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VALUE OF FRIENDSHIP CHAPTER III: overcoming a challenge (PART I)

By dragon_wing_master


The wind blew gently on Hakkai's face as he slowly opened his eyes. He was leaning on a tree, overlooking a grassy landscape. The grass swayed gracefully in the vast field, like green pixies dancing on mid-air. The flowers are all abloom, like a colorful quilt that was spread over the vista…and its fragrance…so mild and so sweet. Dewdrops plummet from the leaves of the tree as the wind carried its beautiful rhythm…the sound of nature…echoed in Hakkai's ears, that he closed his eyes again to listen…

 The soft rustling of the leaves…the chirping of the birds…the movements of the grass…the sigh of the flowers…the silent whisper of the wind…

…and THAT voice………

Hakkai opened his eyes in a jolt. There it is again…that voice…that keeps on calling him…the familiar voice that he always wanted to hear. He looked around, searching for the person calling him…


It vibrated in his ears. Hakkai stood and run as fast as his feet can carry him. Where?...Where is it from?

He passed the grassy landscape…running as fast as the wind. He searched everywhere… but he cannot find a trace of anyone in that place. He stopped, took a deep breath and looked around again. The place became still, like time has stopped. Hakkai realized that he was all alone. He sighed, "What am I thinking?!", Hakkai shook his head and thought, Maybe…I'm just hearing things…Maybe I…

Then, the wind blew behind Hakkai's hair, caressing him gently…he looked back at the hill with the tree where he was leaning before…and there…standing beside the tree, hair blowing beautifully…he saw…a familiar face…a familiar smile…

"Kannan?..." Hakkai said to himself silently.

The woman smiled…and nodded. 

Hakkai froze on the spot. He couldn't believe his eyes. How could this be?...and he looked again. Kannan stretched out her arm, lending him a hand and whispered…


And in a flash, he is in front of her. Hakkai is face to face with Kannan, her eyes met his. Hakkai smiled…he didn't know what to say. He always wanted this to happen. He just stood there, admiring the lady in front of him. For so long…he thought that he will never come face to face again with the one that he loved and will always love…until now. The two of them were quiet for a while. Hakkai still didn't know how to react, for he still can't believe that it is really Kannan that is in front of him. So he ran his hand on Kannan's left cheek…it was soft and warm, Kannan smiled at him and she held Hakkai's hand. Hakkai can't believe it! Her looks…her touch…her scent…her eyes…her smile…It is really Kannan!

"How are you…my Cho Gonou?" Kannan said, then she shook her head slowly, "Ie, you're not Gonou anymore…" she looked meaningfully in Hakkai's eyes. She run her hand on Hakkai's hair, "You've changed a lot…You're Hakkai now"

"How…how did you know?" Hakkai said with a puzzled look.

Kannan smiled. She chuckled then whirled around and disappeared into thin air. All that was left in Hakkai's hand are fresh flowers.

"Wait!..." Hakkai said, reaching out his left hand.

Hakkai looked around and found out that a stream was behind the tree. This wasn't here before…he said to himself. A mat was laid neatly on the grass and a picnic basket was on it. Freshly picked flowers were scattered beautifully in the mat and food was prepared handsomely on the cloth.

This…looks…familiar, Hakkai thought and went closer to the mat when he heard someone singing. He looked at where the voice was coming from. It was a beautiful voice…

the voice…of Kannan!

Kannan was sitting on a rock near the stream. She was singing while braiding her hair. Hakkai gave a sigh of relief, "I thought that you left me, why did you have to do that?" he said smiling.

Kannan didn't react…it is as if she didn't hear him…nor seen him. Hakkai looked at Kannan again, "Kannan…It's me…Hakkai… is there something wrong?", but Kannan just sat there, singing, while braiding her hair; she didn't even look up from her work. "Kannan!...It's me!..." Hakkai tried to get closer to Kannan so that he could touch her but he was caught by surprise when…

"Thank Goodness!..." Kannan suddenly said smiling and stood up from the rock and run, "…I've been waiting for you for so long…Cho Gonou…"

Kannan run and passed through Hakkai, she passed through Hakkai like air would pass through an object. Hakkai's eyes are very wide with surprise that he dropped the flowers that were in his hands. He felt Kannan passed through him!, it was like a cold gush of water that was poured at him and was drained from him at the same time. He cannot find the courage to speak again, What's happening?..., he thought.

When Hakkai looked behind him…he saw the most alarming event in his life!...For, when he turned around to look at where Kannan has gone…Hakkai saw a man…with brunette hair and green eyes, Hakkai saw…in incredulity, the man embraced Kannan and gave her a smile…Hakkai saw… a man…that looked exactly…

like him…many, many, many years ago…

Cho…Cho Gonou?!, Hakkai said to himself. Hakkai stood there in astonishment. He can't believe what's happening! It was like watching a motion picture…yes…Hakkai remembered…this is the exact scene that happened…years ago. Now he know why things looked familiar, someone is trying to show him…his past…

Hakkai sat on the grass to watch the scene…yes…we're like this before, he thought. He saw his past right before him; He and Kannan were talking to each other, having a nice picnic together. They run in the field hand by hand and they splashed in the river. They were laughing heartily together…Kannan splashing water to Cho Gonou and Cho Gonou covering his face while he try to splash water back at Kannan.  Then by noon, he caught a large salmon in the stream which they cooked on the bonfire by dusk. And in the moonlight, they sat together in a tight embrace on the rock where Kannan was singing before…they were talking about their dreams while watching the stars.

"Cho Gonou…" Kannan whispered while looking at the brilliance of the stars, "Can we stay like this forever?" she whispered in Cho Gonou's ear.  Cho Gonou just nodded, smiling while admiring the beauty of the mesmerizing stars in the night sky.

The stars were like lighted candles…scattered in a black sea. They stared in the vagueness of the starlight, twinkling beautifully amidst the dark sky. Then…something wonderful happened to both of them. While staring at the night sky, a star fell…a star separated itself from the others…and plummets in the depths of the earth.

Cho Gonou closed his eyes and was in deep thoughts. He clasped his hands tightly.

"What are you doing?..." Kannan asked.

"Shhh…" Cho Gonou said in a trance. "I'm making a wish…"

It took a while before Cho Gonou opened his eyes again and looked at Kannan. He was smiling, "They said that when a star fell from the sky…you must make a wish for it will come true"

"Really?" Kannan said, quite amazed. She closed her eyes, clasped her hands and put it next to her heart.

"What are you doing?" Cho Gonou said, looking at Kannan in bewilderment.

"Shhh…" Kannan said. "I'm making a wish too…" she said then she looked deeply at Cho Gonou's eyes. She held Cho Gonou's hands…

Everything was showed to Hakkai very fast! Hakkai just sat there…watching blissfully…how he wished that everything could go back the way things were! He stood up to go near the two figures; the figure of Kannan and his past self.

Kannan is about to tell something to Cho Gonou…Hakkai want to hear it clearly…for he wanted to hear it again…yes…he wanted to hear the same things that Kannan told him…years ago. He wanted to hear those words…those beautiful words…the words that will always remain in his heart and will never be erased in his memory.

Kannan was holding Cho Gonou's hands, she was smiling. "Did you know what I wished for?" she said…

The cold night breeze enveloped Kannan and Cho Gonou. The soft rustle of the grass…the twinkling of the stars…the ripples formed in the flowing stream…the glowing fireflies…are plain witnesses of what happened.

Kannan smiled and pressed Cho Gonou's hand next to her heart…and whispered…

"I wished that we'll be together…forever…" and she kissed Cho Gonou. Her delicate lips brushed his.


The words echoed in Hakkai's mind. A tear fell from his eye. Hakkai stretched his arm to reach Kannan…but his hand only passed through her. It was like submerging his hand in cold water.

Then…everything dissolved in his hands like sand…suddenly…the scenery changed.

Hakkai's vision whirled around…it was like being warped to another place. Colors poured from side to side…swirling around in circles. Hakkai can't see clearly…for the scenes play tricks in his eyes and were spinning fast in his head.

What's happening to me?... Hakkai was so confused at what's happening that he closed his eyes. He could feel the air rushing past him and blowing him to nothingness. It was a bizarre feeling…the feeling of being sucked down by a fissure deep into the earth. And with a light thud, he felt his feet were back in the ground again.

He opened his eyes slowly and was surprised…everything seems red


Blood and gore flooded the ground. The place was dark…like a tunnel. The only light present are the vague streaks of moonlight infiltrating the holes on the wall, forming eerie shadows on the ground and radiating the crimson blood on the floor. Where am I?...

Then gunshots were heard from a distance. Gunshots…which was followed by wailing and screaming of someone in pain and agony.

Hakkai heard running footsteps and the deep breathing of a human. It was like someone was being chased by hordes of hungry wolves. Then he heard the gunshots again...and heard the screams. He could hear the footsteps getting louder and louder. Until…

At the very end of the corridor…he saw a vague figure of a running person…which grew clearer and clearer as it drew nearer and nearer. And in a glance…he knew.

It was him…Cho Gonou.

Cho Gonou was catching his breath…there were demons everywhere. Cho Gonou killed them without mercy…shooting them with a gun, stabbing them with his blade or using his mere hands. It was a dreadful scene!...Cho Gonou's eyes are very fierce…and very fiery with anger. His eyes look so sinister…like those of a criminal ready to kill anyone in its path. Blood is dripping from his hands…he was bathe in demon's blood. His clothes, his face, his arms…have traces of blood.

Hakkai can't believe his eyes…I did these?.... He can't believe that everything is shown in front of him…everything…that he tried to forget that happened in his past but keeps on pestering his memory.

Cho Gonou passed him…He was looking for something…or someone. He continued running; soaked in demon's blood.

Hakkai also ran. He followed Cho Gonou on the next passage.

Cho Gonou encountered demons along the way…he killed them all by himself. Hakkai tried to avoid the dead demons in the path...but there were so many of them…all scattered on the floor. So he stepped on them instead, only to be surprised when his foot got through the corpse directly, like stepping on air.

The corridor has turned into a graveyard…a graveyard of demons. Hakkai tried his best to evade the corpses of demons that was killed by Cho Gonou; bodies being thrown from side to side like insects being killed by insecticide. But Cho Gonou killed them so fast that one demon fell exactly on Hakkai and passed through him; Hakkai was disgusted by the feeling of the demon passing through him. Then, Hakkai remembered that this is only his past…and he cannot be seen nor touched by whatever it was in the scene. He was like a ghost…following his past self.

Cho Gonou turned right on another corridor. Hakkai followed, desperately catching his breath.

Cho Gonou encountered another group of demons in the passageway. This group appears to be not the same small fry that he encountered along the way; the demons were eying Cho Gonou with very hungry eyes…saliva drooling from their mouth.

Hakkai watched in amazement when Cho Gonou smirked and killed the demons without pity.

One demon tried to stab Cho Gonou at the back; Cho Gonou sensed this, he turned around and dodged. He then caught the demon off guard…he grasped its face with his left hand and stabbed the demon's neck with the dagger… Blood spilled out of the hole formed on the demon's neck as it cried in pain and agony…and with a thud, it died on the floor with its eyes open.

Hakkai closed his eyes when Cho Gonou shot another demon on its temple and cut its head off. The head rolled on the floor and stopped in front of Hakkai's feet. When Hakkai opened his eyes, he looked with disgust at the demon's head in front of him…it was a very ugly thing to see…the face was covered in blood and gore, its hair was tangled and sticky because of demon's saliva, its eyes are wide open, its long tongue sticking out of its mouth…green substance bubbling out of it.

Hakkai looked at the skirmish in front of him…and was astonished when he looked at Cho Gonou's face.

Cho Gonou is smiling…

He was smiling as he killed another demon by knocking it off with his fist on the chest and with a quick blow of his elbow on the demon's head…the demon's neck cracked and was dismantled from its spine…and died on the spot. He was smiling as he punched one demon on the stomach…his fist got through its insides…intestines and gore spilled on the floor. He was smiling when he took out the eyes of one demon…living the dead body with empty sockets on the floor. He was smiling all along as he killed the entire group of demons…he was smiling…a very sinister smile.  

Hakkai closed his eyes very tight…he couldn't look…for it was him who did all of these. His eyes were tightly closed…but the demons' cries, screams and wails echoed in his head. Hakkai put his hands on his ears…but he could still hear Cho Gonou killing the demons without mercy.

He could imagine everything…and couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to scream…but somehow…he can't. His head was throbbing…flashbacks of the killings flooded his mind. His mind was clouded all over…crimson…from all the blood shed. Yes…everything is red in Hakkai's visions.

…Then…suddenly…everything turned quiet…

Something seemed to be wrong…Hakkai didn't hear any sound at all. It is as if someone turned off the volume of everything. He slowly opened his eyes…

Cho Gonou is nowhere to be found. The hallway is full of the cadaver of demons…but there is no sign of Cho Gonou. Everything…is so still and so quiet.

Hakkai searched the passageways looking for Cho Gonou. In every corridor that he passed, there are dead bodies of demons and strewn blood on the floor. He turned to many passageways…the place is like a maze!, It seems that Hakkai has lost his way…until he reached a mysterious passageway that seems to lead to a dead end.

It was the darkest passageway that Hakkai has encountered. He cannot see what's beyond the corridor…it was so dark…like an abyss. Hakkai can't tell what might lurk on its end.

…But he needs to know…he must know what's in there…he must know…very fast…before it's too late…

Hakkai begun to panic…Someone is telling him to run…

Faster…run faster…move faster…faster…faster…faster…

He run as fast as he could in the dark passageway without minding what dangerous things might skulk in there. THEN…he remembered. Cold sweat run down his forehead, his heart is pounding very fast and his head is urging him to move faster. He just ran…for he just recognized the place…he remembered the place…for he knew this place…very well

Hakkai reached the end of the corridor…I knew it…Hakkai thought. In the end of the passageway is a huge brass door…the door…that will lead him to the part of his past that he always wanted to forget. The part of his past that always gave him nightmares…the part of his past that he dread so much. He held the handle of the door…

but he was too late…Again…

When Hakkai opened the door…he saw Cho Gonou…soaked in demon's blood. He was standing there in front of someone. Hakkai moved closer to have a look…

"KANNAN!" Hakkai shouted the moment he saw the woman in front of Cho Gonou. Then…a flash of light caught Hakkai's attention...

It was the dagger…on Kannan's hand…

Light shone on the dagger, radiating the silver blade. Hakkai saw Cho Gonou's scared reflection on the dagger…as Kannan slowly raised it…and stabbed her heart…

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!…" Hakkai and Cho Gonou shouted at the same time.

Kannan's frail body slowly fell on the ground…lifeless…emotionless…It seemed to take Kannan an age to fall. Her body curved in a graceful arc as she delicately fell…

Hakkai and Cho Gonou both ran to Kannan's side. Cho Gonou kneeled down and embraced her very tight…and cried. But no matter what Hakkai tried to do…he can't even touch her…Hakkai's hands only go through Kannan. It's like trying to hold a cloud…but no matter how many attempts that Hakkai did…he couldn't touch the girl that he love so much.

Tears fell on Hakkai's eyes as he tried his best to touch Kannan…Why?...Why?...Why?...But his efforts are of no use. It's over…Kannan is already gone. For the second time…Hakkai failed to save her. Kannan is no more…he can never bring her back again.

Hakkai shouted, "What did I do to deserve such punishment?!!! TELL ME!!!! What?!... What?!... What?!"

Hakkai fell on the ground…crying. Tears streak on his face. He banged his head on the ground...several times…until he can't take the pain anymore that he stopped and closed his eyes instead. Emotions stirred in his heart…anger…pain…regret…angst…love…

Hakkai just wept there. His chest felt so heavy…he can't breathe. He felt so alone…like the whole world has turned its back against his. He wept…Hakkai wanted to die on the spot…when he suddenly heard someone calling his name…


Hakkai recognized the voice. He looked at his surroundings…he realized that the milieu has changed…

It was very bright…the sun is at its peak. Clouds hover in the horizon and birds are flying swiftly…Hakkai is back to the place where he was before; the place with the lush field and beautiful flowers…the place, where he once saw his past self and Kannan making a wish…a wish…which is impossible to come true now  

The wind swept Hakkai's hair and wiped the tears in his cheeks. He searched the place where he knew he heard his name being called. He looked at the river…it was bubbling with life. The grass swayed with the graceful movements of the wind. Hakkai stared…and saw a vague figure on the other side of the river.

It was Kannan…she was standing on the other side of the river…a gentle smile on her face. The wind carried its beautiful rhythm towards Kannan and her hair danced beautifully with its music. The fringe of her dress swayed beautifully with the breeze. She held up her hand and whispered again…


Hakkai didn't move, he stayed rooted right on the spot…Impossible…how did…?

Kannan moved closer to the water. As her toes touched the filmy surface of the water, a bridge appeared out of nowhere; a mesmerizing bridge that doesn't look like solid. The bridge has the texture of a bubble, for the colors of the rainbow intertwine and twirl in the bridge's surface. Kannan cross this bridge to go to Hakkai, who was bewildered at the moment. Kannan moved delicately on the bridge…closer and closer to Hakkai…her toes touched the ground again and the bridge disappeared into thin air.

Hakkai cannot believe his eyes…Kannan is in front of him again; her eyes twinkling in the beautiful daylight. Kannan smiled.

Hakkai squinted, "Is it…Is it really…you???"

Kannan smiled and gave him a gentle nod.

Hakkai's spirits seem to come back to his body again. He smiled as he held out his hand to touch Kannan's cheeks…warm…very warm. Kannan closed her eyes as she laid her head on Hakkai's soft hand and held it with her own; a tear fell from her eye and slid down to her cheeks. Hakkai wiped the tear and embraced Kannan. He cried too…he didn't know what to say…what to do…

All he know is that he feels very happy and contented in Kannan's warm embrace. It was the feeling of being complete…an empty space in Hakkai's heart that is filled again. He stroke Kannan's hair as he embraced her very tight…Yes…I can touch you again and feel your embrace…your scent…your touch...this is real! Real! This is not just a part of my memory…or my past!

"I m-missed you…" Kannan whispered on his ear, "I t-thought that w-we'll never see e-each other a-again"

Hakkai looked at Kannan's eyes…tears are still streaming from it. "Shhh…don't cry…" Hakkai said as he stroke Kannan's hair.

Kannan chuckled, "You're also crying…" she said as she wiped the tears in her cheeks. Both of them smiled.

"Remember when we both make a wish here?" She said, startling Hakkai a bit, "You said that…when a star fell from a sky…and one makes a wish…"

"it will come true…" Hakkai said, finishing it for Kannan. Kannan looked at Hakkai's eyes, he was smiling. She smiled back.

"What did you wish for anyway?" Kannan asked.

"It doesn't matter…"Hakkai said, "…all I know…is that…it came true already…"

Hakkai held Kannan's hand and was about to kiss her when suddenly, the smile on Kannan's face vanished and she closed her eyes and said, "My time is running out…I must go…"

Hakkai looked at her, quite confused, "Go???...where…?"

But before he could finish his sentence, Kannan looked at him and pressed his hand tightly, "Come with me…"

"What?...I…I don't understand…" Hakkai said.

"Come with me…" Kannan repeated, "to the other side…"

"W-why?..." Hakkai asked. He turned his back against Kannan, closed his eyes, and pressed his hand to his forehead to think… he was very very puzzled. Exactly...what other side is she talking about???...

"The other side of the river…" Kannan said…as if reading Hakkai's mind. Hakkai faced Kannan again; Kannan's face seems so serious. Then she said, "I know a place…where nobody gets hurt…where no one will feel pain…where no one will be lonely"

Kannan looked deeply into Hakkai's eyes and continued, "Let's go there…and we will never be separated again! We will be happy again!...No one will interfere us!...We will be exactly the way we are before!"

"E-exactly…the way…we are…before?..." Hakkai repeated. Then he remembered the wonderful visions showed to him a while ago; those happy memories that he and Kannan has shared. Being with Kannan again is everything that Hakkai ever wanted…and now…

Kannan reached out her hand and smiled, "Come…with me…to the other side…"

Hakkai reached for Kannan's hand and held it very tight. They walk together toward the stream. It felt like gliding more than walking. When Kannan's toes touched the surface of the water again, the bridge appeared. Kannan stopped and looked back at Hakkai.

"Are you ready?..." Kannan whispered.

The wind wafted Hakkai's hair and they were enveloped by the nice breeze. 

Hakkai gave a little nod.

Kannan just smiled and they started crossing the bridge…hand by hand…together they walked…step by step…


Hakkai stopped; his heart leaping. They were already halfway the bridge. He turned around and stared at the place that they have just left…there's no one there…but he was sure that he have heard someone shouted his name…and he have this odd feeling…that he felt that someone shook him in the shoulders…even though the only person beside him is Kannan

Hakkai was about to continue walking when he heard it again…

"Oi!...Hakkai! Hakkai!...Come on…"

Something seems to be wrong. Hakkai felt it again…the weird feeling of being stirred in the shoulders by invisible hands…and that very tensed voice…yes, that voice…it seemed so familiar…like from someone that he knew very very well…


End Of Chapter 3, Part I

To be continued…(^_~)

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