It all really took off during his third year at Hogwarts just before the summer Holidays. He had just barely managed to escape from the care of Madam Pomfrey after his current mis-adventure and was wandering around aimlessly.

Somewhere along the way he had found a room on the seventh filled with tons of breakable things. Thus when provided a rather appealing target he decided to use the provided room to vent his anger.

Some time later found one Harry Potter still in the room and cursing out the incompetent of the Minister of Magic and biased Potions Professor who had a vendetta against a dead man that he was taking out on said mans son.

Letting out a growl of frustration the green eyed boy threw several more blasting hexes towards his targets. The hand that clutched the wand was bone white from the force of his grip as the young teenager took a moment to catch his breath.

During this time Harry took a moment to glance around the rather destroyed room in an attempt to find something unbroken. It took only a second but that was all the time the teen needed to see that he had destroyed practically everything he could.

When this finally registered the green eyed boy finally felt all of his anger leave him and proceeded to collapse in a bean bag chair that had suddenly appeared behind him.

Closing his eyes the teen took a moment to reflect on the recent events that had led him here.

From the discovery of a godfather who had apparently betrayed his parents and escaped from jail years later, all the way towards discovering the man was innocent and the real culprit being none-other than his friend's pet rat. To travel backwards in time with another friend of his to save his innocent godfather and his own life from a hoard of Dementors and helping said man escape execution.

Finally leading to the teen deciding that he wanted some alone time before eventually ending up in a room filled with breakable things to take out his frustrations on.

As if compelled by an unknown force however these events eventually lead him to remembering his previous two years at this school and their own mishaps. All together Harry had never once felt this tired before and in a rare moment of teenage angst he spoke.


Despite the soft voice he spoke it with the signal question seemed to bounce around the room with startling clarity. Combined with the tired and defeated tone that he had spoken it with and a heaviness had settled around him like the calm before a storm.

"Why is it whenever something good seems to come along… something else pops up that ruins it for me?"

Looking at the ceiling blankly Harry couldn't help but speak out loud in quiet hope that somebody was somehow listening to him.

"One of the first things I remember is the Durlies and their hatred of me because of the simple fact I had magic. This led to them treating me no better than a house elf and ruining any chance of a normal life for me simply because it made them feel better."

Letting out a sigh the teenager glanced at the wand currently resting in his hand before letting it slip out of his limp hand.

"When I finally find out about said magic I my hopes for some sort of normally are dashed when people congratulate me for surviving a serial killer that my parents sacrificed themselves to stop. Only to turn their noses up at me when I suddenly don't start acting like they think I should."

Absently the green eyed boy noted how loud the magical foci sounded as the piece of holly wood clattered to the ground and rolled away.

With a tired sigh Harry turned his head just enough to note where the magical piece of wood had rolled towards before speaking again.

"I then have to deal with people keeping secrets from me in an attempt to keep me safe when said information could actually help keep me safe. Only to find out about them later when I'm in the middle of a big mess that only gets worse because that greasy bastard has a bloody vendetta against my father that he's taking out on ME!"

With that final shout the teen felt whatever tension he had left dissipate from his body as he slowly started to drift off into sleep.

"Just once… I wish that something good would happen to me… that I could actually be happy for one bloody moment in my life."

Slowly the teen felt his eyes close as he proceeded to sleep alone in the bean bag chair, completely unaware that his wish would be answered in an unusual way.

-|:-:|- P.O.V. Shift -|:-:|-

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was an old school that was based inside of an ancient castle that was in turn built upon several leylines.

Over the years many scholars had theorized that this combined with constant flow of magicals had led to the castle developing a form of consciousness. Unfortunately when combined with the ignorance of magicals in general this idea had long been forgotten by all but a few.

This was in turn a shame seeing as how there was an abundance of evidence such as the staircases that moved on their own or the constant changing on the infrastructure throughout the years. Another good piece of evidence was when the castle seemed to get a bit mischievous and mess around with various people that it took a shining to by allowing them to discover something special only to move it to never be found again.

Obviously there were other numerous examples that one could give but this is neither the time nor place to list them.

Some of the most notable people that Hogwarts took a liking to were James Potter and his crew the Marauders who the castle let tap into their wards to make a map that traced everyone inside. Another good example was none-other than Lilly Evans and her nearly unending curiosity and wonder that led to her wandering around the castle in her free time, more often than not lost.

Currently however the school had taken a shine to the mischievous twins that it led towards safety from their more amusing pranks. Another one however was a second year by the name of Luna Lovegood who seemed to heavily resemble Renowva at her best when she discussed her own made up creatures so long ago.

One thing however should be noted, Hogwarts foremost and firstmost was at its core a sanctuary for those unable to defend themselves. Oh the castle may let the modern wizards play around with its wards and think they were in control but in truth the school was simply content to sit on the sidelines and watch those within.

This had led to the school seeing all sorts of interesting and unusual beings pass through them, some magical some not. It had even witnessed many soldiers come through, some willingly embracing their role to those unwillingly thrust into a fight and unable to escape.

Whether it be a kid wieding a key shaped blade and traveling with an anthropomorphic dog and duck, to a cyborg and his niece needing a brief moment to rest from their journey. To a boy who happily tossed aside his very humanity to become a living sword down to his very soul to help others all the way towards a crew of voyagers from beyond the stars in an unending quest to find a new home away from their endless war.

In fact Hogwarts had even let a number of what people would call villains rest inside it's walls in their own journeys.

It watched in sadness as people broke down from pressure, some to never recover, and in awe as some picked up the pieces and left stronger than they were before. Even now part of the castle wept for those who lost everything only to up a brave front and continue on less they fall into oblivion.

Despite this however all that the school did was offer it's silent support, watched, listened, and most importantly observed.

However, at this moment, the ancient castle couldn't help but feel disgust towards a number of people as it watched what was happening. Never in all of its existence has Hogwarts ever witnessed someone willingly trying to manipulate one boy in an attempt to turn him into a disposable weapon.

Dumbledore had once been a good man but now he was nothing more than an old fool doing his best to hold onto power. All the while he was tearing the country apart around him in a misguided attempt of the Greater Good.

Somewhere within its halls Hogwarts couldn't help but let out an equivalent of a snarl in a mixture of disgust and anger. Oh how the founders would weep if they could see how their greatest dream had become nothing but a hollow shell of itself.

Fleeting memories passed through what amount of the school's consciousness as it remembered the time it had once been a living creature. Of how it had met four remarkable humans and their dreams of making a safe haven for all types of magical creatures regardless of their origin.

It could still remember how the four spoke of wanting to help teach others and of their many shenanigans they had in their travels. How one day it had taken a mighty blow for it's friends and how they had stayed at their side in it's last moments of consciousness.

In the end the castle had refused to move on and willingly bound itself to the land in an attempt to give the founders a final gift of a safe place for them to build their school. Despite the pain this brought even now the school didn't regret it's choice as it continued it's self appointed mission of protecting those within.

As if these memories were a catalyst a new memorie popped up of it's time before meeting with it's friends and the unexpected consequences of an experiment. Of how it had attempted to craft a spell to take it home before slowly forgetting it as it became attached to the four miscreants that had wandered into it's den by accident.

Slowly however Hogwarts started to feel giddy as a crazy idea came to it before metaphorically glancing at it's magic. The idea was positively dangerous and insane but oh how it would mess with several plans and people spectacularly.

Ever so slowly the castle began to gather its lingering essence before oh so slowly draining it into the body of the child it had set its sights upon. Truthfully it would never be able to do this under normal circumstances but it just so happened that one Harry Potter had stumbled upon a rather unique room.

The Come and Go Room as it was called was special in that it was here that the school had the most freedom to do as it wished. While it was slowly draining it's remaining essence into the boy the ancient castle kept a close eye out in case someone noticed what was going on.

At the same time the school began to use a small part of its magic to enchant a silver bracelet that a muggleborn had left behind some 11 or so years ago with a few various charms. Absently it noted that young Harry was starting to stur so it placed a light sleeping charm on him before cutting off the flow of it's essence.

When that was done it materialized the bracelet onto him and felt a rush of giddy-ness as a light pulse of magic activated the special port key it placed on it. Thanks to a few charms on it not only was the thing unbreakable but nobody would notice it, and with some temporal magic nobody would notice that young Harry had disappeared for that long.

It was just a few seconds later after the young boy disappeared that Hogwarts felt a threatening presence. Nervously it noted that in it's rush to help the young teen it had apparently forgotten that the boy's familiar was rather attached to him.

Turning its attention towards the agitated owl the ancient castle flinched upon hearing the threatening hiss she was emitting. In fact in an unusual amount of nervousness and fear the school did the best thing it could, drop the resident phoenix close to the agitated owl and retreat to its furthest depths to hide until she was satisfied.

-|:-:|- Scene Shift | Dragon Realms -|:-:|-

Letting out a grunt Harry couldn't help but feel like something was off as he woke up from his impromptu nap. With no clue what it was he started to stretch slowly before finally noting that he could hear and feel the wind.

Instantly any traces of tiredness was banished as he quickly sat up and looked around the small forest clearing he had appeared in. A few seconds of looking later though and he noticed that there was something just within his field of vision causing him to go cross eyed in an attempt to look at it.

"What in the…"

The words tumbled out of his mouth as he got a semi-good look of what he could only amount to a snout of some sort. A second later he heard and felt a thump somewhere behind him and turning his head he saw what appeared to be a black, almost purpleish in certain light, tail with a white thing on the tip of it.

With a mounting alarm he picked up a hand and noticed that it was more paw-like with claws and a look at his chest showed snow-white scales. Instantly he started to whip his head around in an attempt to examine his body before quickly looking around for some sort of reflective surface.

Soon enough he found himself stumbling towards what he could only assume was a nearby stream based on the noise he was hearing. His alarm mounting even more upon catching sight of what he could only assume was a leathery looking wing of some sort that was also attached to him.

The second he got close to the stream the green eyed boy finally managed to confirm what he feared the most, he had somehow been turned into a dragon. A few moments passed in silence as he tried to wrap his mind around this before doing the only reasonable thing he could, scream his lungs out.


At least that was the intention, instead he got what amounted to a startled roar which instantly caused him to stop in shock.

For a brief moment all sounds of the forest stopped as the young teenager took a moment to look cross eyed at his snout. A second later he closed his mouth with an audible snap and listened as the sounds of nature slowly returned.

"Why does this shit always happen to me?"

-|:-:|- Time Skip - Three Hours -|:-:|-

Three hours later found Harry muttering under his breath as he slowly walked through the woods in an attempt to find some sign of civilization. At least that was his hope, for some reason he had the distinct feeling that he was no longer on Earth anymore.

Moving on the teen stumbled slightly on his four limbs before managing to catch himself and continue on with a renewed amount of grumbling. Walking on four limbs was harder than it seemed at first but he was slowly adjusting it seems.

Letting out a sigh the green eyed boy kept an eye out for any signs of trouble, or at least something that reasonably resembled food.

Eventually he came to a stop in another forest clearing that was filled with mushrooms of various shapes and sizes. Wearily he looked around for any signs of danger for if there was one thing he learned at Hogwarts it was that magic could make even the most innocent of things could be highly deadly.

Instantly he could feel something lurking on the edges of his senses as he took the first few careful steps into the clearing. There was also the feeling that someone was watching him and with care he continued to creep forwards in the admittingly creepy clearing.

Every now and then he caught sight of what appeared to be the leaves stirring in a non-existence breaze. At times he could even swear that he heard the scuttling of some sort of insect but whenever he turned to look there was only more mushrooms.

Soon enough he noted that he was approaching the center of the clearing where he could make out what appeared to be some giant mushrooms. There were at least three edging out at 10 or so feet with one easily growing up to the 20 foot range if he was estimating them right.

Looking at the monstrous fungi Harry couldn't help but get a nagging feeling that something was wrong. This caused him to pause for a moment to look around in a vain attempt to figure out what it was before noticing a nearby mushroom that had leaves moving near its base.

Wearily the teen took a moment to slowly walk closer to it and took note of what appeared to be a low and steady growling noise. In fact, now that he was actually paying attention to it he would swear that the strange mushroom was actually snoring.

When he took another step forwards however a sudden snapping noise instantly caused him to freeze and look downwards. Apparently he wasn't paying as much attention to his surroundings as he should have because he had stepped on a twig.

Looking up at the mushroom he couldn't help but let out a yelp upon seeing the damn thing uproot itself to reveal that it was actually a spider. A quick look around the clearing instantly showed that he was surrounded by the spider-mushroom things.

"BLOODY HELL! It's second year all over again!"

Instantly seeker instincts came alive as he dodged one of the strange creatures that tried to jump him. In that one moment he tossed aside all thoughts and let a combination of Seeker, Weasley twin avoidance, and Dudley running instincts come together as he ducked, bobbed, and weaved around the swarm.

Then one of the little buggers got luck and managed to land on his back instantly causing him to push it off and lash out. The following screech the mushroom-spider let out caused everyone to momentarily pause in shock before Harry looked down at his now bloodied claw.

As if this was a trigger the green eyed boy instantly remembered something very important, he was now a dragon.

"Oh it's on now you Aculmulenta wanabies."

Letting out a fang grin the young teen couldn't help but let out a low growl before lunging at the nearest creature he could. In the end he tore out a huge chunk out of the mushroom-spider which let out another shriek that spurred the others into action.

Unfortunately luck was not in their favor as the young dragon had subconsciously decided that now was a good time to work out 10 years worth of aggression and then some. In fact Harry could actually care less as he lost himself to his dragonic instincts and started tearing apart the creatures with his teeth.

A few minutes later and he was practically grinning while covered in blood and guts from the Aculumenta wanabies. Soon enough he was chuckling in joy as he watched the creatures start to run away in- "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL" fear.

Any sense of satisfaction was instantly wiped away upon hearing the deep growling behind him. Slowly turning around the young dragon caught sight of the bigger mushrooms digging themselves out of the ground.

In just a few moments of looking at the giant red eyes of the creatures he realized that he was once more in way over his head.

"... why does this always happen to me?"

-|:-:|- P.O.V. Shift -|:-:|-

As much as she liked Spyro and respected him for saving her she still found his adoptive brother Sparx to be highly annoying. Sure the dragonfly had calmed down in the intervening years since they saved the world but he still got on her nerves from time to time.

As such she decided to get out from the temple before doing something she would regret and go for a nice relaxing flight.


Instantly any thoughts of relaxation stopped as she instinctively turned into a holding pattern to scan for whatever had let out the deep growl. Despite the fact that Malfore had been defeated his forces still existed and had scattered after the final battle.

In fact there were still some hold outs even to this day who caused chaos in some vain attempt to find their master.

Letting out a snort, Cynder flew a little lower as she noted movement on the forest floor before noting that it was nothing more than a couple of Bulb-spiders. For a moment the dragoness contemplated just leaving things be before shaking her head and looking towards the direction they were running from.

From what she could remember both Spyro and Sparx had said that this area was rather close to what they called the breeding grounds. If that were true then it might be a good idea to investigate just in case it might be related to any remnants of Malefor's army.

A few seconds later she was looking at the breeding grounds and taking note of the sheer size of the Bulb-Spiders. Three of them were easily around the size of adult dragons and must have been breeders if what she remembered were any indication.

As for the final spider, the sheer size of it meant that it was an Elder Bulb-spider, if that's any indication then it must meen that this nest was rather old. She could also make out what appeared to be a sizable amount of bodies scattered around the clearing which must have been what sent them off.

Flying closer the Shadow Dragoness instantly spotted that the four giant spiders were apparently sporting several small wounds which were doing nothing more than enraging them. Another look around and she instantly spotted the cause for them being what she assumed was a cheetah from the shear speed they were moving at.

At first she couldn't get a good view of the one causing this as they kept darting either behind or under one of the four fungus arachnids in a vain attempt of avoiding being hit. It was only as another of the spiders got a good hit on the person that she got a good look at them and nearly felt her heart stop.

For there struggling to get up from the devastating blow was none-other than a young dragon that the Bulb-spiders were slowly closing in on with the intent to kill. Despite the heavy scent of blood and guts she could easily make out the familiar smell of dragon's blood coming from them.

In that instant however she didn't quite care what was happening as she climbed up higher in the air to prepare herself for a power dive. Dragon hatchlings were rare in this day-and-age thanks to the war, and it was only now that they as a species were starting to recover.

As it stands every drop of blood was important and no dragon could really outconstrize another simply due to their actions during the war. Now at her peak Cynder folded her wings and let out a roar as she dive-bombed the four giant Bulb-spiders in a surprise attack.

Absently she noted what appeared to be a flash of blue fire nearby before dismissing it to concentrate her attack. Whatever it was could wait unless it tried to harm the young one, and if it did she would show it why you didn't mess with the former Terror-Of-The-Skies.


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