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This story starts off right after the episode Centennial Charmed.

Daddies Little Witch

Chapter One: Bring Me to Life

By: Mage

Amy Boyd looked at her five-year-old son tenderly. He took after her with his dirty blond hair and his green eyes. They both were sitting crossed leg on the floor of their living room.

"Liam concentrate," she said patiently. Her son held his hands in front of him with his eye's closed in deep concentration.

Jolts of white electricity started to circle around his hands. Amy smiled down at Liam. He was doing an amazing job controlling his power. She waved her arm and a light blue translucent shield formed in front of her.

"Now throw it at me," she commanded.

He opened his eyes and nodded. Liam thrust his arms forward and the electric currents shot from his hands like forks of lightning. They hit his mother's shield and dispersed harmlessly. "Good job son!" she congratulated.

He smiled widely at his mother. "Did I do good mommy?" he asked excited. She nodded and threw him into a hug.

"You did great Liam," she said proudly. She kissed his forehead. "You'll make a fine witch when you get older."

"Really mommy?" he asked hopefully. She chuckled at his tone and nodded "Really baby."

The flames of the candles that sat near the windows suddenly swayed as an unnatural wind entered the room. Amy saw the flames and hurriedly stood up. "Liam go and hide," she said urgently. He understood the message and scampered off out of the living room.

Suddenly a man teleported into the room with flames accompanying him. He smirked at Amy. "Witch," he said his lips curling in distaste. He formed a high voltage energy ball in his hand and quickly flung it at her. She waved her arm and formed her deflection shield just as quickly as he threw it.

The ball deflected off the shield and hit the wall leaving a scorch mark where it impacted. She smiled coyly. "Try again demon."

He glared at her hatefully. "Can you stop this!" he yelled. He pulled out a knife and threw it. The blade sailed through the air and passed right through her shield. Amy's mouth opened in a silent scream. The knife had pierced her abdomen. She fell to her knees holding her stomach in pain.

Breathing raggedly she narrowed her eyes at the demon.

"With this rhyme on this night,

Leave my home, and forever vanish

From my sight!"

The demon gave an anguished scream before he exploded. The force of the explosion knocked the lit candles off the window and onto the floor. The flame from the candle caught onto curtain hanging from the window. Within moments the flames leaped onto the wall and soon the whole room became ablaze.

Liam smelled smoke from his hiding place in the hall closet. His eyes widened in fear for his mother. He raced out of the closet and into the blazing room. His eyes watered and he began coughing as the heavy black smoke entered his lungs.

"Mommy!" he yelled seeing her fallen body on the floor.

He kneeled down to her side and picked up her hand. A never-ending stream of tears flowed from his eyes. His mother raised her head weakly from the floor and looked at him tears spilling from her eyes. "Liam you have to get out of here."

He shook his head wildly. "No! I won't leave you here."

"Liam please for me," she pleaded squeezing his hand within her own. "I won't make it."

Her eyes got wide and her face slowly lost color. She looked at him one last time trying to memorize his features. "I love you." She smiled at him lovingly before closing her eyes and breathing her last breath.

With a loud crash a piece of flaming wood fell from the ceiling beside Liam. He looked around him noticing that the whole house was aflame. He kissed his mother on the forehead. "I love you too." Without looking back he ran from the house. When he got onto the street he didn't stop running. He didn't stop to he ran far away from his neighborhood.

When his legs finally stopped running he was more tired than he had ever been in his life. He only vaguely recognized his surroundings. A loud police siren caught his attention. He ducked into the shadows of an alleyway.

There was no way he would go to the police. He heard about some kids who ended up in an orphanage. Liam would not be one of those kids who just got tossed around in the system. Suddenly his vision began to get hazy. He staggered back a few steps and collapsed onto the ground slipping into unconscious.


Cole walked on the deserted street on his way to his penthouse. He had had a tiring day at the law firm. It had been two months since he had returned to the living plan. Sometimes he still couldn't believe that he was even alive. It's not like he was brought back to life by the most usual circumstances. He sighed and thought about the events of his resurrection.

Cole blinked looking at the bright light that surrounded him. Is this heaven? He thought looking around, but seeing nothing except light. The last thing he remembered was Phoebe, Paige, and Piper vanquishing him. He felt a pang of guilt in his heart. He shouldn't have never had messed with time so that the sister's hadn't found Paige. The result was hell. For all of them.

The light around him flared and he threw up his arm to shield his eyes. The light vanished and he now found himself standing in the middle of a grand hallway. Everything in the hall was made of marble. The pillars that lined the walls, the floor, and the ceiling everything was pure white. At the end of the hall was the same white light that surrounded him earlier.

Footsteps coming from the end of the hall echoed around him. He tensed up ready for anything. What he didn't expect were three young humans. Two were women and one was male. They all wore roman style white togas. Their hair was golden blond and they all had a glowing aura of power around them.

"Who are you?" Cole asked looking in awe at the trio. He had never felt power like theirs before in his life.

"We are higher beings known by many names," the man answered. His voice was deep and wise betraying his age. "I believe most on Earth know us as the Powers that Be."

Cole frowned only vaguely remembered reading somewhere of the Powers that Be. "What does that mean?"

The woman on his left took over. "We look after Earth and all other dimensions from a higher plane of reality."

Cole raised his eyebrow. "I thought the Elders and the Whitelighter's were the ones that made sure that Earth was safe."

"They work for us," the man said. "Long ago we charged them with making sure that the balance of good on Earth is kept."

"Okay, so why am I here?"

The other woman on the man's right spoke this time. "You are not yet done. You are still needed on Earth."

Cole cut her off before she could finish. "What do you mean still needed. And why would you need me. I'm just a demon."

"We will send you back to Earth, so you can become one of our Champions of good," the man said. Cole shook his head sadly. "I tried to fight for good once. But I'm a demon and will always be one. I attract evil like a magnet."

The woman smiled at him as if he were a child. "We are well aware of how evil follows you. When you return you will find the powers you took from the demonic wasteland will no longer work. That is why will send you back as a witch. As a witch you will have the power of cryogenism and the power to fade."

Cole opened his mouth but the man cut him off. "Before you ask fading is the power to teleport. One's image fades when you using this method of transportation. Hence the name."

"Why would you send me back as a witch?" asked Cole looking at the three incredulously. He couldn't believe the irony. He had killed many witches in his lifetime. Now he was going to be one.

"It was always destiny for you to become a witch," the woman on the left said. Her voice was soft and tranquil. "Just as it was destiny for the Charmed Ones to vanquish you so you could be here now. Things happen for a reason. Remember that."

Cole nodded. What they said made sense. "Will I be given a Whitelighter?"

"No you work for us and us alone. The Elders will have no part in your life. If you need help you can return to this place by a spell."

Cole bowed his head in respect. "I will honor you by being the best Champion I can be," he said solemnly.

They smiled identical small smiles. "That is all we ask," they said together as one. The next thing Cole knew he was standing alone in the middle of his penthouse living room. He tried using some of his powers he had gotten from the wasteland but he found that none of them worked just like they said.

Over the next two months he quickly got used to his powers. He mastered them in a short period of time. Cole also became use to the fact that he was a witch. He learned he had quite a knack for writing spells. So far all of them worked like he intended them to. After a visit with the Powers he learned that he didn't have to worry about not using his powers for personal gain as long as it was for a good cause. The no using powers for personal gain was a rule that the Elder's set up.

His life had did a complete one eighty. He went to work like a regular man and fought evil on the side. He made a promise to himself to leave Phoebe and her sisters alone. And that was precisely what he did. He hadn't so much as seen a hair of the Charmed Ones. The only time he saw Phoebe was when he passed one of her billboards about her 'Ask Phoebe' advice column.

Today was a nice day and since he didn't drive to work he was walking home. The sun had set hours ago and a blanket of stars covered the night sky. The street he walked on only had a few people on it. Something white caught his eye making him stop in his track. He turned around looked for the source.

Oh God no. Please don't let that be what I think it is. In the alley beside him was a small body lying face flat on the ground in the shadows. It was amazing that no one saw the person earlier. Cole ran to the body praying to find a pulse.

He hoped to God that the person was alive.

He turned the body on its back and gasped at the sight. It was a young boy maybe five. He had dirty blond hair and smudge marks marred his face. The boy was to young to be out here by himself. Liam stirred a little but didn't wake up from his unconscious state. Cole smiled a little glad to see that the boy at least was moving.

Effortlessly he picked up the boy princess style. Cole looked both ways to make sure the coast was clear. With a thought he faded out of the alley. He appeared in the bedroom of his penthouse. He laid the boy down on his king-size bed.

Cole smoothed down his hair. "I wonder what's your story," he said to the unconscious boy as if he could hear him.

I might as well pull up a chair, he thought going to living room and coming back with a chair. He placed it beside Liam and sat down. It was no telling how long it would take till he woke up. He sat patiently by Liam's side waiting for the boy to wake up.

After four hours Liam started to stir. Cole sat down the book he was reading. Liam whimpered in his sleep. Cole jumped up and went to his side. It was obvious the kid was having a nightmare.

"Shhhh…your alright," whispered Cole.

Liam's eyes snapped open and he flung himself into the nearest pair of arms. Cole was surprised when the boy fell into his arms and started to cry his heart out. Liam couldn't believe that his mother was gone and he would never see her again. After no more tears would fall was when Liam realized where he was.

Liam looked up at Cole embarrassed. "I'm sorry I cried on you."

"That's alright," Cole said smiling down at him. "What's your name kid?"

"Liam Boyd."

"I'm Cole Turner." Cole sat down on the side of the bed. "I found you in an alley on my way home. Why were you there?"

Liam looked down his eyes turning sad. "Mommy was killed by a bad thing. The house was burning so I ran till I got tired. That's when I fell asleep in the alley."

Cole sucked in a breath at hearing about his mother. "Where is your father?"

"Mommy said he is with the Angels in Heaven," said Liam in a small voice. Cole placed his hand on Liam's shoulder in comfort. "Liam what did you mean that your mother was killed by the bad thing?"

He shook his head. "I'm not supposed to talk about magic." His eyes got big as he accidentally let the last word slip out.

Cole had a feeling that he knew what Liam and his mother was. The last word explained a lot. "Liam are you and your mother witches?"

"How did you know!" he asked his jaw dropping in shock.

"I'm a witch too."


The boy was adorable. Cole found himself coming to like the child. "Yes. I'm a witch. Just like you."

Liam's lip quivered and tears started to make their way down his cheeks again. "I miss mommy. Is she in heaven with Papa in the Angels?"

Cole's heart went out to the small boy. He couldn't believe that the boy had lost both of his parents in his young life. He drew the boy toward him and wrapped him in his arms. "Yes. Your mother and father are together in Heaven."

The boy's head rested on Cole's shoulder as if it was a pillow. He liked the nice man. He didn't remember his father and he had never had a male to look up to. "Can I stay with you?" he asked hoping that he said yes.

Cole paused for a second. He had never been around kids and he didn't know ways to deal with them. "Are you sure?" he asked looking into Liam's eyes to see if he was positive.

The boy nodded quickly. "I don't won't to go to an orphanage."

"Please," Liam pleaded his eyes watering.

"You can stay," said Cole hoping he was making the right choice. "We have to make sure it is alright with the court. The authorities probably think your dead or something since they didn't find you at your house." He glanced at the clock and saw that it was late. It was one thing he did know and kids shouldn't be up this late.

"Your tired. You still need to sleep," said Cole tucking Liam in. He nodded yawing widely. Cole kissed him on the forehead as Liam closed his eyes and drifted into dreamland.

"Goodnight Liam," Cole whispered leaving the room.


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