Third Person POV_

"They are Konoha shinobi." Tadao stated and Kiku couldn't help but look up at her father.

"What are they doing here?" She asked softly as Tadao leaned down and picked her up.

"They're here to keep our city safe." He says as he holds his daughter.

The small girl turned and looked at the Ninja. She took in their appearance.

Although they looked quite normal they all had serious expressions on their faces.

"Tadao-sama, we will take care of the situation as soon as possible and find the culprit." One of the ninjas stated as he bowed deeply.

Kiku watched as the shinobi seemed to vanish into thin air.

"Now, why don't we go and get something to eat? I bet your starving." Tadao states and Kiku couldn't help but squirm uncomfortably.

"I'm not really hungry." She grumbled as she twiddled her fingers.

Just the thought of having to eat normal food made her want to run away.

Tadao frowned but didn't push the subject anymore since he didn't want to upset his young daughter.

The shinobi gathered as they began to review the information.

It had started nearly four months back.

The body of a man was found at the edge of the village.

It looked like he had been mauled by an animal and that his insides had been eaten by said animal.

Officials and Samurai were unable to find the identity of the man.

It wasn't until nearly a month later that another body was discovered. From then on out a new body was found at least once a week.

There were also several missing people reports made throughout that time. Some times the body of the missing person was found. Other times they remained missing but the officials suspected that they too had been killed.

The Samurai had made more patrols and the villagers were getting anxious.

A serial killer was on the loose or a wild animal was killing people. Either way, the Iwai family had been tasked with hiring a group of shinobi to find out who was killing the villagers and to stop them.

The Iwai family were not nobles, they were one of the most successful merchant clans with a lot of clout. And with the heiress of the clan finally healthy enough to move around they weren't willing to risk having a serial killer loose in the city they lived in.

The shinobi ran autopsies on the bodies and began trying to find out if the victim had anything in common.

After asking around and finding more about the victims it was clear that the only similarity between the victims was that they had been out at around 9 pm - 1 am. Other than that they were all different, from different lifestyles and in different social classes.

Whatever it was that had been killing people did not seem to discriminate.

"There hasn't been a victim in days. Maybe we should start patrolling around 9 pm more. Report any suspicious activity." Asami stated.

She was a Konoha Jonin with a buzz cut. She was built and most would confused her with a man (not that she really cared).

"I agree with Asami, at this rate it would be best to be on the lookout. Who knows when they will strike next time." A man named Daichi stated as he crossed his arms and nodded. He had brown short hair that was always slicked back.

Nao, a shorter younger chunin nodded. "I guess. Also, the areas with the most at night activity would be in the red light district. Also, most of the people killed or missing had been there at some point in the night. It could be that the killer picks their targets there." He says and his three teammates nod.

"Well then so we start patrolling at night then right Asami?" Keiji a man with long brown shoulder-length hair says and Asami nods.

The four shinobi nodded and were out in the streets soon enough.

They hadn't really seen anything too out of the ordinary. People just carried on about their business at night and day. Most people tended to go out in pairs just in case.

"Hey, doesn't that kid seem familiar?" Nao stated as he stood on one of the rooftops.

"Who?" Keiji asked glancing over with an almost uninterested look.

"That girl right there." Nao pointed out.

"Thats... what is Iwai Kiku doing out here?!" He exclaimed as he was on his feet and looking at the small girl.

Kiku moved through the crowd. She sniffed the air trying to find her next prey.

Ever since the shinobi had arrived her family had been keeping a closer eye on her.

Although she didn't always mind, it did keep her from going out like she had been.

Nobody paid much mind to her. She was just another kid on the streets and there were plenty of those in the red light district.

She was content with watching the people around her until a scent caught her attention.

She froze as she took in the scent. She could feel her mouth water at the smell itself.

She quickly began moving through the streets in search of the person she was smelling.

Her vision changed as well. (Thermal vision basically) she could feel her breath quicken at the thought of it.

Her stomach growled at the thought of eating. Her hands felt clammy as she thought about the flesh she'd be devouring.

She hurried out of the red district area and into a more residential area.

It was as if everything around her didn't matter. She moved through the streets avoiding anybody walking down them.

She could feel her back itch, her kagune itching to come out.

She panted softly as she approached her target.

That's when he came into view. A young man cutting some wood outside of a house.

"Fuck them. Why should I be the one out here. I wasn't the one that forgot to cut the lumber earlier." The man grumbled in annoyance.

There was an oil lantern hanging off a post nearby and he was using an axe to cut the wood.

Kiku crouched down as she watched him. Her eyes never leaving him as she watched him work.

All she could think about was sinking her teeth into his flesh and killing him.

She couldn't help but think about how she'd eat his insides and devour his eyes.

Those were her favorite, the eyes. They were soft and squishy and when you bit down on them the juices filled her mouth.

She shook her head as she tried not to think about it so she could concentrate.

She moved quietly as she approached him.

'Just a bit more.. a little more.' She thought to herself as her kagune came out. Four long red tentacles sprouted from her back and ripped her kimono.

The man jumped slightly at the sound of ripping clothes.

He turned and saw her.

She let out a hiss as she launched her body forward. The tentacles pierced the man's body and he screamed.

The man tried to get away but the kagune wrapped around the limbs that were pierced and broke the bones.

"Shhhh." Kiku whimpers out as she broke the man's body.

The people in the houses seemed to hear the man's scream and lights were being turned on.

Kiku started to run away, her kagune held the man tightly as she took him with her towards the woods.

As she made it into the woods there was a loud pitch scream. She glanced back and smiled proudly to herself because she wasn't caught.

She could hear the man's muffled screams but paid no mind to it.

As she was about to continue going into the woods she was hit by something hard and made of metal.

She was sent stumbling forward and hit the ground.

"Owie." She muttered as she wiped her tears away.

She looked over and saw a few kunai scattered on the ground.

She crawled over and grabbed one of the kunai to take a closer look at it.

"Let that man go!" She heard a deep masculine voice yell.

She looked around and noticed there were four different people in the trees.

"She can see us." A more feminine voice called out as they seemed to vanish from where they were.

"I caught it. It's... it's mine!" Kiku called out while pouting. She had caught the man. He was rightfully hers.

She whimpered as she was hit by more kunai. They didn't pierce her flesh but instead seemed to bounce off her skin.

"Leave me alone!" Kiku called out her grip on the man tightening and the man muffled screams became louder.

There was a hissing sound and Kiku looked down and noticed that one of the kunai had a slip of paper attached to it.

"Huh?" And with that, there was a loud explosion.

Kiku was thrown back, she tried to use her arms to cover her body but it was useless.

She could feel the heat of the explosion burn her skin. Her arm ached as she was thrown against the forest floor.

Her head was spinning, there was a loud ring in her ears from the explosion.

She was disoriented for a moment before all she could register was pain.

She could feel her body burn from the scrapes she received and the feel of her skin burning from the explosion.

She slowly pushed herself up and let out a soft cry.

She wanted to go home and to be with her mother and father.

She fell forward as she tried to use her left arm to hold herself up.

She gulped in a few deep breaths as she looked over.

All she saw was red blood and a stump. Her entire left arm was missing and all that was left was the upper part of her arm.

Bone seemed to splinter from it and Kiku screamed.

"How is it still alive." She heard a male voice say.

She turned and noticed it was the four shinobi that were standing a few feet away from her.

They seemed to be in a defensive position and watching her closely.

She let out a choked sob. Anger seemed to pool inside the pit of her stomach.

"That hurt." She whimpered out.

Her left arm seemed to bubble as the bone regenerated. Flesh started to coat her arm once again.

"Whatever that thing is. It ain't human." Asami stated as she armed herself.

Kiku glared at them as more of her kagune seemed to sprout behind her.

Her body moved swiftly as she launched herself off the floor.

The shinobi were able to sidestep her as she tried attacking them.

"Leave me alone!" Kiku screamed angrily as her tentacles slammed down around her.

She was angry and scared. Kiku had never really gotten hurt before. With the maids and guards watching over her and her parent's own over protectiveness, she was almost never hurt.

Not only was she in pain but she was hungry and these people were stopping her from eating.

She thrashed around angrily but they kept moving past her.

The kunai they threw didn't cut her but were starting to leave bruises all over her body.

Kiku started to cry as she thrashed even more.

"We can't go near it, the brat keeps on slinging those tentacles around." Nao called out, he let out a grunt as he was hit by one of them and thrown across the forest.

Keiji quickly sent a wind style ninjutsu that managed to push Kiku back.

Her body slammed down on the ground. She whimpered as she started to cry.

"That hurt. It hurt." She sobbed loudly as she wiped her tears.

She felt something soft and warm beneath her. She blinked away her tears and looked down to see it was the man she had hunted down earlier.

He was panting, blood covered his entire body and he seemed unresponsive.

Kiku lifted her hand and licked the warm blood off her hands.

The smell of blood and the soft flesh beneath her fingers made her nearly forget the shinobi.

Unable to hold herself back she bit down on the soft flesh.

It was almost euphoric, the human flesh in her mouth the taste of blood filled her.

Yes, this was it. The scent and taste, it drove her over the edge.

She ate in a near frenzy, the shinobi around her watched as she devoured the dying man.

Her kagune was swinging around her keeping the shinobi away from her as she ate till her heart content.

"So good, yummy!" She moaned as she shoved her hands into the man's chest, there was a loud crackling sound before she grunted as she ripped open the man's ribcage.

Her mouth watered as she grabbed the first organ and began to tug on it. The scene caused the shinobi to freeze. The sight of her jaw opening widely as she shoved flesh into her mouth, saliva and blood dripping down her fingers as her red eyes with black sclera stared down at the dismembered corpse below her caused them to freeze in fear.

Her mind was no longer preoccupied with the people around her. All she could think was about eating.

She was brought out of her musings by the sounds of someone throwing up. The scent of vomit filled the air and caught her attention.

She paused and looked around her. All of them were staring at her in horror.

Their eyes were wide with fear and their limbs were shaking.

"I was hungry." She called out as she wiped the remaining tears off her face.

"T-that's not a human... it's a demon." Daichi stammered out.

Kiku stood up and glanced down at her handiwork the body was completely mangled, and blood coated her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

She looked around at them, the fear of knowing they could hurt her made her want to run away.

She glanced down at the remains of the body she had just been eating.

She turned and tried to run but as she turned her back to them there was a loud whistling noise that seemed to fill the air.

All Kiku felt was a sharp pain. For a moment her body felt light as she then hit the ground.

"Is she dead?" Nao heaved out as he held a katana. The blade had been coated in wind chakra and had sliced right through the back of her neck.

The other ninja landed down by her body.

"I thought you were too injured to fight?" Asami asked as she stared down at Kiku's body.

Nao had cut off her head when she had tried to run away.

"She's the Iwai's family heiress. Do you... what the fuck was that." Daichi cried out as he stared at the body. His hands were trembling as he was still processing the things he had seen.

"I don't know." Asami muttered as she kicked Kiku's leg slightly.

"Back away!" Keiji called out and they all jumped back only to see blood connecting Kiku's head to her body.

The small corpse seemed to convulse as the head was brought back to the body.

"Gahhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed as her head reattached itself to her body.

She wrapped her hands around herself as she screamed.

She scrambled away from them and hid behind a tree as she sobbed loudly.

The pain she had just experienced was nothing like she ever felt before. Being unable to breathe, to think, to move had sent her in a panicked frenzy. She cried loudly as she held onto the bark of the tree.

"Mama! Mama where are you! Mommy!" She screamed so loudly that her voice was starting to go hoarse.

She didn't move to attack them anymore. When the Konoha shinobi approached her she curled into herself and held on to the tree for dear life.

They stood a bit far from her but they didn't dare approach her.

Kiku sat there and cried for what seemed like hours.

Soon sunlight started to filter through the trees.

She sat there sniffling, her eyes slowly closing slightly as she was falling asleep.

She was still a small child despite her abilities. And with that, she fell asleep.

"Of course she isn't a demon. This small little girl is a carrier of a whole new Kekkei Genkai." A voice said as Kiku stirred and began to wake up.

She slowly blinked and tried to get up.

Her eyes trailed up to see a blurry figure. All she saw was long black hair and she smiled.

"Mother." She whimpered out as she reached out to the figure.

"There she is. Aren't you a little trouble maker?" The male voice said again.

Kiku rubbed her eyes trying to get the blurriness out of her eyes. She blinked a few times as she looked at her hands.

Heavy handcuffs were wrapped around her wrist and ankles.

She looked up and noticed it wasn't her mother that was in front of her. But instead it was a man. He had dark black hair and golden colored eyes. His skin was pale, and he had purple markings on his eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked.

She whimpered and tried to pull away from him.

"Now, now no need to be shy." He smirked.

"Who are you?" She whimpered out as she tried to back away from him.

"Me? I'm Orochimaru. And who are you, little girl?" he asked and Kiku gulped.

"Kiku, Iwai Kiku. Wheres my mother and father?" She quickly asked but shrunk back into herself afterward.

"This. Did you do this?" Orochimaru asked as he held up a picture completely ignoring her questions. Kiku recognized the man, the first one she killed all those months ago.

She whimpered and tried to back away.

"Answer the question. Did you do this?" He asked again, his voice was stern.

His mere presence made Kiku tremble in fear, tears started to pour down her face and she nodded.

"Why?" He asked and Kiku began to cry loudly.

"I... I was runnin away cause. I'm always sick and and.. I was runnin from this woman. He and 'nother guy had this woman tied up and I ran away but he chased me. I bit him and..." Kiku cried as she looked down at her hands. She was sobbing at this point. She was afraid, nobody had ever yelled at her like that and she didn't know where she was. She was a tired scared little girl who barely knew anything about the world because she had been confined to her bed her entire life.

"And what happened next?" He asked sternly and Kiku cried harder.

"He... He tasted really good." She whispers lowly but her mouth watered at the thought of how delicious he had tasted, the first meal she had actually enjoyed.

"I was so hungry, I couldn't stop, and I ate and ate and ate." She sniffled as she looked up at the man shyly.

"So you killed and ate the man?" Orochimaru asked and Kiku slowly nodded.

"I got better afterward, the doctor said I was cured." Kiku whispered and Orochimaru's smirk widened.

"I'll speak to the Iwai family. Asami, you are released from your position. I will be handling this case from now on. Sadly, Kiku Iwai was kidnapped by the serial killer who we just apprehended and killed. Unfortunately, all we found from her was this piece of her kimono clothing and an entire chunk of her left arm. Which is what we identified her with. Sadly she will be presumed dead." Orochimaru stated.

He stood up and held up Kiku's left arm that had been ripped off by the exploding tag from the kunai thrown earlier.

"Make sure to wrap it up nicely, the Iwai family invests a lot of their stock and commerce with Konoha and it would be a pity if we were to lose favor with them."Orochimaru stated as he handed Asami the pale white arm.

Asami seemed to recoil as she held the arm. She glanced over at Kiku who looked down and hunched over herself to make herself smaller.

Orochimaru hurried to see the parents of the amazing specimen he had just found.

By the accounts of the Jonin Asami and the other three chunin (Keiji, Daichi, and Nao.) the girl had grown a few extra limbs from the middle and lower area of her back, her eyes changed color and they assumed that she had some sort of night vision or superior sense of smell. Since she was able to locate them in the dark when they had made themselves known.

They had also pointed out that they doubted she was an infiltrator or had any shinobi training. When they had fought the only thing that kept them from taking her down was the extra limbs and her abnormal speed and strength.

They couldn't leave her with her parents even if they wanted to. The girl was a loose cannon. Her above-average abilities meant that not just anybody could control her. Her choice of food was an issue itself. They couldn't let go of a bloodthirsty kekkei Genkai user in the city of Kyoto, the public was already starting to panic and the death toll was already in the double digits and it had only been around 3 to 4 months since it got started.

In order to preserve the peace of the city and in the fire country, it had been decided that the young kekkei Genkai user would be brought to Konoha. The Iwai family would also be left in the dark about what actually happened to their daughter. But at least they wouldn't have civil unrest in the city.

Orochimaru was escorted into the Iwai Family estate.

He gave Tadao Iwai a bow. "Where is the other shinobi? The woman that had been leading the team that I had hired, Asami? Also, I sent a guard to fetch the Konoha squad we hired. My daughter is missing, my wife and I believe that whoever has been behind the horrible murders is also behind the disappearance of my daughter." The man stated. Orochimaru could see that the man was concerned and worried.

"My name is Orochimaru of the Sanin, Due to rank, I took over as team leader for Asami-san. Last night we were able to make contact with the person responsible for the murders and kidnappings that have been occurring recently." Orochimaru started off, his attitude was dismissing but polite enough that it wasn't too offensive.

"It was late last night, around 12 am that we found the man hiding in the northwest side of the village. We cornered him but it seems that he had already kidnapped little Kiku. The man used a homemade explosion and unfortunately young Kiku was caught in the crossfire. This is all we were able to recover." Orochimaru carefully held out a small bundle of white cloth and a beautiful red piece of cloth that had come from Kiku's kimono.

Tadao froze as he reached out and took the small bundle of white cloth and tore it away the fabric. He could not hold the heartbreak back any longer as he fell to the floor in a disheveled heap as his grief poured out in a flood of uncontrollable tears. His hands shook as he held the small cold limb close to his chest.

The small hand had already started to become stiff as rigor mortis was starting to set in. "My daughter, my little girl. Kiku!" He cried out as he held what he believed was the last remaining piece of his daughter.

Orochimaru did not speak as he watched the man weep for his daughter. He cleared his throat before he spoke.

"The killer has already been taken care of. We have dealt with the body and we will be giving a file of the person's information to the city officials. You can collect it from them later on if you wish. Since the serial killer has been taken care of, our mission is complete. We will be heading out immediately. If you want a written copy of the report please contact Konoha. But I want to know how it was possible for him to have gotten into the estate. Is it alright if I ask you a few questions?" Orochimaru was using Tadao's breakdown as a cover to interrogate the man.

"I heard that Kiku had been a sickly child. What is that about?" He asked as Tadao tried to calm himself.

"We thought that there was something wrong with her stomach. No matter what she ate she can barely keep it down and she has a hard time digesting food. She was very malnourished. But recently my wife brought tea from the lightening country and after four days of constantly drinking it she got better." He stated as he looked down at his daughter's arm.

"She had been bedridden by her illness. Once she got better she didn't eat more but she most certainly looked better. The doctors said that her heart rate was too high for a child her age and that her normal temperature was abnormal. At her healthiest, her temperature was 107. But it didn't matter, we kept a few maids by her side in case she had a heat stroke or something. But it ended up being unneeded." Tadao wiped his eyes and leaned his head back.

"We let her go anywhere she wanted because all of her life she had been confined to that goddamn futon." He let out a few choked sobs.

"Any special circumstances or special abilities on either side of the family? Any illnesses?" Orochimaru asked and added the last part as an afterthought.

Tadao furrowed his brows and shook his head. " No one else in the family seemed to have what she had. It was her rare and weird condition. Many doctors asked us as well just in case it was hereditary." He adds and Orochimaru nodded.

"I see, and personality-wise. What was she like?" He asks and Tadao chuckles.

"Thoughtful, she was a kind and thoughtful child. She was also very selfless. She always felt like she was burden and felt guilty for being sick but my wife and I tried to make her see that she was no burden. She is also very shy... at least she was." He choked out another sob as he gently ran his finger over the palm of her cold hand.

"I see, thank you so much Tadao-sama. I will let you grieve your daughter's death. I'll show myself out." Orochimaru bowed and turned to leave. He didn't wait to see if the man had anything else to say.

All he wanted to know was about her condition and if anyone else in the family had showing signs of having the Kekkei Genkai and an overall show of her personality. It would be easier to deal with her that way.

Orochimaru didn't wait soon he had secured Kiku and all of the Konoha shinobi were on their way back to Konoha.

Kiku was not being carried by a shinobi because of how dangerous she was. They held her in a cage on the back of a covered wagon.

"So girl, tell me. What do you think of normal food?" Orochimaru asks as he handed her a canteen full of water.

Kiku had a hard time holding the heavy canteen up and drunk some water.

"I don't like it, it tastes so gross. And it makes my tummy hurt." She says as she twiddled her fingers.

She liked Orochimaru, his hair reminded her a lot of her mother. And although he sounded cold toward her at least he didn't hit her like the other shinobi and wasn't jumpy around her.

"And those things that come out of your back, what are they?" He asks and she shrugs. "I dunno, it just comes out." She says as she looks down.

"Let me see it." He says and she cocks her head slightly. "You want me to bring them out?" She asks and he nods.

"Okay." She whimpers out as she closes her eyes.

"Amazing, It's your blood. You are manipulating your red blood cells. I'm going to take a small sample." He says as he runs his hands on the Kagune.

"I wonder if this blood is coming from your own bloodstream or if there are separate organs. It's almost like the Chinoike clan ability." He mutters.

"Who's Chinoike?" Kiku asks quietly. "They are a clan, their dojutsu is a bit different than yours. Their sclera turns red while yours turns black, but they can manipulate iron-enriched liquids which includes blood. By the looks of it, you can manipulate blood as well and there is a change in your eyes, enlarged black veins around the eyes."

Orochimaru stared at the blood he had collected from her. "You can go ahead and put that away." He gestured to the tentacles and she did what she was told.

Orochimaru was quiet for a moment before he chuckled.

"Your blood is dark, darker than normal blood. The veins around your eyes look black because of how dark your blood is. The same could be said about your sclera It might look black because of your dark-colored blood." He says. "I wonder what makes it that color." he muttered to himself.

Kiku simply leaned against her cage and reached out to grab the end of his flak jacket.

She slowly started to drift off, the swaying from the wagon and her exhaustion taking over her. She took in deep breaths taking in Orochimaru's scent. He was being kind to her, or at least what she believed to be kind at the moment. Everyone else feared and avoided her so they weren't really warm towards her. And like any other shy lonely child, she searched for even the slightest bit of attention and relished in it.

"Able to survive decapitation and actually able to regenerate limbs. That makes your Kekkei Genkai better than the Chinoike's clan. I wonder if you have an ancestor in that clan or if this is a secondary evolution of that Kekkei Genkai. Kiku Iwai, you will be the most interesting to dissect." Orochimaru smiled and Kiku fell asleep, her hand still curled onto the bottom of Orochimaru's clothes.

I think I did a good job. I might keep this in third person POV. Building up Kiku's character as a small innocent child who never leaves her bed because she is sick.

And somehow I was able to fit her ability into a more Kekkei Genkai category.

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