Wind curled around Toboe's hair, ruffling it, tickling him with the soft tips. He wrinkles his nose, blew against it. Annoyed when the wind flung it back across his face, he kept trying with feeble exhales. Glancing up he saw Tsume staring at him. Embarrassed, he looked away and fidgeted with his hands.

His heart fluttered in his chest; it always palpitated so much faster when he knew Tsume had been looking at him.

Toboe wondered when Kiba and Hige were coming back. They'd gone around back to sneak into some sort of dance club's pantry to pilfer food. He stood with Tsume across the street and in a dark alley, caressed by shadows and pale moonlight. The pair's sharp hearing picked up the crazily loud music from inside the club.



"Tsume…" Golden eyes locked onto him; he gulped. "Tsume, have you ever danced?"


"Oh… Well, do you know how?"

"I understand how to."

Toboe smiled brilliantly in the velvet darkness. "I don't know how to dance; I never got to try. But the old woman I lived with had this little thing, and if you turned a crank on it, this man and woman would dance together. It was really pretty! I've always wished I could dance like that after seeing it." Tsume snorted, turning away slightly. "Tsume? Would you like to dance?"

The older wolf glanced back. "Are you asking me to dance with you?" he asked with a scowl.

"No! I was only asking because I wanted to know if you wanted to," Toboe lied quickly, afraid of Tsume's wrath. "You guys always assume stuff about me! Like that I can't live on my own. I can survive just fine by myself! And Hige said—"

"Wolves don't dance," Tsume interrupted, stepping close to the younger male. Toboe's eyes widened.

"Tsume, I—"

"Shut up," growled the man. He grasped Toboe's left hand, twining their fingers together while bringing the boy's right to rest on his chest. His own left arm wound around Toboe's slim waist, pulling the little wolf close.


"I said, be quiet," Tsume snarled softly. Pulling Toboe with him, Tsume began to gently sway to the music, concentrating on the movement of their bodies, the heat generated in the small space separating them.

Not knowing what to do with their sudden closeness, Toboe followed Tsume's lead. It was…nice. So surreal to finally be held in strong arms, the ones he'd dreamt about for a while now. Tentatively, as if afraid of startling the other, he slowly moved to rest his cheek on the chest before him. Tsume grunted, but made no attempt to push him away. Toboe sighed happily, nuzzling gently at the puckered scar beneath his lips. Tsume's skin was so warm and soft, but strong for all the muscle concealed beneath.

Cinnamon eyes widened as the boy felt Tsume lower his head. The golden-eyed man began snuffling at the light brown hair, burying his face in the soft strands. Toboe knew Tsume was taking in his scent, the familiar, beautiful trace of the pack. He giggled as the older wolf pressed and rubbed his cold nose at an ear.

The pair froze as Hige's howl went up: "Time to go!" Tsume began to disentangle himself, but Toboe gripped his hand tightly. "Thank you, Tsume!" he said shyly. The man scowled before darting close to lick the younger wolf's cheek.

In one blink, he was gone.

Toboe smiled to himself and disappeared into the night, the music fading like all things must in the moonlight.