"Petunia Dursley,

"It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of your brother-in-law and sister, James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evens. Lily died at the hands of an individual who fashions himself as lord Voldemort. To bring what his is to the wizarding community of Great Britain into terms that you may understand better, he is a domestic terrorist who follows a Nazi-like agenda.

"For reasons I cannot pen, Voldemort feared your nephew, Harry James Potter (born July 31 of last year). To prevent him from becoming a threat in the future, Voldemort attempted to murder Harry. We can confirm that both James and Lily were killed before the attempt on Harry's life was taken. However, from what I can tell, your sister's death sealed a kind of old protection on Harry against Voldemort and his agents. As a result of this protection Voldemort's body was destroyed; but, unfortunately this is not the end of this shadow that has fallen across our fair country.

"Voldemort had many followers. Followers that did not hesitate to kill, ravage, plunder, torture, and commit atrocities for their master. Now that Voldemort is no longer a prominent danger, we are doing what we can to prosecute as many of these criminals as possible. Unfortunately, we will most likely fail. Already, there have been more than a few of suspected Death Eaters (the followers of Voldemort) have come forward, claiming to have been under magical control during the time of their actions.

"A number of these Death Eaters are descended from old families, and as much as it pains me to admit, the Ministry of Magic is ruled by nepotism and money so these claims will be taken at face value and get off scot free. Only those who either will not renounce their ties to Voldemort or those who do not have the necessary influence will face Azkaban.

"Because of this, both your nephew and his remaining family may soon be targeted by these followers in a short time. However, your sister's protection on Harry can be manipulated to create wards around your home and family. As long as Harry lives in your home, all those who live under your roof will benefit from this protection. The agents of Voldemort will not be able to harm you.

"It is imperative that Harry remains in your care until he comes of age. Know that while no direct contact will be made on our part until he is of age to attend Hogwarts I will be keeping an eye on him. I will know if he is still with you, and will be greatly… displeased to find out you are not cooperating.

"Sincerely, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The Supreme Overlord of the Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown sat in silence for a moment after the Guardian Overseer Albedo finished reading the letter. The letter, along with a baby basket and fitful infant had appeared right on his desk not even twenty minutes ago. Both Albedo and the Eight Edge Assassins were ready to pounce on the intruder to defend their lord and master. Only the firm command from the Overlord had spared the child from certain death. With the discovery of the letter Ainz had Albedo read it to him. Thankfully, the succubus' creator, Tabula, had included English skills in her settings. Ainz was thanking his guildmate for this nearly prophetic addition because the man piloting the undead ruler of Nazerick, Suzuki Satoru, had nothing past an elementary education.

Lack of education aside, Ainz Ooal Gown was deep in thought.

"My lord?" Albedo probed after a moment of silence.

She wanted to ask what her master wanted her to do, but Ainz reached a hand over the sleeping child, still sitting on his desk in his little bundle.

"Data Life Essence. Data Magic Essence."

Rings of archaic runes appeared in the air in front of Ainz's hand. The little boy did not stir when a wave of teal light passed over him. These spells immediately gave Ainz an understanding of the child's life force and any mana that might have been there.

"The boy is nothing special in a physical sense, but has a mana pool that I could equate to perhaps a third tier spellcaster."

"How could that be my lord?"

"In Yggdrasil, your MP was determined by class level, ability scores, and racial bonuses. From my own observations as Momon and Demiurge's experiments, those born outside of Yggdrasil have a great deal more variation. Perhaps we are seeing that at work with this child."

"That is fascinating my lord. However, it does not explain how this lower life form was able to teleport into the most secure place in all of Nazarick." Albedo pointed out.

"I actually may have an idea about that." Ainz stated.


"Yes Albedo. The letter mentioned a place called Great Britain. That is the name of a country from another world that I am familiar with."

"Another world my lord?" The succubus was only familiar with the "New World," and Yggdrasil with its nine different realms so news of another world was worth listening to.

"Indeed. There are many worlds, not just this one and Yggdrasil. It is not completely illogical to suppose that this child was sent here from one of those other worlds. Nazarick's defenses are not prepared to repel travel from another reality all together."

Ainz didn't want to admit to Albedo that he had been born in that other world as well, it might throw off the image that the denizens of Nazarick had of him. But there was one question that Ainz didn't have an answer to yet,

"From that letter however, it sounded like he was being placed with a family member. Why take the effort to banish him to another world?"

This train of thought was not pursued however. The child decided at that moment to wake up. A pair of emerald green eyes cracked open and a tiny yawn escaped the child's mouth. Realizing that he was in an unfamiliar place, little Harry started fussing.

"Mama! Papa!" The toddler whined.

Harry turned his head enough to see the face of Ainz Ooal Gown, a face that can scare grown men. This child however, didn't start screaming from fear. His green eyes turned from fear to curiosity, tilting his head slightly like a confused puppy. With some degree of effort, Harry worked his way out of his bundle and sat up, keeping his attention on Ainz.

The Overlord could feel the tension radiating off of Albedo, ready to pounce on the toddler should he turn out to be an assassin. Thinking quickly, Ainz tried to defuse the situation.

"Hello there little one. What is your name?" The skeleton asked.

The child though for a moment and pointed to himself,


"Harry? That is a nice name. My name is Ainz Ooal Gown, but call me Ainz."

"Ain?" The toddler tried repeating, not quite getting the name right.

Albedo's face contorted into a dark expression and opened her mouth to yell at the child's impertinence but stopped when her lord started laughing happily.

"Close enough I suppose."

Harry's gaze turned to the surprised Albedo and pointed,


"This is Albedo," Ainz introduced.


Again, Ainz laughed at the child's attempts to say a complicated name. This reaction of happiness oddly enough didn't trigger the emotional suppression that accompanied being an undead.

Albedo didn't know what to make of the situation at hand. She wanted to yell at the lower life form for not getting both her lord's and her names correct, but at the same time she was pleased to see her beloved happy. She must have lost touch with reality for a moment because she was startled when her lord addressed her directly,

"Albedo, have the Floor Guardians meet me in the throne room in one hour. I wish to address them directly concerning our little intruder."

Quickly regaining her composure she bowed,

"It will be done my lord."

Ainz's instructions then continued,

"Also, instruct Sebas to bring the provisional maid Tuare here to my office as soon as possible. I have a task for her."

"I shall do so lord Ainz."

Raising out of her bow, Albedo headed for the great doors that led out of the Overlord's chamber. As soon as the succubus had departed, Ainz turned his attention to the surprisingly powerful child.

"I don't know how it is you came to this world, but you must be here for a reason. Perhaps this could be a good opportunity for the Floor Guardians as well," The voice of Suzuki Satoru thought from within the undead.

"Ain?" Harry's little voice asked curiously.

"Don't worry little one. You are in good hands."


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