chapter 1-the child from nowhere

it has been years since steven came into the gems' lives and they were growing used to him as he is now with his dad greg and his gem friends garnet, amathyest and pearl

now with one more a brand new adventure for the gems was born...

it was just last Tuesday and garnet, amathyest, pearl and steven were in the temple doing usual things when there was a knock on the door

garnet: pearl can you get that

pearl: certainly garnet

pearl went to the door and answered it only to find there was no one around

pearl: that's strange

then she suddenly heard a single sound of a baby crying so she looked down and found a crying baby wrapped in an old blanket she then gasped in surprise and kneeled down to the baby

pearl: well how did you get here little guy

she the picked up the baby as she then stood up the baby kept crying so pearl gently rocked it to and fro to make it stop crying

pearl: sh sh sh it's okay I won't hurt you

the baby then stopped crying

pearl: (smiles) that's it sweetheart

pearl then sees a letter on the baby so she takes it and reads it

the letter had this

Dear Gems

Please take care of my Harry and protect him from the dangers of Lord Voldemort

He can only be happy if given the love he deserves

From Lily Potter

P.S Please remember I love my little prince so much

pearl then felt sorry for harry as she decided to promise lily that pearl would take care of harry

pearl: (cooing) would you like to come stay with pearl

harry then chuckled as pearl smiled and carried harry into the temple

pearl: everyone I have brought in someone who's going to stay with us

steven: you have who

pearl: he's right here steven

the 3 gems went closer to pearl and then saw harry in her arms

steven: aww he's so cute

amathyest: yeah he is such a cute little dude

garnet: (smiles) what's his name

pearl: his name is harry potter he came from lily and needs a place to stay so i'm taking care of him

garnet: then he's yours i'm sure lily would be very proud

steven: and we can help too

pearl: thanks everyone

the gems then all looked at harry smiling as he started to fall asleep while they were talking

in the next chapter: pearl is now taking care of harry and garnet, amathyest and steven are helping her out cause she needs all the help she can get