat and whipped out a pokeball and screamed while pointing to Nezu, "A POKEMON!"

Gar threw the device at the small animal and the same thing that happened with Bakugou happened with Nezu. The device opened and a red beam enveloped him which caused an electric shock to run over his body and convulse from it! When it failed to catch the principle, the device fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Gar stared blankly at this before realizing what happened and theroized, "Oh...I guess you're not a pokemon, huh?"

Nezu stood up while brushing himself off and in the nicest most patient tone he could manage he confirmed, "No, I'm not."

Gar rubbed the back of his head embarrassed and apologized saying, "Sorry about that. I'm a trainer, so when I see a new pokemon I kinda freak out and try to catch it. But I mean, you do look like a weird shiny Ratata...in a tux."

After fixing his tie again, Nezu then replied, "Well not all of us are okay with being beaten to near exhaustion, forcefully placed in a small prison, and then forced to fight other creatures to the death for the entertainment of others. And let's not forget the Stockholm Syndrome."

Everyone in the room made a shocked expression as the Principle roasted the young man, until the young man walked up to Nezu with a ticked off expression and pinched his nose hard.

"Ouchy.", Nezu complained.

Gar then took a deep breath to calm himself and ranted off on the animal, saying, "Okay, I'm not even sure where I should begin with you. First, you have to weaken a pokemon to catch it, it's the only way. I tried to catch a pidgey without weakening it first and I still regret it. Second, a Pokeball is not a prison, it's a holding device. The Pokemon's matter is converted into energy, they're more like in a comfortable sleep like state. Third, Pokemon Battles are an international sport that have strict rules, guide lines, and regulations. Fourth, Pokemon don't fight to the death, they only fight until they pass out. And speaking of which, that's quite Hypocritical coming from someone who delights in setting up events where young children fight in a ring with deadly abilities, pinning them against one another, fighting them yourselves, and sending them off to fight other stronger adults. And fifth, there is no Stockholm syndrome! That's just a myth! When a Pokemon is caught they immediately become tame enough to receive commands, they still have free will to do what they want, when they want. And I can't tell you how many times I literally asked a pokemon to join me on my journey!"

Everyone in the room was now making shocked expressions at the sweating principal who just got roasted back with cold hard facts for an adolescent.

Nezu cleared his throat and replied calmly, "I, um, see your point."

A cold and awkward silence filled the room at this point, until Aizaw, who was the only one to care less about the current atmosphere, struck back up the conversation asking Gar, "So, time to ask the big question. Are you able to get back to your home dimension?"

Gar slumped back into his seat and with a solemn head shake and anxious expression he replied, "I'm afraid not, only Nebby or Lunala can travel in between dimensions.", he then took off six differnt looking pokeball from around his belt and placed them on the table saying, "And the Pokemon I have with me can't do any of that. So I guess I'm stuck."

This time Midnight broke the atmosphere, placing a reassuring hand on Gar's shoulder and asking, "Is there really no way for you to contact your friends or Nebby to come pick you up?"

Gar looked off to the side and replied, "There is one way, but it's not working.", he then slumped down even further into his seat, and giving off an exhausted sigh he continued, "I could pull Nebby or Lunala from my PC, but my Pokebox is not working."

Gar then pulled out a large unusual looking device from one of his pouches. It looked like a thick frisbee made of glass with a handle on top and a small metallic screen on the front with several buttons. He pressed one of the buttons and the whole thing extended upward until it was at least 2 feet tall. It had glass all around and three separate grey dividers with small indents around each one where a pokeball could be placed. It had an invisible sliding door mechanism that opened automatically.

Gar sighed and said, "Deep ocean floors, dark caves, thick jungles, endless deserts, or the highest Mountain peaks; this thing will work without fail. But I guess Alternate dimensions are its limit."

As another round a silence set into the melancholy atmosphere, until Present Moc asked out of the blue, "Wait, so you keep your Pocket Monsters in a PC?"

"Yes.", Gar answered.

"Like a computer?", he asked again.

"Yes.", Gar replied while sweat dropping a bit.

"A PC computer?", he asked further.

"Yes.", Gar stated firmly with an aggravated sigh, having to say the same thing over and over.

"That doesn't make any sense?", he exclaimed in confusion.

Gar rolled his eyes and explained, "The pokeballs convert matter into energy. Who's to say that matter can't also be converted to data. And besides, there are like a thousand different Pokemon! You really think I'm gonna carry around like a thousand different pokeballs all the time.", no one said anything, but opted to just stare at the young man. Seeing this Gar sighed and continued on. "The limit that anyone can carry is about 6, otherwise they're sent to their personal PC. And the 6 that I currently have.", Gar motioned to the 6 different pokeballs on the table. "Can't perform interdimensional travel. So I'm perfectly stuck, like a Shelder on a Slowpoke tail."

Gar slumped into his seat again until Nezu spoke up, causing the young man to straighten out at his voice. "Well, seeing as all things have come to light, it would be in everyone's best interest if you were to stay here at UA until you're able to travel back to your world.", he told the teen.

"What!?", everyone in the room asked the Principle with mixed confusion and surprise.

"Well it would be quite heartless of us to simply throw you out into a world you have no knowledge of, and it would go against everything we at UA stand for.", Nezu explained further.

"So you're gonna let me stay so you can keep an eye on me to make sure I don't decide to use my murderous magic beasts to slay all of you and conquer your world?", Gar asked while making funny hand gestures and faces.

"In a way of speaking, yes.", Nezu replied nonchalantly.

"Fair enough.", Gar shrugged his shoulders in agreeance.

After that was settled, Gar deviated from the topic and stated, "Speaking of which, sorry about nearly obliterating your students. The one with the bad temper and fire hands."

Nezu waved his apology off and replied, "It's quite alright, mistakes happen. And you were simply defending yourself when young Katskui attacked you unprovoked. After he heals up we'll be sure to have a strict talk about unprofessional hero behavior."

The other teachers also nodded knowing that Bakugou would be handled accordingly.

Gar then deviated from the topic again and asked, "Speaking of healing. What have you guys got in the line of a Pokecenter?"

"Uh, Pokécenter?", All Might asked.

Gar sighed and replied in a sweat drop, "I think we still have some things to discuss."