Question time:

1: it's Sling Ring, not Swing Ring.

Dang it! It's Kimishira all over again!

Sorry, guess during the editing, it gave me a suggestion of swing instead of sling, so my bad, I will be calling it sling ring from now on.

2: Jax: 'I think it was really unnecessary to include your theoretical stuffy about why they can't use magic.'

While it's true that the FWM explanation is long-winded and you can skip all that, it's still necessary to mention and explain.

If I just say that 'they can't use magic', and leave it at that, then there would be reviews on asking why, since if the energy comes from the multiverse, then it would be possible for MHA to do the same.

And while it might be true if they exist in the same multiverse, my Headcanon separates the two worlds into their own multiverse.

Sometimes explanations to answers are necessary to understand more about how I see existence and explain why they can't do magic.

Before we start, I want to give a mention of something I watched and it's about Villain Deku.

Since FF doesn't let links here, I would suggest to Google search 'Deku becomes a villain and is chosen by All for One' and you can find the video.

It's really good and shows how things can go differently if All Might never have Midoriya as his successor and why Hero Society be the problem that causes Midoriya to take on the villainous path. Along with the reason why the world rejected him so much using a scene between All Might and someone who's part of the government that protect hero society.

Again, that's 'Deku becomes a villain and is chosen by All for One.

With that out of the way, time to finish this film as we come to bargain!

01:12:37 - 01:12:56

"What is he doing?" one of the students asked, as the scene shows the remains of one of Kaecilius followers.

"He's checking his pulse." Recovery Girl, pleased to how Strange still act as a doctor when it comes to checking vital signs, even if he knew that he killed someone.

"What's the point of checking?" Bakugo questions, "he's dead."

"It might be true, but still worth checking."

01:12:56 - 01:13:08

"That's a really manly way to put on a cape!" Tetsutetsu said, liking how Strange put on his cloak

"Oh oui, oui" Aoyama spoke in French impressed by the scene. "that cape is just so fantastique!"

01:13:08 - 01:13:14

After the dramatic cloak wearing, the scene cuts to something that surprised the

"Kaecilius…" Uraraka shook in fear pointing at the screen, "he escaped!"

"Huh… I guess those holders aren't so useful after all." Power Loader said, hoping that Hatsume uses this scene as an excuse to 'try and make a better version' of the holding device.

01:13:14 - 01:13:31

"You took your time getting there." Monoma said when both Mordo and the Ancient One appears. "don't they have their Sling Rings to instantly teleport to places?

"It might have a certain range." Kurogiri suggested to the 1-B student, "for someone with a teleporting quirk, it might be possible that the ring has similar effects, you can teleport long distances, but not anywhere in the universe. Maybe it takes time to open for longer distances."

"I guess it makes sense." Midoriya said, "Karmar-Taj is in Nepal, and they managed to teleport from there to Mount Everest. And the mountain is between Nepal and China, so it's at in range for the Sling Ring. The same goes to how Strange got from the New York Sanctum to the hospital, so maybe there's a certain distance they can go to or, as you suggested, take time for longer distances, like from Nepal to America."

"Really takes out the magic part, don't you think?" Ojiro pointed out.

"Even magic has rules," Nezu said to his student.

01:13:31 - 01:13:43

"At least the Mirror dimension sound safe since the real world is unaffected." All Might admits to the benefits of the Mirror dimensions, as dangerous as it is. "Someone who can do that outside of it, that's extremely dangerous."

01:13:43 - 01:14:08

"Good for him." Mirio smiled at the Ancient One decision, "got promoted into a master, you proved to be a good sorcerer."

01:14:08 - 01:14:20

But the blonde third-year faded his smile when Strange rejected being called a master.

"Doctor Strange is a more fitting name than Master Strange or Mister Strange," Midnight said.

"Plus he is more of a Doctor than a Master." Recovery Girl added.

01:14:20 - 01:14:31

Hearing this part, brought a smile for the old woman, hearing how Strange swear an oath to not harm. Realizing that he broke that oath when he killed the follower.

As for the rest, they were surprised and completely reminded of how Strange isn't taking in the fact that he killed someone, which is something very unheroic.

For the heroes, killing should only be a last-ditch plan to save many lives from a big threat. But even doing it would make them think about what they did and how it would affect them.

It was lucky that they haven't gone through such a situation.

"I guess out of Master or Doctor, Doctor would be better." Compress said, "a master might know the skill and use them to protect, but a Doctor knows knowledge and use them to save."

"And Strange has both," Recovery Girl added, "and yet he still prefers to go as Doctor…"

01:14:31 - 01:14:52

"But he has changed." All Might muttered, "it happened to Stark, and it's happening for Strange. Though this time, he's starting to understand the responsibility of his new power."

01:14:52 - 01:15:03

At first, Strange start to talk about Dormammu, giving slight concern towards what he's implying, a little worried that he's going to think about using Dormammu to control death.

But then, he mentioned something a little strange for the audience.

"What?" one of the students raised a brow, "what does he mean, 'feed off him'?"

Midoriya, someone who suspected this remained silent, knowing that Strange is onto the Ancient One and what she truly did to live so long.

01:15:03 - 01:15:19

"But he does…" Midoriya whispered.

01:15:19 - 01:15:38

Strange drops the truth about the Ancient One. Making a big assumption that Mordo laughably denies.

But for the rest, it was a revelation.

"Wait… so you're telling me that the Ancient One draw power from the Dark Dimension to live forever?" one of the students said. As they were completely surprised by this realization.

"But isn't that… bad?" Uraraka asked, "like it corrupts the person?"

"It does that to people," All Might said, thinking about All for One and how he's around a century old.

"it might be, but there isn't any other explanation for the Ancient One's lifespan." Midoriya said, "Kaecilius himself said how the Dark Dimension is a place beyond time and how it can give immortality, mentioning that alone already raised my suspicions that the Ancient One draws from Dormammu.

"And you didn't tell us?" the same student yelled at Midoriya. Causing him to jump and stutter.

"I… I was worried that I could be wrong… don't want to say anything bad about them if I don't know if it's true and all that…"

"So overall, the Ancient One talks about how bad the Dark Dimension is but to use it herself," Shigaraki said, chuckling towards the information "some mystic protector you turn out to be…"

01:15:38 - 01:15:46

"And she doesn't respond." Aizawa said, who had his suspicions about the Ancient One, "she tried to change the subject, implying that what Strange said is true…"

01:15:46 - 01:16:00

After the Ancient One left, Mordo starts an argument towards Strange after what he said.

There wasn't much to say about it, as everyone, even the villains understood that Mordo is someone who would be willing to defend the actions of their master, as any loyal student would.

01:16:00 - 01:16:35

But then the argument continued, and the audience notices the split difference between Strange and Mordo. And for most, they sided with Strange after hearing a very controversial mindset from the loyal student.

"There is always a choice," Mirio said, agreeing to Strange's side, "killing isn't the only option. There are other ways."

"Unless there's no choice if it put you or others in danger." Aizawa pointed out, "if you either save an innocent or a villain, your aim is to save both, but if there's no other way, then an innocent life is more valuable than a villain's."

"I understand what you mean Aizawa," All Might said, "but even then, it feels wrong." He looked at the screen, remembering Mordo's answer to how he would have killed so easily. "And Mordo's answer, it worries me."

Most of the audience understood what the former symbol meant, a couple of villains also understood, as they recall their first kill, they had mixed thoughts back then, both good and bad, but can able to do it without hesitation as time goes on. It was a matter of getting used to death.

They even remember earlier in the film the reason why Mordo went to the Kamar-Taj, to 'defeat his enemies' and 'defeat his demons', and his more aggressive combat when he fought Strange.

"He would do it without hesitation because he has done it before," Dabi said. Now curious about Mordo's backstory, though having a feeling it won't be fully explained, he understands his character, like someone being completely too loyal that he would go through extremes to defend them, even kill for it.

It reminded him how stubborn most of the League was when he joined, all in hopes to 'change society', and while he didn't care, he understood how others still follow the man-child of a leader. It made him a little glad that they see him to who he is thanks to watching these films.

"One without imagination is loyal, but blind to make the same mistake. One without a spine are cowards, but can see alternatives to prevent making a mistake." Tokoyami stated based on the end part of their argument.

01:16:35 - 01:16:41

"Already?!" both Denki and Mineta shouted when Mordo said 'they're back.'

01:16:41 - 01:16:47

"That wasn't even ten minutes?" Mineta complained, "how quick are these sorcerers!?"

"If they work that fast, then it might be better to snuff them out." Shigaraki said, strangely agreeing with the green-robed sorcerer, "saves the annoyance."

And so, the second fight at the New York sanctum begins

01:16:47 - 01:16:58

"Come on Strange…" Mirio said, hoping for Strange to join when he didn't like killing one of the followers "be a hero once again…"

"He will," Nezu reassure, "but in a cleverer way…"

01:16:58 - 01:17:11

Some of the students snickered from Strange's comment, but most are happy that Strange managed to stop Kaecilius from destroying the New York Sanctum.

"I expected this to happen." Nezu pointed out, "and it illustrates the difference between Strange and Mordo."

"And what would that be?" Kirishima asked.

"How they deal with things," Momo answered for the principal, getting the same idea and want to explain, "Mordo is someone who acts like a warrior than a strategist, charging in to defeat his enemies rather than planning. Strange on the other hand is the opposite, he knows attacking wouldn't stop Kaecilius, so he uses an alternative to stop the villain from destroying the Sanctum, i.e., use the mirror dimension, since it wouldn't affect the world, keeping the Sanctum safe."

The rest of the students and a couple of teachers didn't understand most of what the smart girl student said but roll with it.

"Excellent eye, young Yaoyorozu," All Might said. Who didn't catch half of what she said.

"Agreed with our teacher," Iida added, "though since they're the Mirror dimension, it could be a problem for the two heroes…"

01:17:11 - 01:17:30

"Good that you got it in quick time," Iida said, pleased that Strange has quickly gotten the sling ring.

"They can't escape…. But they can still manipulate the world around them." Asui said. Expecting something big to happen due to how this kind of power works.

01:17:30 - 01:17:50

The following scene shows Strange and Mordo running before the camera shows an incredibly weird shot of the roads bending, something they would most likely see in abstract paintings. Already weirded out the audience.

"This is going to get weird, folks." Compress said, excited to see such interest in art in the use of magic and mirrors.

01:17:50 - 01:17:59

"And you charging towards the enemy isn't?" Dabi questions Mordo.

01:17:59 - 01:18:14

"Forgot that they can change gravity and shift the sides!" one of the students shouted, both weirded out by the moving buildings but also afraid for the heroes.

"Ribbit, they need to get out of the dimension before anything bad happens to them," Asui said. A little shaken from what she's seeing.

01:18:14 - 01:18:19 (STAN LEE CAMEO 14)

"And of course, the Old Man shows up!" Mineta throw his hands, "in the point of madness you just had to be there!"

Midoriya records another appearance of the Old Man: 'Appeared on a bus while Strange and Mordo are in the mirror dimension, he was reading a book 'The Doors of Perception', laughing at the book saying that it's hilarious.'

01:18:19 - 01:19:03

The following scene is the complete madness of the mirror dimension during the chase of Doctor Strange and Mordo as they try to flee from Kaecilius and his followers, only to fall due to the gravity shifts of the dimension, all controlled by the villain.

The audience was completely silent, as they were baffled by what they're seeing. Though most see it as an interesting environment that feels like an interactive abstract world. With buildings in the skies and cars driving as though nothing is weird. It was great to look at, but mind-blowing to experience if it happens to them, they wouldn't even know what they can do if they ended up in the mirror dimension, especially when it looks incredibly dangerous.

They only hoped that Strange and his friend could get out and trap the villains inside.

01:19:03 - 01:19:07

"No kidding." Kirishima comments on what Strange said.

01:19:07 - 01:20:00

The chase continues and again, not much to say, as it still shows how crazy the mirror dimension was. Most of the audience was incredibly surprised that Strange managed to navigate without getting crushed by the shifting buildings. And more showing the reflection is still too much.

01:20:00 - 01:20:08

But eventually, Strange got caught by the villain.

"Dangit, his ticket way back home…" Mina said when Kaecilius grabbed and pocketed the Sling Ring.

01:20:08 - 01:20:20

Chills went through many of the students when Kaecilius was about to finish Strange off.

But then he was saved when the mirror rails split away and separate not only Strange but each person.

"What the?" one of the students said, "who's doing this?"

"What do you think? You idiot!" Bakugo shouted.

01:20:20 - 01:20:31

"Oh yeah," the same stupid student completely reminded themselves, "the Ancient One."

"Took you long enough." The angry boy complains.

"And it seems he build a 3D fighting game styled platform." Sero smiled, caught interest in the pattern on the floor along with others who found it very creative.

01:20:31 - 01:20:38

Though many smiles to see the Ancient One's rescue faded away when it reveals a closer look of the Ancient One.

"That's that on her forehead?" Nejire asked, a little worried.

"The symbols… it matches Kaecilius's" Midoriya said, causing a

"Wait, so what does that mean?" Uraraka asked. Now as worried as the blue hair girl. but this time she tries to figure things out herself. "does it means she has the same power as Kaecilius and Kaecilius has the power of the dark dimension, am I right?"

Midoriya nodded his head.

"In other words, she… draws from the dark dimension too…" Asui concluded the realization.

"So that means Strange was right earlier?" One of the students asked.

"Seems to be the case," Nezu said.

01:20:38 - 01:20:47

With a full confirmation of the truth about the Ancient One. It was both stratifying and concerning to know it.

Shigaraki was certainly enjoying this truth.

"So a so-called hero uses the power that she herself forbids anyone to use…" the villain leader chuckled from what he said, "what Kaecilius called her before was completely true, she is a hypocrite."

Meanwhile, for the teachers, there were a little unsure how they feel about this. They don't know much about the rules and restrictions of sorcerers, but what they do know is that usage of the dark dimension would be majorly forbidden. Being an equivalent of a hero intentionally using their quirk to harm an innocent civilian.

Maybe not, aside from side-effects of relation interest of the quirk, there wasn't any form of corruption when it comes to quirks, just the rather on how the person use them.

All Might stuttered to what he heard, "I'm… I'm… sure there was a reason for this…"

"Reason?" Shigaraki questions the former symbol. "doesn't seem like a reason, rather more of an obsession,"

"Why would she be obsessed?" one of the students asked.

"She's hundreds of years old, isn't she?" Kurogiri brought up a point, "if I had to guess, like Kaecilius, she's afraid of death. And like him, she used the Dark Dimension to keep herself alive."

"Sounds like someone who doesn't want get a Game Over," Shigaraki said.

"Like your sensei?" All Might spoke, catching Shigaraki's attention, "he too had quirks that kept him alive. So, what you're saying about her can be said for your master."

This irritated the villain leader. Though what the person he hates was right, he was a little questionable towards the idea of having a quirk that keeps someone alive. How he thinks about it is that it would be like finishing up a story mode in an open-world game. When the story is done, what's next? There can be collectables and side quests that can be done, but when it reaches one-hundred percent completion, the game becomes boring. In the end, he would stop playing to go onto the next one.

Compare that to life… he wouldn't mind resting when he completed the game at its fullest.

Back to Midoriya, while knew about the truth, he took a big sigh towards what he seen and heard. How he sees it being a little, Refreshing.

To him, just because she used the dark dimension doesn't mean she used it for bad. There are villainous quirks out there that can be used for good, Shinso being the best example. And technically One for All is villainous since it originated and made possible from All for One.

Even if it seems bad and everyone else was unsure about it, Midoriya has a feeling that there was a reason for the Ancient One to keep herself alive.

01:20:47 - 01:21:17

"Have to believe her on that one." Compress said, "she has more experience in the dark dimension than you did."

"Based on their history, I'm not sure about that." Nezu corrected the villain, "it seems due to the distrust of student and teacher, and the teacher kept a well-hidden secret from their student, the student would see everything that the teacher said as a lie. This would be the case for him."

01:20:17 - 01:21:43

"Even if she uses the dark dimension, she's still a great fighter," Kendo comments when the scene shows her fighting the followers and reflecting mirror powers against Kaecilius.

Meanwhile, for Aizawa, he senses a bad feeling when it showed him alone and focus on the Sling Ring.

That alone made him suspect that something really bad is going to happen.

01:21:43 - 01:21:48

Then, it happened.

There were slight jumps and gasps when the scene shows Kaecilius stabbing the Ancient One, killing one of his followers but caught his former master off guard.

"Oh no!" Uraraka covered her mouth in shock.

"Not the bald lady!" Mineta shouted.

01:21:48 - 01:21:56

"Well… a least they're out of the mirror dimension…" Hagakure stuttered, trying to think of the good side.

"They still have the Sling Ring," Tokoyami pointed out, "Kaecilius can still get out."

"But Strange is certainly going to help the Ancient…"

01:21:56 - 01:22:10

Before the invisible girl could finish, her words paused when she and the audience saw the Ancient One falling and impacting to the ground after smashing through the class. Making it look like she jumped off the building.

This frightened the already jumped audience, even more, fearing for her life when Strange appeared trying to help her. It was a slim glimmer of hope, though some of the teachers and villains knew it's going to be snuffed out.

01:22:10 - 01:22:19

"Yeah, Strange didn't hurt himself this time, Palmer," Mina said, if it wasn't for the concern of the Ancient One's survival, he would have smiled at her shift reaction.

01:22:19 - 01:22:27

"Again, going to the hospital is a good option for emergency medical operations." Recovery Girl said.

"That means she'll live…" Uraraka said, "everyone in this film who went into surgy got out okay… right?"

The old woman couldn't say anything to the innocent youth.

From her experience and basic logic, the Ancient One dealt with critical damages and several life-threatening injuries, she was lucky to live long enough to arrive at the hospital.

But when it comes to the operation. There were only little the doctors could do with the damage that's been dealt. Even if she was there, her kisses wouldn't be enough to save her life.

It was a long shot, but Recovery Girl, along with most of the audience who understood, know it's going to be inevitable.

01:22:27 - 01:22:32

The scene cuts to the operation with Strange getting himself ready.

"What is he doing?" one of the teachers questions Strange.

"His hands still shake…" Aizawa said, "he's unable to properly do surgery…"

This gives more concern for the audience, as it is a step deeper towards the Ancient One's coffin.

01:22:32 - 01:22:53

"This is bad…" one of the students said, shaken and frightened. The beep on the monitor giving chills on their spines.

Then the monitor glitches. Catching attention to those who notice.

01:22:53 - 01:23:05

First, there was confusion for those who didn't notice the glitch when Strange pulled his spirit out of his body.

Until he sees the spirit of the Ancient One, going away from her body and Strange following her. Only to lead to more confusion.

"Where is she going?" Toga asked.

01:23:05 - 01:23:23

Those who know about her inevitable demise understood what she was going through.

"One moment to look at the beauty before death," Tokoyami muttered, not saying it loud because he doesn't want to give up vain hope to those who can't see the inevitability.

01:23:23 - 01:23:47

"Peering through time…" All Might think, hearing the words of the Ancient One that made him recall what she said, "can't see past it… preventing countless futures… oh…"

Suddenly it clicked, an unknown ability discovered, as it revealed that the Ancient One can see the future.

It made him think of an old friend.

A recently deceased friend…

01:23:47 - 01:24:08

"Meaning that Strange could have ended up different than what we're seeing…" Midoriya said hearing and writing the newly discovered ability. "No wonder she was cautious towards him, she feared that he could have ended up giving up or drawn to the dark dimension. Without knowing what he'll end up."

01:24:08 - 01:24:25

"Glad someone said it," Aizawa said, as the words of the Ancient One remind him of a certain Student he struggled to teach, despite him being his top student, he too is filled with fear and arrogance. he needed to know that when becoming a hero, it shouldn't be about him.

Granted, if he straight out said it to him, he would have barked back telling him to shut up in his usual rants.

And it would make him a bad teacher.

Giving the answers straight to the student doesn't them learn, teachers are only there to demonstrate methods and show ways of understanding, leaving room for the students to figure out the answer. If they don't figure out the answers, then they are doomed to fail. If they were simply told the answers, are still doomed to fail later in their life.

In the work of pro heroes, understanding the rules and figuring out solutions with no true answers is vital.

That's how every teacher has to teach their students to become better. And Aizawa would do the same.

01:24:25 - 01:25:03

"Still keeping secrets, but gave the reason why." Compress said, "all in hopes for him to use this power more than just healing his hands…"

01:25:03 - 01:25:15

"Along with several other people who respect rules." Iida said, feeling a little regretful, "though… I understand how a little rule-bending can do for a greater good…"

"Steve pretty much showed that in the previous film." Midoriya pointed out, like Stain, he got Iida out of a situation where he would have more attention on him that he didn't need.

"So long as there aren't any mistakes or things don't get too far, it can be forgiven if it means good can come out of it," Aizawa said.

01:25:15 - 01:25:35

"No one ever is…" All Might said the same time as the Ancient One said the same words.

01:25:35 - 01:26:04

From the Ancient One, she talks about how time can give life meaning, the idea that one day, they will die. It brought back that feeling that came when Kaecilius talked about how he hated time and wanted Dormammu to consume his world so it can live forever.

And with the few words, hearing that the Ancient One admitting that she wasn't ready, it still shows that she had a fear of death, putting proof to what the warp villain said.

But unlike Kaecilius, she was more accepting of her fate.

Many of the audience think about their own time and how much they're putting it, for the heroes, they dedicated it so that others had more time than they have. one of the points of being a hero.

Even the villain had thought and accepted their idea that their days could be numbered. like Toga, who knew about this and accept that one day, her life would be over, hence why she used it to do as much as possible, and she doesn't regret this life.

But while many had accepted fate, one had some concerns, that being All Might.

It again reminded him of his late friend, Sir Nighteye. Who six years ago, told him that he will die a brutal death, he was never wrong about his predictions and he fears that he only has a little time left.

He made a promise to Midoirya that he will not die and believed the so-thought prediction went undone when he defeated All for One in his last battle. But after seeing this scene, the idea that he can still die at any moment is fresh in his mind.

It only made him regret making that promise because eventually, promises would break.

This brings in a whole lot during his time at the cinema, making him regret more than just that promise, but the idea that he tried to be the symbol.

By becoming peace, it will die with him.

Still, he did his best and he helped as much as he could, by being the number one hero and saving so many lives, giving them more time than he has. Because that's what matters, to give life and time.

But at the same time, they both need meaning, did he managed to give meaning to others? Certainly, the inspiration for the next generation of heroes. the uprising of villains that challenged his strength.

He crafted his world and he accomplished what he set to do.

But when he's gone, it will start to crumble, and only his students can carry the responsibility and the structure, if they fail, there it will fall.

When he dies, the only thing he's going to regret is the lack of foundation.

One that the Ancient One managed to do with Strange. And something he hoped to do with Midoriya.

01:26:04 - 01:26:12

Many hearts ached when the Ancient One vanished. But it also left confusion.

"Where did she go?" Nejire asked before the next scene reveals her answer.

01:26:12 - 01:26:20

"She's gone…" Recovery Girl weakly spoke. Tilting her head down and closing her eyes.

For everyone else, the long ringing of the deadline and showing the body of the Ancient One saddens those who liked her.

Midoriya goes to his notes and starts writing down the fate of the Ancient One. Someone who doesn't even have a proper name and yet her title showed her power.

A sorcerer surprise that for hundreds of years taught sorcerers her knowledge of magic and help those who were trying to find answers, whether to gain new power or to heal them from their damage. Only to end up finding something different.

There were students that she taught and did well, but others who took darker paths, it was something she had to take to her grave. Even then, she used her power wisely to prevent worse futures even if it means using the dark dimension.

Up until the very end, that she knew and feared for. And when it happens, she wasn't ready but at the same time, at peace. Hoping that she did well and hoped that she set Strange into a path she wanted for him.

Her death was a little relatable for Mirio, as he had this similar moment with his mentor, Sir Nighteye and he too saw a future he didn't tell much, only that one day, in one of the many possibilities, he will be a great hero.

He doesn't know if it will come to be, it was only a matter of hope and belief that it will happen. Once he gets his quirk back, he will ascend and become a great hero, making sure that Nighteye's future will come to be.

And even he remains quirkless forever, he will still do good and help others in his ability.

He only hoped that Strange will do the same, to go down the path his mentor wanted.

Going back to Midoriya, he put what happened to the Ancient One: 'stabbed by her former student, Kaecilius and was critically injured in a fall. Sent to emergency but died on the operating table. Her last moments were as a spirit with Doctor Strange, staring outside the hospital, looking at the city of New York, seeing the Snow slowly falling and lightning crackling. She wasn't ready for death, but she stayed in that moment before inevitably succumb to it.'

01:26:20 - 01:26:28

"Yeah, best to not question the floating cape," Aizawa said when Palmer enters the hands washing room.

01:26:28 - 01:26:44

"Aww," Mina smiled when Strange hold Palmer's hand, having a feeling that this would be a good conversation between the two.

01:26:44 - 01:27:33

Mina listened to what feels like the last conversation between the two, as they recall how Strange can save lives differently. And to her, what Palmer said was right and Strange's experience at Kamar-Taj proves it.

"Please do it, please do it, please do it…" Mina muttered repeatedly.

01:27:33 - 01:27:56

a little disappointed, but still fine with it nonetheless.

"A kiss on the cheek still counts." The Pink student said, still happy at the results.

"Wouldn't expect them to be back together," Jiro said, "sometimes relationships falter, but that doesn't stop them from caring for each other."

"That's true." Mina admits, "and it doesn't stop me from fantasying about their relationships."

01:27:56 - 01:28:16

"pulling up the collar of his cape." Aoyama smiled when he sees Doctor Strange with a determined look.

Though he didn't like pulled up collars very much on capes, as it feels a little villainous.

01:28:16 - 01:28:22

The audience chuckled when the cape touched Strange's cheeks, cleaning away stains on his face. A way to die down the mood.

01:28:22 - 01:28:39

The scene then shifted to Hong Kong, where Kaecilius walked out of a portal from the desert.

This scene made one of the villains thought of something. "Hey, would you imagine what would happen if they arrived a second sooner?" Twice said, "the car would just run them over!"

This causes Twice, Toga and Compress to snicker at the thought.

01:28:39 - 01:29:02

"At least the sorcerers are well prepared for Kaecilius' arrival," Nezu said, pleased that Wong is taking his part and have more sorcerers defending the Hong Kong sanctum.

01:29:02 - 01:29:27

"Hopefully he can buy more time before Strange arrives," Uraraka said, a little worried for Wong since he seems to fight alone to defend the sanctum. A little confused but have a feeling that he would be the encounter before entering the sanctum.

01:29:27 - 01:29:46

"That's an understatement." One of the students said when Strange said that the Ancient One was 'complicated.'

01:29:46 - 01:30:08

"Making her a complete hypocrite," Shigaraki said. "Mordo is probably thinking that Kaecilius thought when he learned about the truth."

01:30:08 - 01:30:32

The audience listens to Mordo, once believed to be someone who's completely loyal to his master to his teacher, to someone who taught him to be in peace, only to learn that she wasn't who he thought she was.

This was a very interesting concept for many since they have their own teachers and students. The teachers understood the reason she kept it a secret to protect his students while the students can see Mordo having his world shattered because he couldn't bear the truth of who his teacher was. They hoped that their teacher is what they think they are.

Especially Shigaraki who has All for One as his master. Though All Might tried to tell him the truth, he wouldn't believe him because of everything his sensei did for him. the only way he would be in the same position as Mordo is if All for One betrays him to find another successor.

But that won't happen, he hoped it won't happen.

Meanwhile, for All Might, he spoke what he thought about Mordo, "she might be responsible for Kaecilius, and she might have done questionable things, but when mistakes are made, the only way you can go forward is to fix errors."

He turns to see Shigaraki, who looked away from him, knowing what he has to do and know that it's going to be a hard road. But it might be the only way to end All For One's game.

01:30:32 - 01:30:39

"Obviously." One of the teachers said, "aside from the previous scene, I too would expect them to attack the Hong Kong sanctum. Since London has already fallen and attacking New York twice and failing proves that they are well-defended, so their next move would either try New York the third time or target Hong Kong instead."

01:30:39 - 01:31:00

"Okay!" Kirishima clapped his hands when the two went through the portal to Hong Kong, "time to see more magic fighting!"

And so, the final fight against the followers begin.

01:31:00 - 01:31:10

As the audience hype themselves towards a good fight, what was revealed next completely kills their excitement and turn into a fight.

"Are you kidding me?" Denki shouted, "they already took down the sanctum!?"

"Yeah…" Midoriya stuttered, a little afraid towards what he's seeing, "and Dormammu is starting to consume the Earth…"

"Then that's it! Game Over!" the electric student throws his hands.

"Don't give up hope just yet," Nezu reassured, having a strong sense that Strange is going to fix this major problem.

01:31:10 - 01:31:29

What Strange said perked up the audience who thought it was all over. wondering what he can do to stop a monster that even all the heroes in their reality combined couldn't stop.

01:31:29 - 01:31:34

From a brief second, Midoriya suddenly realized something, "the eye…"

Now having an idea of what the hero is going to do.

01:31:34 - 01:31:45

Everyone locked to the screen, as Kaecilius was about to attack Strange, Strange in returned did something unexpected.

"What's going on? What happened?" Hagakure asked.

01:31:45 - 01:32:08

The scene shows as follows. Everything being reversed. With Strange being immune to the reversal.

This shocked everyone as they watch people running backwards and damaged collateral being put back together.

"The Eye of Agamotto." Izuku pointed out, "it has the power of time, meaning that the user can easily reverse time, he's going back to before the Sanctum falls, stopping Domammu's invasion before it even starts!"

Everyone was amazed and impressed by what they seeing and gave back the hope they lost for this reality being saved.

Eri smiled at this scene, showing things going back to what it was. Another reminder of her quirk. But unlike hers, it was affecting time itself.

It made her wonder if she can reverse people and object, could she reverse time?

Well… could she with her quirk?

01:32:08 - 01:32:18

"And it looks like Strange can make others immune to its effects as well," Sero said seeing Mordo being unaffected.

Though this idea does bring a little problem for some of the audience based on what they know about Dormammu.

01:32:18 - 01:32:27

"Wait, they're unaffected too?" one of the students pointed out when Kaecilius and his followers freed themselves from being reverse.

"I suspected that to happen," Aizawa said, "the dark dimension is beyond time and his followers draw their power from the dark dimension, so that means any time-related powers wouldn't work on them.

"Just the same foes to fight." Tokoyami sighed, readying himself to see a fight between sorcerers once more.

01:32:27 - 01:34:03

The following sequence was a fight while time being reverse. There was so many things happening in reverse and a lot of worries that frightened the audience before it turns out it was being reversed before the problems. Such as when they saw a dead body only to be alive once again.

Many interesting parts make the battle very unique, as many think that battles would lead to destruction, while this battle is repairing itself while they fight. Additionally having obstacles, as the fighters find themselves in different positions and ways for Kaecilus and his followers getting trapped, one in a body-sized fish tank that unshattered itself one towards structures that imprison them and Kaecilius ended up trapped in a broken wall that repaired itself.

Overall, it was an amazing fight that they wouldn't be able to see in person.

01:34:03 - 01:34:12

After the battle and everything is repaired, the rubble cleared up to show a deceased face.

"Wong!" one of the students cried out, realizing that before Strange's arrival, he defended the sanctum with his life and died in vain…

01:34:12 - 01:34:20

…At least before it gets reversed.

"Saved his life with reverse magic," Uraraka said, happy to see Wong being okay.

"And all that's left to do is fix the sanctum, ribbit," Asui mentioned.

01:34:20 - 01:34:36

"Yeah, a structured wall wouldn't be enough to hold a magic user," Compress said when Kaecilius freed himself.

01:34:36 - 01:34:36

"That's not good," Kirishima said when the villain stops the heroes at his track and breaking the green.

This caught Izuku's attention as he was curious about what's going to happen, expecting time to resume and Dormammu's invasion to restart.

01:34:36 - 01:35:00

"Okay," Midoriya wrote on his notes, "guess I was wrong, it just stops time around them."

While the green hair boy writes, the rest of the students start to get worried. As they still need to deal with Kaecilius.

01:35:00 - 01:35:06

"You guys can barely hold yourselves on your own," Dabi pointed out, "he simply overpowers you."

01:35:06 - 01:35:28

"Looks like he has an idea," Momo said, as everyone focuses on the screen, as many notices that the hero has an idea after hearing that Dormammu is 'beyond time', making them wonder what he's going to do with time.

Many suspects that he would use the Eye once again.

01:35:28 - 01:35:41

"He's entering the dark dimension…" Tokoyami put his hand under his beak, "but why?"

"Shut up and you see why, bird head!" Bakugo shouted.

The bird student growls from the angry student calling him such a name. feeling a little offended. But he instead focusses more on the screen than Bakugo.

01:35:41 - 01:36:01

And it was a good call, as the scene shows the hero gliding through the dark dimension, showing the audience what the world looks like, to their eyes, it was a unique visual world of dark purple balls floating around, many suspect them to be planets, previously consumed by Dormammu.

There were felts of uncertainty and a sense of corruption. But it also has a feeling of connection and chains, as each ball are tangled with one another, through seemed decaying, it kept changing. The fogs and skies in different colours make the world feel like a nightmare.

Tokoyami felt more relaxed when he saw this dimension, despite this being a bad place, he has a vast interest in dark edgy stuff, he closed his eyes, and imagine a description towards the dark dimension, "the price of immortality, without rest, the body decay till there's no meaning of living. Death becomes a desperate need."

For many of those on the hero side, they wonder how someone or anyone wants to be part of this dimension, let alone allow others to be part of it.

The villain, however, a few liked the visuals, they too wouldn't want to live there. The place doesn't seem to have a point or a reason to live. They would not agree with Kaecilius plan and go against him and Dormammu. Surprising as it sounds, even they have a line they don't cross. Killing people, causing chaos, wanting to change society is one thing, but none of them would be willing to let a cosmic entity devour their world just so everyone can live forever. Especially when there's nothing to do but float around and continue to decay along with several planets that should be dead.

The only people who would want that are ignorant idiots that are so afraid of dying that they'll do anything to live an eternal life. And nobody in the audience is like that.

That being said, they all wonder about Strange's plan since he entered this corrupted dimension.

01:36:01 - 01:36:09

"Not necessary," Nezu smiled, though he too was curious about Strange's plan, even with his high specs, he couldn't tell what he's going to do to stop the invasion or if there's even a way to stop Dormammu.

He liked how the MCU kept him guessing.

01:36:09 - 01:36:20

"Don't think that would work in a world that's beyond time…" Sero smirked when he saw Strange using the eye and green magic.

But the words of the tape student cause clicks to a few of the smarter students and heroes. making them wonder if he can use time against Dormammu.

01:36:20 - 01:36:33

Then the scene reveals the greatest posing threat the audience has ever known, now seen.

Dormammu, the devourer of worlds.

This brought so many chills in everyone spine upon seeing just how big the being was. They have seen large villains, but none of them would compare to the size of Dormammu, and many suspect that this is just the face with many believing that the dimension itself is Dormammu. It was enough for even All Might to shake in fear. Knowing that even in his prime at 100 percent of One for All, that kind of power wouldn't be enough to defeat this being.

"How in the world is Strange is going to beat this guy!?" Mineta pointed out, already lost all hope when he saw the terrifying threat.

"I'm sure… he has a plan…" Iida stuttered as much as Midoriya, he couldn't think of any ideas and hoped that Strange has thought of one.

Everyone was anticipated to see his plan in action. Expecting a grand fight between a mortal man and a seemingly powerful god.

01:36:33 - 01:36:43

"BARGAIN!?" everyone in the screen room shouted in sync.

"Are you kidding me?" Present Mic questions Strange's plan. "You really can't make a bargain with a villain, let alone someone like freaking Dormammu!"

Hearing the first words of Strange to Dormammu, left everyone in utter confusion, trying to figure out what he's doing but mostly expecting the powerful being to ignore the offer of his bargain.

01:36:43 - 01:36:54

The deep and terrifying voice shook the more innocent groups of the audience, as all of them knew Dormammu would decline Strange's bargain, not even hearing what he's offering.

"Saw that one coming," Aizawa said. Though a little curious for what Strange was up to. Expecting this to be part of a big plan that he wasn't sure it would work because he doesn't know what it is.

01:36:54 - 01:37:09

The scene then took on the start of a one-sided battle, as Strange used shields to block attacks from the powerful being.

The audience cheered for Strange, wanting him to find a way to defeat him, but they all know he's not going to win.

The teachers were unsure what Strange was doing, as they see it being completely suicidal and pointless.

And as expected, the power of Dormammu was enough that he obliterated the hero.

Leaving so many questions, worries and confusion for the audience.

"That seriously can't, be it?" Mina said. "He can't just jump into the dark dimension, face the biggest villain and die, just like that!"

01:37:09 - 01:37:17

Suddenly, everything went to reverse the clip goes backwards up until Strange cast the time spell.

"Huh?" Midoriya raised an eyebrow, a little confused, along with many of the audience.

Only a few like Kurogiri and Nezu had thought about Strange's plan but still wasn't sure, having to look at further scenes to see if they were right.

01:37:17 - 01:37:35

"That's completely different," Tamaki said, noticing Dormammu being confused as he was.

01:37:35 - 01:37:44

"Again!" Mina hissed when she saw blades stabbing through Strange, instantly killing him.

"A second time," Shigaraki said, confused as everyone else, he kind of enjoy seeing a hero being killed.

Toga meanwhile wasn't fazed towards Strange's deaths, a little disappointed as they were instant instead of suffering and more importantly, there wasn't any blood other than the scratches he had in previous battles before entering the dark dimension.

01:37:44 - 01:37:53

"And he's back again!" Denki throws his hands, "what is going on?!"

"I might have an idea…" Midoriya said, a little suspected towards the doctor's plan.

01:37:53 - 01:38:09

With a small explanation from Doctor Strange, everyone suddenly realized what's going on.

"Looped time…" Midoriya said going back to his page about the Eye of Agamotto. Recalling when Mordo warned Strange about the eye and how he could risk being in a time loop.

"The eye has the power to reverse time." The green hair student started his explanation "earlier he might have set a casting spell on himself, putting him in an intentional time loop where whenever he dies, he restarts time going back before he faces against Dormammu."

"Like a retry at a boss battle in the hardest difficulty." Shigaraki used gamer' terminology.

"True," Midoriya agreed with the villain, "and because Dormammu is 'beyond time,' he would be aware of what Strange is doing and do nothing about it, if he tries to kill Strange, another one would appear before him, all while remembering his past encounters."

"And what about Strange?" Uraraka said, "does he remember?"

"I'm not sure about that, maybe?"

(Turns out he does.)

Not knowing this information, the audience continues to watch, seeing this plan in action once more.

01:38:09 - 01:38:15

Another death, this time crushed to death by Dormammu's big hand. Giving a strong sense that made the audience feel the impact.

Before Strange comes back, wanting to bargain.

01:38:15 - 01:38:41

Hearing the next conversation, this time, brought a lot of thought towards Strange's action. As his plan completely shows a full dedication to protecting the Earth. Though he would endlessly die and come back, the Earth would be safe from invasion.

"That must be the manliest, heroic thing I ever heard," Kirishima said, breaking the silence towards the complete stun for everyone.

"No kidding, even I wouldn't go that far," Sero said. With most of the students agreeing with him, even some of the teachers weren't sure if they would go up for the task.

"Then it shows you're not hero material." Bakugo pointed out.

"Oh, and you would be willing to die endlessly?" the tape hero questions the explosion hero-in-training.

"Hell, I would" Bakugo answered, "and I wouldn't stop until I kill Dormammu."

"I don't think you can really kill Dormammu, Kanchan," Midoriya said, "Strange did say he came to bargain."

"And why in the hell would a villain like Dormammu bargain with a hero?" Bakugo lashes back at Deku.

"I might have an idea," Nezu interrupted, "I believe it would work… eventually…"

01:38:41 - 01:38:59

The following scene continues to show the time loops between Strange and Dormammu, showing more Strange deaths and Strange appearing every time calling out Dormammu.

There wasn't much to say, just a mixture of fright when they saw death and confusion when he keeps coming back. Making them wonder how long have Strange been in this loop?

01:38:59 - 01:39:26

Hearing another part of Strange, cause All Might to smile and chuckle, pleased towards the great courage of Doctor Strange, someone who admits that he cannot defeat Dormammu, but by being constantly defeated, he trapped Dormammu in a prison. Ensuring that his evil doesn't overcome his world.

To his eyes, Strange became a great hero who made an ultimate sacrifice to ensure everyone is safe.

The rest were still in awe towards the hero's actions, as they see the struggle yet acceptance of Strange's cause, as he lives and dies over and over to protect the world.

Bakugo on the other hand wasn't sure about what he's seeing, his usual vision that the best hero should always be stronger and left undefeated, which is why he never loses to every battle, to prove that he is stronger and a great hero than everyone.

But what he's seeing, it was a hero who was too weak to face a great threat but used his weaknesses to his advantage.

He was winning by losing.

A concept that Bakugo thought would be impossible and hated the idea so much that he disregards the idea entirely.

And yet, what he's seeing proof that it works. causing him to conflict with his thoughts about it.

01:39:26 - 01:39:34

The words of Dormammu brought smiles to those who suspected Strange plan to work.

"He did it." Kurogiri had a not-visible grin on his shadowy face, "he broken the devourer of worlds."

01:39:34 - 01:39:57

At the start of Strange's plan to defeat Dormammu, everyone was confused about what he was doing, suspecting that his plan wouldn't work simply because Dormammu was too powerful.

Instead, Strange set up a time loop. One that keeps the threat from consuming the Earth at the cost of being stuck in the same loop. An idea that nobody in the audience would think of or even considered.

It went on and on and on, up until it broke Dormammu and become desperate to be free from the loop.

And at that point, Strange can make a bargain for him.

"I got to say, this must be the most unexpected plan I would have thought of," Nezu was impressed, "I only figured out what he's doing after a couple of his deaths, the plan already set in motion."

"Still, though" Present Mic comment to the U.A Principal, "it has to be hard taking that responsibility of constantly dying. I wouldn't be willing to do that."

"But it's what a hero should do," Aizawa said, "He knows his role and he played it out perfectly, he outmanoeuvred his enemy beyond my expectations. In addition to countering a villain that's too powerful than him, he used a certain weakness to his advantage and set his game that the enemy wouldn't win in the long term."

"And in the end, it was completely worth it," Nezu continued, "he made Dormammu his prisoner and put him in insanity, making him desperate to escape, making it easier for him to bargain in this fair trade."

"But wouldn't Dormammu continue to devourer other worlds though?" Mirio brought up an interesting question.

"Unfortunately, yes," the warp villain said, with Nezu and the other agreeing with the said villain, "but he won't be coming after his world, he might not able to help the other worlds, but at least his reality is safe from dark dimension, that's what counts."

Overall, the conflict between Doctor Strange and Dormammu was unique and unexpected, showing that there are other ways to defeat foes without throwing a punch or defeating the enemy, but rather put in a situation where they can't win in. something that they don't believe they can do in their hero career, but still an interesting thought.

And so, the bargain is made.

01:39:57 - 01:40:23

The scene repeats an earlier scene before Strange entered the dark dimension, with nothing much to say about it, though many had a feeling that with the bargain made, things would change.

And it does when Doctor Strange appears behind Kaecilius.

01:40:23 - 01:40:50

"Time to get what you always wanted," Shigaraki said, though not liking Strange, he smiled when he mentions that Kaecilius isn't going to like what's coming to him.

01:40:50 - 01:41:10

The following scene shows Kaecilius and his followers becoming decayed from the dark dimension. Though they were villains, the students were creeped out when seeing them suffering and floating into the dark dimension.

"So long!" Twice saluted "hope you enjoy eternal life, in hell!"

The made villain wasn't wrong, knowing the powers of the dark dimension, the audience knows that Kaecilius and his followers are going to spend the rest of their life in the dark dimension, being unable to die and at the same time being unable to live.

"At… least he got what he wanted…" Midoriya said, writing down the fate of the film's villain.

Kaecilius started as someone who was part of the sorcerers, being trained under the Ancient One to learn about the mystic arts. Only to later learn that his teacher kept a great secret about the dark dimension. Putting him in a path of villainy and gaining desperation to gaining eternal life and allowing the world to live forever.

He doesn't know much about the villain, other than the fact that he's afraid of death, seeing it as an insult of time and life. Showing this much dedication towards wanting Dormammu to take over.

Though he didn't technically die in this film, he now suffers a fate worse than death. And at the same time, he technically didn't lose, as he wanted to be part of 'the One,' meaning that he wanted to be consumed by the Dark Dimension. He failed to make his world part of the One, he still got everything he wanted. But had to pay the price of immortality.

So, Midoriya wrote down Kaecilius's fate: 'now aligned in the Dark Dimension, unable to die but can't able to be alive, he's not dead but he might as well be…'

01:41:10 - 01:41:28

"Hey, you managed to make Wong laugh!" Mirio smiled, "I know you didn't make it a joke, but it shows his kind of comedy."

01:41:28 - 01:41:58

To end the final battle, Strange used the eye once again to fix the sanctum and continued time, the civilians around them continue, completely unaware of what happened. Because it never happened in the first place.

"Yes, you did." One of the students said when Wong said they did it, still amazed by what they saw.

01:41:58 - 01:42:08

"And so?" Uraraka said, a little concerned about Mordo's response.

01:42:08 - 01:42:28

"Actions does lead to consequence if it breaks the rules," Aizawa said, understanding the anger from Mordo. Seeing him as someone who follows the rules and strict with them, a loyal sorcerer that goes by the book.

"While it's good for someone like him to know their consequences, sometimes rules have to be broken for the betterment of everyone." All Might said, "just as Steve did in the last film."

"Sure," Aizawa said, "but as he said, the bill always due when rules are broken…"

01:42:28 - 01:42:47

"So… he's going to quit being a sorcerer?" Iida raised a brow, unsure what to make of Mordo.

"I guess it makes sense," Midoriya said, "Mordo once thought that the Ancient One stays true to herself, but after finding out that she broke her own rules and after when Strange and Wong broke the same rules as well, he started to lose faith I to the group, so leaving would be his best option. Thinking that they are nothing more than hypocrite that breaks their own rules."

While the audience understands Mordo's decision, they were a little concerned for the man, since Kaecilius was also a fallen student after learning the truth. But instead of greed and desperation, it was from loyalty and respect.

Watching him walk away, what he'll do next would remain a mystery to the audience and his future is yet determined. (Both in the MHA audience and us, at least until he shows up in the later films/series.)

01:42:47 - 01:43:18

After everything that happened, the scene cuts to Kamar-Taj where Strange puts back the Eye of Agamotto where it was.

"With the threat gone, you don't need to use it." All Might said, pleased towards the doctor's choice.

01:43:18 - 01:43:33

When Wong enters and comments on Strange's choice, he let out one important piece of information that caught the audience off guard.

"I'm sorry, what?" one of the audience was shocked to hear the information.

"So, all this time… the Eye of Agamotto had an Infinity Stone inside it?" Midoriya quickly goes to a page he didn't expect to use and start writing about the next Infinity Stone that was shown in the MCU. Expecting the green glow being the stone itself.

Remembering Age of Ultron where Thor called the yellow stone the Mind Stone, Izuku starts to think about the names of each of the stones, the green one was the most obvious and easy to give it a name to what it can do.

The Time Stone.

"I… really should have expected that…" Nezu said, again a little happy that the film in the MCU challenges him. this film in particular showed things that are new to him, he would of expect the Eye to be powerful by very powerful and ancient magic.

"I wonder what's going to be the next stone," Kirishima said, excited to see more of the powerful stone collection.

"There's only one more left, I believe." Midoriya said, "we have blue, purple, red, yellow and green, and the glove we saw had six slots,"

"So I guess the only stone left is orange." Hagakure said.

"How do you know it would be orange," Ojiro asked the invisible student.

"Because they are the colours of the rainbow."

"What about indigo?" Jiro pointed out the missing colour.

"Indigo is part of the rainbow?"

"Yeah, between blue and purple."

"Okay then, colours of the rainbow minus indigo." Hagakure added, "rainbow talking aside, we now know another stone out of the rainbow stones."

"Infinity stones." Asui pointed out.

"You know what I mean!"

01:43:33 - 01:43:53

"Guess that's true," Cementoss said, "with the Ancient One gone, they need to find another Sorcerer Supreme to continue her responsibility and teachings."

"You think Strange will become one?" Midnight asked.

"Perhaps, once he's ready."

01:43:53 - 01:45:04

After leaving the Eye, the film ends with Strange looking over the New York Sanctum window, wearing his broken watch and looking at his hands.

They still shake.

"Even after everything you did, you still didn't repair your hands," Todoroki said.

"That might be true, but he has set with a new purpose now. Going from broken man to a powerful hero." All Might said, happy to see how much Stephen Strange had changed in this film, as he was once a doctor who cares about his reputation, till he broke his hands and lost everything, up until he found something new for both him and them and end up not just stopping a villain, but saving his universe from a powerful threat that he couldn't stop but can bargain with.

Overall, this was a unique hero and a very powerful one, with powers that are not quirk but something way different and strange. For this to exist in the MCU reality, it opens the doors for new possibilities.

But for now, this story was the origins of Doctor Strange. And everyone liked him and his development.

01:43:53 - 01:53:10 (They're not going to see the end credits where Doctor Strange meets Thor, that scene happens in Thor: Ragnarök)

After looking at the pattern effects of the credits and a long line of credits, the audience caught their attention when the scene shows sparks flying around. Making them curious about what it's going to show them.

01:53:10 - 01:53:24

"I don't like the look of this." One of the students' curiosity faded into worry, as the scene shows an ominous hooded figure.

Shigaraki could quickly tell this figure would be a villain, as he once did the black hood method when he talked with Midoriya at an open mall.

01:53:24 - 01:53:30

"Isn't that the guy who told Strange about Kamar-Taj?" Nejire pointed out.

"I think it is," Mirio said, now interested to see what's going on, but at the same time worried from the hooded figure.

01:53:30 - 01:53:39

"Okay, so we're going to see more Mordo." One of the teachers said, who was wondering what Mordo is going to do after leaving Kamar-Taj.

01:53:39 - 01:54:02

Hearing Mordo's revelation, he starts to sound a little suspicious. With some of the student, most of the teachers and most of the villains having the same idea when the guy grabbed a crowbar.

"Okay, this is getting a little creepy…" the same student said a little shaken from Mordo.

01:54:02 - 01:54:24

The audience watches as the guy attacked Mordo, only for the sorcerer to do something that caught them off guard, a move that causes pain from the guy and ended up on the floor.

This especially surprises the audience, remembering that he was once paralyzed until he gained help from Kamar-Taj and healed his body.

All Might be eyes open when he saw this scene, "no… no… no way…"

"Did… did he took his power?" Mirio questioned, shaking towards what they saw. He couldn't believe what the former sorcerer did. It reminded him of something he had once faced.

01:54:24 - 01:54:39

The end credit ends with Mordo telling the guy why he took his power with a short answer.

'Too many sorcerers.'

Hearing this, the audience realized that Mordo went down a dark path. Someone who once aided Strange to save the world ending up doing something bad.

For Midoriya, Uraraka, Kirishima, Asui, Aizawa and the big three, what they seem gave them a big feeling of what Mordo is going to turn into, most heard from others while a few of them saw it first-hand.

"Mordo is becoming like Overhaul… or Stain… or maybe All for One… or even worse… all three combined…" Midoriya muttered, "with what he said, I believe he's going to hunt down sorcerers and take their power away from them…"

With the film ending, even though they like Strange's story, the end credits reveal Mordo becoming a villain. They should expect to see more of him, maybe when they see a second Doctor Strange movie if one exists.

But for now, the film is done and the doors open. Everyone stood up and left, leaving with a new perspective and information they never considered.

End of Film 14