The remaining years of Davis and Kari's time in the Digital World passed without incident, the servants of the Demon Lords having returned to hiding after Lilithmon's defeat, leaving the Digital World in peace.

As for Davis and Kari, they allowed their relationship to blossom even further, enjoying their time together, and looking forward to plans when they got home, with Gennai informing them that they had managed to help the pair get the school credits they needed, so that they would only have to take their senior year of high school once they got home.

Now, Davis, Kari, Veemon and Gatomon were outside the residence they had come to see almost as their own home, with the maroon haired boy using the grill to cook hamburgers and hot dogs in large quantities, while Kari and the Digimon helped set up the table outside.

Today, after five years, the Digital Gate was finally reopening, and the pair were looking forward to seeing their friends once again, knowing that the other Digimon would greet their partners once they arrived, having decided to bring them over for lunch, before Davis and Kari would finally return home at long last.

"Well, foods done, how long do you think it will take them to get here?" Davis asked as he put the trays of food down on the table, where Kari replied with a smile. "Knowing Tai and how long he's been waiting, he'll probably be hugging Agumon and carrying him as he runs to find us."

"It'll be great to see everyone again, and with the Gate reopened, we can come visit your world once again." Gatomon then added with a smile, one Veemon and the two teens shared, before they heard people coming over from the woods.

And soon enough, following behind the Digimon were the remaining Digidestined and, much to their surprise, Jun as well, causing tears to form in Davis and Kari's eyes as the older maroon haired girl and Tai rushed passed everyone, enveloping their lost siblings in a hug as they tried to fight back their own tears of joy.

"Kari..." Tai let out, keeping his arms around his sibling, holding her close to him as he continued to tear up. "I missed you so much... I was so worried about you, but I'm glad to see Davis was able to look out for you..."

"I told you we'd be ok." Kari said in reply, finding herself unable to hold back her own smile or her emotions as she set her arms around Tai, hugging him back and telling him. "But I missed you, too. I missed all of you."

Smiling himself, a continued joy filled Davis, not only to see Kari so happy, but finding similar feelings within him when Jun set her arms around him, expressing a growing happiness he never knew she held.

"Damn it, twerp, you're taller than me now." Jun said in a cocked voice, trying to sound funny, but her emotions were getting the better of her, especially as Davis returned the hug and said in a comforting voice. "I missed you too, sis."

After the older siblings finally allowed Davis and Kari go from their embraces, the pair found the remaining Digidestined approach and show their feelings, some being more affectionate than the others, with Sora and Mimi both hugging and kissing Davis, Yolei, Cody and Joe coming to check on Kari, before Sora and Mimi left Davis as to hug Kari, allowing Tai, Matt, TK, Ken and Izzy to check on the maroon haired boy, showing they too missed Davis and his company.

"Ummm, something smells good! If Davis cooked, you sure as shoot can count me in!" Armadillomon then called out as he and the other Digimon salvated at the smell, practically rushing towards the table as they dug in, always loving it when Davis cooked for them.

"We'd better eat ourselves before they devour everything." Davis commented, earning a laugh from the others as they all went to have lunch, with Davis and Kari taking a seat by the other, finding that as Tai and Jun sat on their other side of them, on Tai's end, Sora sat beside him, while Matt willingly took a seat beside Jun.

Surprised to see Matt so close to his sister, Davis was about to ask about it, before Jun gave a smile and told him. "After you were gone, Matt was there for me, supporting me through this difficult time. And after he got to know me, we just clicked."

Smiling at the explanation, to know the two had found each other during such a hard time, Kari then looked over at Sora with an inquisitive look as she then began to ask. "So you're...?"

Smiling back, Sora then nodded, set her head on Tai's shoulder and said in reply. "While I don't have any siblings, I've come to see you as the little sister I wanted, and from the feeling I had from knowing you were gone, I just knew Tai would be feeling a lot worse than me and would need somebody to confide with. And it seemed the more time we spent together, the more we saw each other as more than mere friends, it was love."

Both Kari and Davis smiled at this, happy to hear their siblings finding someone, before a loud squeal of joy caught their attention.

"Oh my God, this is amazing!" Mimi called with great joy as she took a bit into one of the burgers, before looking at Kari and asking in awe. "Does he cook like this often?"

"All the time." Kari replied, happy from the way their friends were reacting to Davis' cooking, but more so that she got to spend so much time with him with the man she loved.

Eventually, the group split up as they sat and ate, with the guys all talking with Davis, while the girls were chatting with Kari, all wanting to hear more than what they already knew about their time in the Digital World.

"So, how has being stuck here with a cute girl for five years been?" Matt asked with a hinting smirk, looking at Tai as he saw the older brunette stiffen and turn to Davis, as those mentally saying. 'You didn't..."

"It's been great. Being with Kari was a great experience for me. She helped me grow up a little and encouraged me to make the most out of the situation." Davis said in reply, expressing a caring and honest smile as he brought up his girlfriend's name, mentally knowing what Matt wanted him to talk about, but not taking the bait.

Meanwhile, across from them, Sora, Mimi, and Yolei took a moment to check out how Davis' body had physically matured over the years and, knowing Kari's desires from a while back, where the three then turned to her, leaving a shared curiosity between them, before Mimi asked. "So, how was it really being with him?"

A blush spread across Kari's face, as well as a smirk, before she started to say. "Well..."

Leaning in, Kari then whispered to them, where all three girls gained bright blushes, not only at what Kari had said, but at the details, surprised to hear the seemingly sweetest Digidestined out of all of them confidently express such things.

Eventually, after finishing lunch, Davis and Kari made one final round around their former home, making sure everything was left as it was before they had arrived, before the pair stood outside, giving the place one final look over, where Davis held Kari close to him and sighed.

"As strange as it is, I'm going to miss this place." He confessed, having grown accustomed to the Digital World lifestyle, feelings Kari shared as she nodded in reply.

"But as long I can be with you is all that really matters to me." The Digidestined of Miracles then added as he looked upon Kari with a smile, bringing a matching smile to Kari's face, before she moved in and kissed Davis on the lips, not afraid to show her love, even as Tai twitched with mixed emotions behind them.




Arriving back to Odaiba was exactly as the pair imagined when they returned to their families, teary reunions occured as their parents held them, before each returned to their homes, where Kari lay down on her bed for the first time in years, sighing a little as she took the time to enjoy the almost forgotten surroundings.

However, despite her best efforts, Kari could not fall asleep, and it was bugging her to no end, until she realized what was wrong.

Getting up, she wrote a quick note to her family, before leaving out the front door.




The next morning, Tai frantically ran towards the Momotiya residence, having panicked when he woke up and found Kari was missing, before finding her note, rushing over to the other family's apartment, where he saw Jun waiting for him with a smile, putting her finger over her lips to silence him, where the maroon haired girl then lead Tai into the apartment where, upon looking into Davis' room, found both the maroon haired boy and Kari sleeping soundly in his bed, seeing Kari resting in Davis' arms and with a small smile on her face.

"I guess after spending so much time with someone, you really grow attached to them." Jun whispered with a smile, one Tai shared as they closed the door and allowed the pair to continue sleeping.

And for the first time since returning from the Digital World, Davis and Kari felt at home.

The End.