Coming out of his Occlumency induced daze Remus desperately wanted to rip the man known as Dumbledore to shreds. He only entertained this thought for a few seconds before letting out a tired breath and looking sharply at Harry's paper, which he was still gripping.

As much as he wanted to be angry at this point he had too much to lose if he acted rashly like Sirius did. Though thinking about his friend the werewolf suddenly realized that there was a good chance that his friend was also under a colpunsion or two.

Combine that with the fact he had been affected by Dementors for the past few years and it was possibly a bad idea to leave him on his own. At the same time he couldn't exactly go and abandoned Harry either now that he was this close.

Turning around the man absently walked back to his desk and reached for the map before pausing in thought. Now that he could actually think clearly he realized there was something he could do that would allow him to secretly remain in contact with his pup without alerting Dumbledore.

While it was a long shot it was quite possible that the Marauder hideout was still where he and the others left it untouched. If he remembered correctly then they might have left behind some of their mirrors inside, and if not then there was possibly some material left behind that he could use to make a new set.

The old coot probably had a set of owl wards around the boy to prevent him from receiving certain letters so it might be best to secretly give him one of them. The only problem would be potentially slipping it to the young teen without anyone knowing and looking at the map he instantly knew how to do it.

Slowly a smirk started to come to the tawny haired man's face as he decided to let his inner Marauder out for the first time in years.

He wasn't much of a prankster anymore nor had he ever been to begin with but in truth he was a planner. Half of their school pranks wouldn't have been as successful if he wasn't part of the process though he did give credit to the others as they did help.

While he was on the thought of others Remus couldn't help but briefly remember that he had been warned of a certain pair of twins hoping to renew the Marauder legacy. If he was really going to start plotting against Dumbledore he was going to have to cover all his bases, both inside and outside the castle.

Newfound resolve filled the tawny haired werewolf grabbed the map and within a few seconds of searching he found them in an unused tower of the castle. With that he cleared the map and began the task of tracking the miscreants down for a rather enlightening talk.

In fact, now that he was thinking of it Remus was really hoping that most of the Marauder's stuff was still intact. If it was then he was going to have a field day handing the twins some of his old prankster notes for ideas that his group had never managed to do.

-|:-:|- Dragon Realms | Dragon Temple -|:-:|-

Without any thought of direction Harry had walked out of the central chambers after a detailed discussion with Terrador about his knowledge of Avalon. While most of it was rather skewed due to the passing of time the general description of the mythical island seemed to fit the Dragon Realms rather well.

This in turn led to him talking about the dragons of old and somewhere along the way they got sidetracked before the Earth Guardian was called away by one of his fellow Guardians. Afterwards he didn't exactly want to return to his temporary chambers and had wandered off without a direction in mind.

Intellectually the green eyed dragon knew he would eventually regret this but in the end he needed time to calm himself down.

At this point he was just letting Hedwig choose his directions and the owl seemed to be having quite a bit of fun from her perch on his back. A bark made him stop or go, claw taps on his scales ment turn right, and a peck ment turn left.

He was quite sure that the Snowy owl was only doing this so he had time to sort his mind out and for that he was grateful. If during this time they avoided the other residents of the temple then he was silently thankful that she managed to read his mood.

With a tired sigh Harry eventually came to a stop in front of another window as his mind eventually went towards his friends. Now that he was thinking about them he couldn't help but wonder if they were freaking out about him disappearing.

Though that was even considering that they even noticed he was missing yet, or even alive seeing as how time could be moving differently between Earth and Avalon. This thought however eventually led him back to his most recent adventure and recent discoveries that spawned from it.


The name of his godfather came out as a soft whisper as the teen wondered how the man was faring. While he knew intellectually the man wasn't in the best of shape, either mentally or physically, Sirius Black was still one of the few people who saw him as Harry Potter and not the Boy-Who-Lived or anything else.

Sure there were a few people who seemed to do that as well such as Hagrid and… now that he was thinking of it that was the only person he could think of. As much as he liked Ron and Hermione he wasn't exactly blind to the fact that both of them seemed to be looking at him from two different rose tinted glasses.

Ron despite being his first friend of his own age tended to have a temper and at times he felt that the only reason the redhead hung around was to try and coast on Harry's unwanted fame. Then there was Hermione, he really didn't become friends with her until the troll incident and he was sure that was the main reason they even began hanging around each other.

As such while he called them his friends he couldn't help but feel like they were both expecting something of him. In fact, now that he was thinking of this Har-

"Are you alright Harry?"

Letting out a yelp Harry couldn't help but instinctively jump in shock, much to Hedwig's displeasure if her cry was any indication. Stumbling a bit he managed to catch himself just in time before he took an impromptu flight through the open window and turned around in anger.

Any retorts however were instantly drained from him upon seeing the form of Spyro standing above him. Transformed or not the teen still knew that angering dragons was a stupid and often suisidal idea.

"Yeah, I'm just… lost in thought Spyro."

Said dragon simply raised an eyeridge as he noted the teen seemed to speak through clenched teeth before shrugging.

"Can't say I'm surprised, in these last few days you have had quite a number of shocks. Though I do hear that talking is supposed to help if you're up to it."

The purple dragon watched as the teen grumbled before looking out the window once more. As for the owl on his back, the snowy seemed to have settled down once more while giving him a rather good impression of stink eyes for the scare.

One part of him was honestly weary that the young dragon's familiar was able to intimidate him while the other part was impressed. Familiars were rare amongst dragon kind if only due to their naturally long life span that can easily reach over 600 or so with the more powerful ones reaching close to 1000.

Those who did take familiars tended to stick towards their distant and far less intelligent kin known as Wyverns who not only had a long lifespan but were much more hardier than normal animals. He even had an eye on one particular one that amused him from time to time with it's antics of messing with others in the most unexpected of ways.

That's not to say that there were other creatures around the place that could also be made into familiars but it was rare for normal animals to be taken in. Looking at Hedwig though Spyro wouldn't be surprised if the owl had some sort of unusual ancestry in the last three or four generations which made her much smarter than others of her kind.

Shaking his head the dragon looked at the young teen in an expecting way before being rewarded with a tired sigh.

"I was thinking about my godfather Sirius and what he could be up to right now."

Curious the purple eyed dragon took a moment to let Harry gather his thoughts before speaking.

"Interesting… I take it that this Sirius is some sort of guardian figure for you but from your tone I take it there's more to the story."

Harry let out a low hum of agreement as he took note of the cloudy sky and took note of a few peculiar shapes he could see. The greened eyed dragon then turned his head just enough to see the elder dragon from the corner of his eye before speaking.

"Sort of… I wasn't exactly aware of him until the beginning of this year when he escaped from prison and all anyone ever told me about him was that he was a mass murderer. Later on I learned that he was supposed to take me in after my parents were killed but he made a mistake of chasing down the one who told their location to Voldemort."

"Unfortunately by the time he caught up with the traitor they were prepared and claimed that he was the traitor before blowing up the street and transforming into a rat to escape. The end result was twelve killed, Sirius breaking down from shock, and everyone believing that a finger was all that remained of the true traitor…"

Trailing off in thought Harry let his mind return to the eventual discovery of the truth before shaking his head and continuing.

"He was then thrown into the high security wing of the worst prison possible where the guards are soul sucking creatures known as Dementors who force their victims to relive their worst memories over and over again. It was only recently that he even managed to recover enough to escape when he saw a picture of the real traitor in the newspaper and learned that they were rather close to me."

"What's even worse is that just when everything was coming together and the real traitor was caught everything fell apart. The traitor escaped and Sirius was scheduled to be executed because a man who hated both Sirius and my father since their time in school decided to intervene and make my friends and I sound delusional."

"Heh… thanks to some convoluted circumstances he's now on the run and any chance of proving himself innocent is ruined thanks to a bitter teacher who can't let go of the past."

With that Harry let out a tired sigh as he watched the clouds slowly drift by and mentally wished he had his broom with him. As for Spyro, the purple eyed dragon was surprised upon hearing this but said surprise was slowly ebbing away as anger replaced it.

While it was obvious that he was missing quite a lot of information the more he learned of the green eyed dragon's world the more he disliked it. At the same time he also knew that Harry was also young so he might either be biased or possibly not in the know about a few things.

Slowly though the purple dragon took a few breaths to calm down knowing that he shouldn't lose his temper over this before turning his head to look at the young teen. Apparently the green eyed dragon was a trouble magnet similar to his younger self if this story was any indication.

With that in mind and Cyril's diagnostics from a few days ago it was obvious that Harry has been through a lot with very few looking out for him if any. At the same time Spyro got the distinct feeling that things were only going to get worse for the young teen before they got better.

"I see… you've given me much to think over Harry but for now I think it's time we go and get ourselves something to eat and afterwards… I think we'll head out to do something."

The purple dragon watched as the green eyed dragon seemed to turn his head to look at him curiously. For some reason the young teen couldn't help but think that he heard amusement in the dragon's voice.

-|:-:|- Time Skip - Next Day -|:-:|-

Spyro couldn't help but let out a chuckle upon seeing the weary form of Harry walking down the hallway. The young dragon had been shocked and then excited when he had started teaching them how to fly.

Then the purple dragon burst the black dragon's bubble by having them start a simple exercise regime to help build up their wing mussels. There had been much grumbling at first before the teen had gone to bed and now he was sure that they were rather glad to have listened to him.

Today however Volteer was taking over watching the young dragon and had decided the best thing to do was hold an impromptu teaching session. Just the thought of such a thing made him wince but in the end Harry would be better off for it.

Moving on Spyro decided that he had let himself be distracted long enough and went directly towards the Hatchery.

"Everything seems to be in order so far."

Upon coming into the room the purple dragon heard the distinct voice of Terrador as the Earth Guardian did an inspection of the area. The green dragon was being rather thorough in this aspect as it was the first time in decades that the temple would be housing eggs, and nobody wanted a repeat of the past to happen.

Glancing around Spyro took note of how the few wards he had cast before were holding up before noticing a few that he just knew Cynder had set up herself. Those wards were a bite more aggressive than normal but they did add a sense of security that the temple seemed to lack.

"You know, if by some chance we can visit Harry's world I say we should look up a few wards that his people have to add to those we have here."

Slowly coming up to the Earth Guardian the purple dragon witnessed his old mentor let out a small snort before replying.

"If by some chance we can then I'm in agreement but for now what we have here should do for the time being."

That said Terrador proceeded to go for yet another inspection of the room with military based precision. To the outsiders it would probably be a level of overkill but seeing as how dragons as a species were almost extinct they were taking every precaution possible and then some for the next generation.

Seeing as how everything was going well here Spyro decided that he had nothing better to do than hit the library for anything that would help them understand what was up with Harry's scar.

Now that he was really thinking about it they probably should have asked the young teen more about this Voldemort character. From what he could remember the young dragon had insinuated that he had run into this Dark Lord multiple times throughout his time at this Hogwarts place.

With that sour thought in mind the purple dragon couldn't help but frown as he turned the corner and caught sight of his brother Sparx. Who was apparently flying backwards rather slowly away from the Snowy that had taken perch on a window that he might have entered from.

"Hedwig is only interested in having a staring contest Sparx, not eating you."

Said dragonfly let out a brief yelp of surprise and momentarily fell before just barely catching himself from hitting the floor. His shock was then replaced with anger and quickly Sparx whipped around to confront his adoptive brother.

"SPYRO! Don't do that to me… did you say that thing is called Hedwig?"

Trust the yellow dragonfly to get distracted and inadvertently piss off the owl though Spyro could understand the reason why. Before he could say anything though the purple dragon couldn't help but blink as the Snowy sent a flurry of snow at his brother.

Hedwig then hooted smugly at the gaping look of the arrogant dragonfly before taking wing and heading out to hunt. She knew her master was in the middle of a lesson so it would be best to keep herself busy and it just so happened that she knew where a den of bobcats were located.

Back to the brothers the smaller of the two were gapping in shock, alongside rather cold, and the bigger one was just bewildered. Neither one of them had even known that the Snowy was magical at first glance, or could spit out small bouts of snow at will.

"That happened… we have a new resident in the temple Sparx and you just so happened to have insulted his familiar."

A second of compilation later and the purple dragon decided that it would probably be for the best if he ignored this. He would inform Harry about it later on but for now he wanted to tell his brother about the newest resident.

"Anyways, there is a teenage black and white dragon who has an… unusual name and is currently staying here for the time being. This however is only because of some unusual circumstances that none of us really want known so for now please don't anger him if you meet them."

Sparx simply raised an eyebrow while crossing his arms as he looked at his brother before slowly nodding. It wasn't exactly normal that Spryo didn't mention something unless it was important and normally he would wait until the two of them were in their shared bedroom to speak of it.

While younger he would have been jealous of this but age had brought wisdom to the once rather arrogant dragonfly. Nowadays however he had realized that part of the reason why he wasn't told anything was because he was a bit of a blabber mouth in his youth.

That's not to say he still wasn't but at least he knew when and when not to run his mouth and to watch what he said, though he did occasionally still lose control when angered.

Other than that he was privileged to know quite a few secrets, though Sparx knew that his brother knew more, and access to quite a few archives that normal outsiders weren't allowed. He was also given the rare honor of being allowed to learn magic from the dragons themselves who guarded their knowledge zealously.

The dragonfly was lucky and damn well knew it so if he adjusted some of his personality for continued access then so be it. On a side note he was now no longer useless to his brother and Cynder in a fight having found his niche in supportive magic such as barriers and medical spells.

"Ah, just tell them to keep their familiar from trying to eat me and we'll get along fine then… anything I can help with?"

Sparx watched as his brother let out a contemplative hum before shrugging and walking down the hall prompting the dragonfly to follow.

"Right now we're in the middle of research so if you want to help then be ready to search through a ton of books, some of which are filled with unsavory knowledge. Of which if anyone found you using said knowledge would probably result in being hunted down with extreme prejudice."

That was ironically the usual MO when it came to dragon knowledge and thus the dragonfly was already used to it. A second later however and the yellow dragonfly was blinking in confusion as his brother went in the opposite direction of the library.

Confused at first Sparx was tempted to ask his brother what he was doing before realizing what was going on. "You… SERIOUSLY!? The Night Archives, what in the name of the Ancestors is going on that you need information from there of all places?!"

Nodding grimly Spyro glanced back at his rather startled brother who was practically frozen mid air out of shock. Seeing the look on his brother's face however the dragonfly couldn't help but gulp before shaking off whatever fear he had and proceeding to move forwards with determination.

Sparx knew that whatever was going on had to be serious if the dragons were actively going through the Night Archives of all places. As for why, the Night Archives were one of the most highly guarded and secretive places in all the Dragon Lands being a repository of a large amount of dark knowledge.

He himself had only been inside of the hidden library once before and the feeling inside was one of the worst things he had ever experienced. Fact is one could practically feel all the Dark magic saturating the air inside and most of the knowledge was sickening to read.

Said feeling had only grown once Cynder remembered where Malefor stored some of his own books on magic. Unfortunately they still had a number of books to sort through and all of them were filled with stuff that nobody was comfortable with.

"Sparx… lets just say that our guest has luck similar to our own back then and is now host to some sort of dark magic that came from a being attempting to become immortal by potentially disturbing means."

Spyro spoke absently as he continued down his way while his brother let out a long sigh as he realized what this meant. "Whelp, so long for hoping for some nice quiet twilight years bro."

The dragon couldn't help but snort at that as the two finally disappeared into the depths of the temple for the time being.

-|:-:|- Time Skip - 7 Hours -|:-:|-

Harry couldn't help but stagger slightly as he attempted to walk down the hall and away from Volteer's lesson. The reason for this was rather simple, his head was hurting rather fiercely from trying to keep up with the large chatterbox known as the Lightning Guardian.

From what he could understand the lesson was mainly on the written language of the dragons with a few culture lessons thrown in, and history, and some basic magic lessons, and potentially something about hygiene. Honestly he had lost track at some point as the yellow dragon had jumped around from subject to subject almost at random.

Thankfully though for the green eyed dragon Volteer was attentive enough and willing to repeat himself whenever the teenager got lost. On a side note the electric dragon had mentioned that the dark magic clinging to the hidden scar might have been affecting his learning curve as well.

"Seems like someone just got out of a lesson with Volteer."

Looking up Harry took note that Cynder was looking at him amused before letting out a groan and slumping as much as a dragon could slump.

"I have no clue how but I think that he's even more anal retenative than Hermione is… and where on earth does he get all that energy? I bloody swear that he's almost like a hummingbird on crack with how fast he can talk."

The dragoness raised an eyeridge in response to this statement and turned it over in her mind analyzing it. She was starting to understand that Harry's use of the word bloody was some sort of swear word and that this Her-mi-o-ne was a friend of his.

As for his statement of Volteer… despite only knowing him for a few days the young dragon was quite correct.

"Yes well… he is the Lightning Guardian and at times our elemental alignment can affect our personalities in rather strange ways. For example Terrador tends to be incredibly stubborn at times and Cyrill can be rather… cold towards others who attract his ire."

And wasn't that an understatement, she had witnessed and been on the receiving side of their personalities multiple times. Then again it wasn't exactly a big surprise as dragons were a rather long lived species and could hold a grudge like nobody's business.

On the bright side they were also a smart species who could change their attitude rather quickly when presented with enough evidence. It also helped that they valued certain personality traits as well and her willingness to sacrifice herself to help save Spyro.

Nowadays she was mostly treated neutrally by most of her own species with only a rare few hold outs that knew how to keep their mouths shut.

Back to the transformed human, he simply let out a groan and Cynder had to stop herself from chuckling at him. Without knowing it Harry was actually imitating Sparx when he first started learning from them, and to a lesser extent both Spyro and her.

That said she let out a brief hum before gesturing for him to follow and began to walk down the hall. Judging from the slight plopping of paws and tinks of claws on the ground the younger dragon was following her.

A few minutes later the two of them were walking into the kitchen where the shedragon proceeded to get something to eat, aka two recently dead sheep still bleeding. The dragoness quickly noted that the young teenager seemed a bit hesitant to eat his portion before remembering his origins.

"If you're uncomfortable with this it would only take a few minutes to cook but it would have to be on the extra rare side. Dragons, especially young ones like you, and before complaining you currently are one, need the extra proteins and the plasma found in blood."

"You in particular need it more since it should help your body recover from malnutrition and build up your mussels."

Harry seemed to grimace slightly before nodding and slowly lowering his head to take a small bite from the meat. Cynder simply stayed silent as she watched the young one swallow before going back for more and slowly pick up his pace.

A bite of her own meat later and she took note of the young teens increase in pace before wondering if there was some mental component to his transformation. It would make sense that there was some mental influence which made a twisted sort of sense for how else was one supposed to adapt to their new form when transformed.

Now that she was thinking of it there might be some sort of side effect for Harry if he was to ever turn back into a human. For example she had retained a portion of the power that Malefor had given her and was now a faux purple-dragon able to use all elements with ease.

Sure some were easier than others, such as the darker alignments, but besides that she also was a darker shade of purple. One that now she was looking at seemed to be almost lighter in coloration to Harry now that she was looking at him.

Suddenly her mind screamed to a halt and the she dragon quickly glanced up at the young dragon to examine his coloration. There was a stream of sunlight just coming in from the window and looking at Harry, Cynder couldn't help but silently gulp upon noticing that he indeed seemed almost purplish in appearance.

It was faint but if what she knew was true then it would appear that the young dragon's destiny had gotten a lot more complicated.

The light dimmed slightly and the dragoness momentarily thought that the coloration might have been a mere trick of the eye. She could be wrong, Cynder hoped she was wrong, and the only reason for the teenage dragons coloration could simply be because of his unusual origins.

It wouldn't be the first time that one's element was mixed up when they only took into consideration their scale colors.

Quickly shaking the thought out of her head the shadow dragoness decided that she needed something to distract herself with. Thankfully there was something that would do it and wouldn't even look suspicious seeing as how there were two examples in the room currently.

"You know… I've been curious since you arrived but does your world happen to have dragons like us in it?"

Harry paused for a moment and tilted his head to the side in thought while seemingly oblivious to the amount of blood dripping down his muzzle.

"Yeah… there's a few that I know of but their… not anywhere as smart as you are, at least that I know. There also, depending on the species in question, one of the highest rated dangers and tend to require at least over fifty magicals just to subdue one adult in a rampage."

Soon enough the two were off in a discussion as Cynder did her best to drag out all of the young teenage dragon's knowledge of dragons. It would not only be informative but simultaneously would bring up several uncomfortable and rather rage worthy moments.

Strangely enough the black and white dragon wasn't really that intimidated by the older dragons rage and simply chalked it up to knowing that he wasn't the target of it.

-|:-:|- Time Skip - 25 Hours 34 Minutes -|:-:|-

A little over a day had passed and a total of seven days after his arrival and subsequent transformation Harry was boredly lying down in his chamber. Though that's not to say that he was completely alone seeing as how Hedwig was with him sitting on a perch that had been brought in for her.

Well, he was bored but that doesn't mean he wasn't doing something and it just so happened that he had homework. In this case he had a few stacks of paper, some ink, a quill, and a handy book with a translation spell placed upon it.

The reason for this, he was basically being rewriting the book into English from whatever local language it was. Coincidently there was some rather complex magic involved that was helping him learn some of the basics.

All he really knew was that it would eventually be taken and used in some spell crafting to make some sort of improved translation spell. One that would make it incredibly easy for him, or anyone else interested, to learn how to read in Dragotoung.

Though he would have to do some work himself to make the language stick it would be useful in the long run.

Thankfully someone would occasionally check in on him and answer any questions he had but homework, even if it would only benefit him later on, was still homework. Strangely enough the one to check up on him most often was none-other than Cynder, though every now and then Spyro would make an appearance.

Other than that he had been introduced to the purple dragon's adoptive brother Sparx who seemed rather indifferent about him. That in turn led into the discussion on how a dragon was somehow adopted by a pair of dragonflies and some more information about the surrounding war.

Suffice to say that topic wasn't really touched upon that much as Harry related it to some of his unwanted fame and let it be dropped much to everyone's relief. That however did nothing to prevent them from handing him this book and making him translate it into English.

Little to say the more he read the more the green eyed dragon began to understand why nobody wanted to talk about some aspects of it.

"I take it you're getting bored?"

Looking up at Cynder the green eyed dragon let out a brief grunt as he set the quill into the inkpot and spoke.

"Yeah, working too long on something tends to give me a headache. Though recently I've begun to suspect that it's some sort of side effect of whatever it is inside of my scar."

Letting out a grunt the dragonessed looked at the young teenager as he proceeded to take a moment to close his eyes and attempted to rub them. Seeing the amount of paper stacked up to one side, the shedragon decided that he must have been at it for a while now.

"I see… care for a walk around the temple for a bit? It might be a bit boring but Terrador has apparently spotted a few issues he wanted to address involving the hatchery and we could always use an extra claw or two."

Sitting up a bit Harry couldn't help but almost yawn as he unconsciously stretched his wings a bit.

"Why not, I've been at this for a few bloody hours already and need something else to do before I fall asleep."

A small smirk made its way onto Cynder's snout as she watched the rather atypical teenage response. She herself could remember the times that both her and Spyro had responded the same way following Malefor's defeat.

That said it wasn't long before the two were walking down the hall with a rather bemused teenager taking in the sight of a Snow Owl sitting on the head of a dragoness. Said dragoness was slightly more reluctant about this but decided to put it with the irritatingly smug owl for the time being.

"So… any thoughts on what you're potentially going to do in the future?"

Hearing her voice Harry seemed to pause mid step before resuming his walk and letting out a sigh.

"Truthfully… assuming I somehow managed to return to my world and survive the rest of my years at Hogwarts? I've haven't really thought much of it but part of me wants to try and become an Auror, a wizarding law officer basically."

Cynder raised an eyeridge in response to this as she tried to imagine what the young teenager was speaking about. Though part of her couldn't help but linger on the stray thought she had a few days ago about Harry's potential.

"And if you possibly can't return?"

The dragoness' voice was soft and cautious as she carefully approached the sensitive topic. It instantly became apparent that it was a good idea as the black and white dragon instantly froze and bristled in response.

He then took a quick shuddering breath before forcibly calming down and dropped his head to look at the floor.

"I wasn't trying to think of that… I… despite not liking my world there are still those few that I care about and leaving them behind to try and… I don't know, but I Want to Return an-"

Whatever he was going to say was instantly forgotten as he felt something seemingly hook itself behind his navel and pull. The resulting yelps came from both dragons as one was blinded by a brief flash of light and the other was suddenly pulled somewhere else.

By the time Cynder could see again Harry was long gone and whatever residual magic there was was rapidly dissipating. A brief hoot made whatever building panic stop and the dragoness took note of the owl suddenly on her snout and rolling its eyes.

Hedwig seemed to turn her head to look at the green eyed dragoness before doing the owl equivalent of a shrug and hopping back onto Cynders head. The dragoness however simply let out a sigh at this and her panic was instantly replaced with exasperation as she remembered her adventures with Spyro and Sparx.

"Great… here we go again."

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