Star Trek Hunter
Episode 20: Survival
Scene 14: The Inevitable

The Inevitable

The tactical unit was nearly invisible, drifting dark in dark space, power dropped to minimal levels. The tiny, darkened bridge was empty. The door behind the command chair that led to the maintenance hatch was open. A needle in Commander Kenneth Dolphin's arm allowed blood to flow into a line. Lt. Cmdr. Tauk was holding the other end of the line over Lt. Cmdr. Mlady's open mouth, a thin stream of blood flowing directly into her mouth.

The expression on her face was pathetic. She was clearly starving and the thin, unenriched human blood, though easy for her to digest, was not very nutritious.


"That's a liter," said Tauk. "You may be feeling a little dizzy and you need to increase your protein intake for the next week or so."

"But she's still starving…" Dolphin said.

Tauk carefully removed the needle from Dolphin's arm and bandaged the small hole it had left. "It's time for you to go to the bridge. You should get some sleep before you power this boat up and head toward the rendezvous point. Mlady will need to stay in here and you cannot release her from her chains. She will hibernate after she's had her fill."


"Kenny, you knew this was going to be my last mission…"

"Wasn't she supposed to heal you? Tali said she was your only hope…"

"My only hope is for a few moments without pain," Tauk replied. "That's all I want now. Just a moment without all this pain. She takes away my pain and I give her all the blood and organ meat she needs to recover. No arguments, Kenny," Tauk added as it was clear from Dolphin's expression that he was in a mood to argue the inevitable. "You knew all along this was coming. You just couldn't admit it to yourself."

"Tauk…" There was nothing else Dolphin could say. The grimace of pain on Tauk's face ended any argument before it could begin.

"We have already said everything that needs to be said. It will be all right. It's time. Be sure to lock the hatch."

Dolphin reluctantly backed out of the cramped maintenance hatch, leaving Tauk and Mlady. Just as he was about to close the door, he heard Tauk's voice – "Kenny…"

Dolphin looked back into the hatch to see the ferengi, suddenly relaxed, clearly relieved of his pain, an almost blissful expression on his face. Mlady's fangs were embedded in his arm. "It's been an honor to serve with you, sir…"


In a nearby region of romulan space, the massive battlegod, the Imperial Romulan Warship Bestia, briefly eclipsed one star, then another in a distant star cluster as it cruised toward the beacon source point where the I.K.V. 'Iw Hov and the asteroid it had crashed into had been.


Then the entire distant star cluster was eclipsed by the much larger ship that was following the Bestia…

20 – Survival