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So we meet again

            "Meet ball head will you quite wailing!" A ten-year-old boy scolded a little girl.

            "Darien baka you ruined my dress!"

            "I did not! It wasn't my fault was merely helping my mom out with the garden until you came waltzing here like the queen of England!"

            "Darien apologize now! It was YOUR fault and you know it!"

            "Serena stop acting so immature! Your such a little brat you know that you'll never grow up!"

            "Darien I hate you!" Serena marched back to her house and slammed the door shut behind her.


            A beautiful blonde was currently laying comfortably on her king sized bed. She sat there contemplating on the things that had happened over the years. Ever since he moved away things have been much more boring. She had no one of argue with. Serena stared intently outside her window wondering what would happen tomorrow.

            "Just like dad…always wants the best for his little girl." She sighed and closed her eyes. Tomorrow she was to go to a different school and start a whole new different life all because her father wants 'the best' for her.

            Ring, Ring, Ring, Serena was pulled from her thoughts at the sound of the annoying phone. She walked over to it and pulled out the plug. It was probably one of her admirers or something. Guys always called her to 'confess their undying love' she knew all too well though that they all wanted to get under her pants due to her popularity.

            Serena let out a sigh and hoped for the best that this new school she was too attend would be more interesting then the one she previously went to.


            Darien Shields walked into the school like every normal day. Almost every girl passed him glances and he glided past them almost like some sort of high school god. He gave a random girl his ever-attractive heart-melting smile and made her run off to her friends with a goofy grin saying, "He looked at me! He actually looked at me!" Personally Darien didn't really care about most girls. They were all toys, play things to keep him amused. He continued walking to his locker ignoring the rest of the female population completely.

            "Hey man!"

            Darien turned around after a while of digging in his locker. "Hey Seiya what's up?"

            "Nothing much…what's with you go out with any girls lately?"

            "Well…Trina asked me out…but then again we're not the last people on earth so I'll just have to pass on her offer."

            "You dog! You get at least two girls every week!"

            "I can't help it if I'm a ladies man. If the ladies want you then why not give them what they want?"

            "You are really something Darien…Hey did you hear about the new girl? She's supposed to come today."

            "Not really though…is she hot?"

            "I'm not sure but rumor has it that she was the most popular girl at her old school."

            "Really? This I got to see."

            Just as they were talking away, a blonde goddess glided through the doors of their school. Her blonde hair was let lose flowing to her midback. She wore a short blue mini skirt with a white tank top. Though her attire was simple she looked like a goddess none the less. Guys gave her admiring looks while girls glared at her jealously.

            Through out the mists of all that was around her Serena merely shrugged everything off and continued walking looking for the main office. On her way she spotted a young man with ebony black hair that looked oddly familiar but looked past him and continued on her way.

            Darien stared at the girl with his mouth gaping to the ground. Never before had he seen such beauty and grace. She walked through the school like she owned it and it's her first day!

            "Damn she is fine!" Darien could hear Seiya mutter under his breath.

            Darien followed the mysterious girl into the office. He didn't know why but he just did. When he got there he found the principle already talking to her. The principle seemed to notice him standing there.

            "Darien…I'm so glad you're here…could you please show miss Tsukino around please?"

            "I'd be glad to." Darien began walking outside and Serena followed.

            "I'm Darien Shields what's your name?"

            "I'm Serena Tsukino." Serena replied. She couldn't help but find him rather attractive and very familiar. 'Wait a minute did he just say Darien Shields?!' "Oh my god it's you!"

            "Uh…yeah it's me…is there something wrong?"

            "You don't remember me do you Darien?"

            "Remember you from where I don't believe we've met!"

            "When you were ten there was this little girl and she was your next door neighbor you used to tease her a lot."

            Darien stood there pondering for a moment until realization finally dawned on him. "Oh my gosh meatball head?"

            "As you could see Darien…I don't appreciate that comment…and I no longer have my meatballs! Okay…that came out wrong. I can't believe this the first day of school and I'm stuck with a jerk such as yourself!"

            "Hey calm down meatball head…any girl in the entire school would give anything to be in your shoes you should be thankful!"

            "Well I'd give it to them for free! I'm going now good bye!" with that Serena marched away in the opposite direction.

            Darien was about to follow her until he heard an all too familiar voice call him. 'Oh shit! It's Trina!'