Of Unpleasant Dreams and Comforting Hugs

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Percy was having the dream again. The one where he knew his body was safe but his mind stuck in the awful memory of his struggle in the musk.

Where ironically, the son of Poseidon was in fear of drowning without his demigod power to save him. He watched as his corpse slowly sank to the bottom of the musk without a single sound.

Again the 17-year-old awoke aboard the Argo II in his somewhat quiet bunker where he lay drenched in sweat and warmly feverish despite the lack of his shirt.

It was in no time that he was enveloped into a pair of arms slightly smaller than his own and pressed against another body in a comforting embrace.

His face was surrounded by a head of blonde curls and he could smell an all too familiar lemony scent that he remembered all too well belonged to a certain daughter of Athena.

When she released her grip from and pulled back enough to see the boy's face, Percy saw a slightly upturned frown displaying on her facial features; her grey storm eyes shone with understanding and slight worry.

Realizing all too well that the son of Poseidon had woken her up with his nightmare, Percy stuttered out a genuine apology followed by a blushing sensation creeping up his neck and a newfound interest in his bedsheets.

The daughter of Athena rolled her eyes half-heartedly and mustered a small smile.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you don't need to apologize," the blonde teased lightheartedly.

"I just don't like waking you up in the middle of the night because of a stupid nightmare" the teen replied, still not taking to the current scene lightly.

Although they had both survived Tartarus, Percy seemed to have the worst of the nightmares as being the son of the big three meant he always qualified for experiencing more extremities than most other demigods.

" I am not going to let you sit here and face this all on your own. We are a team, we do everything together," the girl insisted.

Percy realized that she was the first to voice out loud the mutual understanding between the two, leaving his heart to feel like it was expanding inside of his chest.

Annabeth wiped away the sweat that had been collecting on the raven-haired boy's forehead and embraced him again, bringing her head close to his so that their foreheads were touching.

"- because gods Seaweed Brain, you are worth it all, " she finally whispered to him.

Maybe his dreams were unpleasant and he was a little defeated but the green-eyed boy realized that it only took a comforting hug from the girl he had grown to love, to make the sleep-deprived demigod a little less broken.

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