Catch a Falling Star - 1 By: Liv

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Author's Note: Yes, this is my first Gravi fic. ^^;; Erm, obviously...anyway, this story was inspired from, wouldn't you know, 'Princess Diaries'. It's the song the princess there sang if you noticed. :) But no, the story is VERY different from the movie. Short but...well... :) Have fun da yo!



Drowsy green eyes opened. The sleeping blond only stared helplessly at the approaching pink-head with clothes. *Monster?*

"Ohayo~!" The pink monster revealed it's wet pink tentacle and slithered it near the blond's ear.

Yuki Eiri jolted to a wake as he released a shout and rolled away from the monster, only to end up out of the bed and on the floor.

Shuichi Shindou winked one eye as he heard the thud of his Yuki's body. "Yuki?" He knelt on the bed and crawled to look at the fallen body. What welcomed him was a soft blue thing, smacked on his face. He fell backwards and on the floor with the pillow on his face as he heard movement from the other side of the bed.

Yuki got up and glared at where Shuichi once was. His hands were both pressed on the bed, far apart from each other. "Shuichi!!" He called angrily.

"Mou~ Yuki wa hidoi da~" Shuichi slowly got up and rubbed his nose, his other hand grasping the blue pillow.

"How many times did I tell you NOT to do that?!" It was as if Yuki was stressing each word he said.

Shuichi's lips were pouty. But soon, he put on wide smiling eyes to compliment his curved lips. "Ohayo!"

Yuki groaned and fell backwards once more, causing another thud. The short silence was enough heaven for him. It could have been longer if the pop singer didn't approach him and kneel beside him saying 'Yuki hasn't greeted me 'Ohayo!' back.'


"Waaai~" Shuichi felt as if that simple word made him float high above the writer, his eyes large plump hearts.

Yuki groaned once more and covered his eyes. "Aren't you late for work?"

"Ara?" Shuichi glanced at the clock. "Aaahh!! I remembered Nakano is picking me up earlier today!" He scrambled to his feet and was soon jogging outside the room and telling Yuki he'll be back early for him.

Yuki sighed and thanked the heavens for work.


"Shuichi, I thought we agreed that we're going to extend for thirty minutes today. You yourself said that."

"Nakano~" Shuichi called as he clung on the long-haired man while the motorcycle drove on. "Onegai??"

Hiroshi Nakano sighed, keeping an eye on the road ahead of him even if he's looking at his friend. "You've been pushing this thirty minute extension for days already!"

"What say we just cancel it?"

Nakano sighed and faced the road. "Hai hai." If it was going to end this madness, then why not?"

Shuichi smiled brightly at Nakano. Silence enveloped them and a bright day shouldn't be left silent, he thought. "Ne, ne, Nakano. Do you know what--"

"Okay, what did Yuki do or say again?" Nakano was expecting that name again. It had always been like that every morning.

Shuichi smiled brightly. "I'm glad you asked!"

*Do I have a choice?*

"While Yuki and I were playing,"


"He reminded me I had work."

"Wait, wait, wait, what do you mean by 'playing'?"

"Anou..." Shuichi looked at the skies as he thought of a good explanation for it. "Anyway, just this morning, Yuki reminded me I had work!"

Nakano sighed. "And?"

"He cares for me!"

"He what??" Nakano felt as if he heard one of the most surprising news in his life.

"He reminded me of my work because he doesn't want me to be late because he knows that you'll get mad and he knows that K-kun will get mad, too and he knows that Sakano-san will get mad too and--"

"Basically, everyone of us will get mad." Nakano summarized the long sentence.

Shuichi sighed and looked at the skies once more. "It's either he cares for me or..." He blushed and giggled and buried his face on Nakano's back while he slowly shook it left and right.

"Oi, Shuichi!!" Nakano had barely missed a trashcan. "Shuichi, what are you doing?!"

"Maybe he wants me to get home earlier so we could, we could, we could..."

Nakano sighed and decided watching the road was better than listening to Shuichi's thoughts.

Shuichi felt good this morning. And he knew it was all because of Yuki. His emotions were overflowing. He wanted to shout. He wanted to let it all out! Decided, he let go of Nakano and raised his arms up with his fists balled and shouted "YUKI!!!".

"Shuichi!!!" Nakano looked behind him alarmingly. He twisted his motorbike and pulled it to a stop as he watched Shuichi roll backwards. He sighed and slapped his face. "Ano baka da!"


Claude Winchester raised an eyebrow. "Wa-at?"

Shuichi's head was bowed as he stared at his right leg. It had little bandages around it. Like his arms and other leg. The face was luckily spared from the whole clumsy accident.

Shuichi was embarrassed.

"SHINDOU-KUN~" Sakano was in the verge of tears and craziness once more. He didn't mind if his twirling movement might ruin the room.

"That was BA-KA, Shuichi." K-kun revealed his magnum, twirled it around his finger and shot Sakano, causing the latter to silence down.

Fujisaki Suguru still couldn't believe how Shuichi had lost his mind back there. It had been usual for him to see Shuichi act like a crybaby. But he had wished idiocy would be spared. "Shuichi, did you figure out where you left your brain this morning?"

Shuichi bowed his head lower.

Sakano pushed everyone away and raised his fists in front of him, steady tears streaming down his eyes. "What are we going to do now, Shindou-kun?! We have a video shooting by the next two days!!"

Shuichi didn't feel like it, but as he lifted his head, a wide smile could be seen. "Dai-jou-bu! We'll do just fine, Sakano-san! I'm sure we can do something to cover my bandages, right?!"

"He's right." K-kun said in his usual deep accent. "We could change his costume and give him more make up."

"Change his costume??" Fujisaki repeated. "But it's already done! How can we--"

"It's OK." K-kun took a white cloth and started wiping any fingerprints from his beloved magnum.

Fujisaki sighed. "You're seriously going to do that?"

"I just called Yuki." Nakano entered the studio.

"Dewa, what did he say?" Shuichi asked. He didn't look so eager to know, but he was.

"You...wouldn't want to hear it."


Nakano sighed and cleared his throat and said the words in an almost Eiri voice. "Please excuse him for his stupidity."

Shuichi blinked. "...Uwahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

"Oi, Shuichi! You're seriously crying for this?!"


Shuichi got off the motorcycle and turned around to bow at Nakano.

"I'll be picking you up 8:00 tomorrow morning."

"Hai." With that, Shuichi waved while he watched Nakano off. "Oyasumi!" Then he turned around and approached Yuki's apartment.


"Tadaima." Yuki heard the drowsy voice and turned from his laptop as he heard the door close.

Shuichi was walking with his shoulders dropped.

Yuki sighed and shut off his laptop before he closed it. While he held the flat rectangular mechanism still, a mischievous smile spread on his face. Standing up, he approached Shuichi.

Shuichi stopped and looked at the blond man with drowsy eyes. "What time is it?"

"It's 10:00 pm..." Yuki held Shuichi's chin and lifted his head up.

"Gomen nasai, Yuki. I couldn't come home early--"

"Shhh..." Yuki pressed his index finger on Shuichi's lips. Then he leaned close to the boy's ear and whispered. "It's okay. The night is still young..."

Shuichi froze as he felt Yuki's hand slid down from his lips to his shirt. "Yuki...?"

"We can still make it..." Yuki found the first button to Shuichi's top and played with it.

Shuichi was slowly getting excited. What was Yuki up to? Was he seriously considering of doing it with him tonight?"

"But you're wounded." Yuki stood straight and left. "So never mind."

"N, nani?!" Shuichi turned around to see Yuki heading for his room. "Matte! YUUUUKIIII!!!" He rushed towards the man but unfortunately, had slammed against the door shut.

Yuki locked the door while he leaned against it and smirked.

Though he was seriously considering about doing it with the boy just this afternoon.



"Catch a falling star and, put it in your pooockeeet. Never let it faade, a- waaayy..."

Shuichi closed the door behind him and turned to the singer with a questioning look. "Sakuma-san?"

Ryuichi Sakuma, who was playing with his stuffed pink bunny while singing, turned to his caller and smiled widely. "Shuichi!" He waved madly and stood up and jogged towards him. "Ohayo!" He wrapped his arms around Shuichi and let go before the gesture could be returned to him. "Genki ka?"

"Mm!" Shuichi nodded. "Ne, what's Sakuma-san doing here?"

"It's my day off today!" Ryuichi said. "So, I thought I'd watch you practice."

"Sou desuka?" Shuichi walked towards the practice room with Ryuichi (and Kumagorou in that case) following.

"Hai!" Ryuichi said brightly. "Ne! How's your new single coming along?"


"Mm!" Ryuichi nodded. "Shuichi never did let me or Kumagorou hear it."

"Ne, Sakuma-san isn't pouting because of that, is he?"

"Iie! Dakara, I'll hear it now!" Ryuichi danced ahead and sang once more. "Ah! Sou!" He jogged towards Shuichi who stopped. "I wanna teach you a song."

"Songgu?" Shuichi blinked twice.

"Hai! It goes like..." Ryuichi cleared his throat and started to sing, swinging his finger as if he was conducting. "Catch a falling star and, put it in your pooockeeet. Never let it faade a-waaayy..." He smiled at Shuichi. "Now you sing it!"


"Mm!" Ryuichi nodded and smiled widely as Shuichi readied.

"Catch a falling star and, put it in your pooocket. Neeever let it faade a- waaayy..."

"Sugoi, sugoi!" Ryuichi clapped his hands. "Dewa, this can now be our theme song!"

"Tomodachi no tema desuka?"



Shuichi's heart skipped a beat and turned around to see a furious Nakano behind the wall.

"Get in her! We're late for practice!"

"Ah! H, hai!" Shuichi grabbed Ryuichi's hand and jogged towards the practice room.

"What were you doing singing nursery rhymes back there??" Nakano watched Shuichi rush towards the mic.

"Yoshi! Ikuze! Ichi, ni, san, seno!!" Shuichi readied for the song.

"I'll just seat myself here." Ryuichi sat directly in front of Shuichi on the floor. "Kumgarou will have special viewing! He'll sit in front of me." So he placed the stuffed animal in front of him.

Finally the music had started. The keyboards entered giving the song a rather techno feel and providing the drums. As the music went on, more beats were entered from the keyboard until the words were sang.

"Ikanaide! Sakendemo, ano sora e, tobu yasei no tori." As he sang the next line, Shuichi started to dance swinging his right shoulder back and forth and stepping his right foot in the same manner while he snapped. "Never say good bye. Shinayaka na, sono tsubasa, yuuki ni akaku somete." By then, the guitars had entered and Shuichi was dancing in full motion.

And the song went on.


"Tadaima, Yuki!" Shuichi dropped his bag on the hallway and jogged towards Yuki.

To the man's surprise, he felt Shuichi hug him and kiss him on the cheeks before running off to his room. "Sh, Shuichi?!" Yuki looked at the clock and saw that the young star was 30 minutes early. "W, what are you doing here so early??"

"K-kun and Sakano-san agreed that we end our practice early today for our video shooting tomorrow!" Shuichi left his room to face a surprised Yuki, bags hanging around him. "So we have to rest early today and pack at the same time!" He then rushed in to his room and continued to make noise of drawers opened, falling, closets being opened.

Yuki had almost gone mad with what Shuichi was doing. Sure that was his room but more importantly, this was HIS apartment. "Shuichi!!" He rushed off from his chair facing the laptop and into the boy's room. "Careful with the floor will you?? I don't want any damages on it!"

"Hai! Wakarimashita!"

Yuki groaned and had almost fallen if he had not caught his balance.



Yuki sighed. He held his open laptop and pushed it close as he waited for the hyperactive boy to approach him.

Shuichi dropped his many bags and grabbed Yuki's arm, then started dragging him. "Yuki! Come with us!"

"C, come with you??" Yuki jerked off Shuichi's grasp and felt his blue sleeves. "Shikuso, this is my favorite top..."

"Why don't you want to come along, Yuki?"

"I have a deadline to catch up!" Yuki snapped at Shuichi.

"You always have a deadline to catch up with!"

"Which is EXACTLY why I can't come!" Yuki noticed that his statement had silenced a blinking Shuichi. He sighed and covered his face. "Just be home before midnight, okay?"

"Demo, we'll be spending three days near that area and that's far from the city!"

"Then come home when you come home."

Shuichi blinked. But finally smiled. "I'll bring home some souvenirs for Yuki!" He pecked a kiss on Yuki's cheek for one last time before he left grabbing his bags and slinging it over his shoulders. "Itekimasu!"

Yuki groaned and slammed his head on his laptop. "Hai..."


"Uwahhh!!!" Shuichi fell down the light khaki ground and lied down, arms spread. "We haven't done much but I'm sooo tired!"

"Me, too." Nakano sat beside Shuichi holding a bottle of cold mineral water. He offered it to Shuichi who glady sat up and took the drink.

"Announcement," K-kun came with his magnum held out. "We're going to eat in a nearby restaurant for lunch. You coming?"

Shuichi finished down the whole bottle and politely refused K-kun's offer. "I think I'm still full from that breakfast we had on the car."

"It's because you ate a lot, Shuichi." Nakano stood up.

"You're coming along with them, Nakano?" Shuichi was looking at the man who smiled and shook his head.

"I had a heavy breakfast before I came to the studio."

K-kun shrugged. "Stay here, then." With that, he left.

"Ne! Nakano, let's explore!" Shuichi stood up and looked around.

"Explore? Where?" Nakano saw Shuichi point to his right and looked at it. "That cave?" It was their chosen background for their latest video.

"Hai! We don't have to go really deep, anyway." Shuichi approached the entrance.

"Oi, matte! Weren't you listening to our director?" Nakano jogged behind Shuichi.

"Kuramae-san?" Shuichi turned around to look at his best friend.

"We can't make much noise there. The rocks attached to it are sensitive to sounds. The vibration could cause a cave-in!"

"Dakara, we're not going to go deeper, anyway." Shuichi waited for Nakano to catch up. Finally, he was walking with him. "Besides, I did promise Yuki I'd bring home a souvenir for him."

"A rock from a cave?"

*You really think of the cheesiest gifts, Shuichi...*

Shuichi finally stepped foot into the cave. He entered further and looked around in awe.

"Kyosukete, Shuichi." Nakano whispered and walked carefully. "The floor is slippery!"

"Hai! Wakarimashita." Shuichi whispered back and tiptoed towards the far right dark corner of the cave. There was a wood plank there, barring the entrance to a deeper area in the cave. Shuichi held it lightly and peered downwards. "Kowe..."

"Nandesuka, Shuichi?" Nakano tiptoed towards his friend and peered down. "Wha! It's dark in there."

"Hai, sou da." Shuichi positioned his arms and hands like a T-Rex and tiptoed a few steps away. "Let's go." He caught sight of a light by the corner of his eye and looked down to see a chip of rock. "Heh...??" His smile slowly grew wider as he approached the rock and knelt. He picked it up and watched the sun reflect on it. He looked at it and could almost see his complete reflection on the smooth surface. "Sugoi...Yuki did say he needed a new paperweight..."

"That's a paperweight?" Nakano stood behind Shuichi and bent to take a closer look.

Shuichi let out a short laugh. "Yuki might like this." He stood up rather quickly causing his feet to lose balance. He let out a short shriek as he slipped and fell backwards, his outstretched arm hit the wooden plank and broke it.

"Shuichi!" Nakano held on the wall and knelt down, extending a hand to Shuichi.

Shuichi groaned in pain, one eye winked and teeth gritted. He had his free hand push the ground behind him but there was none. Surprised, he accidentally moved his legs sending him backwards.

Nakano's eyes widened as he watched Shuichi fall and tumble down the deep area. "Shuichi!!!" He called and approached the short cliff to watch Shuichi slide backwards, lying down face first. "Shuichi!" He called once more.

Shuichi grunted. "I, ite..." He pushed himself to stand up but something heavy was keeping him from doing it. But he noticed he should at least tell Nakano about his condition. He winked at him and let out a thumbs up. "Daijoubu da!"

"Shuichi! Can you stand up?"

"I...I'll try!" Shuichi continued to push and move his legs but something was painful when he did it. "I, I can't!"

"What's wrong, Shuichi??" Nakano called. He heard the cave rumble.

Shuichi's eyes widened as he looked around. "Shimata! The rocks are falling!" He turned to Nakano. "Ike! Nakano, ike!"

"I can't possibly leave you here!"

"Nakano, you'll get stuck, too!"

"I have to get you out!!" Nakano's heart skipped as rocks started falling. "Shuichi!" He motioned to come down but an arm wrapped itself against him and carried him away. "Matte! Shuichi!!!" He held out an arm as his carrier left with him to safety.

Shuichi pressed his face on the ground and covered his head as he waited for the falling rocks to stop.



"Don't go in!!" K-kun's arms assumed a new position as he restrained Nakano from entering the cave.

Nakano watched the rocks fall on the cave entrance. When everything had stopped, he felt K-kun's arms off him. He rushed towards the pile of rocks and searched for something loose. "Shimata!" He punched a rock and glared at K-kun. "Why didn't you let me go?!"

"And get you killed?! That's useless, Nakano!"

"What about Shuichi, then?!" Nakano stomped towards K-kun while pointing at the cave. "What about him, huh?! Tell me!!"

"It's better that he dies rather than both of you die!"

K-kun's words struck Nakano like a knife on his heart. "Take back what you said..."

K-kun knew what he said was wrong. But before he could speak, he had been thrown to the ground by a punch.

"I said take back what you said!!" Nakano bent and grabbed K-kun by the collar.

"Nakano, what happened??"

Nakano turned to see the whole staff of the video coming. "Fujisaki..."

Fujisaki's eyes where wide in confusion. "Shuichi doko ni iru yo?"

- End of Part 1 -

Author's Note 2: Now, um...Bird is by Seki Tomokazu-sama and uh...hope you enjoyed. :)