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The world of magecraft is quite a strange place. The regular laws of physics seem to be a casual suggestion at best when in the presence of powerful mages, each one capable of warping reality in the same way a modern-day hacker can warp a piece of software to their whims.

Of course, this is only an analogy, magecraft and the laws binding it together are much closer to the physical laws enforced by Gaea than most realize. The users of Marble Phantasms know this well, those that work with nature are often capable of much more than those who try to cheat it.

Of course this does not need to be intentional. Human beings have a knack for pulling off strange and wonderous acts without even realizing it. And certain mages, those who'd use their talents for practical purposes rather than study the inner workings of their craft are the ones most susceptible to making unique discoveries. Often to their detriment, but occasionally... something truly strange yet miraculous can occur. This is the story of one of these occurrences.

Einsbern castle, circa 1994.

It was finally time, the Einzberns really outdid themselves this time. That crazy bastard Acht somehow managed to find Avalon. King Arthur's legendary scabbard, said to grant the user near invincibility in battle. Now all they needed to do was complete the summoning ritual.

One that they were able to do months ahead of schedule thanks to the founder's backdoor created at the start of the holy grail war. 'Hm, a mage cheating. Honestly who would even believe for a second that there was such a thing as a fair contest in the moonlit world. Especially with such a grand prize' Kiritsugu mused as his prana was quickly drained to spark the ritual. Even with the grail doing the lion's share of the work it was pushing his reserves to the brink.

As the light show died down he caught his breath. He and his wife took a look at the freshly summoned hero. There was something that struck them as odd almost immediately. 'Are those military pants? And why is the king of Britain a redhead? And with a white streak in his hair for whatever reason? Why is he staring at me like that?' Yeah something wasn't right about this whole situation.

The servant's eyes seemed to be glazed over, he slowly looked at himself and then at the others in the room. Eyes lingering on Irisviel for longer than Kiristugu was comfortable with, and then, strangely enough, the young spirit looked at him for far longer. Was that recognition in his eyes?

The young man wore strange clothing. His upper body was covered in a black body armor which consisted of a black tight and sleeveless shirt with sliver accents which outlined his muscles and contrasted his fair skin. It also had a metal plate on his collar. Finally, he wore a black coat over everything else.

His lower body was clad in simple black pants that had two black straps on his thighs, and another two strapped around his shins separate from each other. He also wore black metal-plated shoes, which appear to be attached to his trousers.

"I ask you. Are you my master?" The servant asked in perfect Japanese, not even an accent on his tongue. Though with the command seals on Kiritsugu's arm it was most likely just a formality.

"Yes, and I assume you're Saber?" Kiritsugu asked, honestly unsure. This servant looked nothing like how he expected. Especially his clothes, they looked almost modern.

"Correct, however I am not the King of Knights that you hoped to summon. I apologize but Avalon seems to have attached itself to me even more than I thought." The young man said sheepishly. Impossible! Who else could he be?! Arthur was the only person on record who wielded Avalon, and the thief, Morgan Le Fay would no doubt be a caster servant, not a saber...Not to mention female.

"Then who are you? Your attire suggests that you're from the modern era, and your speech is undoubtedly Japanese. But that should be impossible, this age doesn't have the capacity to create heroic spirits."

At least not to his knowledge. In terms of raw power, there might be one or two mages alive that could rival a servant, but even the sorcerers of today couldn't hold a candle to a genuine heroic spirit. Not to mention the legend that needed to be crafted for one to be drafted into the throne of heroes, to begin with.

"The grail summons heroes from across time and space. Nothing says they need to be from the past. Or even from this version of the world. Let's just say that I have a history with both Avalon and the true King of Knights and leave it at that." And now his servant was saying that it was from the future. Great just great!

"I wouldn't want to cause a paradox if I can help it, so I request that any questions related to the future be kept to a minimum." What the servant said was true, magic was weird like that and Kiritsugu wouldn't put it past his luck for something this strange to happen to him.

"Fine, I personally don't want to deal with any fourth-dimensional nonsense myself so I'll let you keep your secrets so long as they don't endanger my mission." This could still work, so long as he obtained the grail it didn't matter what his servant's past was.

"I should mention this though. The grail war happens to exist in my own timeline as well, it...isn't what you might think. The grail of my world was corrupted, by what I'm not sure, but it warped any wish made on it into something destructive."...Of course it was.

"I have no idea whether this world's grail will be the same but I needed to give my warning at least." Saber said his peace, raising some serious concern for Kiritsugu's plans. If what this man said was true…

"We'll burn that bridge when we come to it, regardless of whether the grail is corrupted or not. Or perhaps because it might be corrupted. It gives us more reason to win it for ourselves. Who knows what some insane mage would do with that kind of power, consequences be damned." His objective has not changed, though the conclusion to said objective just got a lot cloudier.

"I'll need time to think about this...For now get to know the castle, you'll be living here for a few days until the war officially starts. Iri, can you give the servant a tour? I'm going for a smoke." The clearly stressed man asked his wife, who happily obliged, knowing just how much the servant's word's have affected him.

Saber's POV

'Fuck my luck.' Yup, that pretty much summed up his current situation. And his life in general now that he thought about it. And this time, he could quantify his luck:


Strength: B

Endurance: B+

Agility: C

Mana: B-

Luck: E

NP: ?

Eat your heart out Archer! He has slightly higher stats than his silver-haired counterpart, thanks to Avalon's intervention making him a Saber. Not that it meant much in the grand scheme of things. Shirou Emiya wasn't a fighter, he was a blacksmith(a fake one but a blacksmith nonetheless)

"I apologize for dropping a bomb like that out of nowhere. Master seemed very troubled by what I said." I said to Irisviel, honestly wanting to get to know his...Mother? She was more Illya's mother but legally speaking he was her son.

"Oh don't worry about him, Kiri's always grumpy like that." She answered nonchalantly, knowing that her husband was a brooder.

"R-right. Is there anything I should know ahead of time? An important strategy, a specific person that needs to be protected, anything?" I asked, keeping it vague but leaning towards Illya. I wanted to see her again, and maybe. Just maybe keep her protected this time around.

"Yup! But that can wait until later, for now, I'll show you where you'll be staying. Servants don't need to sleep but doing it conserves mana right?" She was correct, I still remember the difference between awake Saber and sleeping Saber. It was night and day, pardon the pun.

"We'll be having dinner while you familiarize yourself with the room." Irisviel idly commented, catching my attention instantly.


One divine class meal later. 3rd person POV

"That was really yummy big bro Saber! Where did you learn to cook so good?!" Illya asked, still licking her lips for the tiniest hints of the divine flavor that graced her mouth mere minutes earlier.

"My old man was completely hopeless when it came to housework. As you can see I had to learn to take care of both of us rather quickly." And to universally praised results. Cooking was one of the few things about himself that the young servant actually held pride for. And Illya's cuteness was more than enough of a reward for the servant's efforts. She was so much cuter when she wasn't trying to kill him!

"Interesting backstory aside I think this surprising skill brings up an important topic. Just what are your skills Saber? Your stats are awfully mediocre for your class so they better make up for that. Your noble phantasm is also a critical piece of information I'll need to plan for the war." EX cooking skill aside it would be nice if his servant had some actual combat potential.

"Fair enough. My class skills are rather basic. I have a B-rank in both Magic Resistance and Riding, though I also have a C rank in Independent Action, which is fair I suppose." Charging in with reckless abandon was basically his specialty.

"As for my personal skills, I have quite a few. I have the basic Mana Burst skill at A. It effectively gives me a boost to my parameters equal to what a master of reinforcement magic could muster." Which was saying something, reinforcement magic was often looked down upon but those that mastered the finicky skill could even physically contend with a servant. Albeit a weak one. Now imagine putting that kind of power boost on someone who had servant level abilities to start with...

"My Eye of the Mind(True) is ranked B, allowing me to keep a calm mind and predict my opponent's moves in battle. To an extent." It wasn't perfect, but with its limit of tracking dozens if not hundreds of incredibly fast projectiles(Cough Gate of Babylon cough) it would do.

"I have a the Clairvoyance skill ranked at C. It's effectively just a skill that lets me track fast-moving objects from long distances away." It was at this point that Kiritsugu began to suspect that his servant was meant for a different class.

"Finally I have some skill in magecraft, though my official stat is only a C-...I'm rather specialized." Magecraft? He supposed it made sense given his origin. Kiritsugu would be even more surprised if a mundane human from this time somehow managed to become a heroic spirit.

"And what specialty would that be? From what I can see your skill set is highly specialized for long-range combat. Are you sure you're not an archer?" Kiritsugu asked half-jokingly. He wasn't expecting his servant to answer him seriously.

"Avalon's doing no doubt, it wouldn't be the first time that it changed something fundamental about myself. My skill set is meant for an archer, that much is true." In fact it was the only other class he really fell under. Well, there were the caster and berserker classes but...It was best not to think about those.

"As for my specialty. Well. It's best if I just show you. Trace On" As soon as those words left the young Saber's lips a beautiful pair of blades appeared in his hands. Twin married blades which have been his signature weapons ever since...The incident.

"T-those are…!" Irisviel said in awe, her husband couldn't even get that much out, he was completely stunned silent. "Y-you just projected those didn't you?! You can project noble phantasms!" A nearly impossible feat, no mage in history could even compare to something like this. Even someone with an infinite supply of mana like the Wizard Marshall couldn't pull off this feat. Noble phantasms were simply too complicated to replicate so perfectly.

"Kanshou and Bakuya. Relatively simple C-ranked noble phantasms that are particularly good against non-human opponents. This also makes a nice jumping point for my own noble phantasm which makes my projections possible." Though he technically didn't have a noble phantasm. States of mind don't often make their way into legend and he wasn't one of Alaya's dogs like Archer so he had to pay the mana cost just like anyone else.

"I have a reality marble." Saber dropped the bomb on his master, at this point Kiritsugu and Irisviel started to associate their servant with 'surprising'. And honestly, he couldn't blame them. "Among other things it allows me to utilize a unique form of projection magic that I created, I call it Tracing." There was no sense in keeping it secret. Unlike in his previous life, the mage's association couldn't hunt him down this time.

"...I'm not going to lie. When you told me that you weren't King Arthur I was rather disappointed. But this? This changes things. Just how many of these noble phantasms can you create? And does this reality marble of yours have any secondary effects?" Saber smirked a bit before laying out all of the relevant details of his magecraft.

The other masters wouldn't know what hit them. And Saber was particularly interested in fighting a certain golden asshole from his past. 'This time, let's see how you deal against a real heroic spirit. Instead of a mere human.' He mused, already preparing his own strategy.

This war seems to be heading towards a very different place from what we're used to. How will a second Archer servant cosplaying as a Saber change things? Just how badly is Lancer going to get screwed over this time? Find out next time! On False King!

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