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Everyone in their shuttles watched as the Kelvin blew to pieces with George Kirk inside at the helm as it rammed the other ship and saw a smaller ship, not Starfleet design heading straight for them. But what caused their eyes to widen in shock was the big black dragon with flecks of silver and gold looking like stars in space from a distance. The dragon barely took a moment to get it's bearings before it zeroed in om the ship coming for them and opened it's mouth in a bellow as it raced towards them. It easily caught up to the ship and it's tail came around and hit it solidly visibly damaging it and sending it several meters away. The fierce Dragon put itself between the Shuttles and the ship roaring angrily as the ship got away, When it was gone the dragon turned towards the shuttles gently nudging the shuttles closer together as another ship this one a Federation Starship warped into view. Their weapons instantly trained on the dragon. However the soft cooing of a baby, Wynonna's shocked gasp of "George." and the fact the Dragon wasn't being in anyway threatening had the Captain of the Saratoga waiting. Then a voice sounded in their heads just at the edges, a cursory brush but the words were loud and clear, the voice recognizable to all who had met the man in human form. 'No one in my families shifted since the…Augment wars if I remember the family lore correctly.' A chorus of "Captain." Was heard from every member of the Kelvin and those passenger's they'd had that had made it as the weapons on the Saratoga were stood down. 'Can we move this along? I'm not even gonna try shifting back till I'm inside and they go first.' The large head nodded to his people and at the reminder people needed to get on the ship they worked to make it happen, no one wanted them limping home in escape shuttles if they could help it, not only would it be uncomfortable but the escape shuttles themselves were practically defenseless and would need an escort home otherwise.

When everyone was safely aboard the Saratoga though some would be sent to other ships as they joined them for it would be too crowded otherwise but for now those of the Kelvin and the Captain and First Officer of the Saratoga stood as the huge mainly black dragon stood before them, before with a shudder and before their eyes the Dragon shrunk and the claws, snout, scales, tail, and wings disappeared and a very naked George Kirk Sr. stood before them. "That was unexpected." He looked down and noticed he was naked as the First Officer left after speaking to the Captain and many of his crew looked away. "My clothes were still intact when I shifted. I'm sure." With a sigh he walked to right behind the nearest escape shuttle "Better?" he asked once they could only see his head "Pike is grabbing a spare set of clothes for you." "Thank you Captain Ridair." He nodded to the tall broad shouldered, dark haired Captain. Even as his eyes started drifting over his people that he could see, taking stalk of any injuries they had till movement caught his eyes as his crew moved out of the way of a nurse pushing a wheelchair bound Wynonna Kirk who was holding a small, very curious bundle in her arms. The child in her arms may not have been able to move his head much but his hands, feet, and eyes were working just fine as he kicked the blankets to loosen them and moved his eyes to his father's who after assessing both of them like he had the other's met her eyes before looking down to the child in her arms and met eyes identical to his own. The child reached for him and made cooing noises even as he felt their minds connect in a parent child bond.