The bears in camel's clothing and the wolf in sheep's clothing

Outside, the men found what appeared to be an extremely short Arabian trader trying to dislodge his "camel" from the bush it had fallen into. The men looked suspiciously at the camel. It did not exactly look authentic. Fortunately, they didn't notice the very annoyed looking sheep slipping around to the back of the building they had just emerged from.

"What is going on here?" Michael demanded.

"Oh… um… my camel has… issues?" Kit said as Michael stormed up to him, towering over him.

"Do you think we are idiots? That is not a camel!" he said, pointing. "It's two buffoons in a suit!" A lightbulb suddenly went off over his head. "You're here to steal our flying machine, aren't you?" he ordered, grabbing Kit by the front of his robes.

"Get your hands off him!" Pilot Baloo shouted, forgetting that he was supposed to be a camel's backside. Jungle Baloo kicked him as best he could from their twisted position.

"Wait, it's- uh- it's OUR flying machine, and don't you want to know how it works?" Kit asked. "You look like very… uh… entrepreneurial men. You seem to have realized the value in our invention. So… we should discuss marketing! And sales!"

The men were still suspicious. "Your flying machine? Then what of the werewolf?" he asked.

"Well, uh, you've- heard that only silver bullets can kill werewolves, right?" Kit knew his comic book mythology.


"So, if you have a werewolf in your flying machine, and it crashes, your pilot doesn't die!"

The men looked at one another. That made… a surprising amount of sense, at the same time that it didn't make any sense.

"If I'm to believe your story, WHERE did you get a werewolf?!"

"Um… America. Yeah. America is full of werewolves!" he said. "They just… don't tell the British in case they need them as a secret weapon in another war."

"Those cheeky buggers!" Davey said, clearly buying the excuse. Michael didn't look so convinced.

Meanwhile, Bagheera had located Karnage. He had broken himself out of the cage but was still unable to put any weight on his leg. Realizing that waiting for him to crawl away would take too long, Bagheera ordered, "Quick, get this stupid sheep costume off me. I have an idea."

Khan, meanwhile, had slipped into through the back of the village while the noise had directed everyone's attention out front. He nearly collided with Bagheera, who appeared to be carrying a sheep on his back. "Really, Bagheera, and you chide me for taking food from the man village?" he asked.

"The man cub is not food!"

"And I am not food either," Karnage said in annoyance.

"Be quiet, you're supposed to be a sheep. Sheep don't talk."

"What, exactly, are you going to do about it Bagheera? Fight me right here and now?"

Bagheera tensed up. Even if he weren't carrying a heavy load on his back, fighting Khan was not on his bucket list of things he wanted to do in his life. He was afraid that if he did, it would be the last thing he did in his life.

Back out front, Michael looked over the "camel", which had managed to stagger back to its feet. It was, however, standing with its back end at a ninety-degree angle to its back end. "I want to see exactly what clowns are in this camel!" he said and used his hunting knife to slash right through the middle. "What the- BEARS?!" he asked.

"Abort mission, abort mission!" Pilot Baloo shouted as he ditched the bottom half the costume and made a run for it. Jungle Baloo took off in another direction, still inside the top half of the camel costume.

"Get the guns!" Michael roared, and the other three ran inside. In a moment, a panicked Mickey came running back out. "The wolf is gone! The wolf is gone!" he cried in alarm.


"I think that might be the sound of our cue to get out of here," Bagheera said. Before he could say further, Peter burst out the back of the hut, hunting rifle in hand.

"TIGER, PANTHER, and SHEEP!" he shouted, taking a wild shot that didn't go anywhere near its intended targets. Fortunately, he wasn't the fastest of reloaders, and both Bagheera and Khan also scattered.

The entire village turned into a Scooby Doo chase scene. The various animals and the humans chasing them popped in and out of huts, under carts, through gardens, in every direction possible. Bagheera nearly collided with Kit. "Quickly, this way! We saw Karnage's plane outside the village, if we can get to it, we can use it to escape."

"My plane only has one seat," the 'sheepish' Karnage pointed out.

"We'll sit on the wings if we have to," Kit said.

"I'm not sure it will fly with the weight of three bears, two of them Baloos, and a panther on it."

"We have to try something!" Kit argued back.

Mickey suddenly rounded the corner. "Got you, kid!" he shouted, grabbing Kit's robes. The robes were loose enough that Kit was able to slide out of them and give Mickey a very firm swift kick to the knees, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Let's go!" Kit ordered.

"Talking bear! Talking beeeear!" Mickey shouted, trying to stumble back to his feet through the pain.

They scattered back to the plane and were met there by Pilot Baloo. "Where's the other Baloo?" Kit asked in alarm. As if on cue, the other Baloo crashed through the village gates and charged off into the jungle, several villagers running after him. He still had the camel head on.

In the jungle, Louie and the monkeys were returning. "I'm sure there is no ghost of the ruins," Louie was trying to reassure them. "We probably just-"

Before he could finish his thought, the top half of a camel ran past him. "Boss, what in the heck was-"

The villagers and the hunters came pouring over the hill next, not expecting to run into a massive troupe of monkeys. They collided, sending monkey and man flying in every direction.

Kit and Pilot Baloo, meanwhile, had pushed Karnage's plane far enough onto the river water that he was able to get it moving. They were holding onto the pontoons for dear life, while Bagheera clung to the tail. Just as they were about to get going, there was a suddenly loud noise as a weight fell on them. It was Khan, also hanging onto the back of the plane as they could see an angry crowd chasing him.

"Now or never to gun it Karnage," Pilot Baloo shouted.

Michael took one desperate shot at them as the plane lifted into the air. "Ha, he missed!" Pilot Baloo shouted gleefully.

"Actually…" Karnage pointed out, and Baloo realized there was an object falling beneath them.

"Let me guess, he hit the connector holding one of the bombs on?"

"He hit the connector holding one of the bombs on."

"Well, I suppose it could be worse. He could have hit the bomb."

There was a loud explosion as they just fortunately managed to fly out of the blast zone. Also fortunately for the villagers, the explosion was just far enough outside of the village that it didn't do any real structural damage. Poor Michael though? Well, he lived. But they would have to get him out of the tree he was now thoroughly entangled in.

A combination of hearing a loud bang from the direction of their homes as well as taking a pummeling from a pile of angry monkeys sent the villagers fleeing back to check if their families were safe. This left the remaining three British "explorers" to take a beating at the hands of the outraged orangutan. "You know what?" Louie asked once the three men were thoroughly trashed. "This place is too crazy. Let's find somewhere less nutty to live."

"What about the other Baloo?" Kit asked. "Do you think he's safe?"

"I hope so, Kit," Pilot Baloo said. He was NOT enjoying flying while hanging off the side of a pirate's plane. "We can't exactly fly down into the trees."

They landed on the nearest part of the river to where the Sea Duck sat in the canopy. Khan jumped off and regally strutted away, doing his best to give the impression that everything had gone according to his plan. "I had better look for Baloo," Bagheera started to say, but that wasn't necessary. A moment later, part of a camel crashed out of the jungle foliage. They had no idea how Baloo had managed to run so fast in a camel.

"Get me out, I'm stuck in this thing!" he shouted in a muffled voice.

After they had rescued Baloo from the camel, they informed Karnage of the plan to leave. "You know, on one paw, I'm gonna miss having a handsome guy like myself around," Jungle Baloo said. "On the other paw, you all are too crazy for me. I'm going to hibernate for a year after this."

"For once, I believe Baloo has the right idea," Bagheera yawned.

Back in the present day, the rest of the air pirates were circling around the space where the cloud had been. "The captain vanished! What do we do, what do we do?" Dumptruck asked over the radio.

"Dibs on new captain!" Mad Dog called.

"Hey! I want to be new captain!" Dumptruck replied.

"Too bad, I'm first mate, and I called it."

"You don't get it just because you-"

The black cloud reappeared in the sky as quickly as it had disappeared, and both planes shot back out. "We did it, we did it, we're back!" Kit shouted happily.

"I've never been so glad to see air pirates in my life," Baloo agreed. He then paused, thinking. "Aw nuts. The air pirates! Let's get out of here, Kit!"

"Captain!" Mad Dog called over the radio. "You're back! We're so glad! And we definitely weren't planning to replace you or anything!"

"No, we would never do that!" Dumptruck agreed.

"Shut your faces, I am not in the moods. Disengage chase and return to the Vulture."

"What? But captain-"

"I said, DISENGAGE CHASE AND RETURN TO THE VULTURE. I need a nap and all the rum in the pantry."

The air pirates would have a lot of questions later. Questions like Why are you limping and Why are you wearing a sheep costume? They would not get answers. They would get beaned over the head for asking.

Back at Cape Suzette, Rebecca pointed out that Baloo was fifteen minutes late and missing several costumes from the cargo.

"Becky, believe me, if I told you what had happened, you would never in a million years believe me."

"I was there and even I don't believe it," Kit said.

At first it looked as if Rebecca was going to give them a real shouting down, but then she noticed something unusual sitting on one of the cargo boxes. "What's this?" she asked, picking up Karnage's sword. "Why do you have a pirate sword?"

"Aw, dang, we forgot to give that back to Karny. Well, losers weepers as the monkeys say," Baloo shrugged.

"Speaking of monkeys, you smell like one," Rebecca said, suddenly noticing the odor and covering her nose. "Just unload the rest of the cargo and take a shower before you explain to the client how you lost their camel and sheep costumes."

After Rebecca stomped away, Baloo turned to Kit. "You know, Kit, I'm glad there are no humans in this world. They were kind of freaky looking."

"Yeah, I get your point papa bear. Can you imagine a bunch of humans, always watching us?"

Baloo shuddered. "That would be the worst."