Chapter P

Palutena: varadi, do you think it's time?

Varadi: *with a cool eachoy talk because they' like, gods* instead of telling him lets through him off the map and watch him fall down to his not-death because...

Palutena: varadi do not do that when he returns he will cry on my nice shoes because he can't fly. Mee mee mee, no. *she said in her loudest god like scream

Pit: * wille crying* I had a dream that Varadi was going to throw me off the map! And you, lady Palutena you did not care for me.

Dark pit: push pit off the map, if you say so! *Dark pit said excitedly as he pushed pit off the map.

Pit: I never learned how to rea-ea-ead

Something: DING

Dark pit: are you satisfied with my care?

Also Dark pit:yes master Dark pit

Palutena: cringe * boots dark pit off the map opposite of pit*

Chapter 1 pit and camp 1

Pit: where am I?

Pit: uh lady paluteen… who was i talking about I don't remember and i don't care

ciron: ah you must be pit? Palutana told me you would arrive here in between the arch. Wow she was right

Pit:uh? Do you have any nectar aka the drink of the gods or whatever you call it?

Ciron:Well I see you're familiar with the gods?

Pit : I don't remember?

Ciron: you remind me of an old student. Jason. Ah well who is your godly parent?

Pit: lady palutena of course! Do I look like a dark angel that hits like a truck?

Ciron: sigh, we will build you a palutena caben

Pit: just for me?

Ciron: unless you know someone that's also a child of the light goddess

Pit: my concutions gone oh Dark Pit, he's my Evil clone that's not evil

Ciron: you have a wild imagination, I asked palutena if there were any others and she said...

Peet:who has 2 thumbs and loves hot springs? Literally anyone with 2 thumbs!

Ciron: you need to stay on topics

Calie: Wammmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy woomy owmmy that hert

perl:)hii i am pearl daughter of arrays famous for rapping and SCREEEEAAAAAAMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGG

Caerl: we from team half blood aka team chaos

Ciron: *mind blown intensifies* okay one to athena and one to ares

Pealie:bomb rush tar'tar'

Gema: by the power of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I camand you to give me milk

I am gema launa HELLshado dauter of the waaa god

Ciron: explain what just happened one at a time, pit!

Pit: Dark pit pushed me out of sky world and i fell here

Ciron: there is no Dark Pit

something : watch?v=JO_5AYVRyPM (queue dark pit's theme)

Pit: who has two thumbs and…

Ciron:pit SHUT UP ABOUT HOT SPRINGS sorry inkling what happened here

Off the sisters:we were having splat fest and we chose half blood over what was it?

Pearl alone:?

So any way we met our parents we are both half orphans by the way and they told us that we were demi gods and my godly parent is ares

Calie:yah and my godly parent is atheeeeeeena the god of arts and crafts *proseeds to turn camp half blood into 5 year olds birth day party* yyaaaaayyyyy

Ash ketchum:hi my name is ach i mean ash and my daddy is brock so ishould not be here *proceeds to leav*

Sakari:i am the oracle of kirb *eyes start so glow* you will find posidan"s botton an it will be much bigger than yours

Pearlie alone: Sounds too political for me noggin mmmmmmm.

Calie alone: can i decorate the viecal?

The oracle of kirb: you must sail in the fuchsia boat. Is decorated good and made to float .i bet you_need flex tape new rambo sparkle edition

Calie: i have one of those...

But i will use the my car ok lets go to the boat


Phil swift: by the power of flex tape i sawdis boat in half

Calie: super glitery rambow flex tape

Flill s:like it kid woud u like me to come on your jorney ?

Pit: of corse oh god of tape

Ok let go

Boat breaks

Phill: hey any one want a pillswifty cheese steak

All but phill:No moran * proceeds to through of of broken boat

calie : my husbando fell in :(*prceeds to cry like someone whose husband got thrown in wooder*

pit : calie ididnot know that you were philadelphia and knew how to read is it just me that does not

Callie: actually i'm from a calamari county which is what used to be Delaweer the no tax land in the human world.

Pit: okay let us continue

Alec from lego store:the scuttler is on sale this week

Guinea pigs are epik

Alec disappears

pit :Aw i wanted that set

Calie bob rush


Calie: no worst day ever my hubando died because he can't swim and now i can't sing bomb rush...

Peral: tartar

Calie thats it you are a jiggaly main

Peal: yes anything but that kid who goes to the sleepover and cries all night until their parent come.

Mariena's voice: but pearly i am afraed you still are that kid and your are 21 old


Piut: Now that ta conversatin's over letsa go