Chapter 1: A New Super In Town.

The robot's arm flew off in a shower of sparks while something caught Dash and gave him to Mirage. Whatever it was then flew up to the robot and fired through its head with lasers, all the way down to its power core, causing it to explode.

Mirage looked closer at what did it before she saw it was a person that was a little taller than Violet and had long red hair. She looked to be about 15 or 16 and had a dark red suit with a white S in the middle of a black infinity sign. She was wearing yellow gloves and boots and a mask over her eyes that was the same red as her suit. She hovered over and healed Dash by holding up her hand and emitting a green glow from her hand. Dash awoke to see her and his eyes shot open. He thought this new Super was really cute. He immediately shot out of Mirage's arms and rushed over to the new Super.

"Well, hello, ma'am. The name is Speed Demon." Dash said in a manly manner.

The Super looked at him and said, "Call me Superioria." she said before she noticed Mirage and said, "Well, if it isn't my favorite fellow agent who falls low."

Mirage gritted her teeth with a furious growl and look before the Super flew off.

"You know her, Aunt Mirage?" Dash asked.

"Unfortunately, yes I do." Mirage answered before she checked Dash to make sure he was fully healed.

Later that day, Mirage was treating Dash to some of her cookies when Dash asked her, "If you know so much about that Super, do you know who she is?"

Mirage nodded, "Her real name is Kristy Randall, a "hotshot" new agent for the National Supers Agency. I trained with her when we worked to become part of the National Supers Agency and I'll tell you, I could not stand her attitude. She's arrogant and full of herself. She always talked down to others she felt were beneath her. Not only that, but she was so competent, she was picked for a secret project that very few in the agency know exists. Now, Dash, what I'm about to tell you has to be kept top secret, understand?" Mirage asked.

Dash nodded, "The NSA has a machine that is actually capable of granting a normal person whatever powers possible." Mirage said.

"No way! Really?!" Dash asked.

"Yes. It grates my nerves that she was chosen for and knew about it before I did." Mirage said.

"Well, what's her power?" Dash asked.

"To be honest, I'm not sure." Mirage said.

Later that day, the rest of the Supers were at the NSA HQ, doing training exercises. Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible were competing to see who could lift more weights, Elastigirl having even grown her muscles to make an even match.

"Come on, Bob. Surely, you can't lose to me at that weight." Elastigirl said as she lifted weights totaling 12000 pounds.

"Like heck I will." Mr. Incredible said as he lifted weights equaling 48000 pounds.

"That's nothing." Superioria said as she also inflated her muscles and stretched around weights before she lifted a total of 200000, surprising both of them.

"Wow, now that's impressive, but let's see you copy this!" Frozone said before he created an ice statue of Dash.

"Impressive, but it can't top this!" Superioria said as she also used ice powers to create a statue of herself defeating the Incredibles.