Pit: hey callie i am speed

callie: mummumumumumum

Pearl: calli what to heck are you eating

Calie: *proceeds to eat pickle rick

Marie's voice: callie stop that *in a grandma accent*

Callie in a 3 year old voice: no i don't not have no to listen to you

Pit: is it just a splatoon thing to talk to people in your head?

Voice of Dark Pit: nuh uh

Pit: *starts crying

Gemma: i feel like a 4th wheel plese gwt me some fake oreoas

Voice: i am Poseidon aka donald j trump the lord of the sea and america. My bro's kim john un and vladimir putin. I will kill you for crossing my invisible wall…

Someone: hey everyone, it's chuggaaconroy welcome back to another play through of kid icarus uprising. In the last video we took on hadees but we ended up in the belly of the beest. Now to the arms alter…

Pit: wow i remember that. Ekk and i wish i didn't. Did you know about the hidden intesady gate after you beat the heart?

Chuggaaconroy: oh my god its pit were's veridi i want me some pitidi!

Callie: I dont ship it

Perl: yee i do lololololololololololo99lo9ll9o9o9ollololololololol9olool

Chugga: it's 2 woomies! who"s the other kid?

gemma: i am waluigi's chi,ld.

chugga: ok, kool. Should i do a splatoon 2 play through?

Pit: shue, can i help because i feel like i recognize your voice. Where have i head it ?

Chuga: can you hear my commentary

Pit: *strikes excited pose* you bet!

Calie: mumumumum we mumum are heer mumumum

Pit: were is heer

Calie: At button

Dark pant: by the roman goddess recycling i will get booootoooon(aka botton

All of the squid hooks: Splatoon? Hey calie marie peeerrl marinara. How be it?

Pearl: boya


calie: t pose

Marie: how you make floating pics

Bbh: aw they like little muffins. What is muffin? Muffin muffin.

The muffin:* que muffin song* I is no muffin. I am Kim John un. And I want that botton so gIvE mE dAt

to be continued ...