With the defeat of two of the most evil and deadliest Digimon ever created, MaloMyotismon and Armageddemon, things had begun to settle down for the Digidestined, finding that not only their responsibilities to look after the Digital World had drastically decreased, but now there were many new children with the potential to become a Digidestined, with the original and younger Digidestined noticing from time to time the occasional child passing their way, while keeping either a Digi-Egg or their partner hidden, the sight reminding them of their pasts.

With the two years that had passed, the Digidestined, remaining inspired by Davis' words, continued to try and follow their dreams, with the Digidestined of Miracles doing all he could to improve his cooking skills for his future noodle cart business, Kari learning what she would need to be a teacher, with the brunette not only studying hard in school, but even spending time with her teachers and to get to know what they had to do in order to be where they were, while TK was working on his writing skills, using some events from his adventures when he was starting off as a Digidestined as a small example and to help improve his writing talents, finding that while there was the occasional spelling mistake or plot holes in his ideas, his friends all enjoyed his ideas.

And while the others were still uncertain to an exact path in their futures, their friends continued to support them, continuing to remain as encouraging as ever.

Today, however, was not a day of joy, but rather sorrow for the Digidestined, for just like after the original Digidestined had defeated Apocalymon all those years ago, Gennai had now informed the young heroes that the gateway to the Digital World had to be closed once again for a few years, with the original and younger Digidestined being the last to leave as they all stood in an open field before a TV, saying tearful goodbyes to their partners, some once again, others for the first time, as Gennai watched from the side with a sad look on his face, knowing just how hard it was for the Digidestined, namely the first generation, to say their goodbyes.

"I'm really going to miss you, pal." Davis said as he looked down at Veemon with a smile, doing his best not to cry, wanting to remain strong for his partner, feelings Veemon shared, only the V marked Digimon set his arms around Davis' legs, hugging them as he said in reply. "And I'm going to miss you. We had so many great times, it's kind of hard for me to imagine my life without you or the others in it."

"Don't worry. You're a tough guy. I know you'll be fine." Davis assured, before crouching down, set his arms around Veemon and hugged him tightly.

"Oh, Gatomon... I can't believe this is happening again." Kari let out, showing more emotion with her partner, with the Digidestined of Light crouching herself, her arms wrapped around Gatomon's body, with part of Kari not wanting to let her go.

Feeling a similar pain in her heart, but wanting Kari to be strong, Gatomon set her paws on Kari's back, gently rubbing as she soothed. "I don't want this either, but you and I both know I'll be back eventually, so try and be brave, not only for me, but also for yourself."

"Ok..." Kari let out, wiping her eyes, clearing away her tears, before looking upon the Digimon of Light with a caring smile, a smile Gatomon mirrored.

Davis, meanwhile, looked over and gave a sad smile at the scene, feeling bad that Kari would have to part with Gatomon once again, feeling bad for himself, but he knew Kari, TK and the other Digidestined before him would be enduring worse than him.

Despite having stopped trying to ask Kari out over the past two years, Davis still cared for Kari, but knew her heart lay elsewhere, and he valued her friendship beyond anything else, wanting nothing more than for her to be happy.

Looking around, seeing everyone else finishing their goodbyes, some expressing more heartfelt goodbyes than the others, the Digimon moved back and smiled at their partners, who shared the same smile as they turned, taking out their Digivices for what they believed was the last time as they pointed them at the TV.

However, as the TV screen began to glow, a loud, earpericing shriek was heard, causing everyone to turn and see a Devidramon shoot out of the trees, heading straight for the Digidestined, swooping by them with such force that both Davis and Kari were sent flying, tumbling down a hill nearby as the Devidramon circled around for another strike.

"Kari/Davis!" Gatomon and Veemon yelled in concern, rushing to intercept and take down the rabid demon Digimon, with Gatomon leaping into the air as she closed her fist.

"Lightning Paw!" Gatomon let out with all her might, refusing to allow anything to happen to her partner while she could still protect her, feelings Veemon shared for Davis as he brought his upper body outward and added with a yell. "Vee Headbutt!"

The two physical attacks collided with the Devidramon's head and, with Gatomon not only a Champion Digimon, but at full power again, the Devidramon let out a cry of pain as it fell backwards, dissolving into Data before it hit the ground, much to the confusion of the Digimon, before Gatomon, Veemon,the other Digimon and Gennai all came running to check on Davis and Kari as the maroon haired boy helped the brunette to her feet.

"Kari, are you alright?" Davis asked with continued worry for his friend as he helped Kari up, before Kari nodded and replied. "Yeah, I think so."

"Are the others ok?" She then asked, putting the wellbeing of the others ahead of her as she looked around, but felt some confusion when she couldn't see Tai or the other Digidestined, save for Davis.

"They went through the gate as the Devidramon attacked." Gennai replied, which caused the two Digidestined to sigh, before they both noticed that Gennai seemed worried, nervous and in shock.

"Gennai, what's wrong?" Davis asked in confusion, not used to seeing the digital human acting this way.

"The gate was programmed for that last moment, it closed as soon as the other Digidestined went through. You... you both are stuck here until it reopens..." Gennai said in reply as a sad frown formed on his face, while Kari and Davis' eyes, along with the Digimon's, widened in shock.

"Wait, you're saying we can't use our Digivices and go home now?" Davis asked in shock, which grew as Gennai nodded his head in reply and informed. "Not until the Gate goes through its system changes. It's the only way we can be sure that evils like Myotismon or the Dark Ocean can't come in again."

"How... how long will that take?" Kari asked with a growing dread, which got worse as Gennai turned to look away from them, causing Davis to get slightly frustrated as he yelled. "Hey, she asked a question! How long will that take?!"

Gennai took a deep breath, before turning and looking back at the pair as he said with continued solemness. "Five years..."