*sigh* me and my stupid ideas.....anyways, here goes another one-shot fic.

Chapter One


Kagome stood, breath-taken by the beauty of the full moon. Beside her, holding her hand ever so gently, was Yain, the man she thought she loved. He stepped behind her, his hot breath blowing against her chilled neck, sending shivers up her spine. "Kagome," he called softly, yet stern, "There is something I must tell you." He closed his eyes, his body filled with hunger for only one thing.

"What's that?" Kagome asked as she smiled one of her most beautiful smiles, and placed her hand over Yain's. She had been thinking for a while that Yain was thinking about something, and hard She had came to a conclusion on what it was- he loved her. Why else would he take her to see such a beautiful scene?

"I...." he stoppped. fear whirled within him, intertwined with hunger and lust. "I......" His eyes focused on her neck, losing track of his thoughts. He inhaled her delicious scent. So sweet, so tempting. It was the scent of a virgin. The scent of sakura and momo blossoms. It was such a mouth-watering scent. How could he help but to hunger for her?

"Yain, what is it?" Kagome asked, looking at him out of the corner of her eye, just in time to catch a glimpse of what was about to happen. "Yain!!!!!!!!" she cried as his eyes grew a firey red with flaming amber centers. He opened his mouth to reveal larger than usual canines, dripping with small droplets of saliva. He grasped her hands firmly so she could not move away, and he quickly tore into her paled, delicate flesh, causing her to scream into the emptiness of the night.