reason i: a new roof over his head & a dear friend

The streets were empty, a lamppost flickering just in front of a modest apartment. Majority of the people of Yokohoma were still asleep, with the exception of the early birds and the occasional jogger-

-along with a man moving into his new apartment.

Dazai Osamu stood in front of his (his!) new place's door, a bandaged hand fumbling for the keys, all the while balancing three boxes in his other equally wrapped hand and a bag by his elbow.

He gave a cry of triumph as he finally found his keys at the deepest recesses of his pocket (pockets, in his humble opinion, is a mini blackhole).

Hurrying inside, Dazai swiftly placed the boxes and the bag in the genkan before slumping down the entrance.

A shrill ring made Dazai jump, chuckling at himself after the slight scare.

Reaching into his pockets once more, he pulled out his phone and pressed 'answer'.

"Good morning, sir, your other moving boxes will arrive tomorrow at the latest, thank you for your understanding."

"Understood, thank you for your hard work."


A sigh echoed in the room before Dazai pocketed his phone and got ready to unpack. He paused when a ring came once again from his pocket.

Grumbling as he reached for the infernal thing, his eyes gave out a mischievous glint and his lips tugged into a smirk.

"This is interesting~ Moshi-mo-"

"Dazai! Have you moved to your new place yet? Don't think-!"

"I have and, as a reward, treat me after carrying all of these boxes alone, Ku-ni-ki-da-kuuuuun~"

"Dream on, Baka Dazai, you made me late for my latest appointment aga-"

"Alrighty~ choose a great housewarming gift for me, okay? Bye-byeee~"

"OI, DAZ-"

The aforementioned Baka Dazai huffed out a laugh, a smirk pulling on his lips. Really, Kunikida-kun is so easy to rile up.

Snickering, he stood up and stretched. A satisfied sigh left him when several pops came from his limbs and back. Clapping his hands once, he told his (his! It's a little bit dirty but still his!) empty apartment, "Yosh! Time to clean you up!"

[ a barely there wisp of black flickered somewhere in the room before vanishing ]