Several months later...

Cahir nervously sat on the bench outside the bedroom of the small cottage he shared with his wife. Sitting, he wrung his hands together, gently rocking back and forth, staring down, listening to Isabella's screams as she was in the process of delivering his child. Earlier this morning, he was practicing archery skills out back, drawing back his bow, and shooting the arrows into the targets he had carved along the tree line. Isabella was sitting in the garden, gently humming as she snapped pea pods into a basket sitting beside her. Cahir had instead he pulled the weeds, and plucked the vegetables, forcing her to sit down in the shade. Wanting to get some fresh air, she told him the least she could do was snap the pea pods and watch him practice. For the past hour, Cahir stood outside in his slacks and black shirt, shooting arrows one after another, as always smirking at hitting his targets, and looking over his shoulder at Isabella who clapped, looking absolutely beautiful. As always he would smile at her, wink, before crossing the distance to go get the arrows, pulling them out, before going back to firing them again. These past few months had been the happiest of his entire life. Barley speaking to his father, he had spent every making moment with his wife, trying so desperately to make up for how their marriage originally started. Isabella was a fascinating young woman, who spent most evenings stroking Cahir's hair, reading to him books she had kept since her childhood.

He had shown her a completely different side to her that no other knew. A softer, gentle side, that would laugh, and act foolish chasing her around, picking her up, and spinning her around inside their home. Just last night after carefully making love, Cahir rested his ear against her large swollen stomach, feeling their child give a series of fluttering kicks from within. He knew how uncomfortable she was by the weight of their child, now fully grown inside of her. She wobbled around constantly, usually sitting by the fire with Cahir as he polished his weapons each evening, softly humming, and knitting clothing for their child. He had laughed and smiled more than he ever had in these few months he shared with her. This morning he was taking aim yet again when he heard Isabella cry out behind him. Raising an eyebrow, he lowered his weapon, before turning and staring at her. She was standing now, holding her large stomach, looking absolutely terrified. Dropping his bow and arrow, he hurried towards her, before seeing a large ruffle of water by her feet. He knew by growing up with his sisters what this meant. Staring at him with wide scared eyes, the same scared eyes he had been greeted with on their wedding night when they conceived this child.


Cahir stared at her stomach, before going to her side, gently putting his arm around her. Kissing the top of her head he smiled.

"Our child is coming my love, I'll fetch the doctor. Let's get you inside."

Now hours later, the doctor, and Mary had arrived, taking Isabella into the bedroom. The only time the door opened was Mary coming out for more rags, and fetching water that had been boiling on the fire. Each time Cahir would jump up, concerned, his eyes large with worry.

"How is she?!"

Mary as always would give him a reassuring smile.

"She's frightened, but the doctor said she's nearly there."

Cahir stared at the floor helplessly.

"I heard her yell out for me..."

"Your place is out here. Your child is nearly here, she'll be fine."

Cahir meanwhile couldn't ignore the horrible feeling of dread building within him.

"The doctor had said..."

"She's young, but so far she's keeping her strength up. Don't mind the screams Cahir, it's sadly a woman's curse."

Cahir then stared at Mary, the wet nurse who had practically raised him. His eyes serious, he stared at her and took a deep breath.

"If she's in danger, and the doctor needs to make a Isabella. I can give her more children. Do you understand?"

Mary sadly nodded before patting his arm.

"I'll tell him. Now please sit down and relax."

Turning, she hurried in and just for a mere second, Cahir caught a glimpse of his wife. Her hair was down, and she was sitting up in bed, wearing only her slip. Her hair was plastered down and sweaty, hanging in her pale face. The doctor was working between her two spread legs, and Isabella had her head thrown back, screaming in pure agony. Less than a second later, the door was shut and Cahir was left alone. Thinking of his poor wife's face, he hated himself for filling her womb with his seed so quickly. He should have waited until she was older and stronger. Feeling his insides twist, he hated this helpless feeling as he paced, clutching his hands together.

He couldn't lose her...he wouldn't lose her.


Cahir thought he would go mad hearing his young wife's screams over the course of the last few hours. Several times he was tempted to barge in, and demand to know why the doctor wasn't helping her? He felt sick to his stomach, and his head ached. He paced, and continued sitting down rocking back and forth, grateful that his father, or any of his family hadn't tried to arrive and disturb what was happening. He felt if he even laid eyes on his father right now he might let his temper get the best of him and completely lose it. Finally the door opened and Cahir stood up, nearly stumbling. He stared, his chest leaving, as the doctor stood there looking exhausted, as well as heartbroken, He had slick blood up to his elbows, and a great deal was splattered across his clothing. He could hear Mary weeping in the background.

Staring, Cahir took a deep breath.

"Your silence worries wife?"

Sighing, the doctor shook his head before Mary joined him, her clothing just as soaked with Isabella's blood.

"You have a daughter Cahir, but your wife...she's slipping away. She can't stop bleeding. We tried everything we could, she doesn't have long and she's asking for you. Come my darling."

Cahir stared outraged, his eyes widening.

"She's dying?!"

Mary nodded, silent tears rolling down her face, before Cahir turned on the doctor like a wild animal.


He grabbed the doctor's shirt, pulling him forward, bearing his teeth like a wild animal. Staring at him helpless, the doctor sighed.

"I'm so sorry..."

Mary stepped aside and gently brought Cahir's hands down, releasing the doctor. Shaking her head, she stared at him.

"It's nobody's fault. You knew the risks, she was just too young, now go to her...or regret it the rest of your days."

"Get the healer, fetch him...the mage! She can save her!"

The doctor sighed, staring down at his bloody hands.

"She can't..."

"Fetch her quickly or it will be your head!"

Sighing the doctor eyed Mary, before nodding and hurrying out of the cottage. Sighing, Mary stared at him, and saw the first few frightened outraged tears starting to form in Cahir's eyes.

"Magic won't save her...but say goodbye to her and meet your daughter, come..."

Like a monster in a terrible dream, Cahir drifted into the next room, where he saw Isabella. Mary must have changed the sheets and bedding around her since a pile of blood soaked sheets were piled up on the floor near Isabella's vanity. Isabella laid beneath the covers, laying down, her hair still sweaty against her pale face, dark brownish circles underneath her eyes, and her lips turning a light shade of gray and blue. Laying, bundled up in the crook of her arm was their baby. A tiny little thing, faintly cooing. Isabella stared down at her exhausted, as Cahir entered the room and sat down on the edge of the bed, staring at her, and then his daughter. Isabella weakly stared up at him and smiled.

"I'm afraid I couldn't provide you with a male heir Cahir, but this is our daughter. Isn't she beautiful?"

Cahir stared down at the infant, and couldn't honestly believe how beautiful she looked. Staring down, his tear filled eyes stared at her. Reaching down, he touched the baby's tiny little hand, that grabbed hold of his finger. Laughing through tears, he stared at her, knowing this was exactly what he wanted.

He didn't want a son, no...he wanted this perfect little girl, that looked just like his beautiful wife.

"She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen..."

Isabella smiled, staring down at their daughter, before she looked at him.


He stared at her, before he gulped.

"Don't ever blame yourself or her for this happening. There's no blame in it at all. This was my destiny. I just wish we had more time together, but you stay strong for our daughter, find a new wife, and have dozens of children..."

Cahir shook his head.

"The doctor is fetching a healer, you're going to be fine..."

Isabella weakly smiled shaking her head.

"You were a good husband Cahir, and you continue being a good father to our little girl..."

She used her free hand which felt cold against his and gently squeezed it.

"Be true, and one day...someday...we'll find each other again."

Cahir bowed his head, tears falling down faster, when suddenly, the baby faintly cried, causing him to look up. Isabella's eyes were open, but he knew she was gone. Staring, completely heartbroken, his face crumpled, before he lowered his head and cried...knowing very well his days of happiness and love were gone.