From Midnight to Six

Three months later

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

Due to your work experience at a past business of ours, we at Fazbear Entertainment believe that we have an exciting new career opportunity for you as part of the night crew at our new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! This opportunity will allow you to take your career into your own hands, build new friendships with your co-workers, and take a huge risk with your money and future!

We hope to see you soon!

-Fazbear Entertainment Co.

Mike stared at the letter.


It looked banged up and addressed to his old address, the address he had been living at when he was working at the pizzeria. It was dated three months ago. He blinked, looking it over again. Yep, a genuine letter from the company.

He hadn't worked at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria for three years, where he had spent a year working. It had shut down on his last month and he had ended up scrambling for his next job. Mike considered the offer, tapping his pen against the counter.

His night shift had been filled with terror, but he had been able to pick up on things. The animatronics each seemed to have a personality of their own. A chuckle rolled out when he remembered how Chica looked surprised when he had managed to pick up the courage to awkwardly wave. After a few minutes, she had awkwardly waved back.

They had settled into a routine, him and the group of them, after a few weeks. The animatronics would do their own thing and he would do his own thing, occasionally having to shut the door. Sometimes, he would find a pizza under his name and none of the cooks had made it. It had been a good routine, a nice routine for a guy who didn't have any family he still liked. Then he had gotten fired and they had shut their doors.

Screw it.

Mike had to go get his coat.

Surprisingly, it was the same address he had worked at.

Mike slammed his car door shut and walked up. The building looked like it had been torn down to be rebuilt bigger. There was a cartoon image of three animals: Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Freddy Fazbear himself. For some reason, they had pink cheeks and stars on their chest. He opened the door and entered.

And was hit with a flood of memories.

The entire place stank of pizza and grease. Kids were running around, ducking in and out of rooms. Parents sat at the tables, chatting. There was the sound of arcade machines and the stupid songs the band sang. And up on stage, there they were…

A different Fazgang.

"Can I help you?"

He blinked out of his surprised daze to look down. An older man stood there, freckles dotting pale skin and curly red hair stuffed in a hat that read NIGHT CREW. "Oh, um…" He pulled out the letter. "I'm Mike Schmidt. I'm here about the possible night crew position…?"

"Oh!" His hand was immediately grabbed and shaken. The man was smiling now. "Fritz Smith, nice to meet you! I'm the mechanic of the crew."

"Nice to meet you."

"Want a tour?" Mike nodded, unable to resist another peek at the gang. The song had gone silent, revealing the band had gotten off-stage and was walking around. Fritz noticed his stare. "Yeah, I have my concerns too. Anyways, this is the main dining hall."

He was led to the arcade. "It'll be nice to have someone else besides me and Vanny," Fritz said as they walked.

Mike raised a brow. "Vanny?"

"Vanny Valdez. She's the programmer of the crew and does all the tech work on the animatronics."

"I thought you were the mechanic."

He looked rather sheepish at that. "Well, one night on the night shift was enough to get me turned off from messing with the animatronics. Plus, they only trust Vanny to do it. Here we are!" They stood in a closed-off room. "This is going to be Kids' Corner once the company bends and gives us the Toy parts."

"I thought the Toys were scrapped?"

"They were," Fritz said. "But Vanny kinda shoved Michael, the manager, into convincing the company into giving us their hard drives. We're still working on the parts." They walked through a door to enter a hallway. "Secret entrance to the backstage." They walked down it, Mike taking it in. It was like he had stepped back into his old job.

Fritz knocked on a door. After a moment, it swung open. A young woman stood in the doorway, looking annoyed as she gripped a coffee cup. Dark hair hid one eye, while the other revealed dark bags. She wore overalls over a blue work shirt, her name tag labeling her as Vanny. For some reason, she also wore a scarf. "What do you want, Smith?"

"Hello to you too," Fritz said, looking remarkably patient. "Mike here is our new night guard. Thought I would introduce you two."

Vanny turned her glare to Mike. The two stared at each other before she sighed, the tension seeping out of her frame. "Vanessa Valdez, programmer," she said, holding out a hand. He took it, giving it a firm shake.

"Mike Schmidt, I guess new night guard."

"Cool. Now," she turned back to the office. "I'm gonna go back to work." She slammed the door.

The two stood there. "Is she-"

"Yeah. C'mon. Let's go get your uniform and you can start tonight." The two walked down the hallway. "Oh! Here's another thing. Don't comment on Michael's surname or Vanny's eyepatch."


"Some type of accident when she was a kid, I guess? Oh, and don't leave her alone with Rockstar Freddy."

Mike blinked. "Wha- why? I thought the animatronics liked her."

"Oh, they do. Except for the Rockstar Freddy and Foxy. She ended up in the hospital."

Well, that brought the mood down. Mike received his uniform and was led out to the History Hall. He froze in place when he saw who was there. He couldn't help but wave when he saw Chica lookup.

For a moment, he thought her face had lit up.

Then she waved back.