It was the middle of February. About a week had gone by since the trial for Sister Iris of Hazakura Temple concluded. There, Phoenix Wright indicted Godot as the true murderer of the children's book author, Elise Deauxnim, whose true identity was Misty Fey, the previous Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Though Iris was found innocent of murder, she was found guilty of being an accomplice to the murder and trying to cover it up. Luckily for her, Phoenix insisted on getting Iris' sentence reduced on that count. Though she didn't believe that she deserved it after lying to him for six years, the nun felt a huge amount of gratitude towards the young lawyer.

Aside from Phoenix, two other people had visited Iris in prison. Sister Bikini went to visit her the day after the trial. She was worried about Iris' current state and asked how she was holding up in prison. Iris told her simply that she was doing fine and that there was no need to worry too much. Her other visitor was the apprentice of Elise Deauxnim, "Laurice", who came to talk to her about how he was doing, his upcoming picture book, and showed her some of his sketches because he believed that it would make her feel better. Iris noticed that there was a detailed picture of the new Master of Kurain that featured her sitting on a bench surrounded by nothing but plush white snow. She was wearing an expression that looked as if she was deep in thought; Iris thought it looked beautiful.

Laurice gazed at her longingly the entire time and asked her at one point if he could draw a portrait of her in the detention center. She agreed, touched by the goofy artist's kindness. He took out his sketchbook and went straight to work; for the next hour or so, the only sound that could be heard was the scratch of graphite on paper. When he looked up, he picked up his sketchbook and held it up so she could see what he had drawn with an excited grin on his face. It was beautiful, the young artist had gotten her likeness perfectly. Though he didn't seem like it, Laurice was a gifted artist. Iris thanked him and the two talked some more before he left, sending a flirtatious wink in her direction.

At one point when Iris was awaiting her new trial, she was woken up by the rattling of cell bars. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and turned to see that her jail cell was open. A prison guard stood by the cell. He called for her in a booming voice.

"Prisoner, you have a visitor who wishes to see you!" He declared. Iris groggily got out of bed and walked towards the guard. He led her to the visitor's room of the detention center and walked off. Iris sat down in the plastic folding chair and looked out the windowpane that split the room into two halves, only to see nobody on the other side. A few seconds later, the door creaked open and a little girl with light brown hair styled in the shape of a pretzel stepped inside. She bounded up to the plastic folding chair and hopped onto it. Iris instantly recognized her as Mystic Maya's little sister, Pearl. Iris tried to be friendly and wave towards her, but the little girl just stared at her with a blank expression on her face; it was almost unnerving.

"Um...h-hello," Iris said, trying to make conversation, "How are you doing today?" Though Pearl didn't smile, her face softened noticeably to Iris.

"I'm doing fine, thanks." She said, simply. The nun noticed that neither Mystic Maya nor Phoenix seemed to be entering the room after Pearl. In fact, it seemed as if she came to the detention center alone.

"Where's Mystic Maya and Mr. Wright?" Iris questioned. Pearl pressed her thumb to her mouth in thought.

"They're outside this room right now. They told me I needed to speak to you alone," Pearl admitted. She rested her arms on the little desk in front of the window and sat her head down on the desk as she recalled, "Mr. Nick told me something interesting. She told me that you were related to my mother, is that right?" Iris looked taken aback and pursed her lips in thought. Sister Bikini was more like a mother to her than her biological mother ever was. Even so, she could not deny her heritage and so she nodded in affirmation to the little girl.

"My mother was Morgan Fey. Why do you ask?" Iris questioned, tilting her head curiously. Pearl frowned in confusion and stared at her.

"So... that would make us sisters..." Pearl confirmed, she studied Iris' face closely and although she looked uncertain, she smiled a little at the young nun. Iris, on the other hand, was completely dumbfounded by this new revelation.

"Wait, she's your mother?" The nun stammered, "I thought that Maya was your sister!" Pearl laughed in a refined, amused manner and shook her head.

"No, we're cousins actually." Pearl corrected. Iris nodded in understanding. She wasn't sure what to think of being a sister again. Once she was dropped off at Hazakura Temple, Dahlia only ever acknowledged her if she needed something. Pearl, however, seemed different. She was lost in thought before Pearl sat up and continued, "I'm not sure how to feel about having a sister…" She said.

"I understand." Iris said. Pearl was silent for a few moments before she blinked in realization and her eyes widened in horror. Her expression turned grim and she gulped nervously before talking.

"But, if you're my sister, then that would make that awful woman who tried to hurt Mystic Maya my sister too..." Pearl said, looking downhearted. Iris felt a pang of sympathy for her newly discovered younger sister. She wished there was something she could do to help her.

"Yes." Iris said, simply. Pearl stared at the small desk blankly. It was completely silent and the only noise that could be heard was the ticking of the clock on the wall. Iris looked concerned for the young girl, but she made no movements. Until suddenly, her head shot up to face Iris. Upon seeing Pearl's expression, Iris felt like her heart was about to tear apart and rip into shreds. It was a mix of pain, conflict, and heartbreak all rolled into one. Pearl's eyes were filled with tears, and she took a shaky breath before speaking.

"Ms. Iris?" She hesitated before asking, "Why did my mother try to kil- I mean, hurt Mystic Maya? I need to know!" Pearl looked at her pleadingly. She searched Iris' face rapidly, as if she was expecting her sister to be able to produce all the answers. Iris wished she could answer this question with ease. But she couldn't, after all, how could you tell a little girl why her mother wanted to kill her beloved cousin by using her to do it? Still, Iris felt that it was necessary to answer her little sister's question. Though the truth might be hard to swallow, it was a truth that Pearl needed to hear.

"Pearl," She started slowly, not sure how to proceed, "Your mother...wanted what she believed to be best for you, I'm sure. And because of that, she was willing to do whatever it took to make sure you inherited the position of Master. Regardless of the cost." Pearl gazed at her as if she was speaking in an alien language. For a few more silent minutes, her gaze did not waver from Iris. Then, her body started convulsing and her teeth gritted as if she was in pain. Her knuckles turned white and she looked down so Iris couldn't see her expression.

"I-I j-just can't believe that she would do something like that!" Pearl choked out. Then Pearl rested her head on the desk and sobbed. Iris sat there helplessly. She was unable to comfort her physically due to the windowpane separating them. Still, she felt the need to comfort her; so, she used a different method.

"Pearl." She started. However, her little sister couldn't hear her over her sobs. She adjusted her sitting position and raised her voice as she continued, "I know we don't know each other well. But I have felt the same pain as you are currently." Pearl's sobs gradually turned to soft whimpers and then hiccups. Iris waited patiently, as she gazed at Pearl softly. Once Pearl calmed down, Pearl looked up at her, her eyes red and puffy from crying.

"Y-You have?" Pearl asked, her voice cracked. Iris nodded, looking solemn. Her face held a nostalgic expression as she began to reminisce.

"I always loved and cared for Dahlia, though she had gone unloved by both of our parents," Iris looked up at the ceiling, "She was a criminal, but she was so strong and intelligent. That's why I helped her out so many times until I met Mr. Wright." She trailed off.

"What happened then?" Pearl asked. Iris frowned as she reminisced, and she tried not to meet Pearl's gaze as she explained.

"She told me to get a necklace back from him. She told me that it was important evidence. I tried and tried but couldn't do it," Iris choked up, "And then one day, she got sick of waiting and tried to kill him. She wasn't successful, thankfully, but I felt betrayed that she didn't trust me enough." Iris tried to hold back her tears when she finished. Pearl rubbed her eyes and sniffled. She looked at her older sister apologetically.

"I'm sorry that happened, Miss Iris." She muttered, her voice cracking. Iris gazed at Pearl and her face softened. She smiled at her reassuringly.

"Don't apologize, it's not your fault." Iris said. Pearl sniffled weakly.

"T-thank you, Miss Iris." Pearl said, looking gratefully.

"You're welcome. And please, call me Iris." Iris suggested.

"A-are you sure?" Pearl asked, looking uncertain. Iris nodded in affirmation. Her younger sister looked down at the desk again and pressed her thumb to her mouth in thought. Iris wondered what was going on, before Pearl burst out.

"Iris! I-I've decided!" Pearl said, gripping her shoulder in determination, "Since we're sisters, I don't want you to feel alone. So, I'm going to visit you regularly until you get out of here!" Iris felt tears building in her eyes, and one escaped and rolled down her cheek. Pearl looked concerned but Iris sniffled and looked at her little sister surprised, yet happy.

"I would like that very much." She said. Pearl beamed.

"So that's it then! I'll visit you later, and I'll bring Mystic Maya and Mr. Nick with me too!" Pearl promised. Iris chuckled lightly.

"Sounds good to me." Iris said. Pearl hopped off from the chair and waved goodbye to Iris to which she returned. Iris got up and told the detention center guard that she was done with her conversation and another guard led her back to her cell.

That night, she spent the night thinking about her new sister, Pearl. It was quite a shock to her that Pearl turned out to be her little sister. Sister… It had been a long time since anyone called her that; Sister was her title as she was a nun after all. But all the same, it had been a long time since anyone had referred to her as "Sister" and meant it in terms of intimacy, a sign of blood relation. Though she had loved Dahlia dearly, Dahlia never truly regarded her as her sister.

Pearl, however, was different. Though Iris didn't know the young girl very well, she seemed to have a kind spirit and was very closely attached to her older cousin. It was for that reason that Iris didn't think the idea of being a sister again would be a bad experience. Though she had a lot to make up for, as she had been absent from her little sister's life for so long, she vowed to do her best to be the big sister that little Pearl needed. When she went to sleep that night, she had one of the most blissful and peaceful dreams that she experienced in years.